Title: 7 days with...

Disclaimer: Fujimaki Tadatoshi.

Pairing: AoKaga.

Warning(s): 1st chapter.

It's the end.

he's goNE. He'S gOne. He'S gOne. He's GoNe. he's goNE. hE's gone. He's GoNe.

He'S gOne. He'S gOne. he's GoNE. he's goNE. He's GoNe. he's goNE. he'S gOne. He's GoNe.

he's goNE. HE's gone. He's GoNe. he'S gOne. He's GoNe.

Aomine Daiki's gone.

What should I do? No, I don't know what I should do. My mind is empty, running out of ideas. Jammed. Blocked. I'm facing a huge wall.

Kuroko, Kuroko, Kuroko.

I fumble with the buttons, pressing Kuroko's number as my mind chants his name. Kuroko should have the answer. He should know where Aomine is. They both share a subtle friendship, or relationship, or AoKuro ship or whatever-ship between them. He knows of Aomine.

"Hey, Kuroko," I say without any hesitant as the line is connected. "He's gone. Aomine's gone. He's not in my room. I can't find him. Where's he? Do you know where he is? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me."

"Kagami-kun, please calm down."

"No, I can't—"

"—Aomine-kun is fine. He's staying with Momoi-san."

For a moment, my breath is taken away, then relief encases my heart. Kuroko's answer pours cold water all over my body, calming me down. Aomine is fine. He's fine. That idiot is fine!

But then, a question comes into my mind.

"Why he goes to Momoi's place? He could've stayed with me longer. Heck, he could've waked me up."

"I'm sorry, Kagami-kun. I don't have the answer," the shadow guy states. "And, I thought you have some issues with him?"

That renders me speechless.

Kuroko is right. We do have some problems. Aomine annoys the hell outta me. I hate his smirks, his arrogance, his Mr. Big Deal attitudes, his laziness and anything related to him. In fact, I could list things that I hate about and believe me; it's going to take me days to finish listing it.

Maybe—just maybe, this is a sign of hope that I've been waiting for. Aomine disappears from my life.

Yeah, I did want my bed back.

My freedom.

My life.

And now, I'm getting them back! I should celebrate it! Yeah! Kagami Taiga is now free from Aomine's grasp! Free~!

However, deep down in my heart… it doesn't feel right.

It feels like returning to the old routine. Doing some cleaning. Cooking. Listening to music. Eating. Napping. Lazing around. Playing basket. Doing some grocery shopping. Strolling around the city.

Time crawls sure slowly forward.

Nevertheless, I survive. Sprawling lazily in the couch, I stare morosely at the ceiling. How pathetic, spending my night in this empty house instead of enjoying myself with some friends. Kuroko asked me about staying at his place. A rare opportunity for everyone to finally see his family, and it falls upon me. And I refused the offer courteously.

Stupid me. I should've accepted his offer, so I wouldn't suffer here. I wouldn't hear 'tick tock, tick tock' the whole night all by myself. I wouldn't hear the humming of refrigerator. I wouldn't feel so this cold. I wouldn't feel so this empty. And my apartment wouldn't feel so this big.

Wait, does it always feel so big and empty?

Does it always feel so cold and look so dark?

Why I never realized this before?

Why didn't I realize it?

What did Aomine do to me that I feel so empty?

What did he do to me that I feel so lonely?

Shit, I'm lonely. I must do something. To get rid of this feeling! Sleeping! The most effective way to kill this feeling. Great! Brilliant idea!

So, I go to my bedroom, lying in my own bed, all by myself! Yeah, my bed!

In the end, sleeping doesn't solve the problem. I've known that long time ago. I couldn't sleep at all. 'Tick tock, tick tock' rings even louder and louder in my ears. The humming of refrigerator jars my eardrums in a flat-monotone sound. It's getting annoying and annoying!

A sharp ringtone jolts me in the morning. Seeing the name, I can't help grumbling.

"Whether you're concern about me, or you're just want to meddle with my life."

"I care about both of you, Kagami-kun," Kuroko answers.

My mouth refuses to utter a word.

"Kagami-kun," Kuroko uses my hesitant to cut in. "Did you have a proper sleep?"

"Your guess?"

"I'll take it as no."

