"I'm pretty sure we went the wrong way," Lizzy laughs a little as Dean continues to drive down the rural dirt road that can't possibly have a home improvement store at the end of it.

"Starting to think the same thing," he responds in a serious tone, face concentrated as the excuse for a road narrows yet again. As the trees and shrubbery encroach further into the path and brush against the car he gets frustrated. "That old man was fucking senile."

"Maybe but in my defense it's usually the aged locals who give the best directions around their town and you know that's true."

"Whatever," he grumpily responds, steaming with her poor choice of local for help, while praying that the greenery doesn't scratch his baby's paint. "Fuck, I'm turning around." He uses a random clearing they come upon to make a three-point-turn and get them back to civilization.

"You think anyone ever comes down this way?" Lizzy wonders while looking carefully around the wooded surroundings, her brain wandering to creative places.

"Doubt it," Dean replies once they're back on the dirt road heading in the direction he just came from.

"Me too," Lizzy says, still formulating a plan. "I bet most people don't even know this road exists."

"Yeah, maybe," he returns with growing annoyance.

"Stop the car."

Dean looks over to her with total confusion. "No."


"Uh, why?"

"Just do it," she demands while clicking open her seatbelt and reaching for the door handle.

"The fuck is wrong with you?" he asks her, his mood growing sourer by the minute. He should be fucking his wife in a motel right now. He should be celebrating things working out well for him for once by bending his girl over the kitchen table or nailing her against the shower wall. Instead he's stuck running shit errands while getting lost and now instead of fucking him, his wife is being weird and a little annoying. He hates right now.

"Be fucking spontaneous for a minute and pull over!" she reiterates with lessening patience.

Dean listens because with Lizzy what choice does he ever have. It's always way easier to give into her smaller whims than fight them.

The gravel road being as narrow as it is, there is no shoulder. He just puts the car in park and looks over to her expectantly.

"Now what, mystery woman?"

She's smirking at him with that spark in her eye that instantly lets him know where her mind is. Maybe this day isn't going to turn out as bad as it seemed.

"Get out," she grins while pushing her passenger side door open. She stands up and shuts it behind her, Dean following right along. She walks to stand in front of the grill and curls her finger towards herself to silently ask him to meet her.

"You're serious right now?" Dean questions her once he makes his way and is standing next to her. She doesn't answer right away. Instead she turns him by the shoulders and pushes him down until he's sitting on the edge of the Impala's hood. Standing between his legs, she grins some more.

"I'm very serious," she assures, moving in the kiss him. She circles her arms around his neck and leans her weight into him. "I told you that I was coming for you when I got you alone."

His hands snaking around her waist, he smirks and pulls her into himself hard. "Well, we're alone."

"That we are," she says, licking her lips slowly as her hands run down his chest. "And I have been dying to get my hands on that dick to give it a proper welcome back." She's already reaching for his zipper. "My mouth too."

"God you are awesome," he tells her, letting her open his jeans as she kisses him again. Her lips move in a hungry, urgent way and he knows she wasn't lying. She's in attack mode.

Dean hears something rumbling down the dirt road in the middle of Lizzy's impromptu stop. Soon enough there's the sound of tires crunching over gravel from behind him. Reluctantly turning around to take a look, his heart drops at the sight of a beat up Chevy pickup truck, tires slowly rolling to a stop behind the parked Impala.

"Oh shit!" Dean half whispers as he sharply turns back around to look down at her on the ground below him. "L, stop."

She doesn't stop.

"Baby, people," he rushes out, his nerves getting to him as he tries to stand up.

"Hey there!" a voice calls out to him and Dean starts to panic. Lizzy is refusing to stop, even with hearing another person's voice calling to them. Instead she goes the other way. She pushes his thighs back against the car and keeps him in place.

"Fuck!" Dean angrily whispers to himself as Lizzy does all she can not to laugh. He turns his head around without getting up from his forced place on the hood and does his best to play it cool since apparently he married a wicked exhibitionist intent on fucking with him. "Hi!" His voice sounds cheery and his face is set in a fake smile, both of which he's absolutely struggling to maintain.

"You having some car trouble or something?" he man asks, as he shuts the truck door and takes a few steps in Dean's direction.

"Oh, uh," he stutters and stalls while thanking God for not having this guy come up the road from the other direction. From where the stranger is his vision of what Lizzy is doing is blocked by the Impala. Ok, keep it together… fuck, she's good at sucking dick. No! