Chapter Ten: That's One Point To Tony Stark

Warnings: Graphic oral sex of the male/male variety, explicit language, angst, mild violence

Tony and Bruce got to test the latter's new jeans properly about a week later. Victor von Doom had decided that it was really time his Doombots played for a bit in the middle of Manhattan, leaving hundreds of people running for their lives, and a fair few innocent people injured if not dead.

The Avengers were right in the thick of it, and even Loki made an appearance when it looked like the heroes would be outnumbered. Of course, Loki was only helping because he detested Victor.

When Tony and Bruce arrived, having been out on another date together, Tony had already changed into his Iron Man suit and flown him and Bruce out onto the street Natasha and Steve were fighting on. Bruce looked down at his jeans and gave Tony a hesitant smile, followed by a kiss, before changing.

The jeans stretched to fit the Hulk, and Tony couldn't help but stare as his boyfriend jumped into the fight. The Hulk looked strangely odd in jeans rather than torn shorts. But Tony didn't have time to stare at his partner. He shook his head, ducked a punch from a Doombot, and flew into the air to fight.


It was rough, and von Doom's bots fought dirty, so the Avengers fought even dirtier (though Loki, hands down, took the crown for being the most vicious, backbiting bastard in the entire fight). The Avengers managed to take down most of the bots, with only Clint suffering a broken bone, the rest sporting deep cuts and bruises. Loki took von Doom out, the doctor whining and spitting insults at the God before disappearing. Loki just sniffed and disappeared too, not hanging around to see if the heroes were okay.

Tony landed and looked around for Bruce, while Natasha supported a wincing Clint who had his arm pressed to his ribs. Steve had tugged his mask off and was talking to a police officer, while everyone else stood around catching their breath.

Eventually Bruce returned, having chased a dozen Doombots halfway across the city. He was shaking slightly and pale, his chest covered in cuts, but his lower half thankfully still covered by Tony's specially made jeans.

Bruce turned up with a heap of SHIELD agents who were going to clean up the mess, and Bruce ignored Agent Coulson in favour of grabbing his boyfriend.

'Hey, you alright?' Tony asked after removing his faceplate.

'Y-Yeah,' Bruce nodded and swallowed thickly. He was even paler up close and he squeezed his fingers into fists to try and stop the shaking.

'Bruce-' Tony started in concern, but the doctor cut him off.

'M'fine, Tony,' he murmured.

Tony knew he wasn't fine. He'd been not-fine himself enough times to know when someone was ready to crack or breakdown. But he let it go for now, wrapping an arm around Bruce's waist and pulling him into a hug made awkward by his Iron Man suit.

Bruce let it happen, breathing in and out heavily against Tony's armoured neck. When they broke apart Bruce gave his boyfriend a weak smile before the two went to check on the others.

The Avengers refused to be patched up by anyone other than Bruce (every one of them had trust issues) so they headed back to Avengers Tower in a SHIELD van and let Bruce check them over. Clint had broken one rib and let Bruce put a harness around him. The others only had cuts that had to be plastered, and the team wandered off in separate directions to rest; Natasha and Clint headed for the gym, Steve went to the kitchen to cook, and Thor disappeared to look for Loki and make sure the other God was okay.

Tony and Bruce headed for bed. Bruce was still insisting he was fine, so Tony pretended he himself was tired. Which wasn't really a lie- he was tired, and his body hurt- but he was more worried about Bruce.

Tony had Jarvis pull up the TV at the end of the bed and set it on some random channel before pulling Bruce into the bathroom. He had to strip his partner, who was shaking worse than before, and forced him into the shower.

As soon as Tony joined him under the water, Bruce broke down. He clung to Tony and buried his face in the older man's neck, sobbing loudly against him. Tony hesitated only briefly before wrapping his arms around Bruce.

'Shh, it's okay,' Tony hummed, even though he really had no idea what this was about, so he couldn't possibly know if anything was okay or not. 'Shh, Bruce, I'm here, I've got you.'

Bruce continued to sob and wouldn't let Tony go, which made washing a bit awkward. But Tony was a genius, so he eventually managed to get them both scrubbed clean- minding their wounds while he was doing it- rinsed, dry, and snuggled in bed wearing sweats and old t-shirts.

Well, Bruce was more clinging to Tony tightly than snuggling. Tony still had no idea what was going on. Bruce always needed a bit of attention and quiet time after turning into the Other Guy, but Tony had never seen him this shaken before. He wondered if maybe something bad had happened during the fight, but decided not to pry. If Bruce wanted him to know he'd tell him.

