Beautiful Dreams

Part 1

Music & Cookies


Disclaimer: I only own Lydia/Sailor Rainbow, Madam Indigo and whatever characters you will not see on Sailor Moon.

Fiore was long traveling in space.  He must've crossed everything more than once but no planet or star felt like home to him.  Why couldn't he remember where his home was?  Did he have a home or did he leave it for a specific purpose and forgot what it was?  What if his home was too far away for him to go?

'I've been traveling in space so long,' he thought, 'I've lost count of the days.'  He looked up over his forearm and saw a beautiful star ahead.  He decided to stop on the star to rest and try to remember.  As he landed on it and stretched, he looked the star over.  It wasn't like any other star he had been to in the past.  It was even more beautiful than the star where he found the Kisenian Blossom. He hoped that he would not find someone like Kisenian here.  It was the beauty of the star in the first place thought brought him to it and he learned that beautiful things are also deadly.

"What brings you to the Star of Truth?" a woman questioned, her voice echoing through the cosmos. 

Fiore gasped and turned around, but he saw know one.  He kept looking over his back.  "Who said that?"

To the left of him, a light brighter than the star, began to glow. He had to shield his eyes as a person inside the light came visible.  The star was no more than just a giant ball of energy, but plants grew and a river appeared, aas if it were a minuture planet or a greenhouse in outer space.  Paradise.

"What brings you to the Star of Truth?" the person inside the light asked again as the light dimmed. She took a step and Fiore gasped.  She had long fuchsia hair, amber eyes, fair skin and was dressed a midnight blue dress. 

"Who, who are you?" Fiore questioned.  "Please don't hurt me.  I'm too tired to fight."

"Relax, traveler," she told him.  "I mean you no harm."

"What…is this place? Who are you?"

She smiled and held out her hands.  "This is the star of truth.  It sees all. Times that passed us, the time that is passing us now and time yet to pass.  I know all.  I am Vera, queen of knowledge.  Is there knowledge that you seek?"  

 He nodded.

"Ah.  Knowledge from your past?"

"Yes. I don't know where I was born," he admitted.  "I searched long and far for it but nothing seems familiar.  I have been unwelcome by many places.  If only I could remember where I came from.  Can you help me?  Can you tell me where my home is?"

"I know all," she said. "What has been and what is yet to come.  I may teach you what you wish to learn.  All have a thirst for knowledge.  What a gift knowledge is!" She chuckled and then nodded her head.  "I'll help you, traveler.  I will ask you to concentrate, rid your mind of all thought except the very first memory in your mind and I shall do the rest."

Fiore knelt down, closed his eyes and tried hard to remember whatever memories he had left of his childhood.  Vera crossed her arms in front of her and a fog began to thicken between her and Fiore.  Her log fuchsia hair waved around. She chanted a few words in a tongue unknown to Fiore.  Fiore started to feel warm and images appeared in the fog.  Sensing that he ought to, Fiore opened his eyes.

"Your past," Vera said.

Fiore saw him as a young child running around in a beautiful place of trees. There were other children like him.  The happy images ended when the sound of a pipe entranced many of the children, except for Fiore who came out of the trance.  The next flash of images where the children sleeping inside many crystal boxes and a woman laughing manically as a cold, dark, enormous dark hole got larger and larger, swallowing his home planet whole as is it were a spoonful of ice cream.  Fiore fled from his home planet just before it was gone forever, hoping to find another place to call home.  In that long journey through space, he forgot what happened.  Now he knew why, it was too terrible to remember.

"No more!" Fiore shouted, his eyes filling up with tears.  "I wish to see no more!"

Vera nodded, swishing her arms through the fog and the images were gone.

Fiore turned around to cry.  "Now I remember why I forgot," he sobbed, "it was too painful to remember!  Everyone in all those boxes, and I could do nothing to help!  All I could do was leave.  I wish I could've done something.  I left like a coward!  Floating through space to find my home…for nothing! All that time, wasted!  I have no home. I'm alone in the universe."

He felt a hand on his shoulder.  He forgot that Vera was there.

"Not all knowledge is easy to see," admitted Vera softly.

"How can you live here," he began, "and see all this without doing anything?  I have no home.  There is no where for me to go."

