Exams Battle

Inspired by Baka to Test

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"Avatars? Battles? Exams? What the hell? Is it a torture game?" Aomine frowned. The tanned boy always hated a game that demands him to use his brain. His thin, dark blue hair were thinning due of stress, he said. That's why he decided not to use his brain, and here it is, all rotten and dusty. Since his brain wasn't working properly, he was really bad at everything related to studying. And when Akashi is suddenly ordered them to play a study-related game, with scores as attack power, Aomine is surely be the first one to be kicked off from the battlefield. His only ability won't be any help for him afterall. To be able to play basketball won't affect your grades, even if it's compensated your bad marks. But still, his marks is below the standard. Much lower.

"Yes, it's a war, using your avatars which already been equipped with sorts of equipments, respective to your own grades on a certain and a decided subject," Akashi, the red-haired boy explained. His red eyes looked kind of impatient. Well, everyone will go impatient if they must explain something to the slow-minded Ahomine. "In a time allocated, you must defeat as many people as you can from one-on-one. You can challenge them into a duel freely, but not when they're occupied. You can request a two-on-two or three-on-three tag battle though. The range is the entire school, but the range of the subjects depends. You can drag the teachers, who determine the subjects, if you want to move the subject zone. Since this is a team battle, the accumulated winning will be added to the team's points. I will drag Satsuki in too, since she's good with subjects."

"Did Teikou really matters the subjects much?" Aomine grunted. "Why did they carry on with this troublesome game?"

"This is just a game, nodayo." Midorima lifted his glasses with his bandaged fingers, while his right hand was holding to a cute keychain of a bear. His green hair were neat as usual, and his nails are neatly filed. His obsession for his nail is just… overwhelming. "Just bear with it."

"It's easy for you! Akashi and you will surely beat everyone who's in the way, but…"

"Ahahaha! Aomine's too idiot that he's afraid that he will kicked off first-ssu!" Kise, the blonde model with a piercing on his left ear approached Aomine while laughing, which invited a punch to his pretty face.

"NOOO! How dare you to punch a model's face! It's just unforgivable-ssu!" Kise covered his face with his fingers, and when his eyes catched the phantom player is happened to cross by, he hugged the invisible boy tight while shouting, "Kurokocchi~ hear me out. Aominecchi is bullying me, he punched me in the face just because he didn't accept to be called idiot-ssu!"

"You're not too smart yourself, Kise-kun." The sixth member of Generation of Miracles said with a flat-toned voice, like usual. He's really lacking presence, despite his hair colour which is very unusual. I mean, who's the other people who have their hair colour light blue? But still, he's just like a ghost, who can appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden.

Kuroko's eyes are the same colour with his hair, and his straight face remained unchanged, and it's really rare to see him without that straight expression on his face. Because the straight face seems to be his basic expression, and, maybe the only expression he had is only that straight face, nothing more, nothing less.

"Kurokocchi's mean-ssu!" Kise put a manga-styled crying face, while hugging the phantom player even tighter. Kuroko almost choked to death if he didn't ask Kise to loosen his grip.

"Did all of us must participate?" The two-meters tall giant interrupted, with munching sounds between his words. His purple hair were all messy, and some bread crumbs are on it. He's holding onto some snacks like Pocky, candies, and such, munching them like there's no tomorrow. From his tone, it seems that he is too lazy to do something as troublesome as participating in games, moreover, it's not an eating games.

"Yes, Atsushi." Akashi nodded. But from his tone, it's obvious that's he didn't tell that it's only a must. It's a gospel, an unrefusable order, since Akashi said so. Because, he always holding to his beliefs, that he's always right, since he's always won. And right, until now, no one could able beat Akashi, that's why no one could object him. Well, maybe except in terms of height.

"If Aka-chin saids so." This giant are surprisingly is really obedient to the red-haired guy. His purple eyes gave a cheerful, childish aura, and the suffix –chin he adds to his fellow members of Generation of Miracles supports his childish act.

"We, the Generation of Miracles plus Momoi, will participated in this game. The prize is certificate and money. We will use the money to upgrade our facilities, so don't you all ever dare to lose. Or I will doubled the amount of usual practice, no, five times more. Because we didn't allow any losing. We will win, because we always win." Akashi implied.

"Right." Midorima lift his glasses. "Leave it to me."

