AN: I know this type of story has been over used, but I couldn't help doing it. Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Jess or Leslie or terabithia

Jess and I were walking home from terabithia in the rain, it was a Saturday after noon, we would have been home earlier if Jess could finished his painting faster.'' I'm taking my time'' he said. Yeah, like three hours is taking my time.

We had just made it to the enchanted rope.

''The water's really high Leslie''. Jess said. He's right; the river is pretty much over flooding with water.

''I'll go first''. I said.

''Be careful.'' Jess told me. I gave him a smile; I put my hands on the rope trying to get a strong grip. I gave myself a push, as I was I mid- air, I heard a terrible rip. My worst fear, the rope has broken. Before I could even scream, a large amount of water filled my lungs.

''Leslie''. Jess screamed, I heard a splash and arms pulling me. Before I knew it I was on the shore. Jess's warm arms were around me, he was rocking me back and forth.

''Its okay, you're okay''. He whispered in my ears, soothing me.

''Jess''. I said weakly.

''Don't speak''. He said, picking me up.

'' But- ''

''Less, don't''. He said, suddenly I felt sick.

''Jess, put me down''. I said sternly. He stared at me and looked noticed how green I was, he put me down and I stumbled by a near by bush and threw up. I felt Jess's hands on my back. Once I was done, I turned around and hugged him, quietly sobbing into his chest. I felt him tense up, but soon relaxed. I felt his cheek against my hair. Jess pulled away from me,'' Come on, let's get you home''.

We walked back in silence, still in shocked of what we had experienced, I was in a complete blur, and all I remember is Jess saying some stuff to my mom and dad telling them what happened.

''Leslie, do want anything''. My mom asked putting warm blankets on me.

I shook my head, but muttered, ''Jess''.

Do you want Jess to come? My mother asked. I nodded. Soon, it felt like hours, until I heard a figure knelt beside me.

Jess. I whispered.

I felt a warm hand on my cheek, ''hey, feeling better''? He asked. I thought it would be better to lie.

''Yeah''. I said.

''You're lying. He said. I turned to face him, he's soft brown eyes gazed into my green(AN: AnnaSophia robb's eyes)ones. I saw he had a cut on his forehead.

''Jess, you're bleeding''. I said.

''I'm fine, its no big deal''.

''Yes, it is, you got hurt because of me''.

Jess sighed,'' All that matter's to me is that you're safe''

''Really''. ?

He smiled, ''Really''.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek,'' Thank you, for saving my life''.

''No problem''. And then we embraced and out of the corner of my eye, I couldn't help see my mom smiling at us.