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"Captain, we are being scanned by a nearby Class M planet," Spock's calm voice broke the silence of the Bridge.
"Scanned?" Kirk asked. It seemed that if there was a species here capable of scanning and space travel, they would have made contact by now.
"Affirmative, sir. It is a rudimentary scan, without the ability to determine specifics, designations, or the number and variety of life forms." Kirk gazed at the distant planet on the viewscreen. "Take us closer, Mr. Sulu," he ordered.

The Enterprise glided towards the planet.

"Oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, two large continents and several chains of volcanic islands," Spock said from the Science station.
"Assume standard orbit, Mr. Chekov," Kirk said. "What kinds of life?" he asked Spock.
"A wide variety of plant and animal life. Sensors also show non-humanoid intelligent beings."

"Captain," Lt. Uhura said, "We're picking up an unusual frequency from the planet. If our instruments were any less sophisticated, they'd be scrambled. But it seems like there's a message on it, audio only."

Kirk leaned forward. "Well, they have scanners, and they're hailing us, or the equivalent. Even if they're a pre-warp society, I don't think we'd be violating the Prime Directive just by talking to them," he reasoned. "Open the line."

A faint static came through, followed by a strange, trilling growl. It seemed almost nervous. Then there was the distinct sound of a throat clearing, and a different language, very hesitant.
"That's Klingon, Captain," Uhura said.
The voice speaking Klingon stopped, growled quietly, then started in another language.
"It is now speaking in Vulcan," Spock announced.
The voice stopped, changing again.
"Now it's Andorian," Uhura said.
"Please inform the poor creature that we speak English," Kirk said, forgetting that the line was open.
"Oh!" the voice said. "English! How did I forget that?" It was oddly accented, the words almost sung, and the voice feminine.

"This is Captain Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise."
"I am Nevaha, leader of the Council of Clans. My planet has only limited knowledge of other species, we look forward to our official First Contact!"
"We of the Enterprise represent the United Federation of Planets. Once we have fully estaplished peaceful contact, perhaps you will consider joining us." Kirk suggested.
Nevaha emitted a trilling sound not unlike that of a tribble. "A federation? What is it like?"

"Several planets and their occupants have formed a peaceful alliance with one another, exchanging cultural and technological ideas."
" A Clan-bond with numerous peaceful planets, with different species all coexisting? It sounds like an extraordinary achievement!"
Kirk lauged. "It is," he assured her. "But- If this is your first contact, how did you know all those languages?"
"I said this was official first contact," Nevaha said. Kirk could hear the smile in her voice.
"May we send a small party down?" Kirk asked.
"Ah! You have found our atmosphere suitable, then? By all means, come down! How much open area is necessary?"
"Oh, not much at all," Kirk replied. "Send us a meeting location and our computers will find a good spot right there."
"I have sent the location of the main plaza in our main city," Nevaha said. "I have one request, though- could you send an image of one of you so that we know what to expect? I would not want my people reacting...impetuously."
"Of course. I'll send down an image of myself," Kirk assured her. "Mr. Spock, could you find an appropriate image from the memory banks, please?"
"I already have, Captain. Lt. Uhura sent it on the same frequency as the message came in on."
Kirk smiled. "Thank you."

Nevaha spoke up again. "Well, Captain Kirk, it would appear that we are very different. Please do not be alarmed by our appearance. If you have a doctor with expertise on what is toxic or safe for your species, their presence would be appreciated to prevent mishaps. We are planning festivals for several days, and we would rather not inadvertently poison you."
"We'll have a medical officer with us," Kirk said. Lt. Uhura closed the communications line.

"What are you signing me up for now?" Doctor McCoy asked, entering the bridge.
"You're coming with us to meet a new, sentient species!" Kirk grinned.
"Oh boy, I can't wait. How many ways will they try to kill us?" McCoy was not in a good mood this morning.
"Actually, their representative seemed to harbor genuine concern for our well-being while on the planet," Spock commented.
"All right, no bickering now," Kirk said, stopping the fight before it started.
"Spock, Bones, Scotty, we're beaming down. Plus two security guards."
Scotty looked up from his monitoring of the ship. "Me, sir? Why?"
Kirk swivelled in his chair to face the engineer. "Perhaps we can learn where they are in their technical advancements. Also, I'm curious about the frequency they used. I know Uhura could probably tell me more about the frequency itself, but I want you to see of you can take a look at what sent it."
Scotty shrugged. "Aye, sir."

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