'You hungry?' Tony asked quietly after about an hour in bed.

Bruce shook his head, eyes on Tony's chest.

Tony himself was leaning against the headboard, one arm curled around Bruce, the other hand brushing through Bruce's hair. 'Wanna watch Doctor Who?' Tony tried.

Again, Bruce shook his head.

'Okay...' Tony sighed. He chewed on his lip, wondering how he could make Bruce feel better.

'This is nice,' Bruce whispered, so softly that Tony almost thought he'd imagined it. But when he looked down, his fingers stilling in Bruce's hair, his boyfriend said, 'This is all you have to do.'

'This...?' Tony questioned.

'Just being here, with me- for me,' Bruce mumbled. He squeezed Tony and gave a shuddering sigh.

'Brucey...' Tony murmured, 'you gonna tell me what's wrong?'

Bruce squeezed his eyes shut.

'You don't have to,' Tony continued when Bruce remained silent, 'but I might be able to help.'

Bruce snorted.

'I might,' Tony repeated.

Bruce sighed and buried his face in Tony's chest. After another ten minutes, the only sound being the TV Tony wasn't really watching, Bruce whispered, 'I couldn't stop.'

Tony flinched in surprise and looked down. 'Couldn't stop what?' he asked.

'The Doombots, they... they blasted me backwards and I... I...' Fresh tears leaked from Bruce's eyes and he whimpered.

'Hey, easy,' Tony said and tugged Bruce closer. 'Easy, love, shh...'

Bruce's eyes snapped open and he looked up at Tony.

'What?' Tony frowned.

'Just... you said love,' Bruce said.

'Oh.' Tony blinked rapidly. 'Um... well, I... you know, it's just a term of endearment and... I care about you, you know that, right?'

'Yes,' Bruce gulped. 'Yes, I know.'

'Well... that's good. Uh... if it annoys you I won't say-'

'No!' Bruce said quickly and shook his head. 'I like it.'

'Okay,' Tony said slowly. He cleared his throat. 'So, you were saying...?'

Bruce sighed and shut his eyes again. 'I was thrown back and... I hit a c-car.'

Tony remained silent, letting Bruce get himself together.

'And... there was... was someone in it.'

'Oh,' Tony breathed. Suddenly Bruce's behaviour made sense. 'I see.'

Tears spilled down the doctor's cheeks and he buried his face in Tony's chest.

'Hey, easy,' Tony said and stroked his back. 'Bruce, it wasn't your fault.'

'Yes it was.'

'No, it's von Doom's fault,' Tony said. 'He made the Doombots, he made them throw you. You couldn't stop yourself, Bruce, it isn't your fault.'

When Bruce opened his mouth, Tony continued.

'And it's not the Hulk's fault either,' he said sternly. 'Neither of you had any control over yourselves, okay? If I'd been thrown back I'd have crushed that car too. It's not. Your. Fault. Bruce.'

'I could have-'

'No,' Tony interrupted. 'It's not your fault, Bruce,' he repeated. 'Don't for one second think that you've done anything wrong. You saved dozens, maybe hundreds of lives, by going after those bots. Never question yourself, love, it's not your fault.' He squeezed Bruce tightly to make his point, and Bruce sighed loudly. 'You hear me?' the genius asked.

Bruce nodded.

'I want to hear you say it,' Tony ordered. 'Please believe me, Bruce, you couldn't have stopped it. You didn't purposely throw yourself at that car, love.' The doctor looked up at him carefully. 'You hear me?' Tony repeated.

Bruce nodded again and drew in a shuddering breath. 'You... you really believe that, don't you?' he asked.

'Of course I do.'

A small smile tugged at Bruce's lips, but was almost immediately gone as he settled back down. 'Even when we first met, you trusted me, you liked me,' the doctor mumbled. 'Why?'

'Because I know you're not a bad guy,' Tony told him. 'The Other Guy isn't evil either. You're just... different. That doesn't make you a bad person, Bruce.'

'I... I know,' Bruce mumbled.

'Do you?' Tony asked.

Bruce nodded slightly. 'I do now, thanks to you,' he said softly.

Tony smiled and kissed him atop the head. 'How about you get some rest, hmm? I'll be here when you wake up.'

'Promise?' Bruce asked drowsily.

'I promise,' Tony confirmed.

