Teikou Middle School Battle Chaos!

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Akashi's House.

"Sorry for intruding," Kuroko said, as the three teenagers went inside Akashi's house.

"Atsushi, don't eat snacks in my house," Akashi said. Murasakibara nodded obediently, and kept the snacks inside his huge bag.

As Akashi opened the door, Kuroko and Murasakibara easily guessed that this room is Akashi's. Since no other normal person will hang scissors as a decoration, right? And it's not only one, but more than ten.

"We will start with Mathematics. No need to take out your textbooks since I will tutor you with my own textbooks. We got no time to waste." Akashi declared. Kuroko and Murasakibara nodded, and that room is full of serious discussion for two hours or so, and you know why.

Aomine's House.

"Dai-chan, how did you get wrong at this simple question?!" Momoi shouted, as Aomine yawned, ignoring his childhood friend babbling about math and stuff.

"Dai-chan!" Momoi pouted, her hand extended to grab Aomine's Horikita Mai photo album by force. "Do you want to be killed by Akashi?"

"Yeah, yeah. But this nonsense is just too boring. Looking at hot chicks is more relaxing." Aomine argued. He is really a pervert dumbass.

"But we need to study, to improve your incredibly bad scores!" Momoi said, as she threw a ball to Aomine's face, who caught the ball easily.

"Nah. You can make up for me." Aomine yawned.

"Of course not! You need to study or Akashi will shave your head with his scissors!" threatened Momoi, as she took out a scissors from her pencil case. "Or I'll shave you first before him."

"Like you can," Aomine growled.

"Yeah I can!" Momoi scowled, as she pointed the scissors to Aomine's face.

"Hot chicks shouldn't point dangerous items!" Aomine pinned Momoi down, and the scissors flew somewhere, and Momoi have no item to protect herself.



"DAI-CHAN NO BAKA!" Momoi kneed Aomine to his stomach, and slapped Aomine hard. "DAI-CHAN PERVEEERTTTTT!"


"What is this ruckus?" A woman with a short dark blue hair came inside Aomine's room, and her narrow eyes glared at her son. "Daiki?"

I'm screwed, that is the first thought of Aomine Daiki. He definitely will get a painful lock from her mom after Momoi went back.

"We need to talk, now." Uh-oh. Aomine is totally screwed, her mother won't wait even until Momoi is back.

And a painful scream from Aomine Daiki can be heard inside the house, as his childhood friend fold her hands towards her while pouting. He deserve that, afterall. Hope that his mom gave him a really painful punishment. Well, no doubt, since Aomine's rarely shouted in pain, and his scream is been heard blocks away.

Kise's Room.

"Uh, I'm hopeless." Kise scratched his head, and groaned in depression. He never paid attention to his teacher, and he's clueless about whatever is in the textbook in front of him. If it's not Akashi's order, he won't bother to do something like this.

Knock knock. "Ryouta, open the door!"

"Yes, Mom!" Kise shouted, as he opened the door.

"Ryouta studying? Wow, that's rare."

"I'm not that lazy… well, actually I'm that lazy, but there's a competition and Akashicchi prohibit us to lose."

"My, I must thank Akashi-kun then."

"Don't, or he will do this more frequently-ssu!" Kise pouted.

"That's quite good for you, since you are too lazy to study if Akashi didn't order you to. But it's nearly midnight, and it's not good for your skin if you stay up all night. And you didn't want to be fired as a model, right?"

"Yes, mom~" Kise yawned."There always be tomorrow."

"Well, today is an exception. Tomorrow you must study, or I will tutor you myself!" His mother said confidently.

"Mom… your grades is way worse than me." Kise sweatdropped.

"… Hahaha. Guess I'll be counting on Akashi-kun then." His mom laughed dryly. Like mother like son, eh?

"Midorimacchi is the one tutoring me, Mom." Kise sweatdropped (again).

"Okay, whoever it is, you should do your best!" His mom smiled. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Mom."

Akashi's House, the next day

"Sorry for intruding," Kuroko's small voice sounded inside Akashi's house, once again. The giant with the purple hair followed the small boy to Akashi's room, as Akashi ordered them to yesterday, before they leave.

"Akashi-kun?" Knock knock.

"Come in." Akashi's voice greeted Kuroko's ear, and the giant pushed the door impatiently.

"Murasakibara-kun, you must use the handle to get in. You will break the door if you went inside like that."

"Ohlala, sorry, Kuro-chin." Murasakibara step aside, and Kuroko opened the door. Akashi's scissors was the first to greet their eyes, instead of the red-haired captain.

"You got a lot of scissors, Akashi-kun." Kuroko said.

