I have been a Harry Potter fan for over a decade and didn't notice the Weasley twin's sex appeal until now. It could have been either of them but obviously it has to be George in this situation.

Chapter 1: Single

Padma walked out of Flourish and Blotts as she had every day for the past two months between 2pm and 2.45pm. It was her usual lunch break. By now she had tried out almost every cafe on Diagon Alley for lunch. She forced herself to enjoy the food. Parvati was dead and she had promised herself that she would live life for both of them now. She refused to mope. It would be an insult to her sister. Every morning she pushed aside her desire to stay in bed all day and stare at the ceiling. She was getting good at it. She had a healthy view on life – or so she thought.

When people she barely new learned of her twin sister's death they automatically thought it was because of the battle of Hogwarts that had occurred three months earlier. In a way they were right, her death was caused by a dark curse that had hit her during the battle, only it didn't take effect until a month after. One of Voldemort's death eaters had pointed a heart crushing curse at Parvati but had been killed himself before it could take full effect. She didn't feel weak or find it difficult to breathe so she had thought she was fine. They had both seen George Weasley grieve over his twin brother at the service for the dead weeks later and had secretly rejoiced that they hadn't been split up like the Weasley twins.

How wrong they were. A mere month after the battle Parvati had risked her life to save their neighbour from her burning apartment. They escaped the fire by climbing through the front window and on their way out Parvati's leg got cut deeply by the glass and within minutes her heart drained its blood as if it had been crushed. This particular dark curse had survived within her body and was simply waiting for an unnatural exit portal. As soon as she was cut deep enough the blood left her heart and her system. Life left her.

Padma Patil and George Weasley now had something in common. They were no longer a part of a double act. They were single. They were alone.

Two days after the funeral Padma got a job at Flourish and Blotts. She was not going to be a burden on her parents. They had been through enough. And every time she had her lunch break she would walk past Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in hopes of seeing George Weasley even though she barely knew him. They were in the DA together but hadn't spoken more than 10 words to each other. Each time she walked passed she was disappointed. WWW had not been open for a year and three months since the Weasley's had gone into hiding during the second war.

Today was different, as she briefly glanced through the window expecting to see nothing, she saw him. George Weasley was crouched on the floor packing various products into boxes. Padma's heart began to beat fast. She didn't know what she was going to say but in her excitement she found that she had opened the door to let herself in. A bell sounded as the door opened.

Without looking up from his packing George muttered irritably to his intruder. "We're closed."

"Oh," Padma squeaked. "I-I thought -"

He cut her off. "Weasley's Wizard Wheezes will not be re-opened. It will be a vacant space in a few weeks."

Padma's eyes grew wide in shock.

"But George! You can't close this place down! Your products brought everyone such joy. To close it down would be an insult to Fred's memory!" The words slipped from her mouth before she could stop them and now she could not take them back.

George stood up and whipped around at the sound of his and Fred's names. He glared at her as he looked her up and down to identify who this big mouthed person was. Padma saw the recognition in his eyes as he sharply closed the space between them. Being as tall as he was, it only took a few steps. He towered over her and she stepped back as a natural fear response but he followed and slammed the door behind her with his right hand to block her from leaving.

"What would you know about my brother's wishes?" he snarled as he glared down at her.

"I-I'm sorry," she stuttered. This was not the George Weasley that she remembered. He used to make everyone around him laugh but now she felt afraid of him. The look in his eyes showed only fury.

"Why don't you go home to your sister and rub in the fact that your twin is still alive to someone else," he growled. Padma's eyes grew wide. He didn't know! With that George used his hand to push himself off the door, turned around as if she wasn't there and resumed packing.

Padma felt the tears come to her eyes but refused to let them fall. She moved to open the door but turned around before she left.

"I'm so sorry George. I hope you find peace and are able to laugh again. I used to love to watch you two laugh. It was... contagious." And before he could respond with an insult she had run from the store towards Flourish and Blotts letting her tears fall as she ran.