The phone suddenly rang. Dante picked it up.

"Devil may cry...Huh. Willa? Yeah...She's here..."

He moved the phone away of his ear. Willa wondered who would want to talk to her and who knew she was here. The first though that came to her mind was that she was being followed.

"Willa, Phone for you"

"For me? Who is it?"

"A man"

"A man ,huh?

Willa stood up as slow as she could and went to Dante. He gave her the phone

"Who is it? Oh...It's you...How did you know I was here? Followed? By who?... Her again? Seriously, you people should give me a break...Come to think of don't sound so well...What happened? Huh?…She what? No...nope...I didn't see anyone...No...Hey...Why do you blame ME for it? I was in a job I couldn't-...Wait...she gave you the report 1st didn't she? ...Only that? She sure was useless...I see"

Her friend had died after telling him that Willa was in Devil May Cry. She was killed, by demons without managing to give the full report. Now he blamed that on Willa. She was pissed...So the female stopped his "Flow"

"Will you please shut up? It is NOT MY fault that she was killed. It was hers for following me...What? Protect her? Are you kidding me? Why you say that? Look I just woke up after being wounded to death by those demons. And now I'm using my remaining strength to stand. If I start to bleed, again I will probably die...You don't want that, do you?"

She was protecting a man that was targeted by demons along with some other people... He was scared of them so she was almost all the time with him. Willa was the strongest of them all.

The young woman started laughing. Willa found his words amusing since he always was treating her badly but she could not do anything. She needed money and that man was paying well. He was a rich man and very spoiled.

"I will tell you though...I was doing fine when my guns stopped working...After you took my guns; I always had a problem with them. I don't know what you did to them but oh well. I tried to defend myself but I did not do a good job on it so I was hit by a demon and fainted. I woke up here...Look old man. I do not care what you say but I want to be paid. I want the double because I almost was killed AND my guns stopped working, lost too much blood. And- huh? No ,no, no...No know better than anyone that these things will not work. Ya hear I want MY money...I will give you a dead line...By the end of the next month. I want you to bring my money here. If not then I will make you surprise party. Ya know what that means right~ so if not money~ then a BIG party. Ok~ its decided see ya~ Next month~~~"

She closed the phone pissed.

"Stupid old fart... If demons don't kill you. I will."

"What happened? You seem angry"

"Problems with my work. It's nothing to worry about...I should not have made my wound sound that bad though."

"Well, you really threat people for money. It's bad having much"

She smiled at him and went back to the couch where she was laying before...He sat the same way again and this time he was really sleeping.

"Hey Willa. Tell me...How old are you?"

"I'm 24 why"

"You look younger than that...about 16...Anyway, say do you like strawberry sundae?"

"I sure do...I was eating that when I was your age"

"Want me to make you one?"

"Do you make it good?"

"I cook pretty fine I sometimes cook at the I leave with my mom though."

"Lucky can I ask are things with your mum going?"

"They are ok. It's fun. She wants to spent as much time with me as possible to make up for all these years she wasn't here for me"

"I have a mom that cares a lot about you...lucky girl."

Willa sighed

"Why? Don't things with your mom go well?"

"Not really"


"Well...she was always scolding me when I did something wrong. She was hitting me many times. Not what a mother should do right?"

"Why are you talking that way? Is she not alive?"

"She is not. She was killed after I left high school. Before she died, she told me that she was a half demon and for that reason I have these kind of powers...Demons killed her...In front of my eyes...I did manage to take care of them….That was the reason I became a Devil-Huntress….Heh, sorry for talking to you like that. I should bring it more lightly to you"

"Not really. My mother was targeted by demons and so was I. I know what happens with demons so don't watch they way you talk to me"

Willa did not want to tell patty the truth about her mother. Patty was a kid and Willa did not want to make Patty to worry about the world. Plus Willa was not even sure if her mother was alive or not. She wanted to believe that she was dead.

"You really had a rough childhood."

"Yeah...But those things happen from time to time."

"Awww, I feel bad for you..."

"You shouldn't. I don't feel bad about that…It doesn't bother me anymore….Since my mother never loved me…"

"You are a tough woman."

"Not really…I just learned how to be a bit emotionless...I don't really start having feelings for someone easy. That's how I am and I don't really want to change... But I don't mind having a good laugh with people."

"You seem interesting. I like you We could be best friends if we get tom know each other.."

Willa smiled at Patty.

