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Seven long months had passed since all the drama, and life had gone on as normal. Only with a new addition to the pack. Caden had asked to be put in to the patrol shifts. I allowed it, but I made sure to keep him and Leah as far apart as possible. It wouldn't do anyone any good for those two to have a romp in the woods. I cringed just thinking about it. Not a mental image I needed.

I'd just gotten off of my own early morning shift. It was noon and the house wasn't quiet at all as I loped up the porch steps. The kitchen was bustling as Esme and Bella ran around making lunch for me and Nessie like they'd gotten into doing every day. Jasper and Rosalie were at it again with the chess. Alice was sprawled on the floor, her wedding planning stuff fanned out around her on the floor and taking up the couch. She was examining two squares of cloth that looked the same color to me. I could hear the piano's sounds flow through the house and I knew Edward was playing.

Quickly, I stopped by the room to give him a wave and nod to let him know that we found nothing on the patrol. He nodded with a small smile. For a moment he closed his eyes, lost in his own tune. And then they opened and he smiled at the ceiling.


I raced over and up the stairs to the room that I shared with her, Edward's old room. As soon as I opened the door, two more color squares were thrust into my face.

"Which one?"

Laughing, I tried to move her hands, but she stayed firm. "Nessie-,"

"Which one?"

I sighed and backed up a little so I could see the colors. Both were a shade of purple. "Um, the darker one."

"Good. Eggplant. I can work with that."

Then why'd she ask? I thought.

The squares vanished as she moved away from me to show me the room beyond. My jaw hit the floor.

"What the hell happened in here?"

She was digging in a bag filled with tissue. The tissue went flying around her before she paused to look up at me.

"I made such a big fuss about planning our wedding and so far it's only been Aunt Alice planning anything." She shrugged. "So I've decided to start."

Various clothes, shoes, books, papers, and pictures were scattered over the previously pristine room.

"Nessie, baby, we don't have to be married by this time next year." When she glared at me viciously, I backed up and put my hands up in surrender. "Ok, I was wrong."

She sighed and dropped the paper she was holding. "I just want it to be perfect. And be your wife."

I went to her and wrapped my arms around her. Her arms wound around my waist as she snuggled her face into my chest. Holding her to me, I felt the tension drain out of her as she sighed contentedly.

"Sweetie, as long as you don't leave me standing up there, it'll be perfect just watching you walk down the aisle and then say 'I do'. And I want you to be my wife more than anything, other than me wanting to be your husband."

Man, those two words tore at me. Husband and wife. The ultimate label for a couple. I wanted that ring on my finger showing the world that I belonged to only one person. And that was my wife, who also wore a ring to show the world that she only belonged to one person: me.

"Jacob," she said, bringing my attention back to her. She reached a hand up to stroke my face. "I'd never leave you up there. If anything, I'm going to be running right into your arms."

I grinned. "In heels?"

"Don't underestimate a woman in love who's dying to marry the man she loves."

We grinned at each other before I tugged up on her waist, letting her know I wanted a kiss. She got the hint and went up on the tips of her toes. Leaning down, I pressed a soft kiss to her lips as she dug her fingers into my hair. Knowing what it would do to me, she scraped her nails over my scalp, making me make a purr-like sound in my chest.

She pulled back with a giggle. "I love it when you make that sound."

"I know," I whispered. Feeling the need for retaliation, I bent further so that I could reach her neck. As soon as she felt my teeth nibble at her skin, she leaned her head back with a groan.

"So not fair," she gasped out.

I chuckled against her skin. "But oh so fun."

"You are in so much trouble," she giggled, pushing me away.


"Jacob Black, get off my babysitter!" a voice yelled behind me.

I turned around to find Emily standing in the doorway trying to hide a grin. In one hand was the baby carrier holding a sleeping Leila and the other held a diaper bag.

"Hey, Em," I said, going for the diaper bag. Nessie went for the baby.

"Hey, Jake." Emily came in and sat down on one of the few clear spaces on the bed.

She looked exhausted. Leila had been born a couple days shy of two months ago. Nessie and I had agreed to take care of her so that Emily and Sam could have a weekend to themselves and to get some sleep. Since I'd agreed to be Leila's godfather, Nessie had agreed to become godmother, so we took care of her a lot when Emily needed to go on errands and Sam was at work.

