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Shaiza groaned and thumped her head onto her desk. A quick glance at the clock on her screen told her it was almost 11:00 had to further her story. Had to, but the ideas just weren't flowing anymore. Shaiza re-read the last thing she wrote, feeling her mind slog along like a four year olds. Twilight jerked at the chains that bound her to the floor, but... "No good," she groaned, looking up. "The words just won't come."


Shaiza looked down at her feet. Bandit, her mostly black kitten, was rubbing himself along her swivel chair, and her legs.

"What do you want, ya heartstealer?" Shaiza grumbled, looking down into his eyes. They were doing the 'puss in boots thing', going all huge and adorable. She sighed and lifted him onto her lap, scritching him behind his ears. "Its one of those days, cat." Shaiza sighed again, her greyish blue eyes fixed morosely on the laptop screen. "I have to get Twi out of that dungeon but I don't know how. Any thoughts?"

Bandit just purred.

Shaiza groaned again. She saved her story and logged off.

"Yes, one of the first signs of madness is talking to your cat. The second, expecting your cat to answer."

Bandit blinked and just kept purring.

Shaiza yawned. At 19 years of age, she should have been out partying with friends, visiting her family, working a mcjob, or... something. Currently, she had no friends, no family (that she wanted to visit, anyway) and no job. All she had was a mostly black cat, a drafty old house and a battered old toshiba laptop with an even older story on it that never got anywhere.

Shaiza stretched, then rolled her swivel chair over to her tv, giggling as Bandit jumped off her lap with a yowl. He never liked it when she did that. Shaiza was so distracted by her cat's behaviour that she was thrown off her chair when the wheel hit the small uneven ridge in the rug.

"YIKES!" She yelped, tumbling to the floor with a thump.


Shaiza got up off the floor and chuckled. "Bet that looked funny, hey, Bandit?"

Bandit curled his tail around his body and regarded her cooly.

"No?" Shaiza got onto her knees and crawled over to her tv. "Fine, cat, fine." Shaiza perused her collection of anime until she found one she wanted to watch.

"The Cat out of the Bag, disk one. Black Cat rocks, eh, Bandit?"


"Mmhmm, thought so," Shaiza chuckled, and slipped the disk into the player. She was enjoying the anime until Bandit let out a chilling yowl, startling her.

"Huh? Bandit, what's wrong?" Thunder crashed suddenly, and Shaiza looked around as all the lights in her living room and her tv shut off. Her cat was hiding under the bookshelf, hissing.

"Bandit, what's wrong? Come out from there! Its just a thunderstorm." Her cat hissed again, and Shaiza sighed and stood, cursing her cat and the storm. She froze.

A tall dark shape stood in front of her that wasn't there before.

A shape that breathed.

Shaiza's heart thudded once, and then she threw herself to one side as the shape lunged for her and missed her shoulder by inches. An intruder!

She heard the intruder crash against her desk and swear. There was another clap of thunder and a flash of lightning, and Bandit snarled and streaked out from beneath the bookshelf and clawed up the intruders leg.

From the howl of pain, Shaiza hazarded that her warrior kitten had drawn blood.

There was a sudden buzz, and the lamp next to the couch flickered back to life.

Shaiza squinted up at the blur that was the intruder, and groped for her glasses. She snatched them up and crammed them back on her face, just as a hand closed about her throat and she was lifted off her feet.

Shaiza writhed in midair, gasping desperatly, but there was no air, he was choking her...

She shuddered, and let her hand drop from his.

Her eyes slid halfway closed. She was going to die, and the last thing she would see would be his glowing blue eyes...

He let her drop, and she gasped for air on her hardwood floor.

This... isn't... possible, Shaiza thought brokenly as he kicked her onto her back and looked down at her, those eyes unblinking. No human was that strong...

"You look slightly incompetant, so I'll be simple," he spoke with a lilt and a bored tone as he prodded her with the toe of his boot, "I'm looking for someone. Perhaps you've heard of him, perhaps not. Either way, I want an answer."

Shaiza glared at him, still breathing hard. "W..What...do ..you want?" she wheezed, massaging her throat. The man above her began to pace.

