*Roses Are Red*

My hands fumble around under the table, hoping no one will notice my fidgeting. I've been called out on it before. The Head Gamemaker is supposed to be confident- not this, the President would snap, gesturing from my tapping foot to my twiddling thumbs.

"Amacus, what do you have planned this year," The President asks now, his grey hair smoothed out evenly on the top of his round head.

"I thought we might have a field full of yellow dead grass with a few twisted dead trees," His eyes stare into mine, mocking me like prey. "There will also be a garden of roses. I long garden full of brilliant red roses complete with intruding thorns,"

"What is the point of that?" The President sneers.

"To show the most beautiful things in this world are also the most deadly," I reply simply, hoping he will see my point.

"Ah, you hope to teach the tributes a lesson then?' The President continues to test me, waiting for a fatal error to pounce on.

"I suppose,"

"Where would the Cornucopia be set?"

"I was thinking in-between a circle of trees, with the garden just outside,"

"Well done Amacus. Keep this up and I may keep you for a few more years. Send me the plans tomorrow," And with that The President turns around and whips out the door, his footsteps a mere echo.

Rules and Extra Information

PM me for the tribute form along with the list of open spots! For some reason it wasn't showing on my profile. There will be a sponsor-type system. Each chapter (except this one) will have five points at the bottom like this-






And then you will review and tell me your favorite characters and why, filling out the template. I partially got this idea from District11-Olive, so three cheers to Olive! (Find her on my favorites tab).

If you do not fill in the form, your tribute will be bloodbathed along with any tributes with the lowest amount of points. Once the games begin a poll will start on my profile, which I will notify you of. Enjoy this year's Games and May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.