Bruce let out a breath and snuggled closer to his boyfriend. He felt safe in Tony's arms, and he'd calmed down since telling Tony what had happened. In no time at all he was fast asleep, Tony's arms still wrapped around him protectively.


Tony was pulled out of sleep by the bed shifting beneath him. He rolled over and peeled one eye open, catching sight of Bruce as the other man disappeared into the bathroom. Tony glanced the alarm clock on Bruce's bedside table- 9:48pm- and groaned. God, they'd only been asleep a few hours.

Tony let his eyes fall shut again and listened to Bruce use the toilet, followed by what sounded like Bruce washing his face.

If I cried that much I'd wash my face too, Tony mused sleepily.

When the bathroom door opened again, Tony heard Bruce walk halfway across the room. There was about a minute of silence before warm lips pressed against Tony's forehead, followed by Bruce padding towards the door.

'Where're you goin'?' Tony asked, voice thick with sleep.

Bruce froze and turned slowly. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you.'

'S'alright,' Tony yawned. He slowly rolled onto his stomach and pushed himself up onto his arms. He looked across at Bruce and asked again, 'Where are you going?'

'I was... um... dinner?' It sounded more like a question than an answer, and Tony raised an eyebrow. 'What?' Bruce said.

'This doesn't have anything to do with what you told me earlier, does it?' Tony asked. Bruce froze, the colour draining from his face. He seemed to be waiting for Tony to get mad and yell. 'Bruce, it wasn't your fault, I told you that.'

'I... right... um...' Bruce stuttered and looked around the room. 'I'm sorry I lumped all that on you, I was just upset.'

'Understandably so,' Tony nodded and sat up properly. The blankets pooled around his hips and he yawned again, stretching. 'You don't have to pretend you're okay, not in front of me,' Tony continued. 'If you want to stay in bed and cry some more, or just go back to sleep, that's fine. I'll take care of you.'

Bruce wet his lips and looked down. 'R-Really?' he asked quietly.

'Yeah,' Tony nodded.

'I... um... I don't really want to see the others,' Bruce mumbled and scratched at his hair. 'I just... want to stay in bed with you and.. and try and get past it.'

'Okay,' Tony said and drew the blankets back. 'You jump into bed and I'll go get us something to eat, okay? Is there anything you'd prefer?'

Bruce shook his head but climbed back into bed.

'How about I order some pizza?' Tony suggested. 'Time's like this deserve greasy, fatty food... and ice cream.'

A small smile tugged at Bruce's lips. 'Okay,' he replied.

'Jarvis?' Tony called.

'Yes, sir?' the AI replied.

'Order two large pizzas- one supreme, one cheese with olives and sausage- as well as a coke and some garlic bread.'

'Yes, sir,' Jarvis repeated.

'There should be ice cream downstairs if Thor and Natasha haven't eaten it all,' Tony said, turning back to Bruce.

'I'm fine if there isn't,' Bruce said.

Tony smiled slightly and moved so he was sitting against the headboard. 'Come here,' he said, holding an arm out. Bruce moved too and was soon curled up with Tony, one of Tony's arms around his shoulders. 'It's not your fault,' Tony whispered yet again as he bent to kiss Bruce's cheek.

'I... I know,' Bruce murmured in response. 'But... I just need some time.'

'I get that,' Tony said. 'Take all the time you need, okay?'

'And you'll stay with me?' Bruce asked.

'Of course,' Tony replied and kissed him again.


They stayed in bed all night eating pizza and drinking coke from the bottle. Usually Bruce would be grabbing them plates and glasses, but he felt too exhausted, both emotionally and physically, to get up. When they'd eaten their fill of pizza Tony disappeared to grab ice cream and came back with two spoons and a tub of cookies and cream.

'How'd you get that?' Bruce asked from where he was sitting up in bed. 'It's Natasha's favourite.'

'I told her you weren't feeling well so she gave it up,' Tony said as he shut the bedroom door. 'And that got Steve to make some of his awesome chicken noodle soup,' he grinned.

Bruce chuckled and shook his head. 'You're using me to get food?'

'It's Steve's chicken noodle soup, Bruce!' Tony said. He hopped onto the bed and crawled across to his boyfriend. 'It has bits of chicken in it, and he buys that awesome bread and toasts it in the oven with garlic, and... and... Brucey!'

