A/N: clarifications of sortz?
Okay, I believe I called this story a series of drabbles. I don't know what drabbles are per se, but to me they are random things like : scenes/paragraphs/dialogue/etc..
With little or no plot and all that jazz.
This story isn't really going anywhere because I didn't envision a grand adventure for it, I thought it would be amusing to see what would happen if a normal albeit semi–hermit teenage girl found herself stuck with characters from different fandoms.(is that the right word?)
(There will be more than one, I just haven't figured out who or what yet.). XD
This kind of story has been written so many ways but I wanted to try my hand at it.
So if it seems like there's absolutely no point to what I'm writing or time and situation jumps confuse you, remember, I PUT THEM THERE ON PURPOSE. Also, from now on, chapter lengths will differ.

Shaiza hid the box behind her back and watched Creed play with Bandit on the floor.
He didn't look like he was evil, he looked... well, kind of silly.
But he still needed to be watched, or at the least, kept occupied... Hence the hastily wrapped green box behind her back. She didn't want another macaroni/lamp incident...*cringe*
Maybe a video game will distract him from his destructive urges..
"Creed, could you come here for a moment?"
Creed looked up, and Bandit took the opportunity to attack and chomped on his finger. "Yes—? OW!"
He shook the kitten off and stood, brushing cat hair off his clothes. Shaiza mentally wished him luck. That hair got everywhere.
"I've decided that you need something to occupy your time with. I got you this."
She held out the box and stood back as Creed took it, entranced. "What is it?" He ran his hands over it, marvelling at the smooth wrapping paper and the size of it. Shaiza fought the urge to roll her eyes.
"That would ruin the surprise, Creed. Just open it."
The villain did, tearing off the wrapping paper eagerly, like a child at christmas.
He held up his gift. "What is it?" He asked again, his blue eyes utterly confused at the item in his hand.
Shaiza rolled her eyes this time. She took the thing him, and flipped it open, then pressed the power button, all the while explaining: "Its a Nintendo DS, and it'll keep you busy for a long, long time."
Creed raised an eyebrow. "Alright, but what is it?"
Shaiza sighed. "Its a handheld video game. You play the game thats inserted into this cartridge—" she flipped the DS over to show him, "and..."
"And–?" Creed prompted, his blue eyes curious.
Shaiza handed the thing back to him. "And I can't believe I'm explaining the concept of a video game to you! Figure it out!"
Creed shrugged and brought his new Nintendo DS back to the couch to 'figure it out'. Soon he was enraptured with the storyline of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, the game Shaiza had bought for him, and he was mashing buttons with a ferocity on his face that only one breed of human could summon: Gamers.
Shaiza watched him for a while, amused at his reactions, then wandered off to make herself a sandwich, quite pleased with herself.
I should have thought of this before...