Title: 7 days with…

Disclaimer: Fujimaki Tadatoshi.

Pairing: AoKaga.

Warning(s): Eventually a shonen-ai. Slightly AU. And I'm not sure when is the setting. How about summer school holiday? Yep, sounds great! And yeah, this has nothing to do with the original plot of KnB. Oh yeah, it's Kagami's POV.


'HAAAAAAAH?!' is the only reaction I could give.

It's a pretty normal reaction, right?

Hey, come on! It is normal!

Okay, okay. I'll tell you why.

First, all the Kiseki no Sedai members are here, standing in my doorway, huffing puffing, panicking—except for a guy with… what's his name again? Ah, Akashi Seijuro. He's always calm, isn't he?





The strongest, best, and an all-star team of Teikō Junior High School.

Second, Aomine Daiki, the ace of Kiseki no Sedai and also the ace of Tōō High, the most arrogant guy I've ever met in my life—remember? His famous quote; 'the only one who can beat me, is me alone'. Too many of 'me'. I guess he likes repetition so much; big fan of Shakespeare? Wait, does he know who Shakespeare is? Wait! What I want to say is this guy, the high mighty guy, Aomine Daiki finally says 'Help me!'

Wow, Aomine Daiki says 'Help me!'

I must be dreaming.

But, Kuroko's jab—argh! That hurts, okay?!—in my ribs tells me it's not a dream.

And third, uh… are my eyes playing tricks on me?


Aomine's supposed to be very tall—che, it's just 2 cm! 2 cm!—and muscular, and tanned skin, right? Uhm, yeah, his skin is still darker than everyone else. Tick. Yep, short blue hair. Tick. Arrogant. Tick.

Uhm, I don't know he likes baggy hoodie. And, is he shrinking or what? And his voice is kinda… weird? No, high-pitched? Even higher than Kise's.

"Do you get it, Bakagami?!" Aomine yells again. Geez, stop assaulting my ears!

"I'm not stupid, Ahomine! And I'm 'very' sorry for not listening to you earlier!" Which is true, 'cause I was too shocked with their sudden appearance and Aomine's words. And busy analyzing the current Aomine's figure too. I think he looks… different today.

See, that 'HAAAAAAAH?!' reaction is acceptable, right?

"Kagami-kun," Again, Kuroko's voice startles me—hey, when did he sneak up behind me and who gave him the permission to enter my house? "Are your ears just some sorts of decorations?"

I swivel round, "If you are here just to make fun of me, then get out!"

"Does he know yelling and kicking people out are very rude?" the so-called red king comments as he walks past me.

"He is Bakagami-nanodayo," says the megane.

The tallest and childish guy, Murasakibara scratches his head, "I'm beat~ I wanna eat snacks. Do you have any, Muro-chin's friend?"

I'm at my limit!

"HEY, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?!" I scream at top of my lungs.

"Ne, ne, Kagamicchi, please calm down-ssu," Kise holds out his hands.

"CALM DOWN?! Hell no! And stop calling me 'Kagamicchi!'"

"Please do not shout, Kagami-kun. You are disturbing your neighbors," Kuroko hushes me, "And we really HAVE a problem here, Kagami-kun."

"Do tell me," Relax, relax! Relax, Taiga~ you're not an animal, but a human. Taiga, not tiger.

Aomine crosses his arms over his chest, making some stupid faces. And Kise twiddles his thumbs, stuttering, "Well… you see, Kagamicchi. Something happened… and Aominecchi…"

"What's with Aomine?" At. My. Limit.

Said guy bangs Kise on the wall—hey, my wall!—and grunts, "And I changed into a fucking girl!"

"Oh, that explains your bo—WHAT?!"

I blink.

And blink.

And blink again.

"G—girl? You're lying, aren't you?" No. No way. That's impossible. Totally impossible. This is not Naruto. Not Bleach. Not KHR!

For Maji Burger's sake, this is Ku***o *o Ba***e!

"He doesn't tell lies, Kagami," the megane adjusts his thick megane.

I shake my head, "I… uh… no… I just… can't believe it…"

"You're such a simpleton. Your brain can't even process Daiki's words," the red king snickers. I really don't like him!

Kuroko gives me a pity look, "Kagami-kun is an idiot."

