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"He's not awake yet, but he should be soon," the nurse told them while she was leading them to Izaya's room. When they entered, they noticed that Izaya was the only patient in here. "There were no complications during the surgery, so should be able to go home in about a week, depending on how well he recovers," She explained.

"Do you know what exactly happened to him?" Shinra asked.

"We only know that he has been stabbed and that it could have been deadly if he hadn't gotten help in time, but apart from that, I can't really tell you anything else, sorry," she answered.

"I see," He replied.

"I can't imagine who would do something like that to him," The nurse said, more to herself than to the others.

Shinra was surprised at how the nurse sounded when she was talking about Izaya, so he asked, "Do you know him?"

"Ah, yes… though it's been some time since I last saw him. About 10 years, I think, but I still remember him very well. He was such a nice boy. He was quiet and somewhat distant, but nice nonetheless. I feel sorry for him that he had to go through all that stuff," She said.

The others weren't sure if they just heard what they thought they did. Izaya and nice? Were they even talking about the same person? The Izaya they knew was someone who enjoyed playing with other people's lives. Surely the nurse had to be mistaking him for someone else, right?

Shinra, who was bothered by something else that the nurse said, asked, "What do you mean with him having to go through all of that stuff?"

"You don't know about that? I thought you were his friends."

"We are! He just doesn't really tell us anything about himself," Shinra explained.

"Well, if he hasn't told you about it, then it can't either," The nurse replied.

The group asked themselves what could have happened to Izaya that was so bad that the nurse couldn't tell them about it. Izaya surely wouldn't tell them something that he had kept silent about for 10 years. He didn't even tell them what had happened to him recently.

In that moment, Izaya's body began to stir and his eyes were opening slowly.

The nurse rushed to his side, pulled a small flashlight out of her pocket and checked his eyes. The others followed her, though they kept their distance.

Izaya slowly brought his hands up to his face and tried to shield himself from the light. He began to open his mouth, but the nurse spoke first.

"Hello, Izaya. You're in the hospital right now. Do you know what happened?" She asked in a soft tone.

"I… was attacked," he said, trying to sit up, but the nurse gently put her hands on his shoulders to stop him from doing so.

"It would be better not to try to sit up at the moment," the nurse advised. "How are you feeling?"

Izaya was silent for a while, letting the situation sink in. Then, he suddenly seemed to realize who the person was that was talking to him. "Hiroko-san?"

"So you remember me," she replied. "I admit that I was shocked when I found out what happened and I immediately asked to be the one to take care of you. Just what have you gotten yourself into?"

"…It's been a long time since we two saw each other," Izaya said, ignoring Hiroko's question.

"Indeed. About 10 years, I think," she said. "Well, I' going to leave now and let you and your friends alone." And with that, she left.

"…Friends?" the informant asked himself, only now noticing the other people that where in the room. When he realized exactly who they were, the informant's expression turned into one of shock for a split second, but he quickly composed himself and forced a smile on his lips.

"Hey, Izaya. It's good to see that you're okay," Shinra greeted him, walking closer towards the bed.

"Hello there, Shinra. It's nice to see you, too," Izaya replied, trying not to sound as worn out as he was feeling and letting his gaze wander to the two other individuals who hadn't moved from their spot. "…but would you mind telling me those two are doing here?"

"Celty is the one who drove me here and Shizuo… well," the doctor tried to explain.

"Be grateful that somebody is visiting you, at least!" Shizuo spoke up.

"Oh, I am very grateful, Shizu-chan. The fact that you are here must mean that you care a lot about me, ne?" Izaya said, his smile still present.

"Do you really want to die that badly?! I will gladly hel-!" Shizuo started angrily, stomping towards Izaya, but he was stopped by Shinra.

"Please calm down, Shizuo. Remember what we talked about earlier?"

That seemed to be enough to stop Shizuo, who just 'tch'ed and turned his head away from the informant, wishing to be able to smoke.

Izaya, who was surprised at how that simple sentence could calm such a monster as Shizuo down, turned his attention towards the underground doctor. "What did you talk about earlier?"

"Hmm… let me start like this: I guess you don't want to return to place after leaving the hospital, right? But I also think that it's too dangerous for you to live alone."

"Shinra, I already said that I can take care of myself."

"Not while you're this injured. There's also a possibility that you're going to be attacked again, and you just can't defend yourself like that."

"I'm not going to live with you again," the informant insisted.

"I'm not saying you have to," Shinra said.

"Then what are you saying?" Izaya asked the doctor.

"I'm saying that someone is going to be living with you for a while to look after you. That someone being Shizuo," he explained calmly.

"What?! Are you suggesting that that brute will be living in my apartment, while 'taking care' of me?"

"That's right."

"He will kill me as soon as he gets the chance to!"

"No, he won't do that. Right, Shizuo?" Shinra said, turning his head to the debt collector.

"Yeah…" the blonde mumbled.

"…You can't be serious," Izaya said disbelievingly, more to himself than to the others.

"It's going to be fine, Izaya. Don't worry too much about it for now. We will pick you up once you are allowed to leave the hospital," the doctor reassured him.

Then the group said their goodbyes and left, leaving Izaya alone in his hospital bed.