"For starters, I want to know how I came to be in such a... place." he wrinkled his nose as he looked around her living room, taking in the mismatched furniture, random bookcases and the moth-eaten rug, and then finally looking at Shaiza herself, sprawled on her back, her steel blue eyes wide behind her wire rimmed glasses, hair in a chaotic mess. The man frowned. "Who are you? Are you some kind of witch, capable of teleportation? Answer me!"

Shaiza narrowed her eyes as the man bent down and reached for her throat again.

"Get away from me!" She growled at him, slapping his hand away and scrambling backwards, her blue eyes filled with fear. "I'm not a witch! I'm an unemployed, single, struggling, wannabe writer! Go away!"

The man straightened, his blue eyes flashing again. He reached down to his left side and withdrew a glittering, almost iridescent sword. Pointing the long blade at her, he watched her eyes grow wider. "Send me back."

"I... I don't..."

The man took a step forwards, and the sword's tip grazed her chin. "Send me back, Witch."

Shaiza's didn't dare breathe, let alone talk. There was a growl behind the man, and she saw Bandit, stalking the man's feet. He creeped closer, unnoticed and unseen, until, with a kittenish snarl, her fuzzy warrior chomped on the man's ankle, sinking his little fangs deep into the flesh and eliciting an enraged howl from him.

The man reached down and ripped the kitten from his ankle, gripping him by the scruff and holding him aloft, despite his displeasure.

"Witch!" The man snarled, shaking the kitten and narrowing his blue eyes as Shaiza's face paled.

"You send your familiar to attack me?"

Shaiza's face was a flat white now. Bandit mewled helplessly in the man's furious grip, and she felt anger stir in her belly.

How dare he? How dare he treat her cat that way? How dare he treat her that way...

"How dare you! Put my cat DOWN!" She scrambled to her feet, feeling the coil of fury grow, and stretch, and shudder awake into a dragon of immense proportions. He came into her house, and threatened her? NOT HAPPENING.

"I said put him down!"

The man tilted his head and gave her a challenging glare but let his fist open and Bandit, with an angry hiss, shot away under the couch where no strange men could grab him.

Shaiza, with her fury dragon still heating her emotions, felt invincible. "Who are you? Why are you in my house? Tell me before I call the police!"

The man's eyes widened and his face cleared. He sheathed his sword which, Shaiza noticed with a shiver, he still had pointed at her, and bowed deeply.

"Where are my manners? Of course, as a witch, you wouldn't have heard of me. My name is Creed Diskenth, and I am the leader of the Apostles of the Stars. "

Shaiza's mouth dropped open. No, she must have hit her head or something...

Creed's blue eyes twinkled as he noted her expression. "Ah, I see you have heard of me." He suddenly spotted Bandit creeping up on him again and scooped the kitten up again with a triumphant cry.

"AHA! Your familiar attempted to attack me again, witch!"

Shaiza looked at him, dazed, her arms wrapped protectively around her torso.

"Bandit? He attacks ankles. He's ... He's a kitten..."

Creed frowned at the black ball of fur in his grasp which had inexplicably begun purring.

"Not much of a familiar, this kitten. All the witches I've met have foxes and ravens and toads as their minions. You must not be much of a witch." He petted Bandit thoughtfully behind the ears as he watched her.

Shaiza sighed, feeling a slow pounding begin right behind her eyes as she watched the man's whole demeanour change. This was too much...

"Yes... I mean no, I'm not a witch. Bandit is my pet, not my familiar. I have a headache and I'm going to bed now... Hopefully this won't mean I'm going too crazy..."

Shaiza turned around and stumbled over the overturned chair towards her bedroom, leaving the wreckage of her living room and the hallucination behind.

As she closed the door and sat on her bed, she could hear Bandit meowing like he usually did late at night, and shook her head.

I really need some friends, she thought as she curled up beneath the duvet and closed her eyes. That was too weird.

And accompanied by the sounds of rain pattering on the roof, she fell asleep.

Creed watched the girl sleep in her enormous bed and fought the urge to shake her. The birds were singing, the sun was up, but she slept on. Creed didn't blame her for her exhaustion, and he had taken the opportunity to explore her house.

