Title: Perfect (Extra)

Pairings: Merlin/Arthur

Word count for this chapter: about 1,700 words

Rating: M (but this chapter is T)

Warnings: explicit sex scenes, dub-con/non-con, possessive/jealous!Arthur

Disclaimer: All credits go to BBC Merlin and the mangaka Yuu Moegi.

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Also, the chapter of the manga this fic is based on ended there. The author just published a little extra chapter more. I wasn't planning on writing it. However, to thank everyone that has read this, here it is. As the first chapter, I adapted it a little.

Sorry for the long Author Note.



Perfect (Extra)

"Hey, give it to me," Arthur commanded while extending a hand towards Merlin.

Merlin looked at him in disbelief. They were at break time at school. All the classes had a timetable that appointed the people responsible for cleaning the classroom every two days. It was Merlin's turn that day. He was currently taking out the bin to empty it in the container at the rear gates of the school when Arthur had accosted him unceremoniously.

"What?" Merlin asked stupidly. "Are you going to empty the bin for me?" He couldn't believe Arthur would do that nice gesture for him.

"Who is talking about the damn bin, you idiot?" Arthur's anger was clear in his face as he trapped Merlin against one of the walls in the corridor. "If you don't give it to me right now, I swear to god this evening you are going to pay for it with your body!"

Merlin's eyes widened with alarm and he looked around. "What?" he asked quickly. "We are at school. You shouldn't speak like that... Someone could hear you..."

The corridor was deserted at the moment. Thanks God, most of the students were at the cafeteria. In any case, Merlin didn't want anyone eavesdropping their conversation. They had been together as a couple for some weeks and Arthur still insisted that he had to be the perfect boy in front of everyone in order to protect Merlin.

"Anyway, I don't know what you are talking about," Merlin shrugged. "Perhaps, if you told me..."

"Don't play dumb with me, Merlin," Arthur growled. "This morning, a girl from another class gave you a letter, didn't she?"

Realization dawned on Merlin. "Eh? So, was that what you were talking about?"

"What the hell did you think I was talking about? Give it to me right now!" As Arthur exasperation increased so did the volume of his voice.

'How can he know it?' Merlin wondered really puzzled. He was sure Arthur wasn't even near when that girl had approached him to give him that letter.

Arthur just crossed his arms and waited patiently while Merlin left the bin on the floor and got the letter out of his pocket. "As you wish," Merlin conceded. "It's only..."

Arthur didn't wait for Merlin to finish whatever he was going to say. He snatched the letter from Merlin's hands and threw it to the bin before Merlin had time to blink.

"Wait!" Merlin protested finally. "What are you doing?"

But Arthur simply grabbed the bin and turned around to leave and empty it outside himself.

"I will throw it away with this," he replied as he walked down the corridor.

Merlin's surprise paralysed him for a second. When he recovered he shouted at Arthur and followed him quickly. "Arthur! Wait! You don't understand it!"

"I just let him out of my sight for some bloody seconds and this is what happens!" Arthur was mumbling. "I can't lower my guard at all."

Suddenly, Arthur turned around and looked at Merlin straight in the eye. "And this is your fault too. Why the hell did you accept that letter?" he asked with some kind of controlled emotion. "You didn't think about my feelings!"

And Merlin saw it again all written over Arthur's face. It was so obvious. His stupid jealousy. The same that for the past weeks and even before they started their relationship had made Arthur glance at Merlin every few seconds. The same that made him be the perfect boy Merlin thought he hated but without whom he couldn't live.

"That's why I say you are a prat," Merlin commented fondly.

"You really..." Arthur tried to say. "Damn it." He turned away from Merlin once more. "Why can't you take me seriously?"

"Arthur, I told you it's not what you think." Merlin touched his arm lightly in an attempt to compel Arthur to look at him. "Please, just listen to me."

"Shut up!" Arthur said while trying to move away.

"She asked me to give it to you in her place!" Merlin cried.

Arthur froze in shock. It seemed that had appeased him a little. "Eh?" he said and at last he turned to look at Merlin.

"So you have stopped misinterpreting it, haven't you?" Merlin continued. "I don't know how you could think it was for me. I'm not popular!"

"It doesn't matter," Arthur said more subdued. "It's still the same. I'm not going to read it." And with that he walked to the exit and went out.