Nessie had taken Leila out of the carrier and was rocking her, smiling as the baby gripped her finger even in sleep.

"She's gotten so big," I said. The image of Nessie with a baby was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. It was different in real life than in her dreams. It was real even though Leila wasn't ours. Nessie was so good with her, always a smile even when the tiny baby became cranky and started wailing. Nessie was quick and sure in her calming methods. She'd been scared out of her mind to hold Leila for the first time, but once they were acquainted? That baby loved her and always calmed when she was in Nessie's protective arms.

Emily nodded, smiling at the sight of the two girls. "Oh yeah, but let me give you fair warning. If she falls asleep on you, Jake, she has to stay there or she'll scream when you try to put her in the crib."

"When did that start?" Nessie asked.

"About a week ago. She fell asleep on top of Sam after he'd passed out on the couch. We tried to put her in the crib." She shook her head. "Wouldn't stop screaming until Sam picked her up again. My guess is it's the warmth."

"Probably. I know that I don't like going to sleep curled up next to Jake and waking up cold when he has to leave."

I met her gaze and felt my heart warm as she smiled at me. She shrugged. "It's true."

Emily grinned at the two of us. "So it's really happening for the two of you, huh?"

A blush rose up Nessie's neck to spread across her cheeks.

I chuckled. "We're working on the wedding. Alice and Nessie are convinced that it has to be perfect."

"Of course it does. The whole preparation is for the guests. But the bride's prep? That's for the groom."

I made a sound. "Don't agree with her, Em. I don't need a stressed out fiancée. Those are dangerous, or so I've heard."

"Oh, they are." She chuckled at the look I gave her. Then her attention went back to her daughter. "So, you're taking her up to the cabin?"

Nessie and I shared a look. I shrugged. "We thought that maybe we could spend some alone time with her."

"That's a great idea. She needs to get know the two of you-just in case."

Nessie handed me the baby and sat down next to Emily. "Emily, that's a long time coming. You'll have a long time with her."

"Not long enough," she whispered.

Nessie hugged her and I looked down at the tiny girl in my arms. She'd woken up sometime when we were talking. Her dark brown eyes watched me sleepily as I rocked her gently. It had surprised me at how good with her I was. I'd never really been around a baby that wasn't an imprint. Nessie and Claire had both been special cases. I'd expected Leila to cry and scream for her mom, dad, or anybody other than me. But she'd taken to me quickly. There were even times when we fell asleep on the couch together. And times that she wouldn't calm down until I was holding her. It was almost as if she were already smart enough to know who we all were individually and knew who she wanted to be with at any given time.

"The two of you are going to make great parents one day," Emily said, breaking the spell between me and Leila.

Nessie and I both blushed. We had to get to the point where we could make the baby first. But holding and seeing Leila had made me want to have kids even more than my embarrassment was holding me back from progressing with Nessie. I wanted her to carry my child. I wanted her to be the mother of my children so badly. And I was becoming more and more comfortable with the steaminess in the bedroom at a faster pace. Nessie really didn't have to tell me anymore that she was ok with what we were doing. The sounds she made and where she moved me told me that she was ok. We were becoming as familiar with each other's bodies as we were with our own.

"You think so?" Nessie asked.

"Are you kidding? You are so good with Leila. She may be a baby but she loves the two of you. Even though you aren't her mother, your nurturing instincts kicked in. As did Jacob's even though he isn't her father."

Mother and father. Two more labels for a couple.

Emily clapped her hands on her legs and stood up. "Well, I guess I better get back down there to Sam. He's cooking for me tonight."

Nessie hugged her again. "Look, Em, if you need longer than the weekend-," she looked at me as if for permission. I nodded and she smiled. "We wouldn't mind keeping her longer. We really don't have much to do. Jake works down at the shop and runs a patrol every day and I'm just planning the wedding."

Emily grinned at us both, but it faded when her eyes came to her baby. "That's really sweet of you, Ness. But this will be the first time I'm away from her for more than a few hours. I have a feeling it's going to be hard."

"Well, then, for future reference. We'll come back down from the cabin Sunday afternoon. That'll give you time to get up and around," I told her as I rocked the baby. She was starting to wake up and squirm in my arms. I sensed playtime was near.