"Are you kidding me? Of course, I slept properly! C'mon, dude," I feign laugh, wishing my partner wouldn't notice the tone. "I have my bed all myself! It's spacious now!"

"Kagami-kun, do you realize that you're telling me you're lonely without Aomine-kun?"

Again, I'm completely dumbfounded. Damn, he hit the right button. He sees me without seeing me. Did he learn that technique from Akashi or what?

"Hey, Kuroko. What's going on with me right now? I don't understand myself," I sit upright, my bed creaking beneath me. This thing is so fucking confusing! All those stupid questions keeps nagging me, don't want to leave me alone!

"You have to answer that question yourself. All I can help you is; who is Aomine-kun inside your heart? Solve that question, you may have peace within yourself," calmness tinged in his soft voice.

"Thanks, Kuroko," even though I don't get what the hell he was babbling about.

"By the way, Kagami-kun," he cuts in again. "Momoi-san told me Aomine-kun went out to play basket. The rest is up to you."

My legs don't stop running. My eyes are roaming around the neighborhoods, looking for a particular tanned girl. Once awhile, I pause and ask the people shuffling past me. Though the answer is negative, I don't stop running.

No, I can't stop myself from running.

I must see him. I need to see him. I need his explanation. I need to know what's inside his head. In the same time, I'm racking my brains for the answer.

Until my ears catch bouncing sounds from a nearby court.

Changing my direction towards the sound, I discern the place. My mind clicks off. This is the court where I met Aomine for the first time! How nostalgic! It relives the old memories—now, I feel like an old geezer. Damnit.

My body freezes when my eyes fall on a familiar figure playing basketball. I know that style.

"Aomine?" my heart sings calling out his name.

He turns his head to see me. A cold stare greets mine. I suddenly have a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach watching his sharp gaze. My palms are sweaty. My heart is thumping wildly against ribcages.

And it worsens when he turns away, facing the ring again, continuing his shooting game.

Damn, that hurts.

However, I know, if I don't do it right now, if I don't follow my heart, if I don't unfold whatever is happening between us right now, I'll lose everything. Act first, then think about it. That's me. Trust your heart and instinct. Results and consequences can be damned.

I approach him very slowly until I stand behind him. He stops bouncing the ball and shivers a little—probably because of my breath touching his neck. The wind blows right through us, producing a harmonious combination of rustling trees.

For a moment, we stay still.

"I'm sorry," I break the brooding silence between us.

"What for?"

"For yelling at you, for leaving you alone, for making you wet, for making you feel like a shit, for breaking you down, for hurting you, for making you angry, for making you feel cold, for making you sad, and for making you catch a cold."

"That's all?"

Exasperated with the cold shoulder treatment, I heave a sigh. "Shit, Aomine! Just tell me already! I don't understand unless you tell me!"

"Stop treating me like a real girl! Stop acting like a hero! I can protect myself! For fuck's sake, I'm still a guy! I'm not that weak! And stop making me feel so different!" finally, he blurts out everything, though he still refuses to face me. I can see Aomine tightening his grip on the ball.

"That's the reason?" I take a few steps backward. "But, I did treat you casually. Apart from that hero acting, that is," the scene which I saved Aomine from those scary guys comes into pictures.

"I…" he hesitates. "I can't help feeling so weak in front of you. I don't know whether estrogen or hormones finally kicks in or what, but I feel different around you. And I hate it."

Aomine sounds so weak. I hate that voice of his. That's not him. Slowly but surely, I can feel his confidence ebbing away. I hold his right hand to give back the strength that he's losing, loosening his grip on the ball, causing it to bounce away.

"I can't help but feel jealous of Tetsu getting your attention. I was angry at that interview bitch for nagging you. I did enjoy your accompany. I love your cooking."

Gently, I pull him into my embrace, imprisoning him with my warmth. Aomine instinctively holds my arms and throws his head back.

"And I noticed you've been staring at me or acting weird in front of me. Don't think I'm a fool, Bakagami."

My ears redden at that remark. Shit, he noticed?

"But, that scared me the most. I'm afraid… you'd stop when I've changed back to normal. I don't want it to stop here," he lets out a long sigh, closing his eyes, as my arms pull him closer and closer, cradling his girl figure.

