Poison & Wine - Chapter I

Summary: Elena and Jeremy have another sister, Andrea, or Andy, who is Elena's fraternal twin. What happens when she discovers the secrets of her hometown of Mystic Falls and manages to catch the eye of two Original brothers? But, along the way, she realizes that just because one person is your soulmate, doesn't mean that that's who you're supposed to end up with.

Elijah/OC/Klaus with some Damon/OC!

Okay, so I picture Emmy Rossum as my OC, that' s just how I've seen her.


I walked away from the Lockwood mansion, tears falling from my eyes. Our words played over in my head.

"When are you going to kiss me? Or do I have to steal one from you?" I asked with a small smile.

He sighed, brushing my curls back. "You do not know how badly I want to, Andy,"

"What's stopping you?"

"There's things you don't know. Can't know,"

"Then tell me those things, Damon," I demanded, staring up into his blue eyes, finding myself slowly getting lost in them.

"It's not that simple," He answered, cupping my cheeks with his hands.

"Say what you mean, Damon," At this point, we stopped dancing, and we were at a stand still. "Stop avoiding whatever you have these past few days and say it."

He exhaled, staring into my brown eyes. "We can't be together, Andy. I . . . I think I'm in love with Elena."

I had immediately stepped backwards, tears filling my eyes. I feel like I can't breathe, and my heart was beating rapidly like a hummingbird. My breaths were heavy, and the tears spilled over from my eyes. "You don't mean that,"*

He didn't say a word, confirming my fears. I'd always had suspicions, but those suspicions hadn't mattered after a while. I'd thought I'd been the only one . . . I should've known better.

"I've loved you since the moment I met you . . . She hasn't," I whispered and ran away from him.

It had been at the Lockwood Masquerade party, and I'd been estatic. I was wearing a greenish-blue dress with some silver that was beautiful. It had thin straps, and flowed down to my knees. I had greenish-blue silver flats to match. My hair was down in it's signature style, light brown curls. My mask was the masterpiece, as was the eye make-up. The eye make up was blue, green, and silver, same with my mask. The whole outfit looked breathtaking, and I'd worn it just for Damon, the first guy I felt like I was in love with. Ever.

He was supposed to dance with me throughout the night, but ended up ditching me for God knows what. So, he ended up coming after when I was sitting all alone and asked to dance with me. I accepted, and then asked whether he was going to kiss me or not. It spiraled from there.

I got to a group of cars and let out a cry. Damon was supposed to be my ride home . . .

Why was I so stupid?! Every guy I felt *anything* for turned around and stabbed me in the back. I had the worst luck with men. My only three boyfriends had cheated on me, one of those being Tyler Lockwood, but we were actually on good terms now.

I got out my phone and called my brother, Jeremy, because I couldn't handle seeing my sister, Elena, who Damon was in love with, right now.

It rung a few times before going to voice mail.

"Jer," I tried steadying my voice but it was no use. "You left the party and I need a ride home, I left my car at home. Please come pick me. Call me when you get this message. Love you . . . Bye."

I hung up and ran a hand through my hair. I heard something behind me, and I immediately thought Damon had come chased after me.

"Damon, I-" I turned around to see someone with a full face mask. They shoved a cloth over my face.

I struggled against them, trying to punch at them, but they held it to my mouth and noise, and eventually my eyes rolled back, my vision going black.


The End of Chapter I

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