Beautiful Dreams 5

Wishes are Dreams

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon swam into the layers of the black dream hole.  Badiyanu mocked her.  "Ah ha ha ha! You stupid little fool girl! You'll never, ever get out of here now!"

"Oh, Rini!" she exclaimed once she found her floating unconscious.  She picked her up.  "Wake up. Wake up. Rini…"

"Don't wake her."  Badiyanu said.  "She's had a big day and needs her rest." 

Sailor Moon turned around and gasped, finding her Darien's bedroom.  Darien was sleeping in bed.  Something wasn't right.  Where was Fiore?  How could she be back in his apartment now? 

"Serena? Why are you here?"  He asked, opening his eyes.

"Darien…can this really be your bedroom?"  She inquired.

"Of course it is."

"Where's Fiore?" she queried.


She gasped again.  How could he forget his friend? 

"Darien…are you sure you're feeling all right?"

"I'm feeling much better thanks to my Serena."

"I'm so relieved."  She smiled, then the smile faded.  "Darien, I can't seem to wake Rini up."

"Don't worry," he said, taking her and setting her down on the bed. 

"Rini?" Sailor Moon asked.  She felt his arms wrap around her.  "Darien?"

"She's okay now. Let her have a good sleep here."  He said softly.  "She's probably having a nice, peaceful dream. We shouldn't disturb her. We can live together in complete happiness…without any problems at all and other people to bother us."

"But Darien, we can't possibly forget all the children and our friends."  Serena said.  She turned around.  "They're in danger."

"I really don't care about any other people, Serena."  Darien said.

Serena gasped, "imagine what Lydia would think if she heard you say that."

He shrugged as if it were no big deal.  "I'll be happy as long as you're with me, Serena."

He leaned down to kiss her but she placed her hands on his lips.  "Oh, Darien…"


"Say…who do you like better?"  She questioned.  "Me or Rini?  Oh, and Lydia too.  And please tell the truth, okay?"

"You, of course. I love you the very best in the entire world, Serena."  He answered quickly.  He leaned forward again.  "You're the only one I ever think about and the only woman that I'll ever have in my life."

Sailor Moon thought for a moment then turned around to pick up Rini.  With Rini in her arms, she turned back to him.  "Uh, Darien…"


"Even in a dream you're still too good to be true."




Back in the Black Dream Hole, Super Sailor Moon and Mini Moon had been encased in a dream box.  But with Sailor Moon's silver crystal inside her brooch, broke the dream box, setting them free.  Wasting no time, Super Sailor Moon began to leave through the interior.  Badiyanu was not very pleased.

"You broke your Dream Box! Why do a fool thing like leave your happy dream?!"

"OH!" Sailor Moon gasped.

"Sailor Moon, what are you doing?! You must give up the little girl NOW! And then, you can go back to your happy and peaceful dream. Otherwise, you'll end up losing EVERYTHING, only to live in an eternal nightmare!"

Sailor Moon finally reached the core of the Black Dream Hole.  Just a little closer.

"Think! Think about this carefully."  Badiyanu continued.  "Think about yourself. If everyone only thought about themselves and their dreams, no one would ever be hurt. It's an uncomplicated, happy existence. I'm feeding the Black Dream Hole for all of you!"

Sailor Moon however, pondered about other simple things.  "…a simple thing like a cookie your mother made when you were little could cheer you right up."

"Memories, shmemories! We should work towards future happiness!"

"I see the future, and I know we'll be very happy on Valentine's Day."

This gave Sailor Moon an idea and the crystal in her brooch glowed more brightly.  It could be seen outside the black dream hole, where the other scouts can see it.


"WHAT?!"  Badiyanu shouted.

Super Sailor Rainbow looked up.  "Sailor Moon, you did it!"

"What is that annoying blinking light?!" Badiyanu demanded.

The light from her brooch shined upon the other scouts, bringing them back. 

"It's Sailor Moon!"  Mars cried.

"Way to go, Sailor Moon!"  Venus yelled.

Pereru's wings light appeared from the light from Sailor Moon's brooch.  Super Sailor Rainbow gasped.  "Hey, Pereru, where did these wings come from?"

Pereru looked at them.  "From…the light…"

"Listen to me, Sailor Moon!"  Badiyanu ordered.  "You better hand over that little wretch! She has just the right energy I need to devour your planet!"

