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A/N: Director Shepard is still alive in this. This is just a bunch of randomness I thought up because I have my days and nights mixed up and nothing better to do. Basically this is about what our favorite NCIS team does when they have too much spare time on their hands. Hope you all enjoy(:

Chapter One: Drunken Card Games

It was late one evening and Director Shepard had issued a lockdown procedure at the request of her superiors. She assured everyone that it was simply a drill but asked that everyone stayed inside until further notice, apologizing to those that were about to head home for the night. It was during this time that Team Gibbs was able to wrap up the paper work they had planned to put off until the morning.

"We've been here for two hours now!" whined Tony dramatically.

"Surely you had nothing more important to do," Ziva said with a sigh at Tony's complaining.

"Sleep! I don't know about ninjas, but senior field agents need sleep!" Tony replied. Ziva shot him a look then returned to shining her knife.

After another twenty minutes of McGee typing away on his computer, Ziva cleaning her weapons and Tony playing games, they all received e-mails from their favorite Forensic Scientist.

'Alcohol. Cards. Who's in?'

"And the day is saved!" Tony smiled, looking at the other two agents.

"Cards and alcohol? Is she talking about gambling?" Ziva asked cautiously.

"It doesn't matter either way. It beats sitting here doing nothing!" Tony countered.

"But Boss told us to stay put," McGee interjected.

"Don't be a McGoober. He said stay put, as in stay in the building. Technically, Labby is still in the building," DiNozzo smirked as he stood to exit the bullpen.

"I have a bad feeling about this," McGee said to himself and he followed Tony. Ziva followed the boys after deciding to bring her newly cleaned weapons along just in case. They entered the elevator and headed to see what Abby had in mind.

They entered her lab to see her distilling alcohol, shuffling a deck of cards putting a case of beer in her refrigerator, bobbing her head slightly to the music coming from her stereo. She turned around with a smile. "Hey guys!" she greeted.

"Hey Abs, what did you have in mind?" Tony said as he walked to examine the distilling process.

"Weeelllll," she smirked menacingly, "I was talking to my friend from college earlier and we were talking about the good ole times when we'd party on the weekend after an important exam and drunken card games came up. I was thinking that maybe it would be fun to play them again and then the Director did this lockdown and so I thought why not now? It's the perfect opportunity!"

"I like the way you think! My frat brothers and I used to do the same thing!" Tony laughed.

McGee looked unsure. "Are we technically still working? Wouldn't Gibbs kill us if he found out that we were drinking at the Navy Yard?"

"Tim has a point," Ziva agreed.

"It's okay. I mean, if you're scared, all you have to do is admit it, although I am disappointed that something as simple as a card game and alcohol could scare off Ziva David," mocked the eldest agent.

Ziva narrowed her eyes and for a moment Tony was scared. "What did you have in mind, Abby?" she asked, without removing her eyes from the senior field agent.

Instead of answering Abby turned to look at McGee with the sweetest face she could muster. He looked at her and then to Tony who wore a goofy grin. Even Ziva looked at him impatiently. "Fine," he huffed.

"I was thinking Captain Dickhead!" Abby said with a huge smile, her jade eyes dancing at the possibilities.

"Excuse me?" Ziva asked, shock written across her face. Tony's eyes meanwhile sparkled. McGee shook his head as if to rid himself of memories.

"It's a really fun drinking game that you play with cards!" the Goth chirped.

"Let's sit and we can explain it to you as we go," Tony said as he led her to sit at the lab table. "McWorryWart, grab four beers, Abby get the music and cards. We're about to have ourselves a little fun!"

*Hour and a half later*

Gibbs and the director exited her office and stood on the catwalk overlooking the bullpen.

"Seems like you've lost something, Jethro," Jenny said as she raised an eyebrow at the empty bullpen.

"Seems like I've lost three somethings," Gibbs said roughly as he took out his cell to phone Ducky. After a few rings Ducky answered.

"NCIS autopsy. Dr. Mallard speaking," came the old man's accented voice.

"Duck, you wouldn't happen to have my agents down there would you?" Gibbs asked.

"Why no, Jethro. I haven't seen them since we wrapped up the case. Have you called Abigail?" Ducky asked.

"I was going there next. Thanks, Duck," and with that he hung up. He had a bad feeling as he headed to the elevator, Director Shepard hot on his heels.

"Pick a category, McGee!" slurred Abby upon seeing McGee's card.

"Superheroes! Batman!" McGee called out loud.

"Superman!" called out Ziva.

"Spiderman!" came Tony's loud reply.

"Gibbs!" Abby shouted. Everyone accepted her answer with a good laugh.

"Thor!" said McGee with a confident smile.

Ziva was at a lost and so she took a drink and picked a card.

"Nine. Rhyme, yes?" she asked. The others nodded. "Gibbs!"

"Ribs!" Tony rhymed.

"Dibs!" Abby added.

"Fibs!" McGee spit out.

"Bibs!" Ziva yelled after thinking for a quick second.

Tony scrunched up his face as he racked his brain for a word.

"Too long! Drink!" McGee said as he pointed to Tony's drink. Tony took a drink and picked a card.

"Phaha, ten is for skin! Take it off!" Abby giggled. Tony swore under his breath as he took off his shirt and tossed in it in a pile with his predisposed jacket, shoes, tie, and socks.

Abby picked a card. "Eight, pick a date," Tony said.


"You can't pick the Director, Abs. Although I must say, that would be cool to see you two on a real date," Tony smirked as he cooked up fantasies in his mind. No one laughed at his joke.

"She's behind me isn't she?" Tony asked. He turned around to come face to face with Gibbs who passed him a swift slap to the back of the head.
"Thank you, Jethro," Jenny said sharply, eyes her agents.

Gibbs pulled the card off of Abby's forehead and looked around at the many beer bottles and shot glasses that littered the lab, everyone too scared to move.

"Clean this up. NOW!" he ordered and everyone dispersed, grabbing bottles as they went. Before he and Jenny exited the room he turned around. "And Dinozzo!" Gibbs barked.

"Yes, Boss!" Tony answered.

"Put your freakin' clothes on!"

"Of course, Boss!" Tony replied as he scooped his clothes up off the floor and started getting dressed.


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