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note: Victor Creed looks like the one in X-Men Origins Wolverine.

Two women walked down the streets looking for someone. One of the women had black hair and blue eyes she was wilder. She was dressed in black tank top and jeans and hiking boots. The other wore a light purple dress top and jeans and nice boots. She had dark brown and blue eyes she was gentler then her sister.

"Any luck on find him Anya" One in black tank top asked.

"No Sonja" Anya said.

Sonja sighed then focused on the birds in the area. The birds flew off in search for male feral mutant. Sonja looked over to sister who was still trying to find him. Sonja touched her sister on her shoulder. Anya looked at her sister. They truly looked alike the only real difference was Sonja was more animal like and slightly taller while Anya was more human like and maybe an inch shorter.

"Moonie there just too many people"

"Don't worry about Starry"

"But I do…Sonja you seem complete control of your powers why can't focus enough to find a mutant."

"Anya we are in New York City. There are millions of people in pain here if you could find him I would afraid for you. Because that mean you have changed. That would mean that you were able to disregard every person pain and focus on single person. Anya it is not in your nature to do so."

"We grew up the same way Sonja how is it in your nature and not mine"

"Anya we did not have to face the same things. The things I faced may me into who I am now. I would not want you to be like me. You are more human than animal, while, I am more animal than human at times."

"Don't call yourself an animal Sonja"

"It's what I am Anya"

The birds stated to coo to Sonja. Sonja held out her arm and they flew over to her. They tweeted into her ear. Then they flew off. Sonja turned down a corner causing Anya to follow her. Anya did not ask any question. They ended up by the docks. An animal looking man was passed out against a building. Anya ran over to him. The man looked about six-foot six inches tall. He looked over two hundred pounds. He wore furs. Sonja walked over and touched his hands. That was when she noticed his claw like nails.

"Anya is he alive. He the one we are looking for."

"Yeah he alive just passed-out. We need to get him out of here"

"I go get the van" Sonja said.

Sonja walked off to get the van. Anya kneeled next to the large male feral mutant. She placed his head in her lap. Then she proceeded to stroke his face. Anya focused on his wounds to see if any was life treating. None of them truly were but what shocked her was that they were healing and healing fast. Sonja pulled up next to them five minutes later. Sonja got out of the van head around to get him. She opened the sliding door of the van. Then she walked over to the pair. Anya was already standing trying to lift the large man.

"Next time we bring Vera with us" Sonja groaned.

"Is that a complaint? I thought you were strong."Anya asked playfully.

"Anya he is closer to three hundred pounds and as much as I love show my strength I am not that strong. We will be lucky to get him to the van by ourselves." Sonja growled

They lifted and carried the heavy man. Vera, Sonja and Anya were triplets. Each of them had similar mutations but each out of them had a different ability. Anya could feel other mutants' pain and heal them and was telepath. Vera had hypnosis and telekinetic powers. Sonja was could telepath but not with humans but with animals also she had Tactohyposis. They could all shape shift in animals and had heighten senses and stamina and strength and healing factor. Sonja, Vera and Anya stopped aging when they were twenty-three years old. In all reality they were over three hundred years old well closer to four hundred years old. They had an older brother name Gregori. He was also healing feral mutant. He was also a telepath. He had heightened senses, stamina and strength and agility. He was only two years older than the triplet but he looked and stopped aging at twenty-eight year old. He had married a lovely woman named Destiny who was also a feral mutant. Anya laughed at Sonja.

"Marko would not her leave in her condition"

"Do I look like a care about her condition"
"Sonja it's his first biological child"

"I know. It is not like I would let anything happen to her. You, Vera and Gregori are my world. I lost so much in my life time I will not lose you too."

"Marko know that but hell everyone knows that Moonie but…"

"I know… I know let's just get him in van"

"I hope he does not wake up before we get to Safe Haven"

"Don't worry about it I will pull over if he does."

"I not sure your mind trick will work on him Sonja"

"If he is more animal then man. It will work do you forget I am more connected to animals."

"I know sis, but I don't like you using it"

"I don't use that power to lord over everyone. I just used to make people calm down or if it's in my favor to do so."

Anya got into passage seat after she was sure the large feral mutant was safe in the back. Sonja got in the driver seat. She buckled up then pealed out of there. Less than ten second late Anya gasped. Sonja looked over at her sister.

"Starry is everything alright?"

"Another feral mutant is hurt bad."

Sonja growled and put the van in park. She knew her sister could not leave any mutant in pain. It was her nature to want to help everyone. Sonja had lost those naïve notions years ago. She loved her sisters dearly. Vera had grown-up and lost to some extent lost the naïve notions that Anya clanged to. That love was the thing that kept Sonja doing things she normally would not do. It was for Anya and her naïve notion that everyone deserved their help. Vera, Gregori and Sonja realized they could not help everyone.

"Where is it at?"

"I can't pin point his location."

"Great, great another male feral mutant just what Safe Haven needs"

"Moonie we have to help him."

"I stop the car didn't I?"

Sonja sighed and opened the van door. She knew that her sister could not pin point the mutant location. She focused on the birds again they flew to her. Then they flew off. Anya walked over to her sister and put a loving hand on her shoulder. Sonja looked over to her sister. Anya blue eyes looked like she would cry any moment. Sonja eyes were cold until she looked at Anya.

"I'm sorry Moonlight"

"It not your fault Anya it is in your nature. I love you for your notions on how the world should be. I lost those eyes long ago…the eyes that see the world in an innocent need to help everyone you can is something I would not change for the world. You have not had to face what have Anya. I would kill to have those eyes back."

Sonja looked up at the night sky. The moon shone barely in the night sky. It was overshadow by the clouds and the light of the city. Anya looked up at sky then back to Sonja.

"Do you miss them still?"

"It still feels like it was yesterday even though it has been closer to three hundred years."

"It would be wrong to get over them"

"Anya, don't talk about them."

"I know you love them it would be wrong for you not to"
"Anya, just don't okay?"

Sonja looked near tears at the thoughts of her life in the past. The birds flew back toward Sonja they sang her the information. They told her of man with visor and woman with red hair and African-American woman with snow-white hair and of a young teenager with brown red hair and green eyes with two white streaks in her hair. Sonja recognized the first three people. They were her former students years ago before Safe Haven was started. They were Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Ororo Munroe. The teenager she did not know but it was safe to say she went to the school. She turned to Anya.

"He is with the Xavier school for the gifted. They have a doctor on Staff their Anya. We need to leave"

"Are you sure he is okay"

"Yeah, let focus on the one in back of the van."

Anya walked back to passenger side of the van and got in. Sonja followed but got in the driver side door. Sonja put the van in drive and started to get out of the city.