Bruce laughed loudly at that and let Tony slide beneath the sheets next to him. 'Okay, I can see how Steve's chicken noodle soup is worth using me,' he nodded.

Tony smiled and opened the ice cream, handing Bruce a spoon as he did. They both settled back down, the tub between them, and dug into the ice cream as they watched Doctor Who, series 4.

Bruce glanced over at Tony as they watched. Tony was paying attention, mostly because he liked Donna, the Doctor's companion, and because there was nothing else to do. Bruce had asked a few times if Tony had some experiment he wanted to work on, or some other TV show/movie he wanted to watch, but Tony was adamant he was staying in bed with Bruce and watching New Who.

Bruce couldn't stop the swell of emotions that washed over him at Tony's words; affection, lust, appreciation, warmth, and love. All of them tumbled and twisted inside the scientist, but it was the last one that hit Bruce the hardest.

He'd been in love before; before the Other Guy; before he'd gone on the run; before he'd met Tony Stark. But it hadn't come anywhere close to how he felt about Tony. It was all encompassing, powerful, amazing, and it just grew stronger every day. They'd only been dating seven weeks, but already Tony had become Bruce's everything; his best friend, his Science Bro, he confidant, and his partner.

Bruce smiled and dropped his spoon on the bedside table. He grabbed the ice cream, and plucked Tony's own spoon from his fingers, before dumping both on the table.

'What's wrong?' Tony asked.

'Nothing,' Bruce smiled.

Tony smiled in return. 'I see you're feeling better.'

'Much better,' Bruce nodded. He'd just needed some time to sort through what had happened as well as his feelings. Tony had been amazing; listening when Bruce wanted to speak, but changing the subject or just going quiet when Bruce didn't want to say any more. For a self-proclaimed narcissist, Tony was an amazing listener.

The genius' eyebrows rose when Bruce pushed the blankets aside so he could straddle his boyfriend's lap. Tony's hands immediately went to Bruce's hips, and his eyes widened when Bruce rocked himself forward.

'Ah... I see you're feeling a lot better,' Tony commented.

'Mm-hmm,' Bruce hummed and moved again.

'Jesus,' Tony groaned when their crotches pressed together. His cock was already twitching in interest and Tony bit his bottom lip.

'You're beautiful, do you know that?' Bruce asked as he started pressing delicate kisses to Tony's stubble-covered jaw. 'You're sweet, funny, brilliant, and just... gorgeous.'

'Uh... uh-huh,' Tony stuttered ineloquently.

'You've made me one of the happiest men on earth, just by being you,' Bruce said, his kisses moving up Tony's jaw and towards his lips. He paused, hovering over them, and Bruce felt Tony's hot, heavy breath caress him. 'I'm one hundred percent positive that I've fallen in love with you,' Bruce stated.

Tony's eyes widened in surprise, but before he could say anything Bruce had descended on his lips. Groans tore from both mens' mouths as their lips moved together, Bruce bending forward, Tony arching up, each trying to kiss the other harder, more passionately.

Bruce's hands immediately came out to play; one grabbed onto Tony's shoulder, fingers digging in and squeezing tightly; the other cupped Tony's prickly cheek, thumb stroking along the skin and moving in time with their kissing.

Tony's own hands went straight to Bruce's hair and twisted the strands, pulling them all over the place, his nails digging into the doctor's scalp and making Bruce whimper.

Soon Bruce let his lips fall open, coaxing Tony's tongue into his mouth. He groaned again when he felt the hot, wet organ swipe across his teeth and gums before it duelled with his own tongue, the two twisting in Bruce's mouth. When Tony retreated, Bruce followed, and the fight was taken to Tony's mouth.

When they broke apart both were flushed and panting, Bruce's hair in disarray beneath Tony's hands. They stared at each other, eyes darkened in lust, and their lips red, swollen, and wet.

Bruce's tongue flicked across his mouth and Tony groaned. 'Fuck, you're beautiful,' he said.

Bruce smiled.

'And... you love me?' Tony asked hesitantly.

Taking a deep breath, Bruce nodded. 'Yeah. I love you.'

A brilliant smile spread across Tony's face and he tugged Bruce in for another kiss, this one sweet and delicate. When they parted Tony rested his forehead against Bruce's and whispered, 'I love you too.'


'Really,' Tony nodded. 'Christ, Bruce, I think I've been in love with you since that first talk in the lab on the Helicarrier.'

Bruce chuckled. 'Well, my feelings came later; I thought you were a bit of a dick when we first met.'

