Snarry On, You

Harry's Snuggly Detention

Composed by: Koffeeholic

Characters: Harry and Snape

Setting: Hogwarts—Snape's office

Warning: Sweetness


Harry's sleepiness leads to discovering a warming side of his darkest teacher.


What more could I ask for?


It was a late night, midnight late. And a Gryffindor was serving detention under Professor Severus Snape. The fire in his office burned gloomily, crackling ever so slowly. But by its dim light, Severus was reading a book on potions.

The server of detention had already grown bored. Now his glasses wanted to slide off his sleepy face. However, the boy held in a yawn and pushed them back up his nose.

Snape looked up to see and notice the boy's actions. A ginger smile stretched between his pale cheeks.

He quietly slapped his book shut and said, "You're tired, Potter."

Defending himself, "Why would you say that?" said the Gryffindor. "I'm perfectly awake."

"You don't have to lie," sneered Snape. "Come here." He extended his arms, much to Harry's confusion.

Harry wearily questioned, "For what, sir?"

"Have a seat, Potter." Here, he meant for Harry to have seat on his lap. Harry wanted to scream, but was far too tired, and too afraid to say no. He then obeyed after no more than a second of thought.

Immediately, the Gryffindor found himself engulfed by the surprisingly warm arms of Hogwarts' darkest professor. And a soft hand cradled his head.

"There, there, Potter. Rest; it's midnight."

With a kiss on the crown of his messy black hair, away they rocked in the chair. The little first-year was confused, frightened, and content all at once. Yet he felt safe and secure—feelings he managed to grasp before.

'I feel...loved...' thought Harry.

"I am aware of that, Harry," declared Snape.