Two months later...Things had been going slowly for the Bond's and James had return to work the week after Evelyn had passed. Today was Neil's first day of work. He woke up early and tried not to wake James, who was resting after coming home early that morning from a mission to France. Neil showered got dressed in his white shirt, tan cardigan, and dark blue tie. He slipped on his shoes and then kissed James on the forehead, grabbed his fresh cup of Earl Grey, his computer, and then got in the car and started the hour long drive to the school. He listened to classical music trying to take the edge off his nervousness and it work... A little bit. His cell phone then rang. "Hello, Neil Bond speaking... Oh good morning, James... what!? Silva's back!... I thought you terminated him...oh makes sense...yes, I understand... Well, I love you, don't get hurt... Have fun in Shanghi...yeah got to go. Bye, love you." Neil said as he hung up the phone. Neil started pondering, 'Not only has Bond just come back from a mission, but now he is being sent to Shanghi, what the hell is M thinking! James needs rest and I want some time with him.' Neil didn't have much time to think because he then arrived at the school. He parked his car in his assigned parking spot and then got his computer and tea and then went in. He was third minutes early. And students would start coming into his room in around fifteen minutes. Neil went up to the third floor and then went into his computer sciences classroom. The room had around twenty laptops inside. Neil was in heaven. And his classroom had a backroom with a little kitchen. The door to his classroom opened while he was putting his name up on the board. In walked a small student. "Hello, I am your computer sciences teacher, my name is Mr. Bond." Neil said as he started putting things on his desk. "Hello. I'm Max. Where should I sit?" Max asked. "Anywhere you like." Neil said as he placed his photo of him, James, and Evelyn at the beach on his desk. "Is that you daughter?" Max said as he was suddenly over Neil's shoulder. "Yes." Neil said getting up and going int the kitchen to get his school licensed computer out of there. "She's cute. How old is she?" Max asked as for some reason he sat at Neil's desk. "She would be three as of next week." Neil said. "Is she dead?" Max asked. "Yes." Neil replied as he brought out the huge box from his kitchen. "Is that your husband?" Max asked. "Yes." Neil said getting annoyed by all the questions. "He's not around much I'm guessing, even though your daughter just died." Max said looking at the photo. "No, he's around when I need him and then out of town when I feel better. Why don't you go take your seat and not mine." Neil said. Max got off of Neil's chair and then assembled the unassembled parts of the computer. After he finished assembling his computer all the students filed in. They all sat down and then Neil started, "Hello class. I am Mr. Bond and I'm your computer sciences teacher. Now to start of the year let's talk abut what you will learn. You will learn how to fix various issues on computers, then you learn some of the ways computers are built and what goes into making one." Neil said. He could hear a student smirk and then the same student said, "You're seriously going to teach us how to fix a computer while your as straight as an oval." "Excuse me. Please go to Principal George's, not a good way start off the year is it." Neil said. The student got up and left the classroom. Neil wasn't satisfied though, a student making comments about his sexuality is not okay, and how did they know that he was gay. It hurt for people to say things like that, but then again students saying those things was even worse. Inside Neil was sobbing, but in the outside Neil was trying told it together. He then continued class crying on the inside. Lunch was the worst, a student started to flick peas at Neil, and with hair like Neil's they would just get stuck. After lunch, he went into his classroom o the board was the word 'Fag', Neil felt the tears leaking out of his eyes. He went into the kitchen and got out a scrub brush and scrubbed at the board. The rest of the day went the same, people were rude and made sly comments and were very mean. At the end of the day Neil felt like dying.

Sorry if you really don't like people making fun of Neil's sexuality, but you'll understand why it's in there after readnext the next chapter. Thank you thank you thank you to Prosper-The-XVIII (sorry if i got it wrong) for asking for James to go back on a trip. That will come more into play in the next chapter. I still am COMPLETELY open to ideas! :) thanks for reading! :)