It's the first day of school and my dad's walking me to the gates when he stop short and crouches down to my level,
"You see that girl over there." My dad points to a small girl with two braids and a red checkered dress. "I wanted
to marry her Mother but she ran off with a Coal Miner"
I just let my mouth hang open and gasp,

"A COAL MINER! Why would she marry a coal miner if she could've had you!"

"Because when he sings... even the birds top to listen"

I hear the bell ring and run into school replaying that last conversation with my dad.
As i walk into class, my teacher starts to herd us into our music assembly and sits us down. She starts doing regestraition
and i find out what that small girls name is. Katniss. Our teacher sits me down next to Katniss and i start to feel this
tingly feeling as our knees touch. Then i get a look at her, dark olive skin, long dark brown hair and deep grey eyes that
pull me into their gaze. As i stare at Katniss, she turns around and glares at me then turns back to the front as our
teacher starts our music lesson.
"Right class, who knows the valley song?" She asks.
I take another look at Katniss and see her face light up as she raises her hand up at an unbelievable speed.
"Okay Miss Everdeen, would you like to sing the Valley Song for us?" Miss asks.
Katniss nods her head frantically and clambers onto the little stool Miss set up at the front of the class.
Then She starts singing, a beautiful song emerges from her mouth and surrounds us all and even Miss looks starstruck.
Then i notice the birds outside have gone quiet and then, and only then do i realize.
I'm in-love with Katniss Everdeen.

A few years later:

I'm sat in the bakery kneading some dough, Mom's looking over my shoulder and yelling at me the whole time. But my mind is on something else, Katniss.

Ever since that day seven years ago, i've been in-love with her and today our Teacher, Mr Dakney, put us in the same team for sports. I know its only a tiny thing but since shes a Seam kid and i'm a Merchants kid, we never really cross paths much, so today i got to spend the WHOLE day with her!

Suddenly my thoughts are interrupted when Mom stop yelling at me but at someone outside. And it doesn't take me long to figure out who it is. I see the familiar braid and burn with sympathy for her, then i burn with anger at my mom.

"Oi you, yeah you, you little Seam brat! Stop pawing through our trash and GET LOST!" i hear my Mom screech.

I look out the window and see a very emaciated Katniss frozen to the spot, looking terrified at my Mother. I distract my Mom and send her upstairs for enough time to burn a couple loaves of bread. But i'm to slow and Mom catches me in the act and slaps my across my face with a rolling pin.

"Go take those out to the pigs, they're the only ones who in there right minds would eat burnt bread!" My Mom yells at me and shoves me outside into the pouring rain.

Without thinking what im doing, i scratch off the burnt bits of the loaves and feed them to the pigs and throw the rest of the bread to Katnis,s who just stares at me. I walk inside and sink behind the counter top, so i can watch Katniss hesitantly run away.

The Next day:

I've been trying to talk to Katniss all day, but i cant get myself to just say hi, but i have seen her a few times staring at my lump under my eye where my Mom hit me yesterday. Finally, as the last bell goes i'm just about to go talk to Katniss when she catches my eye and blushes - not brighter than me of course - then turns around and picks a dandelion.