Gunshots were heard everywhere .The one who was causing them, was a unique girl…A very skilled devil-huntress. She was enjoying fighting demons .It was her hobby after all. She was trained mainly to kill. Not only demons, humans too.

She was still shooting, did a back flip and shot two demons. She landed, jumped at the back, high and shoot another two (like Dante when on gunslinger mode) on the heads that were coming after her. Her face had a smirk on it .It wouldn't go off.

She had two pairs of guns. A normal one western style and her normal pair which she used for her demon hunting. That pair did not need re-loading. That was a gift that she had taken from someone very close to her that played a very important role in her life. Endymion and Regulus. That was the name of her guns. Black and Silver colored.

She was using her normal guns. At that moment.

"TSK! there is no end of them .I will get myself killed this time for sure... How the hell all those demons gathered into one place... It wasn't like that before."

Willa killed one demon from behind her without looking. Two more on each side of her. She was covered in blood. She kept shooting from all the sides...They had got her surrounded

Soon enough her hand guns stopped shooting...Something must have been wrong with them . I must not have been the bullets because she was quite fast at reloading. She put her guns to their hostlers which were on each of her legs, went to pick her other pair of guns but did not find it . She had dropped them while going to that town, it appeared . It was the first time that this has happened to her. So she started to defend herself with martial arts .Defensive moves mostly...she wouldn't be able to kill them with just kicks and punches...they were too powerful to be defeated like that.

One came in front of her. She avoided it but suddenly she felt pain. Huge pain, It run threw her body and she yelped as huge amount of blood came out .One of them had wounded her on her side .The wound was big and deep .Blood went everywhere. She did as much as she could to avoid their attacks but her vision was blurry by the blood loss. She was losing blood fast

She kneeled down.

Five demons were coming after her .She closed her eyes ready to die .But she heard gunshots. Soon a tall man was standing in front of her...

Silver hair .Red coat...

"So. Let's get to work."

The silver haired man spoke with a sigh and a bit of a boring tone. Like something had gotten in her way.

" wh-who are you?"

The woman's voice was weak. She barely had the strength to breath. The blow was powerful.

"I'm Dante..."


All went black then...She had fainted .

She woke up into a room .It was dark, it had a small drawer and a window .It was gray.

She was lying on the bed feeling dizzy but the pain was less .She sat on it slowly

She touched her wound

"Bandaged?Who the..."

She looked at her body .She did not have a shirt on neither bra only bandages were around her body. Coveting from her chest to her tummy

"It was about time you woke up."

Someone spoke from inside the room. It was a man's voice. Willa did not turn to see from who the voice was coming from. She kept looking at her body.

"What the hell? Where am I?! Why am I like this?!"

Willa's voice was high. She had to know why was she not wearing a shirt. Or mostly, an underwear. Her wound was not that high.

"I needed to bandage your wound"

"Couldn't a woman do it?!"

Willa had started to get mad. She never believed that a man would look at her naked body without her knowing it.

"Do you see any around here?"

"What kind of question is that? How can I see if there are any women around here if I am inside a room? You don't have to answer"

She sighed .It was not that she could die with such a wound but all those demons were a deferent story. She was always regenerating fast since she could remember. So the high healing should prevent the wound from taking her life. She had demonic powers .Her mother ,as she thought ,was a half breed and her father a human . Her mum told her that before she died she did not really got to know her father .He got killed by demons. That is when her hate for demons came .She could control fire. She preferred lighting or water... (She is kind of like Trish).

"Well you are at my place...Devil May Cry."

" …What a name….wait…The Devil May Cry?.Oh well... I'm Willa...You...You don't seem to be a human...What are you..A demon?"

"Who knows. I'm not even sure myself."

"You must be...After all. You have some weird vibes around you."

She light her hand with fire after feeling a little dizzy. She was looking at the beautiful flame burning in her hand and it was lighting her face and her red eyes looked pretty.

"I hate the fact that I have those kind of powers...Am I a demon...Or a human...Maybe I am both. Who knows."

The fire went of...She sighed

"You should stay here until you recover, you will be fine here."

"I will leave soon...But not really...that damn demon got me good."

She tried to stand...

She yelped in pain and fall on the bed

"Hey...Your wound re-opened. The bandage is full of blood"

She was blushing...And then covered herself with the sheets.

"You have to remove that...I can't change the bandages like that"

"Turn around first...and you will change them... I would do it myself but I cannot turn my body…"

Willa sighed and Dante grinned.

"If you say so. Be quick"

He turned around .She removed the bandages that were around her waist and being unsure she covered her chest with her hands for additional "protection".

