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As soon as the two boys sat down at the Gryffindor table, Harry was accosted by Dean and Seamus.

"So, Harry," Dean began, "Why don't you tell us all about the gifts you've gotten from Drakey until now."

"Anything we should know about in particular?" Seamus continued, an impish grin on his face.

Before Harry could reply, Draco took it upon himself to so. "They were definitely nothing you'd know how to use," he said, sounding every inch the haughty and imperious pureblood Malfoy.

Draco's response seemed to ignite the two Gryffindors' desire for a challenge, and Harry spent the rest of the meal watching Draco and his friends shoot one veiled insult after another at each other. At first, he debated interrupting them, but as the matches grew more and more interesting, he decided to sit back and enjoy.

As far as he was concerned, this was just an unintended bonus Christmas present from Draco.

The moment everyone was done eating, Draco broke away from his conversation cum sparring session with Dean and Seamus and dragged Harry towards the Common Room. Harry could hear his friends making whip noises behind his back, but the entertainment he had been provided at the lunch table had put him in too good a mood to truly care.

"Sit down!" Draco exclaimed, flittering around the room crazily. "We only have a limited amount of time before that snowball fight you want to attend starts, you know!"

Harry watched him amusedly, knowing better than to try and calm him down. When Draco got in this state, there was no way to talk him out of it until he slowed down on his own.

It took him another five minutes, but as soon as Draco quietened down, he sat down right next to Harry, summoning a few packages from wherever he had hidden them in the dormitory.

Handing the first one to Harry, he said, "I don't know if you know, but Professor Snape was my godfather. He left everything to me in his will, and I found this – I thought you'd like them."

The words 'Professor Snape' immediately aroused Harry's interest. Ever since he had found out about the truth behind the man's actions during the war, he had been actively looking for more information on his life, and Draco's comment brought those thoughts back into Harry's mind.

Both packages were large and bulky; something that Harry would have expected Hermione to haul around to classes. Tearing into the first one, he realised why he had made that connection – they contained a set of seven books, by the looks of them the prescribed Potions books at Hogwarts.

"Open one," Draco encouraged, noticing Harry's faintly confused look.

Harry recognised the writing in the first year book instantly – he had seen it in the Half Blood Prince's during his sixth year. But it wasn't the only writing in the book. There was also an obviously feminine handwriting accompanying it, another script that Harry had seen before – his mother's.

"Draco, is this-" he asked softly, running his hand over the reverentially.

"The books your mum and Snape collaborated on?" Draco replied, a faint smile on his face as he took in Harry's awed expression. "Yeah it is."

Harry continued looking at the book in front of him with a worshipful expression. He slowly pulled each book in succession, looking at the precious relics in front of him with wonder and astonishment. Once he got to the sixth and seventh books, he immediately realised that his mother's handwriting was missing – undoubtedly the effect of the destruction of their friendship during their OWLs.

After a few moments however, he looked up at Draco with a look of surprise. "Drake?" he asked, "I'm pretty sure I saw Professor Snape's sixth year Potions book destroyed in the Room of Requirement. How-"

At Harry's question, Draco looked at him with a look of understanding spreading across his face. "I had wondered about that," he murmured. "There was something in his will about how the Prince's book had been a Gemino copy and I didn't understand the reference at the time – I'm guessing that's the book that was destroyed, however."

"That does make sense," Harry mused. There would have been no way that Snape would have willingly parted with the book – it, like all the other present in front of him, would have been a memory of happier times spent with his mother.

Reluctantly setting the books aside, Harry pulled the second package over to himself. In it was another set of books, these ones the syllabus for Charms – at least, the first five books.

"He somehow had these books too," Draco murmured. "I don't know where he got them, but I'm certain they're something you'd like too."

Harry already had a faint suspicion about the books in front of him, but he opened one just to be sure – and found his hunch correct. Tracing the words 'Property of Lily M Evans,' Harry knew exactly why Snape had had these books with him. His mother must have given them to him over the course of their friendship, and after that fateful day, there was no doubt that he would have found it hard to let them go.

"Draco, these are perfect," he whispered. He could his mother's notes besides the various Charms and the theories behind them. They were just as extensive as Snape's notes had been in 'Advanced Potions Making' – Mr Ollivander had not been joking when he had said that Lily's wand had been good for Charms. By the little Harry understood, she had been a prodigy in the subject.

He had no doubt that if Hermione ever saw the books, she would beg him for copies, but for Harry, the notes and new spells were the last thing he was thinking of. He banished the books to his bed, knowing they would be safe there until he called Kreacher to take them to Grimmauld Place and store them somewhere.

Once he knew that the books were safe, Harry turned his attention to Draco, wrapping his arms tightly around the blond boy and pulling him in for a gentle kiss. He poured all the emotions he had felt upon seeing the books into the kiss, every bit of gratitude, awe and love.

When they broke apart, both were rather breathless.

"Thank you so much," Harry whispered fervently. "You have no idea what those books mean to me – thank you," he whispered in conclusion, unable to find any other satisfactory words to express his gratitude.

"I'm glad you liked them," Draco replied, a soft, happy smile on his face at the sight of Harry's pleasure. "I have one more thing for you if you're up for it," he murmured.

Part of him was mentally bracing himself for what would undoubtedly be another rush of emotions, but most of Harry was just interested to see how Draco planned on topping the gifts he had already given him. "Of course," he replied softly, "I'd love to see whatever you still have planned."

The final gift was much smaller and lighter than the book sets Harry had opened just moments ago, and that was what first aroused his curiosity. Knowing Draco, there was no way that the gift was anything but extremely thoughtful, and he couldn't wait to see what it was.

Opening it, he found a slim gold locket. The engraving of the Black family crest on its back was hard to ignore, and Harry couldn't help but wonder what Black family heirloom Draco had though he would be interested in – most of the items he had found in Grimmauld Place were nothing that would be found in a sane person's home.

But as soon as he opened the locket, he realised why Draco had decided to give it to him. There was a faded photograph of a pair of boys inside. One looked to be about three or four, and he was holding a baby boy in his arms, grinning toothily up at the camera.

There was no way he could think that the toddler was anyone but Sirius.

"Draco, how did you find this?" he breathed out, looking at the precious photograph in front of him. Seeing a young, happy Sirius was a rare, priceless sight.

"Mum heard that some vagabond was selling stolen Black heirlooms," Draco said, an appalled look on his face as he remembered his first meeting with someone who was undoubtedly Mundungus Flethcher, "And this was one the things he had in his possession. After I- acquired them back from that- person, Mum looked over all of them. She recognised the boys immediately, and well- I had a thought that you would like it," he finished, slightly bashfully.

"I love it," Harry murmured, wrapping Draco in another hug. "I love all of them."

Draco allowed Harry to wrap himself around him for a few moments, revelling in the feeling of Harry's arms around him.

"I love you," he murmured into the brunet's hair.

"I love you too," Harry replied, curling himself deeper into Draco's side.

Draco allowed Harry to stay in that same position for nearly an hour before moving himself away from the other boy.

"Draco," Harry whined, "Come back here!"

"I think you have a snowball fight to get to, Potter," Draco said, suddenly snarky again, "And I have things to prepare for tonight. Just- make sure to meet me later than seven, okay?"

"Draco, what do you have planned now?" Harry asked cautiously. While Draco's plans had been brilliant until now, the blond's tone had Harry worried.

"Never you mind," Draco replied imperiously. "Just be ready."

And without another look at the confused Gryffindor, he walked out of the common room, undoubtedly going back to his own room.

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