"Thanks so much for this, guys." Emily hugged and kissed Nessie, and then came to me. Stretching up, she kissed my cheek, then leaned down to place a kiss to Leila's forehead. "You be good for your godparents."

I chuckled, which made Leila smile. Her ear was pressed to my chest so she'd heard the sound. "She's always good for us."

"Then she must hate Paul."

"Everyone hates Paul," I said grinning down at Leila.

Emily smacked my arm and Nessie glared at me.

"Your sister doesn't," Emily said.

"Yeah, well, I always knew she was off her rocker."

The girls shared a head shake and grin.

"You're so bad, Jacob."

I grinned a Jacob-y grin at her. "Of course I am. I'm the only boy in my family."

Emily laughed. "I'm sure your mother would be proud."

Shifting the baby to one arm, I reached for Nessie's left hand so I could feel the ring on her finger.

"I really hope she would be proud of me."

Emily's smile and eyes softened. "She would be, Jake. And she'd love the man that you've become."

Nessie nodded. "Oh yeah. I know I am. So are Billy and Rachel."

"Everybody's proud of you, Jacob." Emily patted my arm. "Well, I'm going to leave you guys to get settled." One last look at her daughter and she was gone.

"You ok, Jake?" Nessie asked as she watched me and Leila.

I nodded. "Just thinking about having kids. Ours will never get to know their grandmother."

"I know, Jake. But you can tell them everything you remember about her. And if Billy's still around, I'm sure he has stories."

That made me laugh. "Oh, definitely. We'll have to tell him when to stop."

She came over to us, smiling down at Leila and playing with her little fingers. "You really want children, don't you?"

"Of course I do." When her eyes met mine, I stroked her face with one hand. "Nessie, I-," I had to swallow hard to tell her what I'd just been thinking. But I was all about being honest with her, to tell her what I wanted. Placing my hand over her flat stomach, I said, "I want to watch your belly grow with our child. I want to hold our son or daughter like this after he or she is born. I want them to grow up to run into our room on Christmas day and jump on the bed until we get up."

That made her laugh as tears spilled down her cheeks. She placed her hands over mine where it rested over her stomach. "Me too."

Moving my hands, I gripped her left hand again and lifted it up to my lips so I could kiss the ring that was now hers.

"Come on, you big puppy. Let's get up to the cabin."

"You're not bringing the wedding planning stuff, are you?" I asked tentatively.

She smiled up at me. "No. I'll leave it here."

I squeezed her hand as she wiped the tears from her face. "Good. I want my woman back for a couple days."

"I think I can manage that just for you."

Leila cooed in my arms, staring up at us with a giant grin.

"I love you, Nessie."

"I love you, too, Jacob."


Thirty minutes later, Adam and Derek were stationed in front and back of us as we trudged through the woods to the cabin. Jacob had insisted on guards and I wasn't about to argue, not with Leila in my arms. The strap of her diaper bag was slung over my shoulder. Jacob had the carrier and our bags for the weekend. Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie had baby-proofed every house that she might go to, including the cabin. So Leila now had her own room and crib up there. Emily had protested about them spending money but they'd given her a look that shut her up quickly.

"Did you want us to stick around, Jake?" Derek asked as he scanned the woods.

Jacob shook his head. "No. Just make sure that whoever has patrols checks in with me."

"Sure thing."

Leila's little fingers played with the ring on my left hand as we walked. She was sitting on my arm and looking over my shoulder to laugh and giggle at Adam who was walking behind us. Looking back, I saw him laugh and shake his head.

"She's cute," he said.

Derek looked back at us from his position ahead. I knew he wasn't looking at me. He was looking past me to his mate. They shared a tender look that I pretended I didn't see. Instead, I glanced at Jacob who was trying to hide a grin.

Before long, the cabin came into sight. Even though Jake waved the boys away, they didn't leave until we were locked safely inside. Derek felt guilty as hell that he'd left me unguarded back in November. And Adam felt terrible for allowing Derek to stay with him. Both Jacob and I had told them to shut up and that they weren't at fault for what had happened. They didn't believe us. So now, they took our safety to a whole new level. Whenever we left the house, one or both were with us at all times. If we went out in public, they always took a female with them. Either Christa or Morgan would come with so that they could follow me into the bathroom if I had to go.