"No!" she shouted defiantly.

"Well…I'll destroy you both then, you foolish girl! AH HA HA HA!"  She disappeared in the core of the Black Dream Hole and attacked Sailor Moon with fire.  With each blast, Sailor Moon was pushed away but doesn't give up.  She tried to hang in there.  By the fifth blast of fire, a gust of frozen wind put the flame out as if it was just a candle.

"Huh?" Sailor Moon mumbled, turning.  She gasped when she saw a woman with fuchsia hair standing between the core and Sailor Moon.  "Who are you?"

"I am Vera," she replied, "Queen of Knowledge."

"Why do you help me?"

"Because I do not want to stand by and let this happen again," she answered, a silver aura growing around her.  "Hear me, Badiyanu?  I watched you destroy other planets but this time, I will not stand idly on.  I will stop you!"

"You will die in the Black Dream Hole too, foolish woman!"

"Sailor Moon, contact the others," Vera said.  "You'll need their energy to stop Badiyanu.  I will do the rest."

Sailor Moon nodded and closed her eyes, sending a telepathic message to the sailor scouts.  Sailor Scouts, listen please!  Please…give me your powers…"

"Well, you heard her scouts!" Sailor Rainbow shouted.  The sailor scouts nodded in agreement. 

Sailor Pluto, guardian of time and space, goes first by simply saying Sailor Moon's name.  Her tiara vanished and the symbol Pluto glowed and her power soared to Sailor Moon.  Following Sailor Pluto are Neptune, guardian of the seas and Uranus, guardian of the skies.  They send their power to Sailor Moon and she glows with the color of their power.  Next are the guardian of nature, Jupiter and Venus, guardian of love.  The remaining two scouts in the line, Mars and Mercury, guardians of fire and water, send Sailor Moon their power.  Sailor Rainbow stood up and pulled out the red, blue and yellow coins.

"I'll do more, Sailor Moon," Rainbow said.  "I'll get you out of there…RAINBOW PRIMARY TARGET!"

A red circle in the center of yellow and blue appeared on the Black Dream Hole.  Sailor Moon gasps in shock.  "What is Rainbow doing? She'll use up all her strength!"

"She's keeping it open," Vera explained.  "Just go straight through her target and you'll go through safely."

Sailor Rainbow closed her eyes.  "Sailor Moon."  Her rainbow birthmark glowed brightly and Sailor Rainbow, guardian of luck, sent Sailor Moon her power.

With the entire sailor scouts' power, Sailor Moon was now able to face Badiyanu again. 

"Are you ready, Sailor Moon?" Vera questioned.

"You bet I am!"

Angry, Badiyanu sent another flare of fire toward Sailor Moon but she deflects it, glowing with brilliant white light.

"What's this?" Badiyanu demanded.

Rini's locket opens and Sailor Moon lends her some of her power.  Her sailor scout form is renewed.  Rini's eyes open and a smile appeared on her face.

"Good luck, Sailor Moon," Vera wished.

"Thank you," Sailor Moon said.  "Let's go!"

"Right!" Mini Moon said.

"You cannot save them, Vera," Badiyanu hissed.

"You just watch, Badiyanu," Vera muttered.

Sailor Moon and Mini Moon joined hands and powers, summoning Moon Kaleidoscopes.  Vera holds out her hand and closing her eyes, a violet coin appears in her hand.  "This is for your friend."  Vera said, throwing it into the core.

Outside the Black Dream Hole, Sailor Moon noticed the last rainbow coin flying toward her.  "It's the remaining rainbow coin!  I can transform again!"  Sailor Rainbow reached for it and once it entered her hand, a new transformation took place.  Her bow became spectrum colored, like a butterfly's wings and her sleeves rounded out with a gold tinge.  The bow on her back changed from indigo to gold and evened out to ribbons.   Rainbow's skirt changed with the top portion ranging from red, violet and finally gold.  A violet stripe finished the spectrum on her boots, followed by golden diagonal stripes creating pots of gold.  Her floral brooch changed into a golden pot.  Lastly, her earrings change to golden pots, her chocker from indigo, violet then gold with the decoration changed from a heart to a rainbow, the ribbons on her braids changed to a shimmering gold and her tiara vanished, revealing her birthmark.  Eternal Sailor Rainbow was born again.