"Oh, do not speak like that," Vera said.  "You do have a home."

"No. My home is gone.  Destroyed forever."
"The place you were born, yes.  But it was not your home.  You spent just your childhood there."

"Yes, most of my life was spent wandering in space.  I supposed the blackness of space is my home."

"Wrong again, traveler. Is there a place where you have friends, people who love you?"


He saw images out of the corner of his eye and turned to see her conjuring another spell.  He saw familiar faces and places.  He saw Darien, the scouts and Lydia.  He saw Planet Earth.  "I'm sure these people you know are wondering about you." She stopped on an image of Fiore with Sailor Rainbow.

"Lydia," he whispered, "my love, Princess Rainbow."

"She let you leave twice to find your home," Vera said, "that had to be hard on her. She awaits for you to come back and bring her to your home once you find it."

"I cannot take her now," he sighed.  "I promised her…but I cannot come back empty handed.  I've failed her."

"But think of the joy it will bring to her heart when she sees you again," Vera said, "and you can make Earth your new home."

"What?" he gasped. "No, I can't live on Earth, not for very long. I wish I could."

"Say that again."


She smiled, "I know the deepest wishes of your heart also.  Fiore, do you wish to live on Earth and be with the ones you love?"

"More than anything!" he exclaimed.  "You can do that?"

"I can do more than just observe," Vera explained, "I grant wishes as well." She held up her hands and chanted.  "What you were, you are no more.  Become now, what you long for."

Fiore gasped as his native alien attire disappeared and his alien body became human for a moment and he was returned back as before.

"You can chose to be what you wish," Vera said.  "You can live on Earth for the rest of your life."

"Thank you," Fiore said. 

"It was good for me to do this," Vera said, "because now I see what happened to your old home will happen to your new home and the home of your loved ones."

"I have to warn them," Fiore whispered.

"Yes, Fiore," Vera nodded, putting her arm around him as they walked to the edge of the star.  She opened a warp hole leading to Earth for him to go through, so that he would not have to drift to it for ages.  "You have home now. Now go to it."

Fiore turned to her and embraced her quickly.  Before he went through the warp hole, he paused and looked over his shoulder.

"Don't you get lonely here?" he asked.

"No.  This is my home.  I have company enough watching the world around me." She nodded, "Go now to your home, Fiore and remember to protect it and those you love.  It's the only home you have left."

Fiore smiled and jumped through the porthole.


It was three in the morning in Dublin, Ireland and everyone was sleeping.  But for Lydia, sleep was not a choice--not because she was heartbroken over Fiore leaving, but she had a job to do.  Lydia was Sailor Rainbow and though she could be resting like everyone else in the city, she was out in the middle of the night investigating a castle.  After Fiore's departure, she became more dedicated, more devoted to her life as a sailor scout than before.  It wasn't just because her sailor scouts almost became ice sculptures of themselves, or she had given up on looking for the rainbow coins and her other duties, but because it was also a way to cover up missing Fiore.  She still missed him, but she also missed being a sailor scout.  Since she returned back to Ireland, she found the next two rainbow coins and set the sprits from old castles free.  She forgotten how good it felt to hold a new rainbow coin in her hand or stop an evil spirit.  Ireland was safe again.  Behind her was a very tired Lucky.

"I'm impressed at your dedication, Sailor Rainbow," he said groggily, "but perhaps we should return back home now?"

"No, most evil spirits walk at night, yeh know," she said.  "Hmm…" Sailor Rainbow stopped suddenly and put her hand to her ear. "Do yeh hear dat, Lucky?"

"Yeh mean besides the voice telling me to sleep?  No."

She laughed, "If yeh really dat tai-yahd, why dunt yeh just mosey on home den?"

"Sailor Rainbow," he muttered.

Sailor Rainbow walked toward the noise she heard.  "I hear…some kind of music."  She went to the high tower of the castle and, tiredly, Lucky followed her.  Sailor Rainbow looked out the window and climbed to the top."

The sound was behind her. She turned and saw a giant airship fly over her head.

"Well I be jiggered!" she exclaimed, falling back and ducking.  "Watch where yeh are going! Eh?"