"ok...You can turn around now"

He grinned again as he looked at her body more like her chest,

"What are you looking at?"


"Whatever, do what you have to do"

His face went serious .He removed the bandages. His face was close to her neck. She could feel his breath on her...She was blushing more and trying not to shiver

"It appears that it is better. It is still deep though. You recover fast for the time that you are here"

"I know...I was always like that. I still can feel its claws on my skin..."

"You have a weapon don't you? I heard gun was from you right?"

"Of course...Two hand-guns..."

She looked at the place of her pants on where her guns were supposed to be.

"Where are my guns?"

"On my desk...they appear to be somehow broken..."

"So they were broken."

"Why didn't you use your powers then? You should have"

"Well sorry...I like my hand guns I couldn't do that...(refers to powers),,,My energy was low and hurry up with that...I'm tired..."

He continued to bandage her wound .His breath on her neck again

The door shat open revealing a little girl shouting


The girl's voice was too loud. She hug busted inside the room without knocking.

She looked at the two adults. Her eyes went wide and blushed probably thinking they they were doing something "personal".

"SORRY! I won't interrupt again!"

She shouted once again. She shut the door and runned...

"finish with that thing...I want my clothes back..."

"I'm done already. Nice and new..."

She blushed hard before speaking.

"Hey, go get me my clothes... Alternatively, you can tell me where they are to get them... So I can get dressed. I cannot stand all those bandages on me. Without clothes…"

He chuckled.

"hey are over there...You know how to remove bandages don't you? Apareantly those around your chest are not needed now"

Willa nodded.

Then HE pointed at some messy clothes

"HEY! Those clothes are expensive...Don't treat them like that, I won't be able to buy new ones"

She sighed.

"You should rest...You lost too much blood...You are not fully well yet"

"I know... You're right."

She lied back down and used her other hand to cover herself. She back faced him. She was embarrassed. He was the first man to ever see her naked...well half-naked...

Just when about Dante was ready to open the door and walk out Willa changed her mind.


"what is it?"

"I changed my mind,I want to me stand...It hurts to do that by myself...When you re-bandaged me it hurt quite a lot..."

"I figured. You weren't still..Ok then let's go..."

He came to her ready to pick her up...

"Wait.I need my clothes first"

He brought her clothes...and her bra she sighed...he did it as if it was nothing...*How could he touch a girl's underwear like that*...she though as she sighed as he gave her, her clothes...

He did not make an attempt to leave though. He was standing there looking at Willa. The woman understanding that he had no intention to leave got quite angry

"Why aren't you going out?"

"You need help, don't you?"

"Not really...I think I can at least dress myself up"

He grinned and closed the door

She buttoned her bra and worn her leather black top...

"I'm done you can come in now..."

The door opened

"By the way, you have been sleeping for a week."

"A week? That's a bit much for me. I don't blame myself though. I lost too much blood. It was only natural"

He came to her and picked her up like a princess. ...

"You don't have to carry me but The floor is cold"

"It's not that cold..."

" For me it is cold. Don't forget I was barefoot for a whole week. Of course my feet will feel cold. Can you give me my shoes?"

He let her on the bed and threw her boots at her. He made her angry.

"I think I told you to watch it with my clothes. They ARE expensive. Same goes for these boots ya know."

She wore her boots...they were perfect for her shorts, the boots were black...High above the knee...and high heeled.

He picked her up again same way and the helped her step down...She was slightly wobbling so he helped her walk outside of the room and to the rest of the place...He had drums and an electric guitar.

"I'm fine now I can walk alone...Thanks for helping me"

He let go...there was a man down stairs and that girl from before sitting on one of the couches Dante had.

Dante and Willa were just before the stares. Being bored Willa jumped down and landed perfectly without ducking she gladly did not open her wound with that...

"It didn't open"

The man and the girl looked at her as Dante made his way past her.

"You shouldn't have done that. You might have re-opened your wound. You don't want that do you?"

"No I don''re right..."

Willa sighed lightly ... and looked around...She saw a desk and her guns on it in their hostlers

"Did you fix them?"

"I didn't. Morrison did"

"Their mechanism was not working properly. It seems that they were pushed above what they could handle. That's why they weren't able to shoot..."

The man, Morison as he was called spoke.

"Did you check if they are fine? And how do you know what happened with them none of you was there"

"Dante told me while you were unconscious"

"Anyway, did you check them?"

Willa asked hoping that her guns would work. She couldn't use only her special pair. She only had it for demon killing and for more powerful demons.