"The witch spoke the truth," he muttered to himself as he scrolled through the laptop's contents. "She's nothing but a girl."


Creed looked down at the black kitten, what had the witch called him? Bandit- yes, that was it. Bandit was looking up at him with an expectant expression.

Creed tried to ignore the animal, and focus on reading the document foremost on the computer, but the cat was persistent, rubbing up against his leg and purring voluminously.

Finally Creed sighed and looked down. "What do you want?"

Bandit stopped his affections and sat, his golden eyes sparkling. He twitched his tail.

"If you want food from me, get ready for disappointment. I have none."

Bandit purred and pawed at his leg.

"No food," Creed repeated, feeling slightly foolish. He was talking to a cat!

Bandit flicked his tail into the air and walked away, sauntering down the hall, the same way the witch had gone the night before. The little kitten stopped and looked back at him as if to say: Well? Aren't you coming? And then, with a little bound, he was gone. Creed stood and followed the cat down the hall.

The kitten slipped into a room, and as Creed cautiously followed through the ajar door, he froze.

"Cat!" Creed hissed, glaring at the kitten. "Why did you bring me here?"

Bandit had led him into Shaiza's bedroom.

The kitten purred and jumped up onto the bed, curling up in the rumpled blankets and gazing at him uninterestedly. Then he looked over at his sleeping owner, and then back to Creed. Repeat.

Creed gave the cat a dirty look. "No. I will not."

Bandit meowed and kneaded the duvet with his claws as Shaiza stirred slightly in her sleep.

Creed froze again as the girl's head emerged from the duvet, but she only curled onto her side and kept sleeping.

"You stupid cat," Creed growled at him, feeling his pulse race, "Don't do that again!"

Bandit lazily closed one eye in a cat wink and twitched his tail tip.

Creed sighed and looked at the cat, sitting so calmly up on the bed, mocking him.

"I won't wake her."

Bandit yawned, then batted at the blankets.

"Quit that! I'm not waking her up!"

The black kitten looked at him askance, as if he was wondering why the odd man was talking to himself and set about washing one of his paws.

Creed gritted his teeth and approached the side of the bed slowly. He wasn't... He wasn't... He...

Creed placed his hand on the shoulder of the sleeping girl and shook her lightly.

"Hey, wake up."

Shaiza groaned but stayed asleep.

Creed shot a glare over his shoulder at Bandit- (was the cat laughing at him?)-

-before redoubling his efforts.

What did girls do in the morning?

Creed wracked his brains.

"You have to get up, you have.."

Think, Creed... Yes, that was it!

" School. You have school! You're going to be late!"

The insufferable girl just rolled over and buried her head under her pillow.

Creed groaned. What was he supposed to do now?

With a sigh, he grabbed a corner of her duvet and tugged. No response, except that cat growled at him and snuggled deeper into his little blanket nest.

Well, here goes nothing...

Creed dragged the duvet completely off the bed, sending Bandit hissing into a corner and Shaiza tumbling onto the floor.

With a soft cry, she woke up.

Shaiza blinked and squinted up at the fuzzy shape.

"Are you awake yet?"

Shaiza fumbled for her glasses, slipped them on, blinked up at the man holding her blankets, and then groaned.

"That's it, I'm crazy."

Creed stared down at her. She wasn't making any sense.


The girl rubbed the bridge of her nose. "I'm hallucinating. But aren't hallucinations supposed to go away by dawn or something?"

Creed frowned, unsure of what to feel. He settled for insulted.

"Madam, I can assure you, I am no hallucination."

"Uh huh, and I'm the Premier of Canada."

Creed couldn't understand her. Every fourth word was gibberish.

"Well, miss Premier, I'm going," he mimed walking- "Back out there," he thumbed back to where he came, "To make coffee."

He mimicked pouring and then drinking.

Shaiza narrowed her eyes and raised an eyebrow at him.

"I know what coffee is, moron."

Creed lowered his hands. "Oh, alright then. We can communicate on the same level. This is good."

The girl shook her head, incredulously, and then pointed to the door. "Out."


"Because I'm going to get dressed and I don't want you PERVING ON ME! OUT!"

Creed left, hurriedly.

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