Warnings: dirty talk, barebacking, comeplay, slut-shaming, spanking, usage of toys, possessive behavior, D/s dynamics.

"You are unbelieveable," Kurt growls and tighten his grip around Sebastian's wrist, dragging him behind but not looking at him. "Un-fucking-believable." He doesn't so much as wince when the colder air outside the club hits them, and he completely ignores Sebastian's gasp. He rounds a corner and slams his boyfriend up against the brick wall, pressing his wrists above his head.

"We went here together and you're currently plugged up and filled with my come, and you still think it's a good idea to flirt with other guys?"

"Aw, Kurt, baby, come on, it was just—"

"For fun? Not serious?" Kurt suggests, spitting out the words.


"Do you really think they would be able to fuck you like I do? Do you really think their cocks would feel as good in your slutty hole as mine does? Do you think they'd lick you clean afterwards?"

Sebastian swallows. "No."

"No, that's right," Kurt praises. "Come on, we're going home." He tugs on Sebastian's arm again, leaving him no choice but to follow. "And just because you're such a whore, babe, we're taking the subway, not a cab."

Kurt spends the train ride murmuring detailed descriptions of what he's going to do to Sebastian when they get home. To anyone else on the train, they probably look like a sweet cuddled up couple going home after a Saturday night out, because they're both perfectly good actors. That doesn't mean that Sebastian isn't terribly relieved when they finally get off the train. He's hard; he's been hard for a long time and he has pants that conceal it, but his pants do nothing to suppress the moans and whimpers that are threatening to get out when Kurt's breath ghost over his ear when he explains in perfect detail what he's going to do when they get home. It takes a lot of energy not to beg him to stop, because Sebastian knows that if he does, Kurt will only amp up his game.

"Why do I get the feeling that you provoked me on purpose today?" Kurt asks when they're inside of their apartment. He waits until Sebastian's got his shoes off before grabbing his wrists again and pressing him up against the wall. "That you flirted with those guys just to make me take you home and punish you."

And well. Kurt is right, but Sebastian is not about to tell him that, because he's not thatstupid. Or that smart, depending on how you see it, how much you want it to hurt.

Sebastian wants it to hurt.

"Kurt, come on, it wasn't—"

"Shut up. I don't want to hear another word from you. Can you do that?"

Sebastian hesitates, then nods. Kurt smiles. "Good." He leans in to whisper in Sebastian's ear. "Let's start by filling your mouth, shall we?" He backs away and pulls Sebastian with him, walking backwards into the bedroom.

"On your knees," he says, pointing at the rug and then starting on the buttons on his shirt. Sebastian obeys, and Kurt makes quick work on his clothes until he's naked and standing in front of his boyfriend. "Suck," he says, nudging his cock against Sebastian's lips. Sebastian opens his mouth without protest, letting Kurt's cock in. His arms are hanging by his side, he doesn't dare to reach up and touch Kurt without explicit permission, not now. Kurt grabs his head after a few seconds, curling his fingers in Sebastian's hair, forcing him to take his cock deeper.

"Come on, you can do it," he coaxes, and Sebastian isn't totally sure who he's speaking to. He hums in agreement anyway and swallows around Kurt's cock, and when there isn't a painful tug on his hair, he takes that as a sign that making noises is allowed during the No Talk Rule. "Fuck, you've been waiting for this for hours, haven't you? Just waiting for me to take you home, feed you my cock, fuck your mouth?" It takes a few more moments and a couple of more, careful thrusts, but then his cock is in all the way in Sebastian's mouth, his pubic hair scratching against Sebastian's nose. "Yes," Kurt breathes, his grip on Sebastian's head tightening momentarily. "God, you're so good at this," he says. "So, so good."

Sebastian breathes heavily through his nose; deep, careful breaths, and ignores the stinging in his eyes. He knows Kurt won't keep this up for long; he always gets close really fast when he fucks Sebastian's mouth and they're so far from done with this night yet. And, as if on cue, Kurt pulls away, breathing hard and glancing down at his boyfriend.

"Clothes off. On your stomach," he orders, and Sebastian stands up on shaky knees and hurries to comply. He's still a little bit wet around where the plug sits snugly in his ass, and he winces when the air hits him, but he doesn't say anything. Kurt straddles the back of his thighs and doesn't waste any time before bringing his hand down, hard. The resulting slap echoes and reverberates through Sebastian's whole body, and he bites his lip to be able to keep his mouth shut.

