Commando The Beginning

John Matrix who is Arnold Schwarzenegger was on secret mission in sovjet russia where he had to infiltrate evil russian fortress and destroy nuclear warheads. "Nostrove!" said russian soldier who was on patrol with his buddy when suddenly, John Matrix said "Fuck you you asshole!" with voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger and punched the soldier and he was flying through air and hit wall and broke his neck and other soldier screamed "OMG we has a John Matrix!" and John Matrix took out combat knife and slit his throat and blood was spraying from wound and soldier fell down while holding wound. Suddenly, squad of soldiers ataccked John Matrix with assault rifles but John Matrix didnt care because he was badass and jumped into cover and throw grenade at them and one of them screamed "Oh noes fire in hole comrades!" before he exploded into pile of flesh and meat and another soldier was flying through air and legs were ripped off and everyone was flying through air and turned to raw meat and was dead.

So John Matrix continued his mission when suddenly, big russian guy attacked and said "I must break you!" it was... Ivan Drago! Who was Dolph Lundgren! Dolph Lundgren punched John Matrix in face and then again and again and John Matrix turned around and fell to floor and Ivan Drago kicked him and John Matrix was flying against car and made dent in it and entered rage mode and grabbed soldier who was standing next to him at leg and punched Ivan Drago with soldier! But Dolph Lundgren is badass so Ivan Drago didn't care so soldier exploded into blood and bones and brains and John Matrix was holding his leg in his hand so he throw it away and charged towards Ivan Drago and gave him drop kick and Ivan Drago was flying away and destroyed russian tank and there was huge explosion and everywhere was debris and stuff and now, Ivan Drago was dead. "Greet comrades from me, evil Dolph Lundgren!" said Arnold Schwarzenegger badassily and went to secret nuclear missile base and punched through the steel door and ripped it open and throw it away but suddenly, ninja attacked! And he was russian!

Ninja throw shuriken at John Matrix at speed of light but John Matrix who is badass catched shuriken with teeth and swallowed it whole! "I eat shurikens for breakfast!" said Arnold Schwarzenegger badassily and ninja tired to give round house kick but John Matrix grabbed his leg and ripped it off and ninja was jumping on one leg and bleeding heavily because John Matrix had his leg! "Oh no plz give me my leg back!" said ninja and John Matrix said "No problem my friend!" with voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger and punched ninja with his leg and ninja head was ripped off and flying through air until it hit wall and exploded and everywhere was brain. Suddenly, colonel told John Matrix with mobile phone "Joh Matrix someone started nuclear missiles so now everyone will be dead because when missile exploded america will start missiles, too, and then russia and america will be exploded and there will be nuclear winter because dust from nuclear explosion will be thrown into air and will be heated by sun so it will not fall back to ground for several years so it will block out sun and temperatue will decline by several degrees and civilization will be destroyed and humanity will propably die and also little pandas who will starve to death!" said the colonel. "No I wont let little pandas die!" said Arnold Schwarzenegger and grabbed the nuclear missile and throw it into sun and everyone was happy and world was save again!