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Chapter 1:

He couldn't believe it, he had thought about this moment, what he would do, what he would say. After all the unpleasantries they had been through when they divorced, this was something he never really expected to see. In all of the times he imagined running into her, he never expected to see her in his arms. The feeling in the pit of his stomach was something else he hadn't expected. He had moved on, clearly she had moved on as well, so why did he have to control an urge to walk over to the table and punch that smug asshole in the face.

"I have a reservation for Huntzberger" Logan smiled at the maitre'd .

"Of course, for 2, is the rest of your party here yet, Mr. Huntzberger?"

"Not yet, she'll be meeting me soon" he told her, "Could you tell me, are there any other Huntzberger reservations tonight? My parents mentioned they might be coming here tonight" he lied.

"Yes, I have one, but I don't think she is your mother" the maitre'd laughed, "Follow me please"

"Of course" Logan smirked, she was still going by Huntzberger, that had to count for something.

"Your server will be right with you" the maitre'd smiled as she walked away, leaving Logan to stare intently at his wife, ex wife.

She wasn't his anymore, and seeing her with Jess, that ass who had ditched her without even a word, and would then come sweeping into her life like some sort of superhero, that was even more annoying. Logan hadn't liked Jess from the moment he had met him, and he firmly believed that any fascination Rory had with Jess was more to do with the idea of what could have been, rather than a real relationship. Rory hadn't said yes when Logan asked her to marry him, but somehow after the campaign trail, they had found each other again and two short years later, they married. He couldn't pinpoint when it had started going wrong, maybe it was after their son, Christian Richard Huntzberger was born, at first everything was great, but soon, Logan found himself working long hours, and he knew his wife resented him for it. For a while things had been better, they had a daughter, Lorelai Honor Huntzberger, and again, they fell into the same trap. It was never that Logan had stopped loving Rory, nor that Rory had stopped loving Logan, their issue however was that Logan felt a need to constantly be sure his family was provided for, and he never seemed to fully understand that they had everything they needed, and by the time he realized all his wife wanted was for him to come home, she had served him with divorce papers.

The divorce hadn't been pleasant, Logan saw his kids every other weekend from Thursday night until Monday morning. He never imagined in a million years that at 37 years old he would have been married for 10 years, have 2 kids, and be divorced. He touted his accomplishments as the fact that he was the head of a multi billion dollar media conglomerate, but he had lost his family, and it wasn't until he sat there watching as his Rory laughed over a candle lit meal with another man that he realized the terrible mistake he had made.

"Mr. Huntzberger you have a package from your wife" his assistant, Sheila had told him, he could sense a little bit of fear in her voice.

"Alright" he nodded as he took the thick envelope, "Is there anything else?"

"No sir" Sheila shook her head and excused herself from the room.

What on earth could she have been so worried about?


I am writing you this because I don't know how to tell you in person. Don't come home tonight. I think that it is best for us, and our children if we separate. I have spoken to a lawyer to begin formal separation proceedings, and I am having the locks changed on the house.

As per the prenuptial agreement I signed when we got married, because we have minor children, I am entitled to the matrimonial home. I have left a suitcase full of clothing with your secretary, and you can forward me an address to have your belongings shipped to. If you cannot send me that information by the end of the week, I will ship everything to the apartment in the city.

I hope that for the sake of our children this can remain cordial. This is not what I wanted for us, but it has become increasingly apparent that you are not willing to make quality time with your family a priority, and so now, I will stop asking you to choose. It is my hope that we can come up with a custody agreement that allows you meaningful time with our children while they are able to stay in the comforts of the home they have been raised in.

I did not want you to be blindsided by my attorney contacting you, so you are hearing it from me. This marriage is broken beyond repair, and as much as it saddens me to admit that, we must move on. Please make all further communication through our lawyers, and if it pertains to the children, you may pass messages through Alice. We don't need to make this any harder on ourselves, or our children than it has to be.

I'm sorry,

Rory Huntzberger

The letter had been so clinical, so cold, the only thing that let him know that she had struggled through writing it was the fact that he could see water stains on the paper, he had to assume those were tear drops that had fallen while she wrote it. He saw another drop splash on the paper, he hadn't even realized he was crying as he read the letter. She had given up on them, he had broken them, and now, he was alone.

"You didn't follow her here, did you?" Honor sighed as she sat down at the table with her brother breaking him out of his thoughts.

"I had no idea she was here" Logan defended himself, "But I do know that she still goes by Huntzberger"

"It's a powerful name" Honor shrugged, "She'd be a fool to get rid of it"

"Hon" Logan smirked, "How are you? You look great"

"I'm good Logan, thank you" she smiled, "So if you're here tonight, and she is here tonight, where are my niece and nephew?"