'Cheeky,' Tony growled and slapped Bruce's ass.

'Ah, shit,' Bruce groaned and rocked again on his boyfriend's lap.

'And kinky,' Tony grinned evilly.

'No I'm not,' Bruce huffed. Despite that, when Tony slapped him again, slightly harder, Bruce moaned loudly. 'Fuck you,' he grumbled when Tony laughed.

'I think it's sexy,' Tony said and both his hands fell to squeeze the doctor's ass.

'Really?' Bruce asked.

'Oh yeah,' Tony nodded. 'Completely fucking sexy.' He ducked forward and latched onto Bruce's neck, sinking his teeth in and sucking, his tongue darting along the smooth, flushed skin.

Bruce's head tipped back and he moaned, beginning to rock forward again as Tony suckled on his neck. 'Damn it, Tony, don't stop!' he ordered and dug his fingers into Tony's hair to keep the billionaire in place.

'I don't plan on goin' anywhere,' Tony mumbled against Bruce's skin before licking and nipping again.

'That's g-good,' Bruce stuttered, head still tilted, lips parted as he breathed in and out deeply and groaned.

Seeing that Bruce was wonderfully distracted, Tony decided to try his luck at feeling his boyfriend up. Despite having dated for about seven weeks, Bruce had only let Tony touch his naked stomach. They'd seen each other naked when they changed for bed, or took quick showers together when they were running late, but so far Tony hadn't been allowed to touch his partner properly.

So he licked his way across to Bruce's Adam's apple and pushed one hand right up Bruce's loose sleep shirt.

He grinned when Bruce didn't stop him and his stomach flipped as his fingers grazed down the soft, warm skin of Bruce's back. Bruce moaned and rocked forward harder, making Tony pull back and swear.

'Fuck, don't stop,' Bruce ordered.

'Come 'ere,' Tony growled and leaned up to capture Bruce's lips again.

Bruce's mouth was thoroughly plundered while Tony's right hand mapped out his back, the other hand stroking up and down Bruce's covered thigh. Bruce's entire body prickled with heat as his mouth and body were explored. His cock strained at his sweats, and Bruce wanted nothing more than to toss his clothes aside and ride Tony into the mattress.

But he didn't think now was the right time. Though they'd exchanged "I love you's", Bruce wasn't quiet ready to fuck Tony yet, or have Tony fuck him...

... but there were other things he was ready to do, and quite happy to do too.

Bruce broke the kiss and moved back, making Tony whine and peel his eyes open. 'What?' the genius huffed in annoyance.

Bruce just smirked and grabbed the hem of his shirt. Tony's eyes widened as Bruce pulled it free and tossed it across the room. 'Now yours,' the doctor ordered.

Tony was quick to comply, and soon they were chest-to-chest, their fingers exploring, their tongue fighting again. When Bruce broke the kiss again to lick and nibble his way across Tony's jaw and down his throat, Tony just tilted his head and hummed in delight. He was expecting Bruce to come back up and resume kissing.

But the doctor kept going until suddenly he was sucking on Tony's collarbone and making pleasure lance through the billionaire's body.

'Holy fucking hell, Bruce,' Tony moaned.

Bruce chuckled and kissed the red mark he'd made before moving further down. 'If you liked that...' he hummed before trailing off.

'Oh yeah, I definitely liked that,' Tony nodded vigorously. About four seconds later his eyes popped open and he almost came- Bruce was sucking on his nipple! 'FUCK!'

Bruce laughed loudly, the sound stopping him from licking across the small, hard nub.

'Fuck, don't stop!' Tony shouted.

'Sorry,' Bruce giggled and pecked Tony on the lips before moving back down.

Tony moaned as Bruce licked, sucked, and bit his nipple, making Tony's back arch and his cock absolutely throb. Jesus, at this rate Tony was going to come in his sweats like a fucking teenager.

'Damn, Bruce,' Tony panted as Bruce licked across his chest, going for the other nipple. 'I'm not gonna last long if you keep this up.'

Bruce chuckled and closed his lips around Tony's other nipple. The small nub immediately jumped to attention beneath Bruce's tongue, and the doctor hummed. He felt Tony tense beneath him, the genius' cock twitching against Bruce's knee. He was straddling one of Tony's legs and had to fight not to rut against it like a horny dog.

It was hard, though... especially with his lips wrapped around Tony's nipple, tongue laving across it, and Tony making such delicious noises as he scratched at Bruce's back and head.

