Putting Back the Pieces.

This is my first attempt at a freeverse, so don't judge me if it sucks.

Disclaimer: I don't own PJO or HoO.

Piper McLean was broken.

She needed to be f-i-x-e-d.

Yet how could she,

when she had no one to help her?

Sure, she was a S_T_R_O_N_G,

i*n*d*e*p*d*e*n*t* woman,

but somethings are just ToO mUcH.

Watching as her "supposed"

Knight in Shining Armor

walked away with another D)A)M)S)E)L) in (D(I(S(T(R(E(S(S,

as he left her in the dust,

tore her heart to p-i-e-c-e-s.

Then, when he looked back at her and gave his

fucking darling little smile,

it was like he took all the pieces of her

b/r/o/k/e/n h\e\a\rt

and smashed the other pieces

in to n^o^t^h^i^n^g with each other.

Now, there was nothing left

to p:u:t b:a:c:k.

As she thinks back,

she realizes that she s"h"o"u"l"d"v"e fucking listened.

Listened to *all* the people who warned her.

To all the people who w,a,n,t,e,d her.

If she would've STOPPED being so


there would be nothing to pick up.

But now, she must go -b-a-c-k-

and start