"I'm guessing they are with Rory's mom" Logan shrugged, "I don't know though"

"Well, let's get to the topic at hand" Honor changed the subject, she didn't want to discuss her brother's failed marriage, she knew Logan still loved Rory, and she knew that Rory, despite all of the hurt and pain he had caused her, she knew that Rory still loved Logan.


Rory Huntzberger sighed as she looked over at her ex husband as he sat having dinner with a mystery blonde, she couldn't see her face, the woman had sat down while Rory wasn't looking, she looked like she was probably beautiful.

"So do you think your kids will like me?" Jess pestered her once more about the prospect of meeting her kids. It was too weird for her, sure she and Logan had been divorced for almost a year, and separated before that, but she still wasn't ready for them to meet another man she would be spending time with.

"Jess it's not as simple as that" Rory shook her head, "My kids are young, they barely understand that Daddy isn't coming home"

"Well will I get to see your house?" Jess pushed her a little bit further.

"No" Rory shook her head, that was another rule she was firm on. The divorce settlement had been as clear as the prenup she had signed. She was entitled to a substantial stake in Huntzberger Publishing Group, a 15% share to be exact, and she was entitled to $40,000 per month in spousal support plus an additional $60,000 per month in child support. Logan was responsible to pay for the kids private school, and Rory would keep their house in Hartford while Logan kept the apartment in New York. Rory left the marriage with her trust fund and all of the assets she had brought into the marriage, but even if the house was technically hers, she knew it would always be theirs. It was the house they had spent their marriage in, they had watched both of their kids have their first steps in that house, and no matter what a deed said, it would always be their home.

"Rory is this even moving forward?" Jess was clearly annoyed now.

"Look, Jess, this is fun, we're having fun, but we don't need to make this so heavy. Let's not try to force things to happen, what is going to happen will happen, so lighten up" she sighed, "If you'll excuse me, I need to go to the ladies room. If the waiter comes by, please order me another vodka martini" and with that, she stood up


"Logan don't" Honor saw his eyes following her towards the ladies room, "Leave her be"

"We don't even talk anymore Honor" Logan protested, "After all those years, all the nights we shared a bed, a nanny and driver take our kids from point A to point B, we literally have spoken through lawyers for the last year. I just want to know she's ok"

"Logan" Honor began, but before she could fully protest, he was gone, walking towards the ladies rest room.

Once he got to the door, he suddenly realized he didn't have a plan. What was he going to do? Barge in and force all of the women out, and so he waited, and thought, thought about what he was going to say. I mean really, what was she thinking, being here with him?

"Logan" Rory felt her breath catch as she walked out of the ladies room.

"I just wanted to..." he began, fumbling over his words, "I saw you, and I wanted to say hi. I didn't think your date would particularly want to see me" he shrugged.

"Hello Logan" Rory repeated, a small smile breaking at her lips. She was glad that she had taken the time to pick out an outfit that night. She was wearing a dress he had always loved, despite the fact that it was just a simple black v-neck dress, he had always loved her in it, she had paired them perfectly with a pair of peep toe pumps.

"You look great" he commented, he had immediately noticed that she was wearing the dress he had loved. She had bought it years earlier on a weekend in Los Angeles, shortly after the birth of Lorelai.

"Thank you" Rory smiled, "So do you"

"Where are the kids?" he asked her, knowing it wasn't his weekend.

"They are with my Dad" Rory explained, "Gigi is home from college for the weekend so they are having a family weekend"

"Of course" Logan nodded, "Well give your family my best" he told her, suddenly feeling bad for having ambushed her like this.

"I will" Rory nodded, "You should probably get back to your date"

"My date?" Logan felt his brow crease.

"Blonde, bright red dress, sitting with you..." Rory looked at him as though he had lost his mind.

"Rory" Logan laughed, "That's Honor"

"Oh" Rory nodded, "Well...um...ok, so you get back to Honor, and tell her I will say goodbye before I leave"

"Of course" Logan smiled, "It was...good seeing you"

"Sure" Rory smiled before she turned on her heels and returned to the table, by the time she got back her drink was waiting for her, "Sorry Jess" she smiled, "I ran into my-"

"Husband" Jess had seen him walk by the table just after Rory had gone to the ladies room.

"Ex husband" Rory corrected him, "He just wanted to say hi" she explained, "He is here with his sister"

"I don't care who he's here with Rory" Jess rolled his eyes, even though years had gone by, he still had the same attitude he had always carried with him. When they were young she had found it endearing, but at the age they were now, she more or less found it annoying that he wouldn't just act like an adult from time to time.

"He just wanted to know where the kids were" Rory continued to defend him.

"And a text message wouldn't suffice" Jess snapped back, "Or was his assistant not with him to type it out for him?"