As soon as we were through the door and Jacob had put the bags and carrier down, Leila reached for him. He grinned. The fact that she wanted him made him ecstatic.

He reached for her. "Alright, munchkin. I had a feeling this was coming. Let's get this party started, shall we?" He lifted her above his head, lifted her shirt with his thumbs, and pressed his lips to her tummy. He blew a raspberry there, making her giggle.

Laughing, I shook my head and walked toward the kitchen. "I'm going to work on dinner. You two run amok."

I heard him gasp. "Did you hear that? She gave us permission."

There was another raspberry and another giggle. Rolling my eyes and sleeves up, I picked out the ingredients I needed.

I wanted what Jacob wanted, that was for sure. But we weren't ready for a child yet. We were still growing out of our own child tendencies. For now, Leila would be our goddaughter. We could handle her. But eventually, I wanted what my dreams had all been about. I wanted my belly round with Jacob's child.

However, there was one question that I'd thought of the day after Leila was born and it had haunted me ever since. Could I carry a child, let alone create one? I'd gone to Carlisle privately. He seemed to think so since I had my period once a month. But I'd countered back that there were women who had their periods and couldn't conceive. My body didn't like change just like a full-blooded vampire. Maybe I could conceive, but could I carry?

Carlisle seemed to think that since a baby's growth is slow that my body would adjust to it. I hoped and prayed that he was right. Disappointing Jacob now that I knew he really wanted kids would break both of our hearts. And I wouldn't be able to stand that.

I prepared dinner for me and Jake and a bottle for Leila, testing the warmth of the formula against my wrist. Now I was just waiting for the bread in the oven to be finished. Everything else was sitting on the table. A moment later, Jacob came in making an airplane noise as he held Leila horizontally, like he was flying her around. She was crying and laughing at the same time as if she liked what was happening but didn't like who it was happening with. Jacob zoomed her over to me.

"Are you finished? I can hold on to her until you're done but she really wants you."

I washed and dried my hands, and then reached for her. Sitting her on my arm, she wrapped a small hand around my neck. Her fingers twisted into the curls there, playing with them.

I nuzzled her cheek, making her look at me. "Is Uncle Jacob annoying you?" I said in a grumpy baby voice. "Yeah, he does that to me, too."

"Hey! I heard that."

I turned to find him sitting at the table dishing food onto our plates. His eyes were playfully narrowed at me. The buzzer on the timer rang out and I grabbed a pot holder to get the pan of bread out of the oven. Swinging Leila to my hip, I tossed the bread onto the stove. Jacob came over to cut it into slices and placed the plate on the rather large round dining room table.

He sat at the head of the table and I sat on his right, moving the baby to a laying down position. She'd started getting fussy while Jake was messing with the bread. She was probably hungry, too. And sleepy from playing with Jake.

Jacob waved his hands in my direction. "Here, I'll feed her. You eat first since you cooked."

Shaking my head I placed a blanket on her chest and positioned the bottle to her mouth, propping it against the blanket. "I can do both, Jake. It's fine."

"Huh, never thought of that."

"Of course you didn't. It's ok, though. Now you know."

As Leila sucked on her bottle, Jacob and I dug in to our lasagna. Jacob made an appreciative sound in his chest. I wasn't sure if it was from the food or from me rubbing my foot over his foot and leg. Probably both. It wasn't a sexual or suggestive action. More of a calming one. I liked to touch him and he liked to touch me. Wolves were pack animals. Touch was calming to them.

In record time, Leila finished her bottle and was nearly sound asleep. But she needed to be changed before we tucked her into bed. Hefting her up, I stretched toward Jacob.

"Would like the honor of changing her?" I asked with a barely contained grin.

He playfully glared at me. "I knew you did that on purpose."

We had a deal that whoever fed her, the other had to change her. I let loose my grin as he took her from me. I wrapped the strap of her diaper bag over his shoulder even though we didn't need it. We had more than enough supplies here. As he went upstairs to change her, I cleared the table and put up the leftovers. Whoever stayed here next would like them, or Jake would eat them tomorrow. Probably the latter. When I was finished in the kitchen, I started a fire in the living room fireplace and then went for the downstairs master bedroom. We'd talked about sleeping in an upstairs bedroom to be closer to her just in case, but then we'd come up with the conclusion that we both had supernatural speed to get up there.

