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The restaurant is empty, only a sleepy-looking man slumped over his food in the corner.

Lee orders two bowls of clam chowder and the food arrives quickly.

I dig in, momentarily forgetting my manners.

Lee chuckles, his eyes twinkling brightly.

"For such a sweet, reserved, girl, you eat enough to fill a truck." He teases.

"Are you calling me a truck, Lee?" I reply, throwing an oyster cracker at him.

Lee catches it nimbly, before tossing it into his mouth.

"Sure. I've never seen a more beautiful truck in all my life though." Lee laughs, brushing a strand of hair out my eyes.

We playfully banter until a group of well-dressed men walk in. They were too formal for a normal outing. I recognize them as the School's henchmen.

Damn it.

Immediately, I tense, going on high-alert.

The too formally-dressed men chose a table that I calculate as a perfect angle of attack. We couldn't get past them, because the way their table was positioned. If we tried anything, they could easily stop us. The only way out was to vault over their table or break through the window. Not an easy task.

Lee senses the men and he stiffens as well. We calmly continue to eat, passing careful words between us.

"How was school?" Lee asks, tapping the table five times.

I tap back, answering with a casual, "It was great, same old, same old."

I shake my head just the slightest.

Five taps meant run.

Running would not work.

Out of the corner of my mouth, I whisper, "Left, knock over the guy with a mustache and vault over the table."

Lee's brow furrows, but he taps back; okay.

"Do you like the chowder? It's a little too runny for my taste." He plays along.

"I think it's delicious." I respond.

Before he can answer, I give the signal.

Time to move.

Standing up, Lee announces that he's going to get some water.

I see the men stiffen as well. They're anticipating us.

Quickly, I run some more calculations. Our plan had a sixty percent change of fail. We couldn't risk it.

"Change of plans. Smash through the window." I tap Morse code.

Lee sighs quietly, but nods, obliging.

I'm never wrong.

Exactly 3.52 seconds later, the window explodes in a shower of glass. Lee hurdles through the gap, tearing his shirt and arm. I follow quickly, before the men recover their wits.

An alarm starts; its wailing slicing through the usually quite darkness like a knife.

I try to run, but my heels restrict me. I sigh unhappily as I slip the shoes off, throwing them into the nearby brush.

Ugh, I liked those shoes.

Lee grabs my hand and he yanks me down the street, dodging police cars. The men start after us, effortlessly slipping through the broken glass.

Lee's face is tight and anxious. He winces slightly as his arm collides with me.
"Are you okay?" I pant, trying not to get tangled in my long dress.

"Cut. Arm. I'm. Fine." He replies, pulling me around a corner.

We hop over a fence and crawl into the safety of the dark shadows. A black-suited man walks past with a pleasant, almost cheerful expression. He carries a lightweight pistol in his hand.

I almost draw in a sharp breath.

They have guns.

We huddle in the brush for an hour, fifty two minutes, and 13.7 seconds. I'm afraid to move even a muscle.

The men finally leave, looking disappointed.

But I know that they will find us again. And this time, they wouldn't fail.

Lee's face is white when he crawls out. His face is scratched and bleeding.

"Are you okay, Nix?" He asks quietly, checking for wounds.

"I'm fine, but you're not." I bite my lip worriedly.

The long gash in his arm is still bleeding profusely. I carefully rip the bottom of my dress into long, silvery, strips before neatly bandaging his arm.

"You need stitches, Lee."

"Well, we can't exactly get to a hospital." Lee snaps tiredly.

"I know, I know, but Aunt Angel would know how to sew it up." I reply, ignoring his remark.


We trudge to my house, ringing the doorbell. The door flings open. Without saying a word, Aunt Nudge ushers us inside, swiftly shutting the door behind us.

"Angel will fix that up." Nudge says, disappearing into a room before I can say anything.

Aunt Angel seats us onto the couch, cleaning the smaller cuts before unwrapping my makeshift bandage.

"I'll stitch that for you."

Angel's quick hands sew the wound up, wrapping another sterile white bandage around his arm when she finishes.

"You have to go." She whispers nervously. "They're looking for you two, we don't know why though. Nudge already prepped up two backpacks. She told me to give you these instructions: Go find Machiavelli. You'll find him in Nevada. You guys will leave tomorrow at six in the morning."

She takes me into the bedroom before I can even process the information and tells me to shower and change.

In a flurry of movement, Nudge throws my beautiful prom dress away, declaring it to be "ruined forever".

They let Lee shower in the guest room, and they offer him some of my dad's old clothes.

I determine it to be exactly eight hours before we leave.

Lee is lying on the couch, looking utterly exhausted when I come out of the bedroom. He smiles at me and mouths good night.

I know I won't sleep at all tonight.


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