The Phoenix Feather

Disclaimer:i don't own black butler sadly, Yana Toboso does, if I did Ciel wouldn't have turned into a demon at the end of season 2(still morning about it right now)

Summary:Ciel becomes more interested in demons so he decides to ask one himself(based in the 21st century;I'm gonna still make Sebastian call Ciel young master)

me: hey guys this is my first fan-fiction so please tell me how you like it

Kuro: ya because she really can't do much else

me: that's not true I do draw sometimes;ugh anyways lets just start the story(kuro is my character that will be shown later on)

Chapter 1

''Sebastian'',Ciel called from downstairs,''yes young master'',Sebastian asked, coming from the kitchen;Ciel turned his attention from the TV,''theirs a question I would like to ask you,''Ciel said,''what is it,''Sebastian asked;Ciel stared down and started twiddling with his thumbs,'' I was wondering if it is possible to change a human into a demon,''Ciel muttered under his breath

Sebastian smirked,''yes its quite possible, why does the young master want to know,''Sebastian asked still smirking;Ciel blushed a little before answering,''I've grown a little attached to you, and was gonna ask if you could make me a demon, but you don't have to if you don't want to,''Ciel muttered,Sebastian sat down next to Ciel and embraced him,''of course, if that is what the young master wishes,''Sebastian said

''b-but what about the contract; I thought you wanted my soul,''Ciel layed his head on Sebastian's chest,''I don't think I would've been able to take it,since I have also grown quite attached to you too,''Sebastian said as he gently pushed Ciel away from him,''all you have to do is order me young master and I will obey,''Sebastian pulled off Ciel's eye patch revealing the Faustian contract

''this is a order Sebastian, turn me into a demon,''

''yes,my lord''

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