Rubbing my hands together, I stood up to find Jacob in the doorway, watching me with his arms crossed over his muscular chest.

"Where's Leila?"

"After I changed her and put her in bed clothes, I rocked a little and she was out like a light."

"Did you turn the monitor on?"

He nodded and came to me, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Don't worry, I got it covered. She's fine. I'd hear her with or without the monitor anyway."

I stroked my hands across his chest. His heartbeat was strong under my palm as if it were beating hard just so that it could meet my hand.

"I know. It just makes me feel better to have it on, just in case."

Letting me go, he went over the bedside table and clicked on the monitor. It was one of those that had the screen so we could see her. She was sound asleep. He'd turned on the projector light and some music. Leila wasn't a normal baby. She hated the "baby music", so Jacob had tried introducing her to older rock music. Much to Emily's relief, her baby had fallen instantly asleep. Jacob and I had gone to buy good radios for each of her rooms and the baby monitors with the screens.

"There, feel better?" he asked, sitting on the bed.

Walking over to him, I used my legs to nudge his knees apart so that I could stand in the space. He obliged, placing his hands on my hips. Gently, I kissed him.

"Yes, thank you."

He kissed me. "Anything for you."

Good grief, did I love him. Especially when he looked at me like that. His usually dark eyes became even darker as I leaned into his body. Pushing on his shoulders, he got the hint and laid back. I crawled up onto the bed moving my knees to the outside of his hips on the bed so that I was on all fours above him. His eyes darted down and he growled. My shirt was a low cut V-neck, and my bra was a push-up offering my breasts up to his eyes.

His hands tightened on my hips as I leaned back on my knees to shed the shirt. When it dropped to the floor, I went for his. He lifted up off the bed enough so that I could wrestle it up over his head. As soon as he was free of the fabric, his lips went straight for my chest, but I pushed him back down onto the bed.

"No. You always get to me first. It's my turn."

His eyes darkened even more. And the growl came when I flipped my hair over my left shoulder and bent to his neck. His huge hands came up to grip my hips, long fingers splaying across my ass. My lips met his skin with heat boiling between us. His back arched off the bed, chest hitting mine. The reaction was intense for the small touch I'd given, and I loved it.

Giving me the illusion of a little bit of strength over him, I traced my hands down his arms to his wrists and maneuvered his hands over his head so that my hands on him were the only parts of me touching him besides my lips. Arching my back, I kept my breasts away from him, teasing him, as I nibbled the kin on his neck and collarbone. His back arched, chest chasing mine.

"God, Nessie!" he growled out.

Chuckling against his skin, I moved around his neck, nibbling, sucking, and licking his skin, tasting him. He tasted of the woods and woodsy smoke. With a hiss, his hips bucked up into my center as I nibbled the spot under his left ear, the only hot spot of his that I could find…so far. I seemed to have many more than he did so I had to pay him back for all the times he caught me off guard.

After a moment of teasing him, I bit down hard on the spot and growled, making his entire body buck underneath me.

"Fuck," he let out between his teeth.

He was trying to keep his voice down so as not to wake Leila. But I loved it when he was so out of control that he cussed in front of me. It was only hot when we were in the bedroom. It let me know that he loved what I was doing to him, and that I was wearing out his hard won self-control. By the time we did this for real and went all the way, I didn't want him to have any self-control left to question what he was doing. I wanted everything to be instinct between us.

I let go of his skin and placed a gentle kiss over the spot. His chest heaved as if he'd been running as fast as he could for days, so I let him have a moment to contain himself. Looking up at his face, I found that his eyelids were fluttering, his tongue was darting out to lick his lips, and he was swallowing hard.

Smiling at his vulnerable state, I pressed a kiss to the bottom of his chin. He tried to lift his hands but I pressed down. He didn't fight me even though he could have totally won that battle.

Slowly and gently, I started to kiss a line down his neck, crossed his collarbones, and moved back to the center of his chest. Since I was moving down, I wasn't able to hold onto his wrists, but he was a good boy and kept them where he knew I wanted them as my hands slid over the undersides of his arms, my nails digging into his skin. Since my lips were gentle, I had to give him something rough. One must always keep balance.

