Poison & Wine - Chapter I

Summary: Elena and Jeremy have another sister, Andrea, or Andy, who is Elena's fraternal twin. What happens when she discovers the secrets of her hometown of Mystic Falls and manages to catch the eye of two Original brothers? But, along the way, she realizes that just because one person is your soulmate, doesn't mean that that's who you're supposed to end up with. Elijah/OC/Klaus with some Damon/OC!

Edit: So since it's been a year since I've even touched Andy's story, I decided to go back and edit this to give me some muse for the other story. There won't be huge edits unless I notice continuity errors. I'm so, so sorry for my lack of updates to Beautiful Disaster, but I missed the entirety of season 2 of The Originals and haven't been able to catch up on it yet. As I'm catching up and writing for Beautiful Disaster I'm hoping this will tide you all over, it'll be daily updated! Thank you so much for you support, it means the most to me.

I walked away from the Lockwood mansion with tears streaming down my face. The words exchanged between Damon and I plagued my mind.

"When are you going to kiss me? Or do I have to steal one from you?" I asked with a small smile.

He sighed, brushing my curls back. "You do not know how badly I want to, Andy."

"What's stopping you then?"

"There's things you don't know. Can't know."

"Then tell me those things, Damon," I demanded, staring up into his blue eyes, finding myself slowly getting lost in them. "Why can't I know them?"

"It's not that simple," He answered, cupping my cheeks with his hands.

"Say what you mean, Damon," At this point, we stopped dancing, and had attracted little attention from those around us. "Stop avoiding whatever you have these past few days and say it. I'm tired of skirting around and made out to be a fool."

He exhaled, staring into my brown eyes. "We can't be together, Andy. There's someone else."

I blinked back tears I was afraid of spilling over. "Who?"

"It doesn't matter and it won't help."

"Dammit Damon." I stepped back from him and did my best to compose myself. "I deserve to know. You can't say you want to kiss me and then tell me you're pining after someone else, it doesn't work like that!"

"What do you want me to say, Andy? I care for you but I can't give you want you want. Sex, yes I can give. But a functioning relationship? You'll have to go elsewhere."

I had scoffed and clenched my fists, ready to punch him. "But you'll give this 'someone else' a relationship. I didn't realize that I was too fucked up for you. Fine. Have a great life, Damon."

Of course this whole scene had to go down at the Lockwood Masquerade Party, my favorite event my little town of Mystic Falls held. I had been so proud of myself that night in my knee-length flowy dress that went from a light to dark green. My curly hair had stayed perfect and didn't frizz up for once and my silver mask had completed the outfit. All for Damon. All because he finally asked me to do something with him of romantic nature.

As my date, you would have expected him to be with me throughout the night or at least parts of it, but he ended up ditching me for God knows what. Finally, towards the end of the party after I had spent time all by myself, he asked to dance with me. I accepted and that was when it spiraled from there.

I got to a group of cars and let out a cry. Damon was supposed to be my ride homeā€¦

Why was I so stupid?! Every guy I felt anything for turned around and stabbed me in the back in one way or the other. It was official. I had the worst luck with men. I had had various boyfriends but the only one who was ever serious was Tyler, and he cheated on me from the moment we started seeing one another.

Breaking my resolve, I called my brother Jeremy since I didn't have much of a choice. Elena had acted indifferent towards me at the party and had mostly ignored me. I wasn't sure what was going on with her but I knew that she and Stefan had been back and forth with one another.

The line rang a few times before going to voice mail.

"Jer," I tried steadying my voice but it was no use. I was still shaken by Damon's words and they were getting to me more so now. "You left the party and I need a ride home. Please come pick me. Call me when you get this message."

I hung up and ran a hand through my hair. This night was more trouble than it was worth. I just wanted to get home and was tempted to go back to Damon just for a ride. Just then, I heard something behind me. My immediate thought was that Damon had come chased after me and I couldn't help but feel a glimmer of hope.

"Damon, I-" I turned around to see someone with a full face mask. They shoved a cloth over my mouth and grabbed me around the waist.

I struggled against them, trying to punch at them, but they held it tightly to me. Eventually my vision went black.