"I know I can count on you, Midorima," Akashi said. "But this game will be held the next two weeks. And since this is a team game, we should use that time to tutor Ryota, Daiki, Atsushi and Tetsuya." Even Akashi is using a term 'should' and not must, but Midorima isn't that idiot to not realizing the meaning behind Akashi's words. But still, he can't help but protest.

"Me too?" Midorima frowned. "I don't want to tutor Ahomine."

"What do you say?" Aomine growled.

"I think I can study by myself, Akashi-kun…" said Kuroko.

"Tetsuya, I know your grades aren't bad, but it isn't enough. This is not an individual battle, but team. I will tutor you myself." Akashi said. And it's a gospel, so even Kuroko can't argue anymore.

"Okay." Kuroko nodded obediently. Akashi smiled in response.

"We shall not lose. We're Generation of Miracles," Akashi said. "In basketball or subjects, no one shall beat us."

"And we can't lose." Akashi's heterochromatic eyes flinched everyone's there, and he's emitting an intimidating aura. The rest of Generation of Miracles know that their captain is dead serious, and a threatening punishment will wait if they failed. But they still valued their lives, so they should not fail. No, they MUST not fail.

"O-okay, I'll do my best-ssu!" Kise said nervously. It's like there's butterflies on his stomach, to see Akashi in a dangerous mode like that. Moreover, that red scissors on his hand, Kise's sure that thing could fly anytime when someone objects him. And that scissors is obviously… sharp. Sharper than a knife, maybe. It's Akashi who wield it, that's why that scissors could be a threatening object.

"Tch, that's troublesome, but guess I have no choice." Aomine grumbled. He's still valued his life.

"I don't mind, as long Aka-chin is tutoring me," Murasakibara continue munching on his snacks. He always following Akashi and he always obediently followed Akashi's order, even his large body is really a contrast with Akashi, who is kinda short for a boy. Akashi's might is a whole another level, overpowering strength and body build.

"I don't mind tutoring you. And since Kise and Aomine shall be separated, and Midorima won't like to tutor Aomine, I'll let Satsuki tutoring Aomine and Midorima tutoring Kise."

"Haha, enjoy your tutor time with that sinister four-eyes!" said Aomine, sticking his tongue out to Kise.

"Aominecchi probably would take this opportunity to do something bad to Momoicchi, right?" pouted Kise.

"Who would like to do something bad to her, she's just too troublesome. I'm bored already with her body-"

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, DAI-CHAN NO BAKA?!" A pink-haired girl, appeared out of nowhere, landed a kick to the tanned teenager.

"What a coincidence, Satsuki." Akashi smiled, a frightening one to be exact. Momoi turned to Akashi, and she can tell already from Akashi's look what task she MUST do.

"Jeez, I must have been cursed by God, to tutor someone as idiot as him." Momoi sighed. Well, that conclusion isn't without a reason. Aomine's idiocy, like Akashi's might, is just in a whole another level. He's even mistaken 'smoking' with 'sumo king'. Who could be as idiot as him?

"I'm not that bad, Satsuki."

"I know you're that bad, Dai-chan, that's why I said so." Aomine felt insulted, but he can't deny the fact that he's not good with subjects. Well, not good is a form of euphemism. He's just… worst of the worst.

"Well, so I'll study with Midorimacchi~ssu…" Kise pouted. "Too bad, I want to study with Kurokocchi~"

"Don't lay a hand on Tetsuya, or you'll die, Ryouta." The smile on Akashi's face is really frightening. Moreover if you saw the scissors on his right hand.

"R-right, Akashicchi. Don't point the scissors to me…" Kise backed down, and turned to Midorima. "When should we start?"

"Tomorrow, since tomorrow is my lucky day. The faster the better nanodayo," said Midorima while lifting his glasses.

"Okay~" Kise cheerfully smiled. "Well, what to do now?" Well, it's hometime already, and the other students have went home. Everyone's instantly looking at Akashi, waiting for new orders.

"Tetsuya and Atsushi, go to my house. Satsuki, you know what to do. Kise, you're having a photoshoot, right? But don't forget to study when you're home."

"Right~" Kise said. "Can I go now?"

"Sure." Akashi answered. Kise ran away in a speed of light.

"So, shall we go?" Kuroko stand up, followed by Murasakibara. Akashi too stand up, and they walked to the corridor, left Midorima with Momoi and Aomine. Midorima left after giving some lectures to Aomine, and Aomine is complaining about Midorima all the way to Momoi's home.

Well, it was just a beginning for the real battle….