Author's Note:

Main Pairing: Tony Stark/Bruce Banner

Side Pairing: [background] Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov

Note: This is the sequel to "Tony Is So Going To Get It!"

Warnings: Explicit language, boy/boy kissing, oral sex, randomness, possible OOCness

Disclaimer: The Avengers world and characters belong to Marvel and various other people/publishers/studios. I own nothing but the plot and make no money from this story.

Chapter One: Let's Kiss and Make Up

In Tony's defence, he soon realised he'd fucked up. But you see, Bruce was amazing and funny and smart and charming and just so damn cute. And when Tony got drunk or was exhausted, well... he could hardly control what came out of his mouth during waking hours, let alone when he'd been up five days playing with robots and equations and computer programs.

So Bruce, though still ticked off, at least accepted Tony's apology. Only the hurt was still there, Tony could see it, even when Bruce shrugged and waved it away with one of his cute smiles. He was upset that Tony had told everyone else, that all the other Avengers (even Fury and Coulson and Loki, and the God of Mischief wasn't even a goddamn Avenger!) knew that Tony Stark had very serious, very real, very dirty thoughts about a certain Doctor Bruce Banner.

When Tony woke up, groaning, at about five pm, it was to find Bruce sitting in the armchair beneath his bedroom window, the fading light making him glow, a frown on his face and trouble in his eyes.

Tony was still a little tired and sore, like he'd gone a round with the Hulk, and scrubbed at his eyes viciously as he sat up.

'Did I collapse?' he asked. Bruce shrugged one shoulder. 'Brucey, what's up?' Tony asked and shifted so he was leaning heavily against the headboard. 'Did I do somethin' stupid? Did I try and climb into one of Clint's nests again?'

He'd never forget that; he'd been drunk off of a new invention, running on caffeine and chocolate and three hours sleep in four days, and he'd thought it'd be great to test his new target-locking program by sitting in Clint's nest in the living room and firing toy Iron Man's at various people. Yeah, Clint hadn't liked that.

Bruce's clouded eyes rested on Tony, and Tony felt like he was being x-rayed, like Bruce was trying to see through him. And Bruce did that a lot; he saw through Tony's playboy mask, through the crap Tony spewed on a daily basis, and saw the charming, broken, real man Anthony Stark was.

But this was... different. It was like Bruce didn't really know what he'd find, and he'd be upset or annoyed by what he did see. So Tony fidgeted and cleared his throat.

'Er... Bruce?'

'Do you really like me?' the doctor asked.

Tony froze, eyes widening slightly. Shit. Shit. What had he said? He remembered spending a lot of time in his lab, not eating or sleeping or doing anything needed to keep him sane. He'd let whatever he'd been working on- he remembered dubbing it "Thing"- take over, as his projects usually did, and ignored his friends and even Jarvis when they tried to get him to take a break.

And Tony knew that he said stupid things when he was exhausted. Bruce-related things. Clint had a field day the first time, when Tony had woken up to hear that he'd spent a good twenty minutes describing in great detail exactly what he wanted to do to Bruce's ass. And Natasha, he'd told her that he wanted to explore Bruce's body... with his tongue. Steve received the "he's just so damn cute with his eyes and nose and the way his lips turn up when he's excited and the gorgeous purple shirts he wears make his muscles stand out and so and and so forth" speech that Tony often rattled off to Jarvis, the poor AI, when he was rolling around his bed with an exhausted body and aching hard-on. Thor... Tony talks to Thor about Bruce's hair, and Thor grins and nods and actually fucking listens because Thor may be a bit weird, but he's awesome, and he always listens to Tony ramble.

So... fuck. What had Tony said to Bruce? Usually the others volunteered to bring Tony up from his lab when he was in "science mode" because they got great ammunition to use against Tony when he was being a dick. On the occasions Bruce dragged him out, Tony usually kept his mouth shut and rambled about science.

But the look in Bruce's eyes told Tony that he'd definitely fucked up. He'd let something slip, Bruce now knew about his feelings, and he wanted an answer.

'Um... what are you talking about?' Tony eventually asked.

Yeah, deny it, Tony; great job, the genius thought.