"I agree. Despite you being a kid. You seem to be a good person…heh you are matured for your age you know….For a brat…You will be easy to cooperate with."

"I am not a brat. I have a name!"

"I know….And do not shout. You will wake him up... Anyway you should go back home. It's getting late."

"You're right. It is late… So I'll be leaving now. Take ca re…Hope that wound of yours gets better."

"Thanks Patty."

She gave the older woman a bright smile and walked out.

Willa kept on lying. She sighed looking up at the ceiling.

She was at a place she had never heard of with people she did not know. *I got stuck with a pervert to look after me* She thought. An old man who seems to know his way around machines and a brat with who she made friends with….

The girl admit it though…Dante..He was good looking and muscular. It could easily be seen even threw his clothes. He thought was a pervert. She hates perverts. However, you never know what might happen between a man and a woman. Not everyone was the same...Every person has his own ways.

The girl despite being emotionless she was easy going. She did not give her trust to anybody quickly and hated to be ignored. She hated loud people and demons.

The girl touched her wound...It did not hurt her as much as it did before. She could bare the pain…. She was thankful to Dante. He had saved her and took care of her when she was in the verge of death…..He did not even know her. She sighed. She did not want to sleep yet. She wanted to talk but she did not have anyone to talk to. She decided to sleep but the door opened…

Dante opened his eyes. A man in black walked in. He looked around the room and then went to Dante.

"I have a request."

The man spoke with a low voice.

"What is it?"

Dante answered him waiting to hear what this man wanted to ask him.

"I want you to take care of my son. I will pay you well of course."

"I don't do babysitting."

"You see; my son is being targeted by demons..."

"Demons huh"

"It will only be in a week. He won't bother you much. You see I have to leave for a job I have and I cannot take him with me. Do you accept?"

"Yeah, Yeah."

"Ok I shall go get him."

The man said as he walked out of the building. He had not noticed Willa. The girl looked at Dante. In addition, Dante nodded. She knew that the man was a demon. But since he paid then it was no problem...Willa waited for the man to come in. He came in with a boy...Willa almost sneezed but she kept it in.

"That is my son. His name is Matt. Hope you get along with each other."

The boy appeared to be about fifteen with short brown hair. He looked human...Willa though had her doubts. Matt was not talking. He did not appear to be much of the talking type. She sat on the couch. Her wound had stopped hurting her. Matt came to her and sat opposite her... Dante appeared to be sleeping. He was not really sleeping. He had a strange feeling about it so he did not want to leave his guard down. Matt seemed embarrassed...He was staring a lot at her and when she caught him, he blushed and looked away. The woman sighed.

-Willa's thoughts-

That person. He has a job and he is sleeping. He sure is bored to do the job. If you are not going to do your job properly then do not accept it in the first place, Idiot...I have to say though. This guy is a lot skilful. He did kill all those demons. He is scary. Especially with that sword of his...I want to fight him. I want to feel the strength of a half demon If he is one...I didn't see him fighting...I maybe will ask him to work with him...I am sure he has a really mysterious past...

-End of her thoughts-

"Um...Is he sleeping? Won't he fall if he sits like that?"

Matt finally decided to speak

"Not really. He seats like that most of time...He won't fall if not someone pushes him..Say want to do that? It will be fun."

"Ahh no...He looks a bit scary...I would rather stay put"

Willa looked at Matt with the corner of her eye

"I want to talk to you. Get to know you better...I will be staying here for a while."

"What do you want to know?"

"How do you pass your free time."

"Well I don't really know since I just came here myself...But I guess about him. He does stay like that most of the time. I don't really like it though. I don't know anyone yet"

"Well you seem to though. How come you came here without you wanting it? Did you get hit or something?"

"Something like that...I was in a job and was in a pinch I went K.O. and then he brought me here. I will stay here until I fully heal I guess."

"I see. It has to hurt. Right?"


"The wound. You have a wound right?"

"Yeah...SO what bout that thing with Dante. Are we gonnah wake him up or not."

"Nah. I want to get to know you."

Willa was getting pissed. Matt was starting to get boring. He had said the same thing at least twice. She felt that there was something fishy about that guy

"I see...You have to feel comfortable here. After all."

"Say what are your hobbies?"

Matt wanted to know more than he should want to know. Willa was getting more and more suspicious of him. But since she did not have anything better to do she answered him with as less as she could but enough to let him know when to stop.