One kiss at a time, I moved down the center of his body, occasionally flicking my tongue out to taste him. His chest met my mouth like the wave in a pool. Back and away. Back and away. Even though I was destined for a straight line, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. Moving to my right, I left a trail of kisses and licks until I reached his nipple. The hickey on his chest was fresh so there was no need to breathe life into it.

I swirled my tongue over the dark circle, my eyes flicking up to his face so I could see his reaction. Those impossibly dark eyes were watching me, his hands still above his head, fists clenched. As I kept swirling my tongue over him, a low growl started in his chest. Until I bit down on him. Again, his whole body jerked, head pressing back into the mattress, another curse coming from between his teeth.

I growled against him again, and then released him, pressing yet another kiss over the bite. Moving over, we went through the same process with his other nipple, his hips bucking up into my center hard. I had to take a moment to breathe through the feeling of his hardness pressed there for only a few seconds.

When he chuckled at me, I dug my nails into the skin of his shoulders, effectively making him stop. Going back to the center of his chest I pressed kisses and bites in one straight line. I kept my arms stretched over my head, dragging my nails over his skin, my fingers caressing the contours of his chest, his muscles flexing under me.

My chin was at his belly button as my tongue darted out to taste his abs. My true goal though wasn't in the center of his body at all so I didn't spend much time there even though his stomach was a hot spot for me. Instead, I moved down, my nails tracing roughly across his chest, catching on his nipples, which made him arch again. Since I was so low on his body now, I watched how sensuous he was in the passion, how fast he was drowning in the feelings. This was how I wanted him. Feeling, not thinking.

He'd gripped the sheets in his fists that were still over his head, making the muscles in his arms bulge. The sight of him so caught up clenched my stomach into a knot of need, lust, and love all at the same time. The heat traveled down to spread to the space between my legs, making me instantly wet. I wanted to clench my legs together to get some friction, but his knees were between mine. So I just tried my best to block out the feeling, making this session more about him.

Lately it had been so much about me. About him learning how far he could go with me before I reached my limit. But I really hadn't gotten the chance to do more than make out with him and put that mark back on his chest. I wanted him to feel more instead of think, observe, and learn. No more thinking. Instinct and feelings were what was needed now, so I tried my hardest to push him out of his own head.

And so, I moved down even further on his body. Eventually my chin bumped the waistline of his jeans where they hung low on his hips. I could feel the veins standing out from the v-cut where his lower stomach dipped into lower territory. My goals that I had been after were to my left and right: the lines that sharply cut that triangle inward. My chest now pressed to his hardness through his jeans. It made me shiver knowing that just a scrap of denim separated his hard length from my eyes.

"Nessie," he whispered, dark eyes watching me.

"Do you trust me?" I whispered back, my breath caressing his skin.

He had to swallow hard a couple times before he could answer. "Yes, of course I do."

I gently pressed a kiss into the triangle, knowing what was nestled just below it under his jeans. He let his breath out harshly, panting.

"Fuck, Nessie," he growled out.

I had to close my eyes again at the feeling of the heat intensifying in my lower hips. Shelby had been right when she told me that I needed to find a way for release. After this, Jacob was going to head for the bathroom, as usual. And I was going to be left here panting in frustration. For now, I pushed that thought to the side. Eventually, I'd get my release somehow. If it wasn't by Jacob, I'd find a way.

Moving to my right, I moved up and pressed kisses to that sharp line until I reached the top. Moving down, I used my tongue to outline it. Jacob's arms braced again on the sheets, flexing the muscles in his arms and chest, his back bowing off the bed. On my third trip on the line, I used my teeth, nipping at his skin. It was difficult because there was hardly any fat here. It was all lean, hard muscle. But I did my best. And apparently, my best did the trick. His hips bucked into my chest, pressing his hardness between my breasts.

"Oh, god," he panted out. "More. God, please, more."

Surprised at that, I moved to the other side and performed the same three tracks up and down that sharp line. Those hips bucked into me again and again. I pressed my breasts down to grind into him, and we found a rhythm.

After a few minutes though, I leaned back to let him calm down. But there was one more thing I wanted to do before we stopped. Looking down at the waistline of his jeans, my tongue begged to be set free over that peek of skin and veins. While his eyes were closed, his chest heaving, I leaned over him. I flicked my tongue out, tasting him. He gasped. Smiling and keeping my tongue to his skin, I moved back and forth between his hip bones. He hissed, trying to not to buck his hips since he'd hit me in the face. My tongue dug under the waistband to the skin I couldn't see where the veins bulged a little bit more with the blood rushing to his hard length.