Bruce smiled tiredly. 'So you're going to deny it?' he asked before shrugging. 'Okay.'

He went to stand, to leave, but Tony jumped and held out a hand. 'Wait!' Bruce paused, half out of his seat, and stared at Tony with that adorable and sexy face and Tony sighed. 'Sit, please?'

Hearing Tony Stark say please was enough to make Bruce sit, and he settled down on the armchair and folded his arms, waiting.

Tony took a deep breath and let it out. His head hurt a bit, his stomach was aching, and he definitely needed a drink if he fucked this up. He'd planned to tell Bruce, really he had. Usually Tony had no problem expressing his want to get someone into bed, preferably naked. Even with Pepper he'd flirted outrageously (and he'd actually liked her).

But... but Bruce was different. He was smart and kind and a hero and for some reason, a reason Tony would probably never figure out, Bruce liked every single part of him. Tony's conquests, the random men and women he brought home, only knew the billionaire playboy image Tony pasted on his face for the public. Pepper, she didn't understand Tony's nightmares of Aghanistan, his need to be Iron Man, the various subjects he craved to learn about and tinker with.

Bruce, he got that; he got everything. He knew why Tony sometimes hated the arc reactor. He knew why Tony had to don the suit he'd created. He knew why Tony lost days at a time pushing his body to the limits just to explore a new invention or subject he'd discovered. Bruce liked his smart-ass comments and his humour and just... just everything.

And that, well that scared Tony. Because he didn't think he'd ever find another person who'd just understand and care for him that much. Which was why, despite what everyone told him (teased him, in Clint's case), Tony hadn't told Bruce how he felt.

Because what if Bruce- sweet, kind, wonderful Bruce- didn't feel that way? What if he just wanted to be Science Bros and not have that kind of relationship with him? What if Bruce couldn't handle that side of Tony and stopped talking to him and spending time with him and just being with him?

Tony couldn't handle that. He couldn't handle the rejection or pity or disgust or whatever Bruce's dismissal would bring.

And so he'd hidden it (poorly, because he still worried about, flirted with, and touched Bruce Banner whenever and wherever he could); he'd pushed it to the back of his mind (which wasn't far, because he had dreams and fantasies and fucking touched himself thinking about Bruce Banner); and he'd concentrated on just being there for Bruce, as his friend, as his Science Bro.

And now... well, now Bruce seemed to know.

'Tony?' Bruce's voice was quiet, warm, and Tony realised he'd got lost in thought. He blinked rapidly and offered Bruce a small smile. 'Take your time,' Bruce said gently. 'But I... I need to know.'

Tony sighed and rubbed his eyes. God, he was so tired. And it was way to early for this conversation (as in, a billion years to early, damn it!)

'Um... 'course I like you,' Tony said hesitently and tried to smile, 'we're friends, right?'

'Tony,' Bruce said sternly and the scientist dropped the act almost as soon as it had started.

'Right,' Tony nodded and sighed. 'What did I say?'

'You wanted to... touch me,' Bruce finally admitted and Tony felt his cheeks darken. Damn it, Iron Man did not blush! 'You apparently like my ass... and my chest,' Bruce continued.

'Fuck,' Tony groaned.

'The compliments would have been better if you hadn't been half out of it,' Bruce admitted.

Tony sighed again and scrubbed at his face, feeling stuble prickle beneath his palm. 'You can go if you want,' he said. 'I won't annoy you or anything.'

Bruce frowned, eyes crinkling, and Tony wanted to smooth those lines aside... preferably with his tongue.

No, stop it! Bad Tony, bad!

'Why would I want to leave?' Bruce asked.

Tony stared at him. 'Well... I know I can be... disgusting, really, when I... ramble,' he stuttered. 'And, uh... I wouldn't blame you if you, you know, left.'

Bruce tilted his head and Tony almost groaned. Fuck it, stop being adorable you bastard!

'Tony,' Bruce said and his mouth quirked up. 'Really?'

'Really what?' Tony asked in genuine confusion. Bruce huffed out a laugh and Tony frowned. 'What?' he demanded.

'Seriously,' Bruce chuckled. He leaned forward and clasped his hands between his knees. 'You don't see the way I look at you?'

