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When Two different Worlds Collide

Chapter Two: Karaoke and More Sohmas

"And I… Will always love yoooooou!"

All the hosts and the Sohma's groaned, holding their heads in their hands or shaking them quietly. Tohru was the only one who looked pleased to listen to Tamaki's singing. It wasn't that he was tone deaf, but it was his fourth song, and frankly, everyone excluding Tohru was tired of it.

"Make it stop," Kyo groaned and crossed his arms over his chest, hanging his head back and looking up at the ceiling, "How does he still have the energy to keep singing?"

"Tamaki is like a grown child," Haruhi explained to him, her tone scalding but there was an underlying hint of affection in it, "I'm pretty sure he could sing 400 songs."

Yuki and Kyo both sighed while the rest of the hosts nodded and agreed.

The group was assembled in a karaoke place, upon suggestion from Tamaki. At first, Tohru offered to cook for all of them, but they were a pretty big group, so Haruhi didn't think that would be necessary. So Tamaki worked out a compromise. Though Haruhi couldn't really afford it, Tohru offered to pay for her.

Everyone changed out their school unfiorms before arriving in groups. The hosts—all except Haruhi, who wore jeans, a pink tank top under a white jacket and a purse—were dressed like rich people would dress. The pressed pants, the nice button up shirts, it made the Sohma's feel like they were slumming it. Yuki was dressed in a long black coat over a long sleeved white shirt and black jeans, Kyo dressed in a purple shirt under a brown jacket, with plain blue jeans and brown shoes. Tohru was dressed in a white skirt, pink top and white shoes. She had to grab her white scarf and jacket on her way out, since it was colder then she expected.

They launched into their own conversations. Yuki seemed to get along quite well with Kyoya and Kaoru, while Kyo's fierce personality fitted better with Hikaru and Haruhi, who could get along well with pretty much anyone. Unfortunately, Hani and Mori couldn't make it tonight; they were busy with judo and other things.

Tamaki eventually gave it a rest on the singing and flopped down next to Kyoya, leaning on him and whining about being tired while Kyoya did his best to ignore him.

Tohru and Haruhi were catching up, talking about how Haruhi ended up in the host club. After she was done telling her story, the whole group was listening in.

"So, you broke a vase, and had to pay it off?"

Haruhi shrugged, "Pretty much," she took a sip of her drink before setting it down, "But I paid it off a long time ago, I just… Decided to stay in it."

"Oh, so you enjoy being a host then?" Tohru asked and smiled.

"Masquerading as a guy is kind of deceitful," Kyo pointed out before Haruhi could answer, and Haruhi frowned a bit at him. She opened her mouth to try and defend herself but Yuki cut in before she could utter a word.

"Shut up, you stupid cat," Yuki snapped at him none too gently, making Tohru sigh a bit, "It's not like Haruhi told people directly that she's a boy, they just assumed."


While those two argued, Tohru sweat dropped and sighed, hoping it didn't get physical. She turned back to Haruhi, "It really is nice to see you again," she sipped her own drink, "I've missed hanging out with you. It's a shame that we're not in the same classes."

"Yeah, well you're older than me, remember?" Haruhi shrugged her shoulders, "It makes sense that we don't have the same classes, though it would be nice if we did."


The evening progressed with Tamaki begging Haruhi to sing a song with her, even after she turned him down many, many times. Kyoya was getting along quite well with Yuki, they were talking quietly together, and Yuki seemed to be opening up more and more to him. Seeing this made Tohru happy, she was hoping that Yuki would make some true friends. Tohru talked mostly to Haruhi, the twins, and Kyo. Tamaki was bouncing from one group to the next, since he could get along with pretty much all of them, except for Kyo, who kept shooting him dirty glances whenever he got within spitting distance of Tohru.

At last, their food came. They dug in immediately, and things eventually died down. Their conversations went on as long as they could, until the hosts and the others were sitting in comfortable silence while munching on their food. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

When Tohru checked the time, she gasped, "Oh! Oh my, it's so late! And it's a school night!" she stood up, "W- we should get home."

Yuki and Kyo nodded and stood up.

Once they all said their good byes and parted ways, Yuki, Tohru, and Kyo all walked back home together, the cool night air blowing across their faces and causing their cheeks to get a little red.

"Haruhi and her friends are nice," Yuki was saying as they walked along the pavement, stuffing his hands into his coat pockets, "I enjoyed spending time with them this evening."

"You seemed really comfortable with that Ootori guy," Kyo spoke up, a taunting tone in his voice as he smirked, "Don't tell me that little Yuki has a crush now—"

Tohru moved out the way as Yuki lunged at Kyo, punching him hard enough to send him sprawling back. The redhead landed flat on his bottom, holding his bruised cheek and glaring up at him. Yuki held up a fist threateningly, a scary aura surrounding him as he growled, "Ever say that again, I'll fling you clear to the moon."

Kyo glared in menace.