"Me too," I suddenly say, startling him a little as I battle with the army of butterflies in my stomach. "I don't want it to stop here too. I want you to stay. Just a little longer is enough. I want to hear your laughter, I want to see your smile, I want to be with you."

"Fuck, Kagami." Gosh, hearing my name roll on his tongue drives me crazy. "Do you realize what are you talking about, what it meant?"

"Probably I didn't," that makes him gasp. "But, I do now. I want you, Aomine. I don't care about your body, gender or whatever, as long as it's you. What's enough is enough. I don't want to face it again; your cold stare, your icy voice. Not again."

Finally, he swivels round and cups my face, closing our gap, my chest against his breasts. "Then, you better don't leave my side," he cracks the infamous cocky smile of his, lightening the heavy atmosphere.

"Well, it was you who left me. Not once, but twice, Ahomine," I chuckle and wrap my arms around his waist—maybe I should take this chance, it probably won't happen ever again, right? I mean, it's actually a girl's waist we're talking about here.

"Drop it, Bakagami," his breath ghosts hotly across my lips.

"You started it first," it's so… tempting. So close that I can see my reflected image in his midnight blue iris vividly. It's like watching the night sky. Calm, and beautiful.

"You're killing the mood," and he presses a soft kiss to my lips. The kiss only lasts for a few moments, yet it lingers in my mind.

However, it's not enough.

So, I bend and reclaim his lips, demanding more of his sweet essence. Aomine clasps the crook of my arms, deepening the kiss. We're feeding each other's essences. I taste his. And he tastes mine. It's so sweet, so good, so intoxicating. I wish I could stop the time and stay in this moment forever.

"Shit," he pulls away when starvation of oxygen hits us. "You better cherish that one, coz' no way I'll let you lead our kisses again after this."

"Lead… our kisses?" I stutter as I try to picture it. And I instantly regret it because I can feel myself going bright red at that thought, drawing another smirk across Aomine's face.

"Yep, Bakagami. I'm your boyfriend after all," Aomine stands on his tiptoes and playfully bites my nose, to my dismay. He gives out a ripple of laughter seeing my surprised face.

In the end, the question is answered.

Damn, I'm totally screwed for falling in love with him.

I awake from a deep sleep to the warmth of morning sunlight caressing my cheeks. Grumbling to myself, I rub my eyes lazily. Gosh, how long has it been since I felt so this refreshed? Well, I do know why. I smile broadly in the recollection of last night.

After the unexpected confession, we went back to my apartment. Nothing much to do. Both Aomine and I were contented to fool around again, teasing each other—mostly Aomine who teased me, of course. We were lazing around in the bed, kicking each other, and surprisingly we ended up playing Janken to decide who'd cook for dinner—I lost to him. Like hell he'd cook. And, again, we returned to my bedroom again, arguing about stupid things, making up the days that we had lost till we fell into Hypnos' palms.

"You're awake, Bakagami?" asks a husky voice.

"Aomine?!" I immediately snap my head to the right, my eyes widening. That husky voice! I thought I wouldn't hear it ever again!

"Of course, it's me. Who were you thinking?"

"No, no, no! I mean, look at your hand!" I help bring up his hands.

As I've expected, his eyes go huge too. Aomine gapes. He can't register what he's seeing. He touches his face and jolts up. "Kagami… I've… changed back!" he immediately sits up, relief and happiness drifting across his manly face.

"Good for you, then," I give a smile as I prop on one elbow. I can't help but roam my eyes all over his muscular body.

Suddenly, his face darkens, pricking my heart with guilty. Did I say something wrong again?

"Hey, Kagami…" insecurities fill his voice. "Does this change anything between us?"

Gods, what did I do to deserve this punishment? I try my best to harbor my laughter. His face is… too adorable!—despite of that manly face. Sitting up, I hold his right hand, which is resting on the bed, and plant a kiss on his lips.

A chaste kiss should be sufficed.

"Yeah, it's still you."

He seems startled at first, but slowly melting into a smile, before distorting into a smirk.

"Hey, Kagami, I'm hungry," Aomine speaks in a husky whisper.

"Er… please define your word clearly," I bring up my hands in defense. I guess this is the price I have to pay for falling in love with him. Someone, help me! Kuroko! This is too advanced!

"You know the definition, Bakagami."


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