Coming out of the bathroom to rejoin Dean in bed in order to get some kind of actual sleep, Lizzy pauses after just a few steps when she gets a good look at the woman waiting for her.

Stretched out across the mattress, Dean is only covered just barely by the white sheet somehow still on it. She peers over at Lizzy and immediately smiles before rolling onto her side.

"Should probably get some sleep. Sun's coming up," Dean tells her as she bends her elbow and props her head up on her hand, a couple strands of dirty blond hair falling in her face as she does. The sheet is just covering her ample sized breasts but her legs are exposed, long with one crossing over the other.

"You seriously, literally are sex," Lizzy tells her with still going shock at how intensely sensual Dean is as a woman. She's still fucking perfect. "You know that right?"

"Always had a sneaking suspicion, yeah," Dean quickly retorts before flashing her patented pearly white smile as always.

"Don't move!" Lizzy asks of her husband as she runs to her jeans on the floor. She pulls out her phone and quickly backs up, snapping a quick picture of the woman she's been confined in their room with for hours now.

"L, fuck…" Dean complains, dropping heavily onto her back with embarrassment. Picture proof of this whole experience is not something she wants, not at all.

"Baby, stop," Lizzy says back as she climbs in next to Dean and holds out the screen for her to take a look. "You check this out and then try to tell me you aren't the hottest fucking thing that has ever existed."

Sighing stubbornly, Dean looks over. She says nothing right away when she does first take in the image. Lizzy was right. "Holy shit," Dean nearly whispers, stealing the phone from her and looking more closely.

"I'm saying," Lizzy grins out with pride as she molds her body into Dean's side.

"It's almost impossible to believe that I look even better than this as a guy," Dean quips quickly as he hands back the phone.

"Nah, you look perfect either way." Lizzy leans down and kisses Dean with all her love, truly meaning what she says, before dropping the phone on the nightstand.

"Alright, that's it," Dean says as she finally gets annoyed. "Just admit that you like the dick-having-me better."

"What?" Lizzy says, taken off guard.

"Come on. Do it."


"Because I know you do," Dean informs her while moving closer, an arm snaking around her waist. "You're doing a great job as head cheerleader and all but I want the truth. I know you like my cock better. Just be honest."

Sighing while settling her head onto the pillow and looking over to see Dean's expectant expression, Lizzy tells the true for the first time in two days. "I miss the old you."

"I knew it!"

"But only a little!" Lizzy specifies quickly. "I have never lied to you. If this is who you are then I am still with you. But yes, I am a straight woman at heart. As fun as all this was I really don't think I'd be ok with never getting fucked by that big ol' dick of yours ever again."

"You weren't ready to part with it," Dean surmises.

"Never had a proper goodbye," Lizzy carries on.

"Nah, that's not it. It's because you're a huge slut for my cock."

"As you've been one to tell me." She rolls her eyes.

"Yeah," Dean answers back as her smile from the lighter moment fades, knowing it was true all along. "And my instincts are still all there which is fucking weird. Trust me, I would have given anything to give it to you good and proper tonight. It felt like I was supposed to fuck you but didn't have the right equipment to do it."

"Bummer," Lizzy laments as she reaches over to Dean, her hand covering over the handprint scar Castiel left on her shoulder, the print that stayed in place through her transformation from man to woman.

"You're telling me."

"Well on the bright side we won't have any mishaps if you stay this way," Lizzy points out, the meaning of her statement vague as the tiredness starts to take over.

"What mishaps?" Dean questions.

"It takes a chick and a dick to make a baby… two chicks can't make that happen," she points out. "Maybe this is better. We can't ever have kids with how we have to live our lives and this way we can guarantee that never will happen." She lies onto her back and closes her eyes, her side pressed against Dean's body.

"Well that's… just… depressing." Dean grimaces with the thought. As much as Lizzy's fully resigned her life to never being a mother, Dean's perspective has changed. The miscarriage made her realize how much she really did want that. It reinstated her once-had want for normalcy, for a life, for creating life and having that family Lizzy used to dream about. "And for that reason alone we have to fix this."

"Huh?" Lizzy has to ask with total confusion.

"I don't want my chance at having kids gone." Wow that was easy to say, Dean thinks. This emotional woman crap is so annoying.

"What the hell…" Lizzy starts angrily.

"What's wrong with that?" Dean questions with disbelief. Shouldn't Lizzy be happy with that change of heart?

"I finally get into the right frame of mind, the frame of mind that you've always had… hunting is life and the American Dream is a pipe dream at best… and now you're flip flopping on me?"

"I don't know…" she pauses quickly. "I guess… yeah."

"And what changed?" Lizzy exasperatedly asks. How are they on the same page about everything in life except for this?

Dean sighs and turns onto her side to bring an arm around Lizzy's waist. "You got pregnant."