"It's like you want to rile me up, you fucking cock slut," Kurt mutters, slapping Sebastian's ass with every other word, as if they both aren't perfectly aware that that'sexactly what Sebastian wants. With his last slap, Kurt brushes against the plug, and Sebastian can't contain the hiss that slips out. "You want me to fuck you now?" Kurt murmurs, thumbing the plug. "You're already stretched out and full of my come, like last time. Only difference now is that you've also been whoring yourself out to other guys." He presses on the plug, pushing it further into Sebastian's ass, then grabs it and twists it.

"Did you do that last time, too? Did you go out and show off and then come home just in time for me?" He pulls the plug out and rubs his thumbs against the rim. He dips one tip in, collecting some of the sticky fluid. "But you wouldn't want them to fuck you, would you?" He grabs his cock and settles against Sebastian's crack. "Because you only want me." He slides in, all the way at once, and slaps Sebastian's ass once again for good measure when his balls are snug against it.

"You're not allowed to come," he murmurs, not exactly necessary, because Sebastian has already guessed that. Kurt fucks him, hard, holding his hips in a tight grip. "How can you be so fucking tight?" he asks. "You've been stretched for hours."

Rhetorical question, Sebastian still doesn't have permission to speak.

"Maybe I should just fuck you until I'm done and then leave you. That should be enough punishment for tonight, right? I could tie you up and not let you touch yourself for hours."

And fuck, it's an exciting though, but Sebastian has been hard for hours and he needs to come. He lets out a small, desperate whine, not completely voluntary. Kurt runs a soothing hand down his back.

"Yeah, no, I want to go to sleep, so it's not happening. Not tonight." The promise in Kurt's voice is enough to make Sebastian shiver.

"You want me to make a mess?" Kurt whispers, leaning over Sebastian's body to put his mouth against his ear. Sebastian nods. "Yeah, of course you do," Kurt murmurs, kneeling back up. He thrusts in a couple of times before sliding out and grabbing Sebastian's shoulders, pulling him up too. He tugs on them, making Sebastian turn around, and when he does Kurt grasps his cock.

"Just a little bit more, then you can come," Kurt says sweetly, sliding his other hand around Sebastian's waist and pulling him closer. He leans in and nuzzles Sebastian's neck, pressing light kisses against the skin. He shuffles even closer and readjusts his grip on Sebastian's cock to include his own, jerking them both off slowly. Sebastian leans his head to the side, granting Kurt better access, and Kurt takes advantage of it. He opens his mouth wider, his teeth grazing Sebastian's skin, resulting in another moan. "I told you to shut up," Kurt murmurs, his breath ghosting over the saliva he's spread on Sebastian's neck, making him shiver again. Then, without warning, he bites down, and Sebastian wouldn't be able to keep down his surprised yelp even if he tried.

It takes him a few moments before he feels the wetness on his skin and his breath catches in his throat when he realizes that he fucking came when Kurt bit him and he didn't even feel it. He almost feels robbed of an orgasm, and he doesn't care about holding back anymore; he reaches up and cups Kurt's cheeks, kisses him hard. Kurt still has both of their cocks in a firm grip, and Sebastian is bordering on oversensitive, but he doesn't want this to stop. He missed the climax, he's going to get as much as he can out of the aftermath.

"Come on, baby," he says, breaking the No Talk Rule and not caring, he's already come, there's not much Kurt can do about it. He slides his hands down Kurt's back until his fingers are resting just above his crack. Kurt kisses him again, presumably to shut him up, and Sebastian feels him jerk them both faster, harder. Sebastian hisses, the friction too much for him, but Kurt doesn't pull away. The kisses turn sloppy, and soon ends up with Kurt leaning his forehead against Sebastian's, panting into his mouth.

Sebastian slides one hand even further down, in between Kurt's ass cheeks, and presses his fingertips against the rim. "Kurt, come on, baby" he coaxes, moving his mouth to press kisses against Kurt's jaw and down his throat. Kurt gasps when he nibbles on his pulse point and his hips stutter, the grip around their cock tightening, and then there's another splash of wetness on Sebastian's stomach.

"Fuck," Kurt gasps, pressing his whole body even closer to Sebastian and breathing hard into his neck. "Fuck."

"Mhm," Sebastian hums, reaching down between them to slide his fingers through the mess. He brings them up to his mouth to lick it off, catching Kurt's eyes and holding them the whole time. "I don't know why you think this is going to keep me from flirting with guys at bars," he says. "If this is what you consider punishment, I'm not sure I could handle a reward."

Kurt pulls away from him and lays down on the bed, still trying to catch up his breathing. "If you ever run out of lines, please tell me so I can open the champagne," he says, pulling at Sebastian's arm to get him to lie down, too.

"Haha," Sebastian deadpans, but goes down willingly to curl up against his boyfriend.

"I'm so funny. It's why you love me."

"It's really not."

"But you still do."

"I still do."