"G—Guys…" Tohru held up her hands as people stopped to stare at them, murmuring to each other like they were thinking of calling the police, "Um, c—come on guys, let's get home. N—No fighting, please," she tried to calm Yuki down before things got too heated.

Yuki let his arm fall back to his side and shot Tohru a sweet smile, immediately calming down at her request, "Yes, you are right, we should get home."

He started walking while Tohru helped Kyo up. The cat was less than pleased about being knocked on his ass, but he didn't try to attack Yuki. He just mumbled insults at the rat as he stood, the words making Tohru blush and shift in discomfort because of the harshness behind them, before the cat and the rice ball walked after him, together.

The next day at school, Yuki and Kyo found themselves surrounded by girls where ever they went. It was odd, and unexpected. Yesterday they kept their distance, as if they were assessing them, but now, they were flocked by them all day. Yuki seemed to deal with it just fine, since he was used to all the attention, but Kyo was much less patient. He ended up telling them to fuck off just two hours after they started following him, but some were not as deterred as easily as some.

As for Tohru, she had her own fanboys. None were ashamed to tell her how much they liked her, and while Tohru was trying to be nice to them and reply when they spoke to her so desperately; she was finally able to escape when Yuki approached her and gave them a look that could make all of hell freeze over.

"Thanks for that," Tohru thanked him as they walked down the hall, "I didn't think they'd ever leave."

Yuki gave her a pleasant smile, "You're welcome."

Kyo joined them after breaking away from the last of the fangirls, telling them to fuck off as well. The girls all whined in disappointment at his departure, but the looks in their eyes said it wasn't over yet.

"You are so ungentlemanly," Yuki was sighing as the three made their way into the cafeteria that afternoon, "You could've been nicer to them, they just liked you. For some odd reason," Yuki shrugged his slim shoulders as they waited in line to get their food.

Kyo groaned as Tohru agreed with the rat and smiled, "It's not hard to see why the girls would want to talk to you, since you're from such a big family and all, and your hair color attracts all sorts of attention."

Kyo rubbed a hand through his orange hair and growled, "All the girls are so annoying here, just like at Kanabawra."

"Just be careful not to hug any of them," Yuki says in a sharp tone and gives him a scathing look, "Just because the curse has calmed down a little bit doesn't mean that it's completely lifted. We don't need you blowing our secret."

"Yeah, yeah, I get that!"

"Oh, Haruhi!" Tohru waved in the direction of the front of the cafeteria. The two boys turned to see that Fujioka was standing there, along with Tamaki, Kyoya and the twins. Tohru waved them over, and they smiled and returned her wave, walking over to join them.

"Hey Tohru, Yuki, Kyo," they all greeted them."

"How are you liking your second day at Ouran?" Kyoya asked as the girls all around them swooned and sighed about how good looking the group was.

"It's horrible!" Kyo complained before Yuki and Tohru could say anything, "I was being followed around by a bunch of squealing, annoying girls all day! How the hell do you people put up with that?!" the male ran a hair frustratingly through his dark orange hair, casting glares at the girls all around them.

Tamaki gasped melodramatically, "'Annoying'?! There's no way such beautiful creates could be anywhere near annoying!"

"Plus, they love all the attention," Haruhi informed him, placing a hand on her hip.

"You don't?" Yuki prompted, tilting his head at her.

"Well," Haruhi thought about it for a moment, "I don't mind being waited on by a bunch of girls if that's what you're asking. But it can be annoying at times."

Hikaru and Kaoru snickered as Tamaki sulked about her liking attention from other girls.


The sound of rapidly approaching footsteps could be heard, before something jumped unto Yuki's back, nearly making the boy fall over but he managed to balance himself, "?!"

"Oh, not this little brat…" Kyo grumbled and placed a hand on his hip.

"Momiji!" Tohru gasped in delight and smiled, "I thought you'd be here today! We just wasn't sure where to find you!"

Momiji smiled and cluing to Yuki's neck, making the rat sigh irritably. Momiji was one big ball of energy, with bright blond hair and dark brown eyes. He looked a lot like Hani sempai, but he was a few inches taller than him, "Well, here I am! It's so good to see you, Tohru-chan!"

Yuki detached himself from Momiji's clutch, "Momiji, you really shouldn't sneak up on people like that."

Momiji either ignored him or didn't hear him, because instead of responding, he fixated his gaze on the group of hosts, "Who are these people?" he asked and looked back at Tohru.

"Oh, this is…" While Tohru introduced them all, another unfamiliar guy walked up to them.

"Yuki, Kyo, Tohru," The white haired boy greeted them politely, nodding his head in their direction.

"Oh, Hatsuharu," Tohru smiled at him, "Today's your first day as well?"

"Yeah," Hatusharu glanced at the hosts before nodding in Momiji's direction, "I was walking with Momiji when he started running for no reason. I figured he'd spotted one of you."