"Sailor Moon," she said, summoning her golden staff.  "Let's do this together!"

"I hear you, Sailor Rainbow!" Sailor Moon shouted.

Sailor Moon and Mini Moon twirl around toward the exit of the Black Hole, as Eternal Sailor Rainbow grew out her beautiful butterfly wings and flew toward the entrance.





Sailor Moon and Mini Moon break out of the core and Pereru guided the prow around searching for what just shot out of the hole. 

"They did it, Pereru!" Eternal Sailor Rainbow exclaimed.

"Sailor Moon! I can't believe you broke through the Black Dream Hole!" He cried, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"They got lucky," Eternal Sailor Rainbow laughed.  "They sure did…"

The Black Dream Hole exploded and Badiyanu cannot believe her defeat.  "This was my dream…"

Still inside the Black Dream Hole, Vera comes to a conclusion, "Your wish, hmm?  You wish to destroy worlds, then so be it, Badiyanu.  I will give you your wish…in your dreams!"

"What?" Badiyanu cried.

"I think you should know what it is like to spend eternity in one of your dream boxes!"  Vera said, conjuring a massive black dream box around Badiyanu.  "SWEET DREAMS!"


Vera sent the dream box, and with Badiyanu in it, into the darkness of space.  Vera looked back on Earth, smiled then returned to her home on the Star of truth.

Sailor Moon and Mini Moon were floating around, giggling but their power leave them and start to fall.  Rainbow and Pereru take action and fly toward them; Pereru catching Mini Moon and Rainbow saving Sailor Moon.

"Yeh always were the crazy one, Sailor Moon," Rainbow said, shaking her head.

"Yes," Moon whispered, "but I always have help, Sailor Rainbow!"

They laughed and Moon sighed.  "Let's go home."


They leave for Earth and the City of Dreams disappears out of sight.  The Sailor scouts wait on the shore to say goodbye to Pereru. Sailor Mini Moon, standing next to her future friend, Sailor Floral Rainbow, leans toward her.

"I knew you could do it, Blossom!" she said.

Blossom smiled, "Thanks!  I guess I just got lucky.

Pereru turned to them, cutting the girls' conversation short.  He cleared his throat.  Blossom grinned.

"Uh…" He offered her his pipe.

"Huh?" Mini Moon said.

"I'd like you to have this pipe."  Said Pereru.

Blossom tilted her head, trying to keep her giggles down.  Sailor Rainbow looked down at her, scowling.

"Are you leaving?"  Sailor Mini Moon questioned.

"Not really," he replied, shaking his head.  "Because I'm a dream elf who protects children while they're sleeping, you can be sure I'll always be with you in your dreams, Rini, and you'll always be in my dreams."

"Aww," Blossom said. 

Eternal Sailor Rainbow shook her head, sighing.  "Where does she…?"  But she then caught the eye of her best friend, Sailor Mini Moon, who was scowling at her just like she had been scowling at Blossom.  Rainbow grinned nervously. 

Sailor Mini Moon smiled, took the pipe and standing on her tiptoes, gave Pereru a kiss on the cheek.  Blossom covers her mouth; trying not to giggle and Sailor Rainbow rolled her eyes.  Pereru took of in the air, hovering and blushing and holding his hand on the cheek she just kissed.

"I'll miss you, Rini."  Pereru said.

"I'll never forget you."  Mini Moon whispered.

They stare at each other eyes for a while and Blossom decided to break the silence.

Blossom waved, "Bye, Pereru."

He smiled. "Bye, Blossom."

"Uh, thank you for the cookies. Say hi to Diana for me."  With that, he flies away and up to the clouds.

"Bye bye, Peruru! Sweet dreams!"  Sailor Mini Moon wished, waving. 

Blossom was grinning and blushing, making kissy faces at Sailor Mini Moon.  Sailor Mini Moon groaned and Eternal Sailor Rainbow lifts Blossom up on her hip.  Blossom suddenly stopped.  Sailor Rainbow sighed, shaking her head.

"Kids," she said to Sailor Moon, who placed her hands on the shoulders of her own child.

"Yes," Sailor Moon, "aren't they wonderful?"

Eternal Sailor Rainbow laughed and the scouts looked up in the sky.  What a beautiful gift a dream is and wishes too.

This therefore ends my trilogy.  Thanks for reading!