"I did...I used your guns to kill those demons a while ago...They have some powerful shooting."

"I know...they are handmade...but I had another pair. It seems I lost it. They had writing with their name on them though. They won't be hard to find I think"

"Do you mean these?"

Morison took out two guns... A silver one and a Black one. Willa was relieved. She would not know what she would do is she had really lost them. Her guns were the most important thing she had in her life and she did not want to lose it no matter what. She would not forgive her self if she did.

"Yes...These are my guns?"

"I found them while I was coming here... So these are the popular guns...Endymion and regulus, right?"

Willa nodded. Even if she had not Morrison was sure that was them. After all he could read their name on them. These guns were famous despite they were for demon killing...They were famous in the demon world that is and to those who knew their way around demons. To devil hunters in other words.

"What's with those guns?. I am quite surprised that I hear them for the first time"

Dante questioned. He was a skilful devil hunter and it was indeed a surprise that someone like him would not have heard of those popular guns.

"I Heard that if those guns shoot a target both at the same time, the one they shoot will explode and destroy everything at the range of 5m and that they can open a portal to a different dimension due to their users wish"

The little girl that had busted in Dante's room before commented.

"Nice one kid...Where did you learn that? It is only a rumor though. I have never tried it for myself. I highly doubt that they do what the rumors say."

"The kids at the orphanage were talking about it and I'm not a kid. I'm patty I have a name"

Patty had raised her voice without thinking. Willa never liked when kids were shouting.

" Fine but don't shout ok."

Just as she said that she kept looking at the door. She had felt demons making their way to DMC

"Demons are coming this way. I'll go take care of it. I want to move a little"

"I will come with might need help..."

Dante spoke and sounded a slight bit demanding.

"They are not many. I think I can do it"

"Can I come too?"

Patty questioned in a cute voice hoping that at least Willa would agree since she was a woman.

"No...You're too young for that"

Willa immediately disagreed. She knew that if Patty came with them she would not like the sight. Willa knew that being around demons was no place for a kid at her age.

"I'm not-!"

"Could you please not shout? I can't stand it"

Willa cut her off.

"But I..."

Willa sighed.

"I know you want to come out. You want to know how real demons look like right. Or you either want to see me shooting them with all my might. But still. You are too young and being around demons is no place for a kid. Not at your age. Maybe in some years, if I am still here, I'll take you out to fight some."

Willa had to say that. She did not know if Patty had seen demons or not before. But she did not want to make the girl have bad dreams.

Willa and Dante walked outside after she took her guns from Morrison then went and took her other pair and put it on her back. She took out Emdymion and Regulous and they walked out.

The demons were nowhere to be found but she still had that feeling...they were close

"They are close. Really close…."

Willa shoot above her and one on her right without looking... She took them both down. This would not be much but since she was hurt, it was quite tiring.

" There is one more..." demon activity. She looked around trying to spot it. She could not sense it nearby but she knew that one of them was still nearby. Even a demon would not be able to leave the area that fast.

"Where is it? It is impossible to leave in such a short time"

Dante took out his guns but before he does, anything Willa killed the demon. It was coming for a back attack

"Well, that takes care of it. Shall we go back now?"

"You are quite good. How long are you at that?"

"Ten years? More or less"

"That much huh? Wait, how old are you. You don't look old"

"You know, it's impolite to ask a woman about her age but I will answer you. I probably am older that you. I am 24"

"You are indeed young. And older that me"

Willa kinda laughed. She did not really care about her age. She was as old as she was. She had no complex of it.

Before they walked inside, she checked around just in case more demons had closed up. Nevertheless, she did not feel anything so she put her guns back to their hostlers...And continued inside. Willa sat on one of the couches...her wound started to hurt but she let it go. Dante went to his desk...and put his legs on it and his hands behind his neck...He looked like he went to sleep.

"Is he sleeping?"

"Probably...he is always like that when he sleeps

"I see"

"Well I have to go now..."

Morrison spoke out of the blue.

"Take care Morrison"

Morison smiled and left.

Willa lied on the couch carefully...She wanted her wound to stop hurting. She had forced herself too much

She stared at the ceiling thinking of various things...Like how did she get those powers...for what reason...Her mum said that it was because she was a half demon and her dad a human...She took similar powers as her mother's and her dad's nature...human nature... She thought that she should be either a half demon or a human...whenever she was alone she was always being attacked by demons...She sighed heavily...She wanted to take on some demons but she could not with that wound...She wanted some money...not that she hadn't any...She had money on the banks but she was bored to go...She sighed again...

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