The giant airship landed and a man dressed in green in yellow with a silly yellow hat playing a pipe came walking out to the city.

"He's going to the city!" she gasped, crawling back into the window and she found Lucky sitting in it.  "Let's check it out, Lucky.  Something is not right here." She picked him up in her arms and ran down the hall to the entrance and out the streets just in time to them it filled with children walking in their sleep.  "What on Earth?"

The children were singing in unison, marching in step and following the strange young man.  Sailor Rainbow pulled out her harmonica.

"It's his pipe," she said, "maybe I can sway it with music of my own!"

She put her harmonica to her lips and started to play a peppery-upbeat song to match up with the tune the young man was playing.  It seemed to work. The children stopped and began to wonder what they were doing in the street.

"It worked, Lucky!" she gasped, taking it from her mouth.

"Yeh think yeh can play music better than me, huh?" the young man in the hat said.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"Banane," he said, "at your service."

"Where are yeh taking these children?"

"To the land of sweets. Care to join us?"

"Land of sweets? Bah!" Sailor Rainbow muttered.  "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  Whatever plans yeh have with these children, forget it!  It won't happen. I am Sailor Rainbow and I'll show yeh what the land of walloped-ahrss looks like!"

"Oh, exciting," Banane said.  He threw three candies at her.  "CANDY WRAPPERS!"

"No thanks," she muttered, "no candy before bedtime!"

He started playing his pipe and the candies began to grow.



The Bon Bon babies flew at her and she ducked before the hit. "Ahh, target practice!" she laughed.  "I can handle this, but if only I can decide which coins to use? Oh, decisions, decisions!"

"Rainbow, decide, quick!" Lucky cried.

Before they hit her again, she jumped and swung up on a pole on a building wall.  "Oh, yeh were close dat time!  Let's see…I know!  STROKE OF LUCK!" she held her hand by her choker decoration, which was a golden heart, but when she plucked it off, it changed to a green four-leaf clover and the heart appeared on her choker immediately.  She tossed the shamrock to the middle bon bon baby the same way Sailor Moon did her MOON TIARA MAGIC attack.  It went through the bon bon baby, leaving a shamrock shape hole in it's middle.  It giggled, flashed green lasers and changed back to a yellow candy. 

"One down, two to go!" Sailor Rainbow boasted, swinging off the pole and landing on the sidewalk.  The remaining two babies flew at her and hopped on the edge of the fountain.  "RAINBOW RED STREAK!" She put her second attack through the belly of the head of the bon bon baby.  Before the last and remaining Bon Bon Baby smashed into her, she jumped, flipped over the statue and landed on the other side of the fountain. The Bon Bon baby, unable to stop in time, crashed into the statue and fell into the water with a splash.  Sailor Rainbow, tiptoeing around the fountain, went to look at the bon bon baby.

"Aww, did bay-bee fall down and go boom?  Or, I guess, I should say, splash." she asked in baby talk.  She laughed, "Bye-bye baby!  RAINBOW INDIGO STRIKE!"

A indigo laser went through the bon bon baby's heart and became a candy inside the water.  "Hmm, since you fell in the water, I'll make a wish.  I wish--" she turned to meet Banane, who was looking furious that she took on 3 bon bon babies all by herself in less than two minutes, "that you let these children go!"

"Ha.  You'd have to do more than just wish, girly."

"Fine then," she said as she walked up to him.  "I'll fight you! Yaah!" She jabbed at him with her left and uppercut him with her right.  He fell and got up again as she bounced back and forth, ready to hit him again. "Want some more?"

"Nice girly, but I don't have time to play anymore."  He started playing and he put the children under his spell again. 

"No!" she gasped, "wake up!"

The kids started to surround her and she pulled out her harmonica to counteract with his music.  The children put their hands to their ears, groaning in pain and confusion.  Neither party was going to let up.  They had a little war music, then, when she thought she was about to win, Sailor Rainbow's harmonica was stolen away. 


It floated away from her through Banane's music.

"I think I'll keep this," he said as he put it under her hat.  "And the children.  Come on in, children."  The drawbridge for his airship came down and they walked up to it.

