Dante recalled what Willa said "I uncovered him" He had heard about something familiar. He remembered it when will said something about him stealing. The TV had sais something about it as well. The cop that had taken the case was never mentioned but her name was. Dante did not remember it but he knew that it was not Willa. He as Tony Redgrave was asked to look up on the case but he declined since it did not involved any demons. They had called him to his shop. Who knew how they managed to get its number. Many clients had gone past Devil May Cry the time he had it open and all of them knew the number of the shop so it would not be impossible for the police to learn it. Since, Dante, to most of his clients was referring to as Tony, his alias..

Willa was looking directly at the building. She felt something painful and powerful yet very familiar. Like she knew it forever. She could not remember from who it was. This feeling was bringing her sadness yet anger. Greater than anything. She clenched her fist so she would not burst into running to the building. She has been then before but she did not feel that. It was new. That feeling was more like a presence. It was a powerful presence. It was almost unbearable.

Suddenly the female looked up at a roof top. She thought that she saw someone there. There was nothing there though. She looked at Dante who was looking at the same direction.

"You saw that too? I thought I was seeing things."

"Looks like it went in there. Let's get going"

He kept walking at the building with Willa following behind him. She had a smile on her face while looking at Dante. She had a feeling that they were going to get along together just fine. She quickened her pace to catch up to him.

"Hey...I hope I won't be a bother to you. I will do my best not to get in your way"

Dante looked at her.

"Don't worry about that. You won't."

"How do you know that?"

"Dunnoh. I just do."

Willa smiled a bit and looked at the road in front of her. The closer they were getting to the building the greater the feeling was. Willa had started to get excited. She smirked for an unknown reason. She just felt like it. She knew that whatever that thing was it would be interesting. In fact she felt like it would be more interesting than ever. It could be the opposite though as well. She just had to wait to figure it out.

They reached the entrance of the building soon enough. Both of them took out their guns. They did not know what they would come across in there. They had to be careful. There could be all sorts of demons in there. High-level demons and not some hell prides and hell sloths e.t.c. These were easy to beat. Willa never really considered them as some important demons to deal with. Sometimes she would ignore them and continue her job. She overall was a cautious person. She always was dealing with any demon she came across in all of her jobs.

"So how should we go in? The easy way? Or the hard way?"

Willa let out some moments later. She looked at Dante as soon as she finished her words. He appeared to be thinking the same thing as Willa. Break in the hard way. To make a "impressive" entrance.

Dante kicked the door open and the butted in with their guns pointing in all directions. Both of them were focused. The room was dark so it would be harder to detect any demons if there were any. Although a building such old as that one would be no surprise to be found haunted by demons. After all, it had been abandoned for more than 5 years.

After looking around waiting to spot any demon movement, they put their guns back full of disappointment. They thought that there would be at least a group of low-level demons yet, there was none to be seen anywhere. The room they were in was completely empty. It only had dust and some old boxes here and there. Sign that no living soul was in there anymore.

"Well, are you really sure that this is the place? I mean…Don't you think it's a bit TOO quiet?"

"This is the place…..With the map, the room where the bodies were is here…yet…"

"There is no blood anywhere; is that what you wanted to say?"


"Heh, something's fishy here…..There is no way that Morrison lied but…There is a possibility that he gave you the wrong map…Why do you need a map anyway? Don't you know the era yourself?"

Just about when Dante wanted to reply, they heard something coming from deep inside the room. It was a small laugh. A woman. She was walking towards them. They knew it was a woman from the sound her shoes where making. They were high heels. She was moving slowly like she could not walk. Like she wanted to get in touch with them as slow as possible. They could not see how far the woman from them was.

"My, my, my. Fancy meeting you here…."

The woman spoke. An excited tone yet full of evilness and hate. Willa froze. Her eyes were wide looking at the empty space waiting to catch sight of the woman. Willa was not expecting to encounter that woman. Her mouth was also as wide as she could open it. She could not think of anything to say. She was more surprised than she ever was.

"What happened? Did someone cut of your tongue?"

Dante seeing how Willa was he couldn't help but wonder if she knew the woman who was speaking.

"Willa? Are you OK?"

Willa came back to reality and looked at Dante. She was just looking at him without doing anything. She was standing there. But eventually she turned her head back to the direction the voice was coming from. Her face became angry. Her eyes reflected so much hate she could kill. She clenched her fist as tight as she could. She was holding back herself from attacking the woman with everything she had.

"What the hell are YOU doing here? What do you want?"

"Well to speak of the truth, I don't know myself; I knew you were around here so I wanted to pay you a visit"

"A visit…Why don't you get lost and leave me alone for a start?"

The woman's figure was at last visible to the eyes of the two. She had White hair, gray eyes. She was wearing high heels; black pants a red shirt and a black jacket. She had a sword at her back.

The woman's figure was at last visible to the eyes of the two. She had White hair, grey eyes. She was wearing high heels; black pants a red shirt and a black jacket. She had a sword at her back. Threw the little moonlight that was coming it from the damaged roof was coming into the building and straight to the woman's face. She bore a smirk and her eyes were narrowed looking straight at Willa.

"Hmm~ Well, I will think about it. But I don't really guarantee it. Watching your face like that is true joy."

"Joy huh? When I smash your face to the ground you won't have that attitude any more will you?"