Looking at Dean with utter confusion, Lizzy is at a loss. "That sucked."

"I know."

"It sucked ass," she continues. "It was horrible and it still fucks with me every damn day."

"I know that too."

"How has losing a chance at what we've always wanted not made you never want to try again?"

Absently running her fingers over Lizzy's lower stomach, Dean answers. "It made me realize it is possible. We could do that if we let ourselves."

"But demons won't let us," Lizzy argues back. "Neither will angels and ghosts and all the other shit that wants to kill us... and would want to kill our kids."

"That's true. But before we had, you know, gotten knocked up… the whole idea of having a kid seemed so far away, so unobtainable," Dean says, her hand now splayed out on Lizzy's flat stomach. "Now, it seems possible. It can happen. And now I want it to happen."

"This hormones thing is making you way too talkative." Lizzy says as she realizes this conversation would never happen if Dean were still a guy.

"Well aware," Dean grumbles.

"Great, so now we're back to wanting a family and not even knowing if we're going to live through the Apocalypse to make it happen."

"Looks like it."

"Fucking awesome," Lizzy shakes her head, ready to end this frustrating conversation.

As they settle in for the night… or a few hours before Sam comes looking for them is more like it… Dean begins to worry all over again. "I can't keep this up. We gotta fix this."

"We will," Lizzy answers with eyes already drifting closed. "Said I would, didn't I?"

"You did," Dean smiles small and pulls Lizzy in closer. "And you've never lied to me."

"Never." Lizzy kisses Dean on the cheek and smiles. "How'd a girl like me ever find a cool ass chick like you?"

"Witches," Dean jests with a straight face as she pulls Lizzy closer.


Sighing in her sleep, she rolls over to face away from the sound of the annoying brother calling her name. Then the door pounding begins.

"Dean!" Sam's voice calls out on the other side of the door. "Lizzy! Get the hell up!"

"I feel like I slept for five minutes," Lizzy says with her face buried in her pillow before groaning with disappointment.

"More like two hours but who's counting," Dean bitches while looking at the clock before moving to sit up on the side of the bed.

"I know you can hear me!"

"Shut up, Sam! I'm coming!" Dean shouts back and rubs her eyes. Fucking Sam. Always such an early riser. She stands up and takes about two steps to the door before stopping and looking down. She's completely naked. Surveying the room with half opened eyes, she sees that her clothes are everywhere, Lizzy having done a great job of scattering them last night. Being lazy and not thinking properly, she yanks the comforter off the bed and wraps it around her shoulders, leaving Lizzy with just the sheet covering her as she's drifting all too easily back to sleep. Whatever.

"Where's the freakin' fire?" Dean asks in a gruff tone, sleep still in her voice as she squints in the sunlight of the morning to look up at Sam.

"Seriously?" asks Sam when he sees Dean clearly woke up naked with sex-knotted hair and bags under her eyes from a late night. He's seen this from Dean so many uncountable times that why it shocks him now just because she's been magically turned into a chick is unbeknownst to him. As Rina said last night, should have seen it coming. "Let's go. Rina and I have some things to try. Put some fucking clothes on."

"You figured this shit out!?" Dean asks, suddenly wide awake with the news.

"Maybe," Sam says, making no promises. "Come next door. And get sleeping beauty up while you're at it." He glances around Dean to see Lizzy still dead asleep.

"Hell yeah," Dean comments and goes to shut the door, suddenly stopping and turning back to Sam. "Hey, ah… how'd it go?"

"How did what go?" Sam asks with fake innocence. He knows clearly what his brother is asking.

"Dude, don't play fucking dumb." Dean rubs at her eyes while inquiring about her brother's night.

"We worked all night until we fell asleep trying to save your ass," Sam angrily answers. "Unlike you who clearly did some, um, selfish research of your own."

"Lame, Sammy. What a wasted opportunity." She shakes her head no in disappointment.

"You know what, Dean…" Dean starts with a pissed off attitude before Lizzy interrupts him.

"Sam, shut the door and we'll be right over," she says while turning to look at the doorway with an extremely exhausted look. "And Dean, stop giving him a hard time. He gave up banging Rina to help you while you and I fucked around. He's the best brother ever. Say thank you." She rolls back over, sheet yanked up to her neck, and closes her eyes again.

Dean looks to the ground and grumbles to himself, "Pain in my ass." She hates when Lizzy's right. Dean then looks back to Sam with a sorry look. "Sorry, Sammy."

Shocked at how easily Lizzy got Dean to apologizes, he huffs a laugh of surprise. "Damn am I glad you married her."

"Shut up," Dean mumbles agitatedly and slams the door in her brother's face, only to hear Sam making a whip-cracking sound on the other side followed by a laugh.