Eventually Bruce let the peak go and grinned up at Tony. 'If you liked that...' He moved further down, keeping his eyes on Tony as he slid down the bed and down Tony's body, pressing delicate kisses to Tony's chest, stomach, hip, as well as the occasional swipe of his tongue.

'Oh God, Brucey,' Tony moaned and his voice cracked on Bruce's name, 'please, please, please tell me you're gonna do what I think you're gonna do.'

Bruce tilted his head as he stilled, his mouth hovering over Tony's trapped erection. 'What do you think I'm going to do?' he asked innocently.

'Uh... um... well, I... hope,' Tony stuttered, looking down at him, 'that you're gonna suck my cock.'

Bruce grinned like the Cheshire Cat. 'That's exactly what I'm going to do.' Tony moaned. 'Very good, Mr Stark.'

'Um... I've got condoms in the bedside table,' Tony said.

'Don't need them; I'm your doctor, remember?'


'Unless you want me to use one?' Bruce asked.

'Fuck no!' Tony practically shrieked.

Bruce chuckled and pressed a kiss to the bulge beneath him, watching in delight as it twitched. 'I think these pants need to come off.'

Tony nodded his head vigorously and shuffled about to remove them. He pulled them down his hips, the head of his cock peaking over the top. Before he could get them off Bruce had grabbed the waistband and tugged them clear, throwing the garment over his shoulder.

Tony's cock stood proudly to attention, pre-come already dribbling from the slit and down the shaft. He was a good size, Bruce was pleased to see, and licked his lips hungrily as he watched.

'Fuck, Brucey, are you just gonna stare at it all night?' Tony demanded.

Bruce smirked. 'Patience is a virtue, love.'

'I'm gonna come just from you staring if you don't fuckin' hurry,' Tony warned.

'Well, we can't have that,' Bruce commented. 'I want you to come down my throat.'

Tony moaned and his head fell back, hitting the headboard with a thud. 'Damn it, Bruce, you're killing me.'

Bruce chuckled and crawled back up the bed. 'My apologies,' he said and bent to blow hot breath over the head of Tony's cock. It jumped immediately and Tony whined.

'Brucey, please...'

'Shh,' Bruce hummed. 'Let me take care of you.'

'Please!' Tony begged again and thrust his hips up.

Bruce tisked, but really he didn't want to wait any longer either. He just liked watching Tony squirm. 'If you insist,' he said before bending down and licking Tony from root to tip.

'HOLY FUCK!' Tony shouted and thrust up again. Bruce immediately pushed him down, a hand on each hip, and licked him again. 'Oh fuck, Brucey, yes, yes, yes.'

'All that from one little lick?' Bruce snickered. Tony just moaned in response. 'Hmm, interesting.'

Bruce really wanted to explore each and every inch of Tony's body, but his need to suck Tony into his mouth, to taste him, was even greater. So he gave Tony's balls a nuzzle before licking him from root to tip and staying there.

His tongue curled over the head, licking away pre-come. It was strong and salty, and Bruce immediately went back in for another taste until he was sucking the head into his mouth.

Tony swore, head thrashing from side-to-side, his hips fighting Bruce and trying to arch up. Finally he peeled his eyes open and watched Bruce smirk around him before going down.

'Jesus fucking Christ,' Tony moaned as half his cock was engulfed in Bruce's wet mouth. It was so warm and tight and good, Tony had to fight himself from coming on the spot. Especially when Bruce pulled back with an obscene, wet sucking sound. 'God, Bruce, you're fucking amazing!' Tony praised breathlessly.

Bruce just hummed, and didn't that make Tony's body threaten to snap? He curled his fingers into the sheets, knuckles turning white as Bruce bobbed up and down on his cock, soon setting a steady rhythm.

Usually Tony could hold out, but it'd been so long since he'd last had sex, and no his right hand so did not count. Bruce's mouth was wonderful, his tongue absolutely devillish, and his lips were so fucking good!

Bruce sucked, hummed, and licked Tony at a steady pace until Tony started to shake, his balls tightening. His cheeks hollowed every time he went down, sucking Tony right to the base, the head of Tony's cock hitting the back of his throat. He let one of Tony's hips go but kept him pinned with the other hand, while his free fingers wrapped around Tony's shaft, firmly stroking him as he pulled back with a wet sucking sound.