"Well. I am a Devil huntress. Killing demons all the time. But I will kill humans too if I am paid well, that is"

"That sounds hard. Killing demons must be hard."

"Not really. Depends on how many they are. Moreover, what level they are. Otherwise, it's a piece of cake."

"I see..."

Matt stared at Willa's guns.

-Matt's thoughts-

Those are the thrilling guns huh? Endymion and Regulous...I should not mess with them but, I have a job so I have to...This will be hard...Harder than we thought...oh well. We do not know unless we try. She is a skillful Devil hunter. She is wounded though so that is an advantage to me...She does not know that guy at all it appears. If she gets attacked it would be good only when he is not around...I have to give the report to master...I have to do it soon or else I will be in trouble...

-End of thoughts-

"Well... I need to sleep early. I have school tomorrow...There are no lessons though. So I will leave fast"

"School huh...I see. You better wake up early as well. If I wake up before you then I will wake you up as well."

Matt didn't really go to school. He had to give a repost to his master so he used an excuse to be able to leave so he could focus on making a plan with his master. Matt looked at Willa. She had her eyes closed. He thought she was sleeping...So Matt went to sleep himself. In the morning Willa shook Matt who woke up almost right away.

"Matt..Wake up..You will be late for school"

"Wh-What school. I don't go to school..."

"You said you-"

Matt understood that he did something stupid so he caught her off.

"AH I forgot. School...I have to get going. My bag! Where is my bag. No I don't need a bag. We won't be having lessons today...that's a good thing. Thanks for waking me up."

"It was no problem..".

Matt stood up and headed out of the building.

"Well then. Let's get going."

Matt walked quickly and soon headed to the meeting place where he was supposed to be meeting his master.

"You have arrived. Matt."

His master spoke with a serious tone.

"Sorry sir. I am late."

"It's ok. So what did you get out of her? Is she really the one we are looking for? If not that woman will be mad otherwise."

"I am positive sir. She had Endymion and Regulus. No one else has them. We have the advantage now. The previous group of demons did a good job but Dante took care of them. To attack we have to be away from that building or else Dante will help her. He saved her before."

"I see good job Matt."

"Thank you sir."

"So about the plan. What do you think we should do?"

"Well I was thinking that I should make her go to a walk with me. Therefore, I can take her away from Devil May Cry. And then attack her."

"Yes it sounds good. But you will take a group of Hell Sloths and two hell Greeds got it?"

"Yes. And um Master?"


"If we fail. What should we do? I will not be able to fight too since the guy you made come with me said I was targeted by demons. I cannot expose the fact that I am one myself."

"You are right about that. Having you out will be trouble. Keep your distance while you have the plan in action."


"We cannot afford to make that woman angry. We cannot now has she has regained her powers from that incident with that temple."

"Right... So when shall I take this plan to work?"

"As soon as you can...The sooner the better."

"Understand sir. Then I shall be going."

-At DMC just when matt left-

Willa stared at the door. She had her guard up while that kid was around. She looked at Dante. He had fallen asleep for real. Then she walked out. She did not know the place well so she used her flames and went up the roof. She wanted to take a cloak..She had on before but it was torn. She was jumping from building to building when she reached some shops. She walked into one with clothes and took a purple coat. It marched with her black shorts and boots.. After walking out of the shop, she flew back with her flames. She entered and found Dante talking on the phone. She ignored it and then went on the shop's back and hang her coat. Then walked to the couches and sat. After that, Dante closed the phone.

"Where's the kid?"

"At school?...Hey, he is a demon isn't he."

"Yeah. You better watch out. He seems to be after you."

"I figured... I wonder what he is planning. I don't think this thing is a job. It is probably a lame excuse to let him spy on us."

Matt walked back at DMC and sat beside Willa after some more minutes.

"That was fast"

Willa was a bit surprised. There was no way he would have finished school at such a time. Her suspicions were growing bigger.

"Told you there were no lessons today."

"Say mat..Wannah go to a walk later. The weather seems nice."

"We can go now if you want."

"Good. Go on a head. I am going to take my coat and then I will follow."


The boy walked out and waited for Willa. She took her coat and wore it.

"I will take care of him. Since I am his target. Hope you don't mind...This is gonnah take a while. He will surely come back before me with a stupid excuse. I doubt he will attack while I am not around. I am sure he knows who you are. He is not that stupid to do anything."