"Jess" Rory warned him, she was sick of the attitude when it came to Logan, "You just said you wanted to meet my kids. Now if you ever want that to happen" she told him, "You will learn to be respectful of the fact that Logan Huntzberger is their father"


"Well look who's back" Honor mused, "And alive. That is progress"

"We just caught up" Logan told her, "She's going to come and say goodbye before she leaves. You two were always close"

"That is a mistake I will never make again" Honor laughed as she took a sip of her scotch.

"What is?"

"I won't get close to anyone you are with" Honor explained, "Losing her, losing a friend, it hurt too much"

"Honor you didn't have to lose her, you two can still be friends" Logan told her as he picked up a breadstick.

"No" she shook her head, "Family rules dictate that in the case of a divorce, you side with family"

"Honor you can still be friends with Rory" Logan laughed, "Come on, eat"

They talked aimlessly throughout the meal, not touching on anything important, Honor asking about the kids, hoping they would be able to get to the Vineyard together for a long weekend during the summer. Logan had explained that Rory was taking them to New York for July 4th, correspondence through their nanny, Alice, had established that she would like to stay at the apartment that weekend, Logan had obliged considering he would be in San Francisco for that week. Rory had also hoped that she would be able to have the kids over Labour Day, but it looked increasingly like Logan would have to make a claim to his holiday so that Honor could spend some time with the kids.

They had discussed his considering purchasing a place in the Hamptons for them all to go to, and Honor had obviously been on board. She knew that Logan bought extravagant things for his kids because he felt bad about the divorce, and also because he knew he should be around more. It was a typical Mitchum response, Logan and Honor had spent their entire lives with these displays of affection, but Honor had hoped that Logan wouldn't do the same.

"Hi" Rory breathed as she interrupted the conversation, causing both Logan and Honor to look up at her.

"Rory!" Honor squealed as she stood up to hug her, "You look amazing, how are you?"

"Oh you know" Rory shrugged, she clearly felt awkward, "This is Jess, my...friend" she smiled, "Jess this is Honor Huntzberger, Logan's sister"

"Hey" Jess nodded as he extended his hand to her.

"Good to see you Jess" Logan swallowed his pride and extended his hand to Jess, trying to suppress his urge to punch him square in the jaw.

"You too, man" Jess nodded, "We uh...we should get going"

"Oh Rory we should catch up. Text me, we can get the kids all together" Honor smiled as she hugged Rory once more, "I miss you"

"I'll get in touch this week" Rory promised as she smiled at them both and walked out the door with Jess.

"Friend?" Jess glared at her once they were out at the valet, waiting for her Range Rover.

"Jess" Rory rolled her eyes, "I'm not going to rub it in. I'm not going to do a happy dance in front of my ex husband and his sister over the fact that I am dating someone. You know I'm not that person"

"Whatever Rory, why don't you just drop me off at home" Jess shook his head.


"Mom?" 9 year old Christian Huntzberger walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cookie off of the plate.

"Yes?" Rory smiled as she closed the fridge door. "Where is your sister?" she asked, noticing only her son was standing in front of her.

"She's in her room" Christian shrugged.

"Alright" Rory nodded, "What's up?"

"This was at the door" he handed her a heavy, silver envelope with thick cursive writing that addressed Rory, Christian & Lorelai Huntzberger, the return address made her groan, it was a party being thrown by the Huntzberger Publishing Group. Unfortunately, despite no longer being a part of that family, she still owned a stake in the company, and she was also a best selling author. Her book, a semi autobiographical tale of a woman who had every opportunity at her feet, had felt like she had lost it all when she finally got up the strength to divorce her CEO husband. Writing the book had been what got Rory through the 8 month separation that had occurred before the divorce had become final. She had begun writing it the day she left, 2 weeks after Christian's 7th birthday, and she had written it when the kids were with Logan, it had been her therapy. She had published it under her own name so most people knew the story was about her and Logan, but she didn't care. Huntzberger had published the book, Rory wasn't sure why she had published it there, maybe as a backwards way of showing the world, and Logan, that despite everything that had happened, she didn't hate him. The book wasn't scathing, she could still remember the dedication word for word.

To the love of my life, Logan Huntzberger, you gave me the most amazing gift, you gave me your love, and our two children, and a million memories. Love you always and forever - Ace.

She had written that dedication on a particularly rough night, one of many where she had questioned if she had made the right decision by leaving him. It was the night she had seen her children attending a party in New York City with Logan, and his new girlfriend. Sure the woman had only lasted a few months, and she knew from the kids that Logan had just introduced her as a coworker, but that night she had admitted to herself as she wrote, that she wished she hadn't walked away because all things considered, Logan Huntzberger was the love of her life.

"What is it?" Christian brought her out of her thoughts.

"It is an invitation" Rory explained, "To a party at Daddy's work"

"Why did you get invited?" Christian asked, he was old enough to understand that his parents weren't together, and that meant he got more presents at Christmas and his birthday, but he still missed their family moments.

