Chapter Fourteen

SeaQuest DSV, Somewhere near the north Atlantic…

"Kristin," Captain Bridger asked, entering the Moon Pool chamber. "Have you seen Lucas?"

"Not since this morning, why?" she asked, curiously.

"He's not in his room like he's supposed to be," Bridger said, frowning.

"Oh," Kristin said, thinking. "Maybe he went to the mess hall…"

"I already checked there," he told her, "and he—"

Just then, somebody popped out of the pool slashing water everywhere.

"Yes!" Lucas shouted. "He scores again!"

The captain and Kristen exchanged glances, placed their hands on their hips, and glared at the fourteen year old.

"Oh, uh," Lucas exclaimed, innocently. "Hi…"

"Just what—" his father started to ask, when suddenly a second person popped up out of the pool.

"Oh, uh," Robert stated, smiling just as innocently as his younger brother. "Hey, Dad…"

"Just what do you think you two are up to?" Their father asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, we, uh," Lucas said, glancing at Robert for help. "We were just…"

"You see, the kid was bored and Katie's on duty," Robert stammered, none convincingly. "And well, Darwin…"

Just then Darwin popped up and tossed something out of his mouth that stuck Bridger right in the face.

"Darwin, Robert, Lucas play flipper-ball," the dolphin chirped, happily. "Darwin win, Bridger!"

Bridger reached up and removed the soaking wet sponge from his face, a very annoyed expression on his face.

Lucas and Robert glanced at each other as their father started for the pool.

"Uh, now, Dad…" Lucas stammered, at the same time Robert said, "Now, Dad, be reasonable…"

They both began to back up as he got closer, hopped up and into the pool, and continued towards them.

What ensued was, as the crew that would have to clean up all the water stated, a ghastly massacre.

Kristen watched as the undignified captain of the SeaQuest proceeded to engage in a massive water battle with his two sons and a dolphin.

She sighed, shaking her head, as she turned back to her work.

Boys will be boys!

The End