"Go on ahead"

Willa smirked and walked out.

They walked for a while. Suddenly Willa realized that she was in fact a lot away from Devil May Cry.

"Hey Matt, Don't you think that-"

She looked behind her. She did not see the boy anywhere. She got pissed.

"You little...Well, Well, Well. And to think that I was worried why aren't I fighting yet."

A group of Hell Sloths had came to her. They were about 10. And a couple of Hell Greeds. After laughing she put a smirk on her face. It was time to fully test herself. To see what kind of devil huntress was she.

"Let's rock"

She said as she started shooting

-Meanwhile at DMC-

Dante was wondering why they were not back yet. They had been late. He found himself worry too much. In fact, he was bored whenever Willa was not around. He found her too vulnerable when she was sleeping soundly after he found her. He could easily let her there to die but there was something about her that he did not understand. He felt like he had to save her. He did not know the reason behind that. He could not understand it. It was complicated for him. He never thought that he would find anyone else messing with his job. He did complete it all right. It was not hard for him anyway. He was thinking about how that girl could feel after all that she has been through. She did not know anyone here yet she found herself comfortable.

After a while, Matt walked inside.

"Ah... Where is she?"

"Wasn't she with you?"

"Yeah. We must have been separated... I will go search for her in a while."

"She had better be back soon. Or else, you are in trouble."

Dante became a bit more worried as he saw Matt enter alone. Nevertheless, he was confirmed that indeed Matt was a demon and he was after Willa. Matt nodded feeling scared. And then sat on one of the couches.

-back to Willa-

The young woman was shooting them. To power up her guns she was using her flames as well. She finished them faster than she though. She knew that if she used her flames to return and if she fights later on she would probably faint due to her still not recovered blood. She used her flames anyway and return to DMC

When she entered the building, she walked straight to Matt. The blood from the demons was dripping on the floor. The dark red liquid was all over her face. It made her look scary. It had drenched her newly bought cloak. She grabbed Matt by the collar and lifted him up.

"How long did you think that you would hide your true nature? You piss me of. Brat. These are your last moment."

She took out her guns and pointed it at the boys head.

"Any last words. Brat?"

Matt smirked and the he disappeared from Willa's grip. He had turned into his demon form. Willa looked back. She saw a silver demon with Dark purple cloak

"A Faust .huh..(Look it up at DMC4)"

He attacked her. Willa jumped back and grabbed her wound. It hurt her. It was bigger than she thought.. If Matt was more powerful than he appeared to be her wound would get worse and bigger. Dante started shooting with a shotgun. It took several shots for the demon to lose his coat and fall on the ground. Willa light her guns with flames and started shooting. While her guns were on flames their power was greater since the bullets were on fire. The demon could not counter attack. She made him dizzy and then stopped. Willa walked to the demon, grabbed it with a flaming hand, and smashed it to the ground. She grabbed him again and threw him at the wall. Matt returned to his human form.

Willa ran to him, grabbed his collar, and then lifted him up. Then pinned him to the wall. She was glaring at him. Matt never thought that she was that strong.

"This is the end for you. Boy."

"Y-You were stronger than I expected."

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

Matt smirked. And turned to his demon form again.

"I hate those guys."

Dante shoot with his shotgun again. This time Matt avoided it and charged at Willa. He was attacking her from all sides but the woman could not be reached. She was jumping and avoiding his attacks non-stop.

Matt charged for her head. The woman jumped back landing on her hands and the using them as her feet she jumped again landing normally.

"Hey Dante, Mind giving me that."

She said as she went to Dante and he gave her the shotgun.

Then aimed straight at Matt.

She shot. He avoided. The next thing Matt new was that she was behind him, and shot him with the shotgun fast several times before he fell to the ground. Willa was in the air. She light her foot with flames and falling she kicked him. ( Like Dante does while having Beowulf. Jumping and press the Δ button)

Then she punched him with her flaming hand.

Matt was at his end. She took out her gun and light it with flames.

"Who ordered you to come here and attack me. huh?"

"A woman. She appeared to hate you. But for some reason she didn't want to come after you herself."

" You really betrayed you master faster. Well since you will die I guess it doesn't matter. Anyway. That is all I need to know. Sweet dreams."

She shoot. Matt was unable to avoid and he turned to dust. Like all demons do.

"I hate those things. Thanks for the help."

She said as she walked to Dante and gave him his shotgun.