"Because I write books for the company, and because I still own part of it" Rory explained as she opened the envelope and pulled out the formal invitation. "It's for next Friday, so do you want to go with your Dad, or do you want to come with me?"

"Do I have to go?" Christian groaned, he hated the parties, he had hated them for as long as he could remember, probably longer if he could remember his baby years.

"Not if you don't want to" Rory shook her head, "You can call Dad and ask him if you can stay in with Alice if you want"

"Can you call him?" Christian sighed. Even if he knew his parents were likely never getting back together, he still tried from time to time to force the subject, he knew his mom wasn't as happy as she used to be, even if she pretended, and he knew his Dad was miserable except for on his weekends with the kids.

"We'll see" Rory sighed, "Why don't you go ask your sister if she wants to come"

"Do you promise to call Dad?" Christian countered.

"No" Rory laughed, "But as your mom, I am telling you to go and ask your sister if she wants to go to this party. If she doesn't, we will figure something out with your Dad so that you don't have to go"

"Fine" Christian sighed as he walked out of the kitchen and up to his sisters room.

Rory let out a long sigh, she had a feeling Logan had no idea she had been invited to this gathering. Fortunately, despite running in the same social circles, they hadn't run into each other at any events since the divorce. Normally if the party was on Logan's weekend with the kids, Rory would go and Logan would stay in, the opposite would occur when Rory had the kids, but she knew that because it was a Huntzberger party, her former in laws would be expecting her, and they would probably also be expecting the kids. She knew she needed to discuss it, and so she picked up the phone and dialed the number that had become more and more familiar over the years.

"Huntzberger residence" the maid answered the phone.

"Can I please speak to Mr. Huntzberger" Rory asked her, "Tell him this is Rory Huntzberger"

"One moment please Ms. Huntzberger" the maid put her on hold immediately.

"Mitchum Huntzberger" Mitchum's voice boomed into the phone.

"Mitchum, hi, it's Rory" Rory felt her mouth getting dry.

"Rory, hello" Mitchum's voice became much more casual realizing it was his former daughter in law on the other end of the phone, "What can I do for you? Is everything alright with the kids?"

"Everything is fine" Rory confirmed, "I actually just got this invitation to the party next week for Huntzberger, and, well, Christian isn't really wanting to go"

"Did you talk to Logan about it?" Mitchum asked. It was strange how Rory and Mitchum had maintained somewhat of a relationship with each other after the divorce. Maybe it was because of the professional relationship they had cultivated during the marriage, but Rory always felt comfortable discussing things with Mitchum. Nothing to deep, or personal, but when it came to the kids, she knew Mitchum was watching out for his grandchildren.

"Not yet" Rory told him, "You know we don't really talk"

"I know" Mitchum sighed, "Well, personally, I think it is important that Christian go, I understand these parties can be boring, but working in publishing might be what he ends up doing, and all the connections he can get will help him, even if he's young now, he'll appreciate it when he's older"

"I guess I'll just tell them they have to go" Rory agreed, "Will Honor be bringing Aly and Tyler?" she asked, referring to the children she who had always called her Aunty Ror.

"I believe so" Mitchum explained, "Honor was talking about getting a suite at the Plaza for the kids to hang out in with the nanny if it all became too much for them. I'll ask her if Christian and Riley can stay there"

"Thank you Mitchum" Rory felt a sense of relief come over her, "I'll see you next week"

"Goodnight Rory"

"Was that Dad?" Christian asked her as he caught his breath from running upstairs.

"No that was Grandpa" Rory explained, "And you and Ri are coming" she told him, Riley had been the nickname Lorelai IV had been given at her birth.

"Whyyyy?" Christian groaned.

"Because we said so" Rory laughed, "Aunt Honor has a suite at the hotel that you and Riley can play in with Aly and Ty if yo get bored"


Logan sighed as he closed the doors to his kids empty bedrooms. After the divorce he had purchased a big house, wanting the kids to feel comfortable when they came over, but he realized increasingly that he was always alone in the house. He had dated a few women since the divorce, but none of them made him particularly happy, and so, like most nights he found himself sitting in the media room, watching television and drinking alone.

As her glanced through his mail he saw a silvery envelope addressed to him.

"Fuck" he muttered to himself, it was the Huntzberger Party he had been hearing about at work for the past few weeks, and he knew that as a part owner, and author for the company, Rory would be there. He could expect in the next few days he would get an e-mail from the Alice suggesting that the kids would prefer to stay in at their mothers house, and that she would bring them over on Saturday morning. This was going to be it, he was going to be attending his first social event that Rory would be at as well, it would be like old times, except unlike old times, she wouldn't be his anymore. She would probably bring Jess, god he didn't know what he would do if she brought Jess. Tossing back the rest of his drink, he could only wonder one thing as he sat in the dimly lit room. How did they end up here? More importantly, how could they get out of here?