Hey, Aomine just told me he's… he's a girl, and you expect me to blindly believe it?!

Aomine clicks his tongue, harshly grabs my hand, and places it on his chest, "Feel it!"

Ah, it feels soft~ Like marshmallow~

Suddenly, realization hits me and 5 L of red blood cells rush to my face like a tsunami! My head is spinning. My brain is not working. All my senses are focusing on one thing—the softness of Aomine's chest. No, breasts.

And I can't help grinning too.

"THAT'S ENOUGH, YOU IDIOT!" Aomine rewards me a powerful punch on my face, sending me flying 10 feet away. Urgh, he might be a girl, but he's still Aomine of Kiseki no Sedai.

Kuroko offers me his hand, "Do you believe it now, Kagami-kun?"

Uhm, after that heavy punch, I can't say 'no' anymore, can I?

A brooding silence falls between us. I mean, like sitting in a suuuuuuper dark room, being surrounded with these ridiculous people, and the-tanned-boy-suddenly-transformed-into-a-girl thing. And what's with this mafia-like aura?!

"So…" I swallow hard, "What happened actually?"

Aomine points at Midorima, "It's his fault!"

"My fault?!"

"Yeah! You are the one who brought your stupid lucky item!"

Oh, Midorima seems angry, "And you are the one who still did it even after I'd warned you-nanodayo!"

"Ne, ne, ne… Aominecchi, Midorimacchi, please do not fight," but his voice can't compete with Aomine's and Midorima's.

Their loud voices echo in the living room. He blames him. He blames him. Blaming each other.

But, the point is, I can't understand anything at all!


An ultimate command from the mighty king.

And we freeze.

"Atsushi," Akashi eyes Murasakibara, "stop munching your snack," the tallest guy immediately stops eating, then he adds, "Tetsuya, tell your friend what really happened," before he gets up, leaving us.

Kuroko nods, "Midorima-kun's lucky item for today is a mysterious gem stone."

Suddenly, Akashi reappears with a paper and a drawing on it, "See? The stone is green."

I peer closer, "Yeah, I know it's green. But, I'm kinda… confused with the drawing. Is that a stone or leaf? Who drew this? I bet a kid can do better than—Ouch, my head! Kuroko!"

Kuroko pulls my ears, whispering, "Do NOT comment Akashi-kun's drawing."

"His dra—ummph!" Again, Kuroko shuts my mouth.

'Do NOT!' he mouths. I glance over Kuroko's shoulder and I can see the red king smiling dangerously. Now, I understand how he could gain a complete control over Ahomine and Kise.

I take a deep breath, to contain my laughter later, perhaps—I hope I don't have to—and sit down, "Ah, okay. Please continue."

"This stone is cursed. People say if you make fun of this stone, you'll be cursed too," Kuroko explains as Akashi continues showing his kindergarten level drawing and I try my best to hold my laughter. The worst punishment ever!

"And this guy," he points at Aomine, "is known as the dumbest person in the universe, decided to challenge the myth. And here we are. Aomine-kun becomes Aomine-chan." Aomine just growls in annoyance.

"Well, he is Ahomine. Everyone knows that. It's a general knowledge," I say, my eyes glazing, "And why are you guys sitting in front of me now? That's his problem, not mine."

"You fail to grasp the point of this meeting, don't you?" Akashi asks.

"Muro-chin's friend, we are here to ask for your help," Murasakibara finally talks again.

I jerk back, "My help?"

Midorima sighs, "Yes, because of this problem, Aomine can't go home anymore. He'll give his parents serious heart attacks if he shows up now-nanodayo."

Heh, I suffer from it every day.

Every. Single. Day.

"And?" I still don't get it.

The little red king's lost his patience, "And Daiki will be staying here until he changes back!"


Say again?

Staying with me?


With me?

A girl…?

No, Aomine, right…?

Yeah, Aomine…

I dart at said person. And he smirks.

"よろしくおねがいします, 火神 大我~ (Yoroshiku onegai shi masu, Kagami Taiga~)"

Yoroshiku onegai shi masu: Please take care of me~

Author's note: Another simple KnB fanfic from me. A very simple plot—heh, what's that? Honestly, I don't have it—Just a few chapters. Yep, that's for sure.

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