The woman laughed. It was as if she was saying to Willa that she was not even able to come close to her by 15m. Willa smirked. She could not wait to put her words into action but as she was now she could not perform such an action easy. Willa was sure that the other female knew about her wound. A demon like her would know something like that. A demon as powerful as her was not surprise to be informed that.

"You have a big idea of yourself, do you not?"

The female demon answered the young woman. Voice; full of irony. She did underestimate Willa. She did not know what the other female was capable of doing. She wanted to piss Willa to see what she would do. To see, if she had grown up. Apparently, they knew each other. More than anyone could imagine.

Dante was just sitting there hearing at the women talking. He knew he had no place into their conversation. He had a feeling though. He knew that the demon was not intending to leave without a fight. He could feel that she was powerful. Almost as powerful as his father was. She probably was the most powerful demon that existed at that time. He had to do something for it. He was starting to see that the woman and Sparda had some kind of connection to them. He could feel it.

"It runs in the family."

"What a stupid child you are."

"I took that from you, Aurora"

Willa charged at the demon, Aurora. He fists on flames. She punched the woman but she dodged and Willa hit the ground making a huge whole. Willa's face was full of anger and hate. The young female rose her head and looked back. Aurora was looking at her with a smile. Waiting for Willa to make her next move knowing that it would not work. She was though deceived.

Willa was suddenly in front of Aurora's face. She hit the older woman but she only managed to get her hand caught. She, though, was not taken of guard. She expected something like this would happen. Willa charged at Aurora with the other hand hitting her in the face causing her captured hand to get free so she punched the woman in the stomach sending her to a nearby wall.

When Aurora hit the wall a huge crashing sound was heard and smoke was everywhere. The room was full of dust and its walls were not as powerful as the walls of newer building so the fell with the contact they had with the female demon. The older woman hit them with so much force she could not have managed even if she lived for 100 years more than Willa.

Aurora rose as the smoke cleared only to find Willa in front of her. Willa grabbed her with a flaming hand she threw her on the opposite wall. As the demon was flying to it Willa charged a fireball on her hand and shoot it as soon as it was big enough. The timing was perfect. They blow would reach Aurora by the time she hits the wall.

Aurora though has other plans. She stopped herself from falling onto the wall with her fit, and she just hit the fireball away like it was nothing. To Aurora that fireball was as weak as a new born child. Things like that had no effect in her. It was a big surprise to her that Willa even managed to hit her once.

The demon looked at the other female's face. She saw a look full of surprise.

"Why that face? You knew that something like that is really weak against me did you not? After all I am no human. Things like this are just too boring"

Willa sighed as she stood straight and dust herself off. She put her hands on her hips and weighted herself on one foot.

"You are right. I should have expected something from you. After all...Sparda didn't just pick you out of all these demons for nothing."

"That's right...Wait how do you knew that? I never.."

"You never know who might have overheard you right? Be careful of who you trust, Aurora"

Aurora was angry at Willa. She was wondering how she could have known something like that; the time when Sparda picked her to be his Demon follower was 2000 years ago. Willa then was not even born. The only logical explanation was that another demon should have told Willa. A demon; that wanted to get revenge, on Aurora. It was most likely dead by then.

"You were always getting on my nerves. Grow up a little"

"It's not my fault. You are just getting older."

Aurora sighed. She could not believe that Willa was acting like a little kid. It was obvious that Willa wanted to piss Aurora of. Aurora though knew Willa more than enough to see that coming. And Willa knew that.

Aurora smiled after that. She looked at Dante and then back at Willa.

"It's time for me to go. Have fun."

"Wait! I'm not finished with you yet!"

No answer was received. Willa clicked her tongue in annoyance. Aurora was too far to listen to Willa's words. Even if she wasn't she still would not reply to the younger woman. Willa had an angry aura around her. Dante could feel it. It was not human he was certain. He could see Willa's angry face. He knew that if she could she would have already taken down the whole building.

"Damn it! Why does it always turn out like this? Damn it…"

Willa was clenching her fist. Her breathing soon turned into being fast. She closed her eyes. She now was certain that she was not human. She was more that sure that her mother was a full breed demon. And she was a half breed. The female let out a deep sigh. Her face returned to normal as if nothing happened. Willa was after all a grown woman. She could not and did not want to let anger take over her. Now that she knew she had demon blood and more powerful than she though it was she had to keep calm and no lose control. She did not know what she was able to do is she did. She only knew that she was a fire demon.

Both Willa and Dante started feeling a weird presence. Something was closing up. Was it a demon, or just something else? They had to wait to find out. They got sure soon that it was a demon. That presence was changing places rapidly and fast. They could not keep up with it.

A loud noise was herd from underground and both of them looked at it. Soon enough a trap door opened from under Willa and she fell in. She did not have time to react. Even if she had, she could not use her flames to go off of the ground. Dante tried to catch her but even he, wasn't fast enough.

Everything went darker that it already was for Willa's side. She fell into something quite soft but dusty which made her cough slightly. She light her hand with flame to see what was going on. She was in room that appeared to be a basement. Maybe it was an underground warehouse for keeping cool drinks. It was cold and Willa could feel it clearly. She looked up to where she fell. There was no opening visible to go through.

She suddenly started hearing loud thugs from above. She figured that Dante was fighting something. She started to look around for a door or something that would lead her outside.