'Look... at me?' Tony asked slowly.

Bruce smiled and shook his head. 'You know, for a genius, you can be so... stupid.'

'Uh... yeah, I've heard that,' Tony nodded.

Still smiling, Bruce stood and approached the bed. Before Tony could even think about moving, the doctor-who-sometimes-turned-into-an-enormous-rage-monster leaned across the bed.

And kissed him.

Okay, either I'm still asleep, I've died and gone to heaven, or Loki's doing something evil, Tony thought as warm, slightly wet lips moved gently against his own. Because Tony was more inclined to believe dreams and an afterlife and Loki fucking Laufeyson being a dick than the idea that Bruce Banner might actually want him in a romantic way.

Slowly Bruce broke the kiss, their lips staying together as long as possible, and Tony blinked rapidly as Bruce smiled at him.

'Idiot,' Bruce said good-naturedly.


Bruce shook his head and kissed Tony again, a quick peck on the lips, but damn it all if it wasn't one of the most toe-curling, spark-making, gorgeous kisses Tony Stark had ever had the pleasure to receive.

'I like you,' Bruce said, feeling the need to spell it out. Tony thanked him for it. 'I like you, as in "let's date and kiss and have sex at some point in the future".' He blushed when the word sex spilled from his lips and Tony grinned. By the gods if Bruce wasn't the most fucking adorable thing Tony had ever seen. 'But I'm annoyed that you didn't tell me,' Bruce continued and pulled back completely.

'No, come back, we'll kiss some more and forget all about that!' Tony whined.

Bruce shook his head and folded his arms as he looked down at Tony. 'No, we're going to talk about why you felt like blabbering about me to the entire team,' he said.

Tony groaned. 'No more kissing?' he pouted.

'Maybe after you've made it up to me.'

'I'm sorry,' Tony said, and Bruce could hear the honesty. 'I honestly, really didn't think you could ever want me. I thought you were straight, and we were just friends, and I was, you know, generally an annoying prick.'

'You are an annoying prick,' Bruce agreed and Tony pouted again. 'But I still like you, for some reason.'

His tone was teasing so Tony grinned and held his arms up.

Bruce laughed. 'Seriously?'

'Kissing time; talk later!' Tony demanded like the overgrown man-child he was.

Bruce smiled but crawled onto the bed, and Tony practically drooled at the sight of Bruce fucking Banner crawling across his bed with lust in his fucking eyes.

And hello, there was Little Tony (well... not little) jumping to attention, approving very much of Bruce's actions.

'We're talking about this some more,' Bruce warned as he straddled Tony's lap.

'Yeah,' was all Tony could say, hands resting on Bruce's firm hips.

'And you're making it up to me for telling everyone,' Bruce said. His own hands rested on Tony's warm shoulders and Tony shivered at the touch.

'Yeah, whatever you say, Brucey,' Tony agreed. Fuck, he'd agree to anything just to keep Bruce on his lap.

'You idiot,' Bruce said before swooping down to capture Tony's lips.

Oh yeah, Tony thought with a groan as he kissed Bruce back.

He knew he was in for days, weeks, maybe even months of making it up to Bruce. Because yeah, he'd fucked up; he shouldn't have rambled to the others, or kept his feelings from Bruce, but by all the fucking gods in Asgard would Tony make it up to him.

Because grovelling was so worth it when he had Bruce Banner sitting on his lap, lips warm and moving, tongue slowly darting out to flick into his mouth and generally send Iron Man in-fucking-sane.

Oh yeah, Tony thought again, rubbing his hands up and down Bruce's shoulders, earning a delightful little moan from the doctor sitting atop him. Absolutely fucking worth it.

Author's Note: Yeah, so this is the sequel to "Tony Is So Going To Get It!" and I started writing it about twenty minutes ago (what is it with me and writing these stories in twenty minutes?!) Anyway, it was meant to be a one-shot, but has somehow turned into a multi-chapter. It won't be long, probably only three or four chapters. That is for the third story; yes, this has turned into a trilogy. Seriously, my muse never bloody stops.

Anyway, long author's note will stop now, and I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. More to follow when I write it (which is hopefully soon).