"Cheater!" she snarled. "Give me back my harmonica!  Let them go!" she ran up to him but he attacked her again with now four bon bon babies. They blocked her way to Banane and he blew a kiss to her.

"Been real, Sailor Rainbow."

"Let the children go!" she commanded, trying to get through the bon bon babies.  She threw one behind her and punched on in the stomach as she ran after Banane.  "Yeh come back here!  Coward!"

Banane went aboard his airship and a Bon Bon Baby whacked Sailor Rainbow down to the ground and she scraped her knee.

"Damn!" she tried to get up but they pummeled her down.  Before deciding which coin to use, all four bon bon babies were destroyed.  "Huh?"

She felt someone wrap an arm around her, "Sailor Rainbow, you're hurt."

"Fiore?" she turned and looked him. "You're back!  You've got to help me. He is stealing children, Fiore!" she got up and he supported her.  "And he's got my harmonica!" She looked up and the airship took off. "Oh no, he's getting away!" she tried to leave but he pulled on her arm.

"No.  It's too dangerous and you're injured."

"They're getting away!" she exclaimed.  "We've got to stop him."

"We will, my love," he said, "that is why I'm here.  But there's two others like him, kidnapping children."

"How do you know this?"

He let out a sigh.  "We should sit down."

They went to the fountain and sat down.  Lucky jumped into her lap.  Before he can tell her his story, she spoke first.

"Oh, did yeh see yer home?" she asked. 

He sighed. "I've seen it."

"And we'll be going?" she questioned in excitement.  "Oh, after we handle this kidnapper first."

Fiore shook his head.  "No Sailor Rainbow.  We are not going."

Her face grew worried.  "Why?"

"There is nothing left of my home," he replied.  "It's been destroyed."

Sailor Rainbow gasped.  "That's terrible, Fiore!  I'm so sorry."

"How did it happen, laddy?" Lucky asked.

"I found the Star of Truth."

"The Star of Truth?" he gasped, "that was a legend told often in the Moon Kingdom.  It is said that a woman has lived there for millions of years, observing the whole universe.  She is the wisest woman out there."

"And she saw that I needed knowledge of where to find my home planet," Fiore explained. "Well, she gave it to me.  My home was destroyed and I was the only one who survived."

"Who did this?" Sailor Rainbow demanded, "I'll have vengeance for what they did!"

"You will," Fiore said, "because the person behind it is at it again, this time with Earth.  That person you were fighting with, he's one of them.  It starts out with three fairies kidnapping children of a planet and using hteir dream energy to create a black dream hole and devouring the planet.  I could do nothing to help them.  Now I know why I don't remember, it was too painful. I pushed it out of my mind."

"We've got to do something!" Lucky said, "Who is this, Fiore?"

"I think her name was...Bidiyanu."

"Because of this witch yeh don't have a home," Rainbow muttered, "I'll give her a fight she'll never forget. We've got to follow that airship!"

"We should warn the other sailor scouts," Lucky stated.  "Think of what would happen if they got Sailor Mini Moon!"

Rainbow gasped, "oh no!" she jumped up. "Oh, what do we do?"

"Listen to me, Rainbow, "Fiore said, "I am not fully without a home.  I can stay here on Earth."


"Queen Vera made it clear that my home planet that was destroyed wasn't really my home," he explained, "but Earth was because I have loved ones here.  She granted my wish to stay here forever."

"Then Earth is your home now?" Lucky asked for Rainbow.  "You are able to live here?"

Fiore nodded and changed from a human and back again.  "Yes."

Rainbow was shocked. It was something she's been wishing and dreaming for a long time.  It came true. She just could not believe it.  She smiled and embraced Fiore, trying to find something to say. Finally, the words came.

"Welcome home, Fiore." She whispered tenderly.  "Oh, my love…welcome home."

Fiore embraced her back, "oh, I have missed you, my love. But now you don't have to say goodbye to me again. This time I am here to stay."  He cupped her face and smiled.  "I'm never leaving your side again.  Earth is my home now."

Rainbow shed tears of joy and gave her love a welcome home kiss.  Then he bandaged her knee and he carried her back home to rest.  It had been an awful long night, but tomorrow, they could spend the whole day and the rest of the days, together.