"You shouldn't do those kind of moves now."

"I guess."

Replying she walked and hanged her coat (at that thing behind Dante's desk. Near his bathroom's door) and sat on the couch crossing her legs. She was wondering why she did not faint. But she felt very sleepy. Therefore, she slept on the spot. Dante realized that Willa was once again sleeping. Using her powers was draining her energy.

"That girl. She is too risky. An interesting woman."

Dante walked to the couch and took Willa in his arms. Then walked to his room and put her on his bed. He looked at her a bit and then he walked out. Just then, Morrison walked in.

"I got a job for you."

"Finally. I was starting to get bored."

"Words are that men have been disappearing around here lately. Their families have been reporting to the police all the time. We have 30 reports of men disappearing. I believe it is the work of demons."

"It is more likely. 30 men huh. Probably if it's not demons some sick women messed with them and killed them probably. I will look onto it. I think I will take her with me."

"You should. She appears to feel better when she gets herself busy."

"Well. I have to wait for her to wake up then. She killed quite a lot of demons today. She fell asleep right when she came here."

"That girl. She pushed herself too hard. She will get in trouble. In a lot of trouble."

"She is a powerful woman. You shouldn't underestimate her. So where is the place where we'll go?"

"Here is a map. You should go to that room. This is where their bodies were found" .

"All in the same place?"

"All in the same place."

It was noon. Some minutes have passed when Willa walked outside of Dante's room rubbing the back of her head.

"My head. Did I hit it somewhere? I guess not."

She walked to the below floor and noticed Morrison.

"Good morning."

"Hey we got a job."

"Job? Are you gonnah take me with you?"

"Of course."

"Rejected. I won't come."

"You should. To get your mind of things. It doesn't appear to be a hard job so I think you will be able to do it. You have nothing better to do right?"

"I don't. Ok then, I will come. So when do we start?"

"Today at night."

"That fast huh?"

A woman was standing at the roof of a building opposite of DMC. She was wearing brown clothes and had green hair. She was looking down at the shop waiting for someone to come out and at the same time, she was waiting for her partner.

"You are late...Vergil...It's not like you to be late..."

A woman with a slightly cold voice

"...Did you take care of it?"

"No..It will take some time before I do it. What made you want open the gate to the demon world again... I don't think you need that music box of ours."

"I have my reasons."

"I guess you do...Say when will- Vergil?"

She turned round and Vergil was nowhere to be found.

"That guy..."

She turned around. She saw a hell vanguard.. She took out her Katana. It's name was Katsu. It means victory. With a couple of swings of her sword. The hell vanguard was cut into pieces. She sheathed it and walked away just when Willa came out of DMC running slightly. She looked up at the building and saw the woman's figure. Her face put a look of anger on it as the woman turned around and looked at with cold eyes.

"What do you want here? Elora?"

"Nothing now. Dear sister."

With that Elora jumped of the building and disappeared through the darkness. Willa walked inside.

"What happened?

"Nothing really... I thought someone was outside but it was just my imagination.

Dante said something to her but she was not listening. She went into the bathroom and washed her face.

"Why..What do you want here, Elora. Have you come for this?"

Willa took out a small round white box. She opened it and calm music filled the room.

"That music box. It belongs to both of us...But you will never have it. Not when I know what this thing is capable of..."

She checked her watch. Afternoon. And suddenly she fell into an awe full mood. Like she was depressed. She walked inside and looked around...Then walked at the drums Dante had at his shop.

"Hey...Where are the sticks?"

"Just about down there. Look below-"

"Found them."

She sat at the seat (or whatever it's called). She took a deep breath.

"Say, You don't mind if I hit them like crazy? Do you?"

"Go on ahead."

"Then, Let's start.!"

Willa smirked slightly as she hit the drum sticks together and started drumming. She was drumming with all her strength wanting to forget the feeling that were about to overflow through her. She did not care about the rest of the word she only wanted to forget. Forget those painful feelings. Not even her wound, which started bleeding lightly mattered to her. Her eyes closed focused on the beat. She was sure she could be heard outside a lot but did not care. That day, that day and specially that time was one of the days and times she wanted to forget about. She sight and opened her eyes. Suddenly the drumstick she was holding broke and the part that broke of hit her forth head making the spot red. Willa screamed in annoyance and held the aching spot.

"How the fuck did that thing brake!"

Dante looked at her and noticed she was holding her forth head

"What's wrong?"