'Fuck, Bruce,' Tony whined when Bruce pulled completely clear, a string of saliva connecting the doctor's mouth to the head of Tony's dick. 'Don't stop, please!'

'Just wondering if you're enjoying yourself,' Bruce said, a cocky grin pulling at his red, swollen lips.

'Of course I'm fucking enjoying my- oooh!' Tony's rant was cut off with a moan as Bruce licked back up and down his cock, from base to head, his tongue curling through the pre-come now streaming steadily from the slit. He made a soft noise of enjoyment before his lips closed back around the crown, tongue licking the spot just there-

'Fuck, shit, God, yes!' Tony rambled, his hips once again straining to push off the bed.

Bruce smirked- fucking smirked with his mouth stretched around Tony's prick- and sucked; down, up, down, up, his head bobbing, moving quicker, his cheeks hollowing, tongue laving, teeth scraping the head when he almost pulled all the way off.

Tony was lost in a sea of pleasure; seven weeks with nothing but his hand made this the best blow job of his life. And it was Bruce; Bruce with his sweet words and zen attitude and polite mouth. That same mouth that was sucking and licking and humming and making Tony feel oh so goood...

When Tony grew closer Bruce spread up, his eyes- black with lust- steady on Tony's own. Tony chewed on his bottom lip but gasped loudly when Bruce finally let his hips go.

They immediately jumped off the bed, thrusting Tony's cock down Bruce's throat. Bruce grabbed Tony's right hand and forced it into his hair, while he linked his fingers with Tony's other hand.

Tony squeezed Bruce's hair and fingers tightly as he thrust his hips up, fucking Bruce's deliciously hot, wet mouth. He moaned, head tilted back, as his orgasm rushed towards him, his pleasure building higher and higher and higher until-

'BRUCE!' Tony roared out his release, shooting down Bruce's throat as he rammed himself in as far as he'd go. Bruce stilled and sucked, swallowing him down completely, tongue lapping at Tony's cock to get every last drop.

When Tony was finally spent he fell to the bed with a loud groan, his chest heaving, lips parted as he panted. He slid from Bruce's mouth with an erotic wet sound and Bruce smiled in triumph as he licked his lips clean. His throat felt raw, his mouth abused, but God he'd missed that. And Tony looked absolutely gorgeous in the throes of pleasure.

'You okay?' Bruce asked as he crawled back up the bed. He hovered over Tony, not sure if the genius would want to kiss him after that; some men didn't mind it, others absolutely hated it.

Tony peeled his eyes open, dark brown irises glassy as he looked Bruce over. Soon enough he grinned and said, 'Kiss me.'

Bruce smiled and leaned down to seal their lips together. Almost immediately Tony's tongue pried Bruce's mouth open and darted inside to taste himself mingled with Bruce's own distinct flavour.

'Mm,' Tony hummed when they broke apart. 'You, Bruce Banner, are gonna fuck me into an early grave.'

'Worth it?' Bruce asked teasingly.

'Oh yeah,' Tony nodded.

They kissed again languidly, Bruce almost forgetting about his own erection. Almost being the keyword there. When Tony's hands threaded through Bruce's hair the doctor whimpered and pressed himself firmly against Tony's leg.

When they broke apart, Tony leered at Bruce, and the doctor felt heat shoot up his spine.

'Now,' Tony said and forced Bruce up and back. The younger man fell to the mattress heavily and his legs parted as Tony started crawling towards him. 'Let me return the favour,' Tony purred.

Bruce nodded and dragged Tony down for a hot, dirty kiss.

'Hey,' Bruce said and pushed Tony away slightly so he could talk. 'You know how you've been trying to make it up to me? For telling everyone that you like me?'

Tony nodded. 'Yeah...'

'Well... consider yourself completely forgiven,' Bruce said. 'You're the best boyfriend ever, Tony, and I love you.' Tony smiled and pressed his lips to Bruce's. When they broke apart, Bruce said, 'You're perfect.'

'I know,' Tony smirked cockily.

Bruce laughed and Tony kissed him again, grins on both their faces.


Author's Note: Finally, the end! Seriously, I should stop trying to write one-shots, it never bloody works. In case you're interested, there's another story after this, and there will be graphic sex of the male/male variety. And to think, this all started because the awesome eris7713 wanted a Science Bros story... you can thank her for all of this, as well as my crazy muse, Johnny.

Anywho, thanks for the reviews and alerts, you guys are awesome. And hopefully I have the third story up soon :]