As for the other girls, they were at Lita's making cookies.  Serena could smell the cookies and went to check on them.  "Ho hoo. Mmm…certainly smells good. Let's see if they're done."  As her hand got closer to the oven door, a spoon slapped it.

"OW! AH! What'd you do THAT for?!" Serena demanded. "They need to be checked before they burn!"

Get your hand away!" Rini commanded, waving the recipe cook. "You're a rotten cook! I trust the recipe book, not you!"

"You little witch!" Serena hissed.

"Can you blame me?"

They stared eye to eye for a while until Lita came in. "Ha ha. Let me have a look." Lita looked in the oven and then to Serena and Rini.  "Well, maybe a bit more. We just have to wait 'till they're a golden brown color."

"See?" Rini asked, "I told ya."

"Oooh!" Serena moaned.

As the other girls were making the next batches, Mina was having difficulty.  "My hand is going to fall off."  She complained. "This is way too hard to mix."

Lita looked inside her mixing bowl and shook her head.  "Mina, you put too much sugar in."


"You have to put it in gradually and then it won't be so hard."  She looked at the others.  "You guys are seriously not good cooks."

"Oh thanks," Mina said, reaching for some chocolate chips, "you're right, Lita."  She pops one of them in her mouth.

"Hey, Mina, don't." Raye said. "There are hardly any chocolate chips left, and we need all we have, so stop chowing down."

"But I can't stop eating them." Mina said. "Besides, someone should make sure they're fresh enough."

"She should be assigned to the cleanup crew instead."  Artemis cracked.

"But Serena already checked the first half of the bag for freshness."  Raye said, rubbing her forehead. She noticed Amy pressing down cookies with the decorative bottom of a glass.  "Hey, what are you doing, Amy?"

She lifted her hand to show a neatly pressed cookie with a pattern. 

"What a neat idea." Lita praised.  "Looks great, Amy."

"Where'd you learn to do that?" Mina asked. "That's really way cool."

I learned it from my mom when I was little."  She replied.

"Really?" Raye inquired, "Your mom?"

"Yes…she was always too busy with her career to stay home full time…but she tried her best to be there, especially when we needed her the most: like after school and lessons." The blue haired girl explained.  "Boy, she must've been busy…but I remember; her cookies were the very best. They always seemed to cheer me up."

Rini's eyes lit up, "Ah…"

Lita's cuckoo clock chirped. It was 3 pm.

"Hmm, 3 o'clock Monday," Lita said.

"But it's Saturday today." Luna corrected.

"Yeah, it's Saturday."

"Huh?" Lita said.

"Why did you say Monday?" Serena asked.

"Ah yes," Lita said, waving her hand. "It's just an old tradition."

"What kind of tradition?" Rini asked. "Tell us." 

"It's no big deal, really. My mom always made cookies for us every Monday at 3 o'clock. She started doing that because…she thought that Monday was always the worst day of the week…as long as we had finished our homework and all of our little chores on the weekend, we could always count on having fresh, warm cookies to look forward to after school. Each kind she made was delicious. She made enough to last the week, but three o'clock Monday was the best day 'cause they were fresh. To this day, whenever I hear the clock strike three on Monday, I gotta have a cookie."

"What a nice tradition." Rini commented.

"Yeah, and because I liked baking so much, she handed the tradition over to me."  Lita stated.

"It's funny…how a simple thing like a cookie your mother made when you were little could cheer you right up." Amy said.  "Sometimes, I wish I was little again."

The girls hummed in dreamy wonder.  Rini decided it was a good time to pick on Serena again.  "You're all lucky to have nice stories. I'm stuck with a meatball head mom from the future whose specialty is burnt anything, especially cookies."

"Ooh! OOH!" Serena exclaimed. "Why you ungrateful little brat! I know just the kind of birthday cake to make for you!"

Rini covered her ears as the girls laughed.

"Yeah, that was gross." Mina said.

"It's nice to hear about childhood memories." Diana said. "Too bad cats don't bake cookies, but I have some good memories of chasing mice."

"Memories, shmemories!" Raye muttered. "We should work towards future happiness!"

"I wonder how Lydia's doing," Serena said.  "She used to be very sad."

