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(Set 6 months after My Crazy Lover)

Chapter 1. Changes in life

I closed my eyes. Letting all the sounds and movements go off my head. Relaxing. I take a huge breath in and out. When I opened my eyes a toothy round cheek boy with bright eyes and small curly hair smiles up at me.

" Daddy…whatchu doin'," he asks, narrowing his eyes a little.

" Practicing with relaxing," I replied, my lips turning into a smile then a frown. " What are you doing out here Gapu?" I glanced back at the house, probably a quarter of a mile away from here.

Gapu shrugs and curiously inspects the sword at my side.

I grinned mischievously.

" I know your Mom said not to let you train until you're a bit older, but do you want to a bit?" I kneel down.

He grins back and nods eagerly.

" Ah, No. I don't think that's happening," a cheerful voice escapes from within the forest and chills me to the bones.

I bolt up startled. Stepping from behind me is Pucca.

" Mommy!" Gapu stumbles over to her.

Pucca smiles at him and lifts him up, planting a kiss on his cheek, which Gapu thoroughly enjoyed.

I smile at them, placing my sword back behind my back. I scanned around. Someone was missing. She was getting good. I glanced at Pucca. She signals the trees. Ah, I look up and dangling in the trees is Aruka. She hops down giggling.

" I almost got unnoticed daddy, did you see that," she jumps down enthusiastically. I caught her on the way down.

I nod as she brings her short lengthy arms around me.

" Shall we go home then?" Pucca asked, grinning at me.

No matter how many times Pucca does that, I'm still not used to how brilliant her smile is. I stay staring for a while before she uses her spare hand to grabbed my arm.

" Let's go home," Pucca whispers her hands locked firmly.

Definitely home would be a better option. It was getting dark outside. As we make our way home I think about my life now. Content is one way of putting it. Aruka skips along back home while Gapu slept on Pucca shoulder.

I fed Mio once we're inside.

" Mrow," he probably meant something around the lines. " You're barely feeding me now"

" Sorry, busy day," I apologized scratching its ears.

" Garu!" again I stiffen, startled.

Pucca cheerfully bends down next to me.

" What is it?" I asked.

" You must also be hungry, there's noodles at the table," her eyes were sparkling.


" Oh thanks," I stand up and Pucca does too.

An expecting look in her eyes. I sighed and take her hand, which is what she wants whenever she gives me that look. Pucca giggles while she swings our hands around.


Pucca was humming as well. I frowned. She's acting a lot more cheerful than usual. Wonder why? She then stops.

" I need you to watch the kids tomorrow, I'm doing a bit of….shopping," she hesitantly said.

Is that why she's happy?

" Okay," I nodded in agreement.

" And then the next day I'll watch them as you do what you're going to do,"


What am I going to do? I frowned again. " Um…what?"

Pucca kisses my cheek unexpectedly. I swear I'm never going to get used to her sudden kisses.

" Good night,'' she grinned started to leave.

Hold up " You're going to bed already?" I glanced at the clock, only 6 P.M

" Tomorrow is a very busy day," she smiles before leaving.

What? What is tomorrow? Birthday? No birthdays aren't for a while…I stand for a while trying to think of what I'm missing. I even glanced at the calendar. I'm clueless to what Pucca can mean. Knowing Pucca it's something absolutely crazy. Maybe I can figure it out by Ching or Abyo.

( next morning)

" What? No I have no idea what she's planning," Abyo frowns." Maybe it's a girl thing, Ching has a lot of those moments."

"Has she mentioned anything to you?" Everything just seemed strange.

How can Pucca be so pumped up about something I don't even know?

" Ching? How would I know," Abyo argued, too defensive.

" Beats me...maybe because you're married to her!" I argued back, narrowing my eyes.

" All right. She did mention that she was helping Pucca shop for a a big occasion," he surrenders.

I sigh not understanding. Pucca can be very complex to understand sometimes.

" Speaking of special occasion did you hear about the ninja leaders tour over here? They're looking for the greatest ninja to honor," Abyo murmured.

The glass I was holding, shattered.


" Two weeks from now,"

I've been looking for an oppurtunity this big all my life.

" Daddy what's wrong?" Aruka comes to me surprised, even Gapu was staring at me surprised.

I smiled at them. It's time to finally achieve my lifetime goal and achieve honor.

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