I quickly jump up as i hear the door lock and start frantically shaking and pounding at the door.

"Help! Someone!" I yell

I hear someone stamping along the corridor and yell louder only to have the door flung open by Effie Trinket in a rage.

"Manners!" She whisper - shouts. "It's 7 'o'clock, what do you think your doing!"

"Someone locked me in here!" I yell back then stop "Wait, its 7 p.m.! But.. how long have we been on this train!"

She storms out with a hushed "Be quiet!"

I look out of my door and check shes gone then walk back to the dining car to see Haymitch sat in the exact same position he was when i was last here.

"Goodbye Peeta. I'm taking a nap" He grunts, less slurred but to formal for my liking.

Then he walks out from the opposite door that i came in from.

I grab the seat next to where he was sat and sit there for a while when i'm about to grab some bread rolls when Katniss walks in with Effie, looking just as beautiful. As i look at her i can feel the blood rushing to my cheek again and look down into a cup that i hadn't noticed before.

"So where's Haymitch?" Effie chirps brightly.

"Last time i saw him, he said he was going to take a nap." I say.

"Well, it's been an exhausting day!" Effie says, and i think for some reason, that shes rather relieved that Haymitch isn't here.

She and Katniss take the seat opposite me and then the supper comes in.

And it comes in courses; Thick carrot soup, green salad, lamb chops and mashed potatoes, cheese and fruit, a chocolate cake. And through out the meal, Effie keep reminding us to save space because there's more to come, but i just stuff myself because i might as well because im going to die anyway.

"At least you to have decent manners!" Effie Trinket chirps just as we're about to start the desert. "Last year, the pair just ate everything with their hands like savages! It completely upset my digestion!"

I all but slap her as she comments about the manners of last years tributes, because they we're friends of mine from the Seam, who NEVER ONCE had enough to eat. So when they did have food, table manners where the last thing on their minds. As i'm the Bakers son i was brought up with manners and i know Katniss' mother grew up in the Apocrathy across the square, so she must have been taught. But to show a point to Effie, i watch Katniss eat the rest of the meal with her fingers, and i nearly copy her, but Effie's expression stops me. Then when she finishes, Katniss wipes her hands on the table cloth, making Effie purse her lips.

After eating i'm starting to feel sick, and Katniss doesn't look to good either, and i feel like i'm about to puke, but i decide to try to hold onto it for the sake of my dignity. Effie leads us into another compartment, so we can watch the Reapings. None really stick out to me, apart from Beautiful girl from 1, a Huge boy who volunteers from 2, a boy about my height with a crippled foot from 10 and a 12 year old girl from 11. Finally they show 12, with Primrose being called and Katniss volunteering, the desperation clear in her voice. So clear that i look over to her and fight the urge to hold her hand. Then they show all of us giving Katniss the symbol, zooming in on me slightly. Then I'm called, and i'm mortified by my expression, the fear plain in my eyes, as i mount the stage. Finally the Capitol anthem is played, and the screen goes blank. Leaving us in silence. Until Effie Grunts "Your mentor has alot to learn about presentation. Alot about televised behaviour.

Without realizing i laugh suddenly, "He was drunk." i say. "He's drunk every year!"

"Every day!" Katniss adds, smiling slightly.

"It's funny how you two find this amusing, you know your mentor is your lifeline in the world of the games, the one who advises you, lines up your sponsors and dictates the presentation of any gifts. Haymitch can well be the difference between your like and your death!" She rants, completely unlike her.

Just then, as if on cue, Haymitch staggers into the carriage, more drunk then earlier on, "I miss super?" he asks in a slurred voice. Then he vomits all over the floor and falls in the mess.

"So laugh away!" Effie sings, and skips around the drunken Haymitch, and out the door.