The growl that came from him startled me just before I felt him sit up and his hands wrap around my arms. He moved so fast that I didn't have time to even process what was happening until I felt one of his hands on my back and the other on my ass. His face was pressed between my breasts, teeth nibbling the flesh at the edges. He used his nose and chin to nudge at the bra.

"Take the damn thing off," I managed to whisper.

His fingers had just undone the clasp when a high-pitched wail echoed through the baby monitor. Gasping out a laugh, I rested my lips against his forehead as my bra was held to my chest only because it was pinned between us. We were both breathing hard, listening to Leila cry, as he stroked his hands up my bare back. His face was buried in my neck as he calmed down.

"I'll go get her," he whispered.

I ran my fingers through his hair. "You sure? Maybe you need a shower."

He shook his head. "I'm trying not to do that so much anymore. I want it to be special for us. Not to mention that I really should learn how to control myself."

Leaning back, I pressed the cups of my bra to my chest so that I could look at him. "Jacob, you do realize that that can hurt you, right? Don't do that to yourself. I understand, baby."

He gripped my fingers and placed a kiss to them. "I'm fine. Besides, I'm calming down already." He grinned. "I guess Leila's being helpful."

I tried to erase the worried look from my eyes as I smiled at him. Holding the bra to my chest, I rolled off of him. He sprung up off the bed, grabbed his shirt, and went for the stairs.

Lying back on the now rumpled bed, I finally rubbed my legs together, creating that friction, and my back bowed off the bed. I bit my bottom lip in an attempt to keep myself from groaning. Despite the fact that I didn't know what I was doing, my hands started to snake down my breasts and stomach, heading for the lower boundaries.

But the sounds of baby Leila cooing and Jacob softly talking to her quickly lowered the heat in my body. It was hot that he was so good with her, but I found it cuter. He was definitely father material.

I sighed. Taking the monitor off the bedside table, I rolled onto my stomach to watch them. I knew Jacob was waiting to take our relationship further until after our wedding. He was trying to drag it out. And I knew that he was secretly hoping I'd get it planned fast seeing as how he was becoming more comfortable with us. And truth be told, I was starting to understand. It would be more special to make love to my husband for the first time than just my boyfriend or fiancé. And my thought earlier about how we weren't ready for kids? Maybe I was wrong. Maybe that was our push point to help us get past this. A third wheel to give us incentive. Hmmm, I'd have to talk to him about it. Because the moment we make love for the first time could be the moment we create a child. The wolves can't wear condoms because of the heat. So we have to be sure we can handle all the consequences before we take that step.

But first I needed to get our wedding planned. I wanted to be Mrs. Black so bad. There was just something missing. Something didn't seem right to me, but I couldn't pin down what it was. Thanks to Jake today, I had my colors. My dress had been drawn up by Aunt Alice, Esme, Aunt Rose, and my mother. We'd start with the fittings and such next week. Emily, Rachel, and Claire were my bridesmaids. Shelby was my Maid of Honor so she'd also helped with the design of my dress and other necessities. She was planning just about everything else with Aunt Alice as well.

Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, invitations, guest lists, and other things. Seth had been mad at me for taking his girlfriend from him, but she'd smacked his shoulder telling him that it would be over soon.

"Yeah until we have to plan yours," Aunt Alice had said.

I'd had to stifle a laugh as Seth turned a darker tan color with his blush, and Shelby had stared wide-eyed at her mate.

Smiling at the memory and coming back to stare at the monitor, I made the determination that as soon as were back down at the house, I was going to dive into the wedding and get it done so that I could finally make love to my husband. Maybe then he wouldn't be so strung out over watching his back for Dad.

But also, I really wanted to watch him watch me walk down the aisle in the dress that I'd designed specifically for him.

So just as in our previous story, I would love to have your reviews and such. I do believe this story may get difficult for me. So many of you want to see Leah and Caden. And Seth and Shelby. I haven't quite nailed Shelby's personality for this story. Obviously she's going to change a little after what happened in TFT so we'll see. I'm working on her POV right now. Love you guys! xoxoxoxoxo