"Have you heard from her, Serena?" Amy asked.

Serena shrugged, "not lately.  I think she's doing okay.  No news is good news, right?"

"I see the future," Mina said, "and I know we'll be very happy on Valentine's day once we can…bite into our own chocolate."

"Yeah, must be true, 'cause I saw you just now," Diana went on, "and you did seem to be kind of happy when you were gobbling up those chocolate chips."

"Chocolate is amazing," Mina said, "Diana, and we're all gonna learn how to make our own from Lita."

"When it comes to making chocolates and sweets, Lita's a super genius."  Serena bragged.

"You're exaggerating, Serena." Lita whispered.

"Didn't you guys once say that eating a lot of chocolate could be very fattening, hmm?" Diana asked innocently.

Both her parents and all the girls gasped in shock. "Huh?!"

Diana cocked her head, "Meow?"

"Ha ha. You're right." Lita advised, "It's never too good to have too much of anything, but small amounts are okay."

Serena and Mina each took one of Lita's shoulders.  "Lita…you know we can't follow your advice when all that chocolate's in front of us." Mina said. "We'll eat it all."

"You're right," Lita said.

The cookies were ready to be taken out.  Lita got oven mitts and take out the two trays.  Serena started to laugh.

"Look how beautiful and unburnt my cookies turned out! Yours are funny looking, JUST LIKE YOU! I'll bet mine taste better, too."

"Oh! Big mouth!" Rini cried.  "Maybe mine aren't fancy and don't look perfect…but the proof will be in the taste, and I challenge you to take a bite of one of yours first and then try one of mine!"

"Well, now, I rise to your challenge." She popped one of her cookies in her mouth.  Her face turned blue to add to the bad taste.  "Maybe if Lydia was here I'd remember to put sugar in them."

The girls sighed and Artemis snickered.

"Oh brother." Luna said.

"Hey, you gotta try Rini's cookies." Mina said. "They're fantastic."

"You're right." Amy agreed. "They ARE good."

"This just proves that things that LOOK bad can be very sweet." Raye stated.

"You're so rotten to me. I'll bet…if I give some of my cookies to Darien," Serena whined, "he'd love to eat them."

"Huh?" the others gasped.

"No way," Rini shook her head.  "You'll kill him!"
"No I won't.  I think I'll send a package to Lydia too," Serena said.  "She'll eat them, I'm sure."

Rini groaned.  "I think she knows better."


Rini laughed, "I wonder what she's up to.  I miss Aunt Lydia.  I hope she's okay."


Rini didn't have to hope anymore.  Lydia was doing great.  She awoke with the dawn and her love Fiore.  After Madam Indigo made them breakfast, they went out to do some work on the farm.  Fiore seemed to find the farm work foreign and Lydia got the giggles.  While he was tilling the ground, Lydia sat watching him.  He tripped and she ran to him.

"I think it will take me some time to get used to an earth life," Fiore mumbled.

Lydia laughed, "don't worry, you will. Come on."  She pulled on his arm. "Let's feed the animals now."

She handed him a large milk bottle and they went to feed baby calves. 

"Am I doing this right?" he asked awkwardly.

"Yes, you're catching on quite nicely, my love."

Fiore patted the animal's head.  "I'm glad I found a home."

"After this, we can go horseback riding."

"Horseback riding?"

She grinned.  "Yes."

"Oh no," Lucky groaned, "good luck catching up with her, laddy."

They saddled horses and galloped around the property.  Fiore was again reminded how beautiful Earth was.  Riding a horse was a little difficult at first, but he was glad Lydia didn't gallop too far away from him.  After an hour or so of horseback riding, they sat down by the creek.  Fiore put his arm around Lydia as they looked at the beauty around them. Lydia picked up a danolion and blew on it.

"Oh, Fiore," she said, "I'm so happy that yer here. This is all I dreamed of.  Yeh and I, working on the farm, horse back riding.  Now my dream has come true."

"I've been dreaming of this too, my love," Fiore admitted, stroking her hair.  "I can hardly believe we're actually here."

"But we are not dreaming anymore," she said, "we are here now, Fiore.  Yeh are home.  Now, we have to do what we can to protect it."