Screw Sam. She's ready for the day with the news of a solution and she's more than ready to get back into her former self. As fun as last night was she wants her old self back as soon as possible.

"So Lucifer was locked away?" Isobel asks, her tone very down and saddened as she's still sitting in her chair, tied down and breathing in the sour, wet sewer air.

"Yes," Castiel confirms from his seat across from the witch. "He was confined in the cage for centuries."

"But he's out now?"

"He is," Castiel stands and begins to walk around after the lengthy retelling of his family's story. Sometimes even he forgets how tumultuous and harsh it is. "He's been released on the Earth again but whatever it was you spoke to those many years ago… it was certainly not my brother. It takes extraordinary measures to just speak through the confines of his cage. Whatever you entrusted your life to was certainly not Lucifer."

"But I pledged my allegiance," she rebuts desperately.

Castiel thinks for a moment. This poor, wretched thing has no idea what she's done. She's been completely tricked.

"It is another demon you have been working with. It cannot be Lucifer."

"There's no way…"

"You're marked," Castiel tells her in a strong, assured voice to help make her believe him. "It's the name of the one that has been deceiving you and it is not the devil."

The hatred making its way across Isobel's face ensures that Castiel has just made himself clear to her.

"Who is it then?" she asks through gritted teeth.

"I will tell you," Castiel answers, sure that he knows just the demon responsible. "But first I need your help."

"You get me some justice and I will do anything you ask," she tells him with determination.

"You must assist in saving God's plan. My Father will forgive you for what you have done if you make it right. He and I are on… very good terms right now." Being his father's current right hand man does have its perks. "I can promise you salvation."

Isobel pauses, silently looking for further explanation.

"The man you so unfittingly damned into womanhood is indispensable to seeing out the true word of God." Castiel sits again, looking to finally reel her in and get her help. "Heaven needs him as his true self, in the exact image he had been created."

"No wonder I was sent after him," Isobel says. "I was told by what I thought was Satan himself to focus my creative juices on him."

"What were you told to do?" Castiel pries, looking to see what the ultimate endgame was for this faux-devil.

"Fake-Satan asked me to render the guy, Dean, barren," the witch explains. "I wasn't given any explanation exactly… just that he was not to be able to have children ever, especially after a recent close call that he mentioned. To me it sounded like he was nervous for this Dean person's offspring."

Castiel breathes in once deeply, fighting the sheer anger he has building within him at this news. Lizzy had been pregnant for all of a couple days some months back and she lost it soon after. It was still a sore spot for himself. God and he can interact as much as they would like but some things are out of even their reach. The loss was huge for them also.

"When I met him I also met the woman he was with," Isobel continues to tell him. "Having been around as long as I have I know how to read people and let me tell you those two are in it to win it."


"They're soul mates," she says in an obvious tone. "So instead of do what I was asked to do, I got imaginative. He was less than kind to me and I thought he needed to be taught a lesson. He needed to know what it is like to be a woman, to deal with assholes like himself on a daily basis. Since they're soul mates they aren't going to leave one another so… ta da! Dean was never going to have kids. Not biologically anyways."

"Cleaver," Castiel flatly. "And bold of you to make such assumptions."

"Am I wrong?"

He stares at her for a beat. "No. They are in fact soul mates."

"Knew it," she says. "That bitch was so overprotective…"

"Still you tongue," Castiel all but growls at the witch with her put down on his Elizabeth.

"She was!" she fights right back. "Thought she was going to kill me just because I pushed her asshole of a man."

"Dean is not, as you call him, an asshole," Castiel explains, quick to defend the man he happily calls a friend at this point. "He's actually quite a good and virtuous person."

"Yeah, he sure seemed it when he was hitting on me," she rolls her eyes.

Castiel sighs. "No man is perfect. Even God can admit that. Rough around the edges as he is, Dean is going to be the key to saving humanity for all eternity."

"The guy who was trying to get in my pants while out with his wife?" Isobel asks with utter disbelief.

"I promise he was not trying to lay with you, Isobel. He is very much devoted to Elizabeth."

"Coulda fooled me."

"I feel we are getting away from the matter at hand," Castiel tries to steer the conversation into a productive place. "I need you to return Dean to his rightful, male form."

"I'll do it only if you promise me my well-deserved revenge," she deals. "I have been doing this demon's evil dirty work for centuries under false pretenses. I want my day of reckoning. I deserve that much."

"I will be happy to give that to you if you can make sure that God's will is still intact."

Smiling at him for the first time since he took her and held her there in the sewer, away from society, she speaks with happy vengeance. "I promise you that Dean will be knocking up his old lady in no time." She stretches out her tied down hand in Castiel's direction to make the proper deal. He shakes, submitting to her humanly traditions. "Angel, you just found yourself a new best friend. "