A Proposal to Remember by Sayuri Uzuki

CHAPTER 5 - Yes or No?

Disclaimer: Characters are based on Sailor Moon copyright 1992 by Naoko Takeuchi. This story is purely for entertainment of the readers.

Several weeks passed since the most beautiful and awkward day for Tsukino Usagi. She tried to notice, a few weeks later, any change in her body or symptoms, but nothing. 'Maybe I'm not pregnant. I'm paranoid! I need to forget about it.'

She was lost in thought, sitting in their apartment, when her boyfriend appeared in the room. He read well her expression.

"Usako, you're ok?" He sat on the couch beside her.

"Uh?... Oh yeah, everything is fine Mamo-chan." He looked at her seriously.

"Usako..." She looked down at her hands resting on her lap.

"I was thinking about uh... you know... that thing that uh..." Mamoru put his arm around Usagi's waist and pulled her onto his lap. Then, she set her arms around his neck.

"About the baby?" He gently caressed her stomach.

"There's no baby Mamo-chan! I don't feel anything, or any symptoms. I guess we'll have to wait a few more years." She kissed his cheek.

"You're sad, aren't you? You know, I think we get used to the idea without knowing if it was true. You're sure you don't want a pregnancy test? Just to dispel doubts" He kissed her nose.

"No Mamo-chan. If I were pregnant, I would know." She kissed his neck.

"Ok. Hey, we agreed to go to the Shrine meeting everyone for lunch. Shall we go?"

"Yeah! I'm hungry, just let me find my purse!"

Hikawa Shrine

Everyone were gathered at the table full of good things. Rei looked outwards rather thoughtful, after a reading through the sacred fire. 'Usagi is pregnant.'

"Konnichiwa minna-san!" greeted a cheerful Usagi.

"Oh hey happy couple! Common, let's start our lunch!" Said Nephrite.

They sat and happened Usagi to stand beside Rei.

"You're okay Usagi-chan?" Rei whispered to Usagi.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

"Well, about that... you know..." Rei whispered again.

"Oh that! Don't worry Rei, I'm not pregnant." She said quietly to make sure that no one heard her.

"Huh? But, you're sure?" 'I don't understand... I saw it!'

"Totally Rei-chan. Don't worry, this will only happen in a few years." She blinked to her friend.

"You two! What are you whispering? Any secrets?" Minako asked, causing everyone to look at and Usagi and Rei.

"Minako?" Asked Rei.


"Just shut the hell Up!"

"Mooooody!" Rei laid her tongue out at Minako and everyone laughed.

After this, everyone ended up making their meal in peace. After lunch, the girls were still gathered inside the temple while the guys were outside talking. The girls were recalling the most embarrassing situations for which they have passed and the laughs are big.

"Oh Minako! Just... stop! I can't stop laughing!" Usagi laid to the floor, rolling and trying to hold her laughing but in vain. Once she turned down on her stomach she felt a pain.

"Ouch..." All stop laughing and turned to Usagi.

"You're ok?" Asked Ami.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just landed bad when I threw myself to the ground." She said, faking a smile. 'Weird, why my chest hurts?'

Rei looked at her curiously. 'Maybe she's feeling something. I couldn't be wrong in my reading. I must be sure she is... Yes! And I just know how!' Rei got up quickly and ran to the kitchen. Past a few moments, she returned with pancakes. 'She will not put up with that smell.'

"Pancakes at this time?! we just ate!" said Makoto.

Once the smell invaded the room, Usagi felt her stomach starting to spin. 'Oh my god what's this smell?! It's sickening! Easy, easy... breathe you can do it, you can handle.'To cope, she immediately grabbed a glass of water, ahead of her.

"Honestly Rei-chan, take this away! It's horrible! How could you think someone would eat this now?" Ami asked. 'Nani?! The others are more sickened than Usagi. It can't be ...' Rei returned to the kitchen with the pancakes and to think of a new idea. 'Hum... not sickness. How about dizziness? Yes, that's it!' Without anyone had been seeing, Rei tugged a heater to the door and turned it on, then closed the door to the outside. This was a few weeks after the anniversary of Usagi, early September, it means still summer. 'Now, I won't fail.'

Usagi began sweating and her body was extremely hot .

"Hey, it's hot in here! Rei, open the door." Rei glared Minako.

"Cough, cough... No Minako. I'm freezing, I must have caught a cold."

"Do you want a hot tea?" Asked Makoto

"Oh n-" Usagi stood up quickly. She was pale, sweating and her eyes were half-closed.

"Usagi!" Ami said rising rapidly.

"I'm... not... feeling... okay..." Usagi had collapsed down.

"Oh shit, what happened?!" They all stood and knelt around Usagi, laying on the floor.

"Usagi, Usagiiiiii! She's not waking up! What's happening?" Said Minako.

Rei got up quickly and opened the door to the outside, drawing the attention of boys.

"Mamoru-san!" Mamoru dropped the drink in his hand. Something was not right. He runned into the temple and the others followed him. When he was entering, he saw Usagi laying on the floor, unconscious.

"Usako! What happened?"

"I don't know... Suddenly the room was a little hot and Usagi was pale, dizzy, unable to breathe and fell to the ground. I felt her pulse, she's just unconscious." Said Ami.

"Baby... Wake please. Usako..." Mamoru touched her face.

"Rei, a bed please! I need to lie her down" Mamoru stood up with Usagi in his arms.

"Sure, my room! Please follow me..." 'Shimata! what did I do?'

Mamoru laid Usagi in bed and turned to Rei.

"Bring me wet towels and tell Ami to come here, no one else."

"Sure, Mamoru-san."

Within seconds Ami appeared in the room with some wet towels.

"Mamoru-san, Rei told me you needed me here. Oh and I brought the wet towels."

"Thanks Ami, can you analyze Usagi with your computer? I want to make sure what's going on with her." Mamoru said as he placed the towels on Usagi's forehead.

"Sure but, you're suspecting something?" Ami says while was turning on the computer.

"Uh... Yeah, maybe." Ami looked at Mamoru seriously but decided not to insist further. Quickly she began to examine the body of her friend. Silence was interrupted by a noise. Her computer was signaling the analysis was completed.

"What does it say?" Asked Mamoru while Ami looked incredulously at the result.


"Oh Mamoru-san I'm sorry... It's just, it says... that... Oh God, this is wrong..."