"Why?" Merlin followed him outside. "And just like that, you are going to throw it."

"Now that I have you, I don't need anyone else," Arthur remarked.

For a moment, Merlin was delighted. That he was so important to Arthur made him extremely happy. That Arthur kept on telling him things like this, or repeating 'I love you', truly amazed him. But still...

"I love you too, Arthur," Merlin said sincerely and Merlin's joy was nothing compared to Arthur's at that instant. His mouth split unconsciously into a wide grin and the bin slipped from his hands and fell to the floor with a soft thump. At last, Merlin had admitted out loud what he really felt for Arthur. However, Arthur's pleasure at Merlin's declaration diminished due to his following words.

"But...But I don't like the way in which you reject other people's feelings."

That, however, annoyed Arthur. "You always have to complain..."

Merlin didn't say anything but his face told Arthur everything he had to know. That was the moment to give in if he wanted to keep Merlin's affection. And it wasn't difficult when Merlin was pouting at him like that. 'Gods,' he thought, 'why does he have to be so cute?'

"Alright." Arthur took the letter form the bin and shoved it in his pocket. "But I'm going to reject her. Do you hear me?" Arthur warned.

"Thank you, Arthur." Merlin's happy smile did it and Arthur couldn't contain himself any more and gave Merlin a sweet peck on the lips. It was the first time Arthur had lost control like that at school and in the open but, somehow, Merlin felt as if he had won something. He felt that it was possible for him to have a relationship with Arthur in which both their opinions actually mattered.

As Arthur walked away with the bin leaving behind a daydreaming Merlin, his personal fanclub appeared.

"Arthur! Arthur! Is your turn to clean the class today?" Sophia asked.

"No, it isn't," he answered kindly. "It's Merlin's, but as he seemed so stressed, I decided to help him."

His words were received with some awwws and comments like 'Oh, Arthur you are so nice', which of course Arthur tried to deny.

Merlin was impressed once more with Arthur's transformation. Although he had already seen it countless times, it never ceased to astonish him how Arthur could be a complete clotpole with him and in less than a few seconds change to an adorable person.

That had irritated him beyond words before... Before he knew that Arthur did it for him. Arthur forced himself to be perfect. Arthur smiled even if he didn't feel like it. He spoke to people like Sophia even if he hated it. And everything was because of his sense of protecting Merlin. Granted, perhaps Merlin didn't need that protection and it was a little bit creepy all that possessiveness and jealousy, but it made Merlin happy to know that in his strange way Arthur was trying to prove how much he cared for Merlin, and he cared enough to sacrifice himself for him.

It was because of those things that Merlin had declared his true feelings to Arthur. He was also essential to Merlin. No matter his pratishness, his jealousy or his wrong ways of viewing things. Merlin felt he had no right to judge Arthur, when he himself had admitted his love for him.

"Ow, professor Killian is calling for us," Sophia said so disappointed that one could think that she was never going to see Arthur again. "Bye, Arthur. See you," all his fangirls said in unison as they left them alone.

Merlin watched them go with a raised eyebrow. Maybe, it was him who should be more protective of what they had. He could even relate to how Arthur felt, if he didn't have enough of Arthur's countless 'proofs of love'.

Meanwhile, Arthur took a few steps towards the gate with the bin still in his hands, but he stopped unexpectedly and said, "Ah, Merlin. There's something I forgot to tell you." That brought Merlin back from his musings. "As I'm helping you with the bin and I have overlooked all about that letter... I want a compensation."

"A compensation?" At first Merlin didn't understand what he was talking about. Nevertheless, he grasped the meaning behind his words instantly when Arthur glanced back at him with a devious smirk. Just in case, Arthur explained it.

"You don't really think that quick kiss from before was compensation enough for all my troubles, do you?" Arthur said in a hushed voice. "Remember it when you come home this evening." And with that he continued his path towards the containers.

"Wait!" Merlin shouted. He may be still in time to prevent Arthur's plans from coming true. "It was you who decided to help me with the bin." Arthur just ignored him and carried on. "Arthur! Give me back that bin!"

"Shut up, Merlin," was the only acknowledgement he received. Merlin didn't give up and ran after him, but it was too late. As Arthur had said, he was going to pay for it with his body that evening.


AN2: The story in the manga really ends here. If you are interested in reading about that night, I may write a second extra about it, but it will be from my own invention.

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