"Ah, well, this is…" Tohru introduced the hosts again as Hatsuharu made his way over to Yuki and grabbed his shirt, making the rat sigh but he was plenty used to how affectionate Hatsuharu is.

As they got their lunches and sat at a table, Yuki asked him, "Have you gotten in trouble for your hair color yet?"

Hatsuharu sighed and nodded a bit as they sat down, "Yeah, but I managed to convince them that this was my natural color."

"Is it?" The twins asked in sync and raised their eyebrows.

"Yes," Hatsuharu answered them.

"How did you convince them?" Tohru asked.

"I threw the president against the wall and he said I can keep it."


Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo all sighed while the hosts openly gaped at Hatsuharu. Momiji was too busy licking on a lollipop to listen to their conversation.

The hosts were shocked because Hatsuharu came off as a very nice and quiet guy, they could never expect him to be the type to throw anyone against a wall, or be violent in the least. They decided it would be best not to ask any questions as they turned back to their plates and began to eat.

Throughout lunch, Tohru, the Sohmas, and the hosts all chatted about trivial things, ignoring the longing looks they were getting as they talked. Almost all the guys would run into each other as they stared at Tohru. Tohru either didn't notice or mind as she laughed at something Kyo said.

"What do you think of Hatsuharu and Momiji?" Tamaki asked Kyoya quietly as the white haired boy was chatting with the twins, and the blond was being punched over the head by Kyo.

Kyoya shrugged softly, "They seem alright by me, though the Sohma's themselves seem a bit suspicious to me."

Tamaki tilted his head at the black haired male, prompting him to explain himself.

So Kyoya did, "I spent all last night researching their family," Kyoya explained, "I couldn't find much on them. There's no information available to the public about them, no medical records, no information about what the Sohma's business was, and what made them so rich, rich enough to get into Ouran. They seem too suspicious to me, it makes me wonder what they're hiding."

Tamaki glanced at the Sohmas—who were talking amiably with Haruhi and The Twins—and shrugged softly, "They seem harmless to me."

Kyoya shrugged, "They may be," he glanced at the smiling faces seated near them, "But that doesn't mean that they aren't hiding something."

Once lunch was over, the day seemed to go by smoothly. Once school was over, Yuki, Kyo and Tohru all made their way to the host club. The hosts had invited them to join them in the host club, and Tohru being her vibrant and friendly self, accepted without any further hesitation. Yuki and Kyo both volunteered to go with her, but Momiji and Hatsuharu went home, they had to take care of some things.

Tohru reached forward and opened the door, stepping inside. I nside, the host club was in business. Haruhi was sitting at a far side table, chatting with her guests, Tamaki was seated at one of the pink couches, holding a girl's chin up with his fingers and murmuring sweet nothingness to her. Hani was dancing around with his beloved pink bunny, while Mori was entertaining his guests at a table filled with delicious looking sweets. The twins were talking with Kyoya—who looked up upon their arrival.

"Ah, welcome, Yuki, Kyo, Tohru," Kyoya stepped forward and gave them a smile, "We've matched you up with who we thought was most compatible with you."

"'Matched'?" Tohru asked and tilted her head.

"Miss Honda, he means that we are given a host each, then sent to spend time with said host," Yuki explained and smiled gently at her.

"Oh! Okay!" Tohru says brightly, "It's always fun to hang out with new friends!"

Just as she was saying this, a young female was walking towards the door. Though on her way out, she bumped into Haruhi, who was carrying a tea set. This caused the girl to crash into Yuki's chest, and send them both sprawling unto the ground.

Yuki gasped, preparing himself for the worst. He expected to be turned into a rat on the spot; everyone would stare in confusion at him and demand an explanation, then he'd have to have Hatori erase their memories. Luck seemed to be on his side because this time, he didn't change. He managed to suppress it, and he let out a sigh of relief.

"Y—Yuki!" Tohru gasped in horror, seeming absolutely panicked as Kyoya helped the girl off of him.

"I—I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going!" the first year apologized profusely, bowing at the boy as Hikaru and Kaoru helped him up as well.

"I—It's fine," Yuki stammered as he dusted himself off and smiled pleasantly, "Nothing's broken, so I think I'll live," he attempted to joke. Tohru let out a sigh of relief, while Kyo sighed and rubbed a hand through his hair.

He really got lucky that time. He was glad that the changes were less frequent, even when a girl hugged him. But that was even less unnerving… He hoped that nobody noticed how panicked he, Kyo, and Tohru looked.

"Wow, look who's so uncoordinated," Kyo taunted the rat, making Yuki glare at him.

While those two argued, Kyoya found himself staring at the three suspiciously. His keen eye caught how panicked they looked and his suspicion grew as Yuki attempted to hide his panic with a smile and some jokes. He glanced at Tohru, whose hands were shaking slightly. Why did they get so scared when only a girl crashed into Yuki?

This definitely needed to be investigated.