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When the landing party beamed down, they were in the central square of a beautiful city, with precious gems inlaid into the stone streets and the walls of the shining buildings. The square was empty, but they could hear the noise of a crowd a little ways off.

"Welcome!" Kirk heard Nevaha's voice. He turned around to see a creature walking towards them. "I am Nevaha," she said quickly. "Perhaps I should have elaborated on our appearance..."

Standing in front of Kirk was... a dragon. A small dragon, he supposed, but at least twice his size. On her four legs, the tip of her snout would just have touched Kirk's head.

She was covered in gleaming gold and orange scales, with a spiked red crest running down her neck and back. On her back, two beautiful wings, the color of desert sand, were half-folded in a graceful curve. She was smiling at them, almost displaying her teeth. Her golden eyes were warm and, despite their slit pupils, human-looking.

As Nevaha reached them, she dropped to a crouch, closing her eyes and extending her wings to either side.

"Do not worry about returning that gesture," she laughed quickly, seeing Kirk start to bow. "That was me welcoming you to my home. Whatever your usual greetings are will be fine. It is a rather difficult movement to replicate without wings," she added, ruffling said limbs a little smugly.

"Thank you for welcoming us. You were right about the warning, though- some of my party seems to have forgotten their manners." Kirk elbowed McCoy, who was staring intensely at Nevaha.

"Right. Sorry." the doctor muttered.

"I have spoken with you, Captain Kirk, but I am afraid the rest of your company goes unknown to me."

"Oh! Yes. This is Doctor McCoy, our chief medical officer, my First Officer, Mr. Spock, Chief of Engineering, Mr. Scott, and Ensigns Davids and Porter."

"Hmm," Nevaha mused, stepping closer and looking at Spock. "You seem not of their species. Is your planet part of the Federation?"

"Yes. I am from the planet Vulcan." Spock answered, not at all perturbed by a dragon examining him closely.

Nevaha sat on her haunches and trilled happily. "It is most wonderful that you are not hostile. We are all glad of a cause for a festival. But could we make this public soon? In the past, how has First Contact been announced?"

Kirk looked at Spock for help. Spock raised an eyebrow.

Kirk sighed. "Usually, a public announcement, with a reassurance that the aliens are peaceful, is best, and done soon after contact."

Nevaha positively beamed, showing off sharp, white teeth. "We already have an announcement platform set up. Come, come! This announcement must be made! I will translate for them; by the end of it many will know your language, or part of it."

"Wait," Kirk said. "Our Federation has a code, called the Prime Directive. It prevents us from interfering with pre-warp societies, peaceful or not."

Nevaha snorted. "This 'warp' is a form of travel through the Nothing. We know of it. You need not fear exposing us unduly to your technologies."

"I was wondering how you knew English, and how you have a scanner," Kirk said. "Our own scans showed no sign of the technological development usually associated with, well, the scanner at least."

Nevaha looked away. "Those are matters for another time," she said darkly. "What matters is we know of warp, and we are working on ships to enter the Nothing." She glanced at the sky. "I insist on an establishment of regular contact, at the very least." She steered the Enterprise crew towards a silver-and-sapphire building.

"This is the Center of Peace," Nevaha explained, "Where Clan-bond contracts are written and formalized. I believe this is our purpose?"

"Yes. We'll need to figure out where you are with your technology, and figure out how much contact we can allow."

Nevaha rolled her eyes. "We have already been exposed," she said again, "We just have not found ourselves capable of using all the information from our exposure."

"You keep saying you were exposed to our technology," Kirk noted. "How?"

Her expression grim, Nevaha turned her head towards a gap in the buildings, through which a raised stone platform could be seen. On this platform were the remains of a starship of some kind.

"Is that...?" Kirk tried to get a better view of the mostly-wrecked ship.

Spock consulted his tricorder. "It appears to be a Klingon Bird-of-Prey," he said quietly.

"We took it in an attempt to defend ourselves. We learned much from it, including how to scan for ships that might attack."

Kirk stared at Nevaha. "How long have they been attacking you?" he asked.

Nevaha turned her head away. "Since before I was Tolir, in my first year of being Tol of the Sand Mages. They came down to our planet, and thought we were beasts overrunning the cities. When we made our intelligence known, they acted as though nothing had occurred. We rejected their offers of peace and killed any who dared to set foot on our planet. Since then, we have been nearly at war. We finally invented a system of finding their ships before their attacks- which is also how we found yours- and we managed to down one. We used it to create weapons, and we're developing a magic to let us fly in the Nothing."

"Why didn't you attack the Enterprise, then?"

"Our sensor device had been fine-tuned so that we could tell the severity of the impending attack. We found that your ship was not so easily classified, so we took a gamble that you would be peaceful. It seems we were right."

Kirk paused, backtracking in his head. "Wait, magic?"

"Of course. We've had to adapt our spells to the systems of the ship, but-"


"Jim," Spock said, saving Nevaha from his broken record of a Captain, "We have met entities capable of manipulating matter. Based on some of the Terran fiction I have been made aware of, this 'magic' could simply be a much-downscaled ability of the same nature."

"...I see."

Nevaha chuckled at Kirk's disbelief. "We have much to learn from each other. Come. I will show you what we know, and an Affirmation of Peace will be created."

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