"The drumstick broke and hit me on the head. These things are fake."

She sighed as she stood up. Her arms hurt by the intense drumming but her mind had cleared a bit. She had calmed down.

" Eleven years since then…(more or less) A year before me starting my real job. Talk about bad luck"

She sight as she said that as low as she could and threw herself on the couches.

Her mood was bad. If anyone wanted to talk to her, he would be in trouble no matter what he told her. Bad or good. As she walked away of the drums she had a weird sensation as if someone she held dear was near her. More like a presence. That person was long dead but Willa could still feel it. In addition, she turned her head to Dante. He had that presence around him. Even though Willa only knew him for a little time he had that thing to him the made her think that she knew him since she could remember. Dante's eyes had something that she could not explain. He had the same presence as a woman Willa once knew. She could not remember whom he resembled. She just knew that that person was dead and 11 years (more or less) had passed since that.

She opened her mouth to speak about it but suddenly she remembered that Dante had told her that he would take her with him to a job he would do later on the day. He had not lord her job was about.

"Hey, come to think of it. You said that you had a job and you would take me with you, but you didn't tell me what the job was about. Tell me now."

She walked at his desk and sat on it near him. She looked at Dante waiting to answer her then she noticed a pictured frame. She saw the picture and her eyes widen slightly. She took the picture in her hands and touched it. It was the picture of a woman with blond hair and red coat… Nostalgic memories and feelings dwelled inside her. She remembered all the good times she had with that woman. The memory of their last meeting jumped into her head

/Flashback 19 years ago/

Two women were sitting beside the fireplace. An adult and a Child. The woman was brushing the small girl's hair while both of them were smiling.

"You have soft hair, Willa. They are nice."

"You think so?"

"Yes. You should take care of them more often."

"But Miss Eva, I can't do that on my own and you know that my mum can't".

The woman, Eva, smiled slightly and replied.

"You can always come here so I can do that for you."

"You really will do it? For me?"

"Of course. You are a kind and good girl. I have no reason to refuse to do it. I feel happy whenever you are with me. I enjoy out time together."

Eva commented as she put the brush down finishing Willa's hair. They were shiny and very soft. Willa smiled and threw her arms around Eva hugging her tightly.

"I love you Miss Eva! I want you to become my mother!"

"I cannot do that. But you can always come here whenever you want. I will always welcome you."

Willa smiled brightly and yawned. She lay on Eva's lap and fell asleep. Eva caressed Willa's hair as she watched the kid sleep soundly and peacefully. Then Eva tapped her tummy and caressed it as well. Then she whispered

"I wish you will be here to see these two being born. You would be grate together."

The she continued caressing Willa's hair

/End of Flashback/

Willa closed her eyes and smiled. She had heard Eva while she was talking. Willa could now understand that Eva was pregnant. She never had the chance to see them being born. As soon as Willa returned home, her mother took her and her sister and moved to Japan. Since that day, Willa never saw Eva again.

Willa returning to reality let the picture down and turned to Dante who was looking at her being curious.

"What? Come on, tell me about the job."

"We will go search for some demons who had been killing men a week now. Maybe much more."

"Demons? What makes you so sure about that?"

"The thing is fishy. 30 men were killed."

"30 huh. It maybe be a coincidence. Maybe these men wanted to put an end to their lives."

"Their corpses were found at the same place."

"It is the work of demons indeed. And if we don't take care of it fast more victims will appear. Let's go now. It will be fun."

"You are in a hurry aren't you?"

"Can't help it. I'm bored."

Dante stood up took his coat and turned his walking to the door.

"You coming?"

"Ah yes. Wait."

Willa took her coat as well and walked to Dante.

But she realized that her coat was still dirty from the blood of the demons she fought.

"Ah…It's dirty…Damn…And it's getting cold. I guess I have to clean it later."

She then put it back to its place after that, both of them walked outside and straight to the building their job would take place.

"It is obvious that we are going to go to some place but...Where? If it's far we can go flying. I'm not sure if I can lift you though."

"I don't think it's far.."

"You are saying that you don't know where are we going."

"Pretty much. Morison did gave me a map but I didn't really looked at it. I only saw that it was close."

Upon hearing that. Willa, face palmed but kept walking with him. She mainly was following him wondering where he was going or what he planned to do. She found weird the fact that he did not know what he was doing. After all, though, she did not know Dante that well yet so she could not say if that was how he would normally act. Not that she cared. He wanted to see if Dante would find the place they were aiming for. She smiled slightly being a bit excited to see what he would do.

