Chapter 13

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Ciel walked out of the gates and ran west, he continued to run no matter how tired he was, the only time he would stop would be to get some water or rest for a few minutes. Ciel was climbing a mountain to get to the volcanos when he heard a screech in the distance, he jumped from each rock until he got to the top. Ciel could see the volcanos glowing in the distance,"it's only a few more miles away,"Ciel said to himself as he jumped down and continued running toward the volcanos. Ciel could feel the ground underneath him start to get hotter as he got closer to the volcanos.

Back at the manor Kuro was running back and forth through the kitchen searching for the ingredients to make the reviving potion, suddenly Bard, Mey-Rin, and Finny entered the kitchen and almost got tackled by Kuro,"Ms. Kuro is there anything we can do to help you,"Finny asked, Kuro stopped with multiple spices in her hands and started to sprinkle them into a bowl, she handed them a list as she mixed some more ingredients,"those are all the ingredients I need,"Kuro said as she got a wooden spoon and mixed them all together,"we'll go get them right away,"Bard said as the trio ran outside, they looked at the list,"the first thing we need is a catfish, yes,"Mey-Rin said,"well, lets go to the fish market then,"Finny said happily as they all ran off toward the docks.

Ciel had finally climbed to the top of the volcano and saw multiple Phoenix's flying around, he crouched down by a rock to hide himself and looked around for the multicolored phoenix, then he suddenly saw the rainbow bird perch on a rock right across from him, he crawled around all the phoenix's and made his way to the rainbow one, Ciel crouched down and pounced on the phoenix, the bird let out a loud screech and all the Phoenix's turned toward him. They all flew into the air and burst into flames, Ciel's eyes widened,"oh shit, I think it's time I got the hell out of here,"Ciel ripped out some of the birds feathers and ran back to the gate as fast as his legs could take him.

Bard, Mey-Rin, and Finny had gotten to the docks and saw them unloading some fish off of a boat and gave them to the people who were going to sell them, they walked over to the stand that was selling catfish and bought one fish, they checked off the item on the list and looked at the next one,"h-human blood!?,"they all said in shock,"I think we can get that from Undertaker,"Bard said, he led them into town and to Undertakers funeral parlor. They all entered and jumped when they heard a creepy laugh come from one of the coffins. A hand with long black nails reached out and pulled off the lid,"kekeke, what can I do for you,"Undertaker laughed, Bard gulped and spoke first,"we need some human blood,"he said.

Undertaker walked to one of the shelves and took off a vial filled with crimson blood,"here you are,"Undertaker said as he handed them the clear vial, they thanked him and left the shop,"only one more thing we need,"Mey-Rin,"said,"I hope it's nothing scary,"Finny said, Mey-Rin gulped,"I think it's to soon to say that,"she said,"why?,"Bard and Finny looked at the last item on the list and they paled,"a humans beating heart,"they all said.

Ciel got to the gate and ran through, once he got back on the cliff he turned back into his human form and took the feathers from his mouth, he started to jump from building to building once he got back into to town. He saw the manor in the distance and jumped back onto the ground then ran the whole way there.

Once Ciel had gotten back to the manor he opened the front door and walked to the kitchen, he managed to miss being hit by Kuro, who was running back and fourth throughout the entire kitchen getting multiple ingredients,"Ciel your back, and you got the feathers, perfect,"Kuro took them from him and used her claws to cut off the fuzzy part of the feathers and dumped them into the bowl,"where's the three stooges,"Ciel asked,"they went to go get the rest of the ingredients, they should be back right,,"and right on cue the three came running in panting," the stuff,"Bard panted,"thank you,"Kuro took the bag of items from them, she first took out the catfish and cut off the whiskers, she handed the fish to Ciel to eat. Ciel ate half of the fish and gave the rest to Kuro's cat Midnight.

Next she took out the vial of blood, she shook it a little and took the cork of the top then poured it into the bowl. Last she took out the heart, she glared at the servants,"I said, still beating,"Kuro growled,"we're sorry, we tried to do our best to keep it beating,"Kuro sighed,"I guess it will have to do,"she unsheathed her claws and cut the heart up into small pieces, she then poured it into the bowl,"who's going to eat that,"Bard asked in disgust,"it's not for eating, your suppose to boil it in venom of a snake demon and drink it,"Kuro walked over to a pot on the stove and poured the strange mixture into the pot. Soon it came to a nice boil and the venom turned it a red-violet color. Kuro got a vial and poured the purple liquid into it, both Ciel and Kuro ran upstairs into the room where Sebastian was.

Kuro opened the door and both of them walked over to the bed that his body was on, they both looked at each other with a worried look, Kuro managed to get Sebastian's mouth open and she poured the liquid inside his mouth, she gently tilted his head up to make him swallow, then she lied his head back down onto the pillow. Ciel and Kuro waited for hours until the potion kicked in, when nothing happened the started to worry that they didn't make it right, when suddenly they heard a groan from Sebastian. He started to move slightly and his eyes slowly opened.

Sebastian looked around and saw Kuro smiling at him and Ciel with tears streaming down his face as he clutched his hands into fists,"Ciel?,"Sebastian asked, Ciel jumped into Sebastian's arms and cried on his chest,"d-don't ever l-leave me again!,"Ciel cried, Sebastian was surprised by the sudden action, but a smile soon replaced that expression as he stroked Ciel's back,"I'm here kitten, I won't ever leave you again, don't worry,"Sebastian said, Kuro put a hand on his shoulder and Sebastian turned to look at her,"I'm happy you back too,"Kuro smiled, Sebastian smiled back at her. Ciel lifted his head up from Sebastian's chest and looked into his red eyes, Sebastian tilted Ciel's head up and kissed him. Ciel wrapped his arms around his neck and deepened the kiss,"don't ever leave me again, that's an order,"the contract on Ciel's eye glowed brightly.

"yes, my lord"



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