"Ain't you like it? I thought the scissors supported you and increase your performance." Akashi smiled frighteningly.

"Yes, Akashi-kun." Kuroko answered flatly. How can I become not serious if weapons lined up in front of my eyes?

Aomine's House.

"I apologize." Aomine Daiki is currently bowing to Momoi, his childhood friend, well-mannered. Yeah, underline the well-mannered. Momoi, as his childhood friend, know best. That's why, her hand automatically touched Aomine's forehead, checking his temperature.

"I'm not sick, Satsuki." Aomine scowled. "It's just my mother told me to-"

CRASH! The basketball flew right beside Aomine's head, and it leave an obvious crack on the wall. Satsuki gulped, know that the power is no joke.

"What are you talking about, Daiki?" His mother popped out behind the door, smiling so brightly.

If Momoi didn't know her for a long time, she will surely be fooled.

"N-no, Mom. I'm really sorry." But Momoi didn't regret it. Since seeing her childhood friend bowing to his Mom obediently, especially Aomine Daiki, the bastard of the year, she really enjoyed the entertainment they always offer.

"Why are you apologizing, Daiki?" Aomine's mother smiled again, but a glimpse on her eyes shown that Daiki's a dead meat.



"Don't smile, please. It's frightening."

"Ara ara, and why is that?" She smiled again. "Your dad fall with me

because of this smile, you know?"

"Yeah, of course… since he was a masochist…" Aomine muttered.

"What do you say, Daiki?" She was holding a plate. A damn plate. Aomine know what will she do if he didn't do as his mom wish.

"N-nothing." CRASH! The plate crashed, and one piece of it crashed to Daiki's cellphone. And on the screen displayed a name "Kise Ryouta" but no one seem to care.

"Are you okay, Dai-chan?"

"I am… dead."

"W-wha? Aominecchi, what's going on?!" That voice which always irritated Aomine, didn't have an effect on Aomine right now. He's more concentrated to the danger in front of him.

"Ara ara, I don't even use 1/10 of my real strength, Daiki. You need to exercise more." The first sentence was really frightening, yet…

"NO, PLEASE MOM! ANYTHING BUT THE SECOND SENTENCE!" Daiki bowed deeply to his mom, but the mentioned only smiled all the time, didn't seem to be bothered.

"I will assist you myself, Daiki. But later, okay, after the Exam Battle? But I think if you did well, I will cancel it…"

"SATSUKI!" Aomine turned to Momoi, his eyes full of determination. "TEACH ME!"

"You shouldn't shout to a girl, Daiki. Two times. But still, if you done well, you can cancel it."





"Oh. Just kill me now. Let's study." Aomine's voice sounds like a broken robots, but Satsuki didn't care. She smiled to Aomine's mother, and bowed deeply.

"Thank you for your assistance."
"Ah, it's nothing. I'm sorry that Daiki is always brought trouble to you."
"It's okay." Momoi smiled. "I had fun."

"Of course you have fun." Aomine muttered.

"Five times, Daiki."

"…Kill me. Really. I mean it." And Aomine's pride successfully being destroyed.

Midorima's House

"Aaa, I'm bored. Can I call Aominecchi?"

"Just don't bring him here." Midorima answered half-consciously. He was working on his paperwork, when Kise is working on his worksheet.

"Riiight~" Kise called Aomine, but a loud noise almost deafen Kise's ear.

"W-wha? Aominecchi, what's going on?!" Kise shouted to the cellphone, earned a "SHUT UP!" from Midorima.

Kise listened carefully, but seems that there's a conversation, but Kise can't hear it clearly. The only thing he can hear is "NO, PLEASE MOM! ANYTHING BUT THE SECOND SENTENCE!", and he's really surprised to hear Aomine begged like that. Yes, he's sure that it's Aomine's voice. And there's "SATSUKI! TEACH ME!" Kise frowned. Aomine that he knows never liked studying. How can this kind of sorcery possible? Did Momoicchi bring something weird or anything?

"SATSUKI, PLEASE!" Aominecchi begged to Momoicchi? What's going on here? Kise really is confused. "MOM?! DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME?" Mom? Aominecchi's Mom? Kill him?

"…Kill me. Really. I mean it." The last words Aomine voiced made Kise felt enlightened. Well, not enlightened, but at least helped him to find something to do.


"What?!" Midorima lifted the bridge of his glasses, confused. "You haven't finished your-"

"Aominecchi's in danger! I'll do it later!" Kise ran in a speed of light, leaving Midorima dumbfounded.

"Jeez. Idiots." Midorima sighed.

To be continued…

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