Suddenly though it came to her that Dante had said something about the men's bodies were found in the same place/

"Hey , Dante. You said that the bodies were found in the same place. Morrison gave you the map to the place where the bodies were found?"


"Well, their killer might have might have brought them there so he will not get suspected, but it's more likely demons did the job. Don't you think that this is what happened?"

Dante did not reply for some minutes. He was thinking about what Willa said.

"It might be the case but that is all we have for now. We go and see."

"I guess. Hey, wannah go flying?"

"It's not far. And wait. Flying? How can we do that?"

"I can fly with my flames. Hehe"

Willa did a childish sound but then got serious.

"It would be weird if people see someone flying in the middle of the night right?"

Dante looked at her with the corner of his eye. She was way too relaxed for her first job with him. Dante's jobs were harder than those of a normal Devil hunter. Dante, after all, was not a human. His partner, in that case, Willa appeared to be some kind of inhuman creature. There was a possibility that Willa a demon herself for what he knew of. He could not sense any demonic aura come out of her. The powers she had though were those of a demon. He kept trying to figure how that was possible. He did not know anyway that it was possible to happen. Nor there was a way for that to happen. He though that it was impossible to be like that. Demons those days though kept becoming stronger and stronger and even the best devil hunters could not recognize them.

Willa had started to feel a bit weird like someone was watching her. She could not tell from where. She just had that feeling. She wanted to find its source. It was too hard for her. She sighed as she looked at Dante. She noticed that he was looking at her. She did not made him know that she had realized it. She wanted to see just how much will he keep looking at her like he tried to pierce her with his eyesight. Even though she saw that Dante was the one who was looking at her she still had the same feeling.

She felt a little embarrassed having a man looking at her that way. She was becoming nervous.

"This way."

Dante mentioned as he walked into an alley taking Willa of guard. She quickly followed after him. She had to take a couple of fast steps to catch up to him. Being lost in her thoughts she had not realized his action. It was the first time that she was so lost in thoughts in a job. She thought that it was because she had Dante with her. She felt a bit more secure. She knew that he would back her down if she was in trouble. She would do the same to him although she highly doubted that someone like Dante would ever need any help regarding a job. She had started to feel herself as a weight to him since she was also wounded and she had to hold back a little to avoid bleeding.

She was normally healing fast. She was always healing faster that most humans. She didn't really know why her wound was not even healed half way until then. It was big alright but that should not have been a problem even for something like that to heal fast. She was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with her. If her powers were holding her down. If she was a 25% of a demon, as her mother had informed her. She was starting to think that, that 25% was starting to become 50% and that it was always 50% but something was preventing her from realizing it. She was shooting more and more powerful blasts of fire each of her fights and her speed had started to get greater. So were her physical strength.

She always had doubts of what her mother had told her. That she had these kind of powers because of her mother which were a half demon. But she always thought that this kind of thing was highly impossible. Even though her mother was a half-breed she Willa should not have had these powers.

Willa suddenly looked back. She had heard something moving behind them. She focused her gaze at the direction of the noise but she did not see anything additional. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Was it my imagination?..…Whatever."

Even though it might have been her imagination the aura she felt from that whatever-it-was thing had something familiar to it….But she gave it some thought. The whatever-it-was thing's presence felt terribly familiar to her. Thought the person to whom this presence belonged to was long dead. That what that person wanted to believe anyway.

"What are you looking at? Something wrong?"

She flinched. Dante's voice came out of nowhere causing her to get surprised.

"I thought I felt something over there but no. It's not possible. This person long dead…It can't be it…Maybe it was some kind of cat. Or just my imagination. I don't really care anyway."

"If you say so."

"Yeah…It was just my imagination. Must be because of the wound.."

Willa sighed.

"So where is that building anyway?"

"Over there"

Dante pointed at a building at the end of the alley way. It was an abandoned one. It did not really look like it was old but anyone could see that it was not knew either.

"This is… a mall that got closed a like five years ago"

"That's right.. Who knows why they closed it?"

"Someone said that it's shop director was deceiving his employees and they took him to a lower . But he was stealing money and goods from the shop so yeah."

"Is that right…"

"I uncovered him so yeah."

Willa spoke no more and she continued walking to that building's direction.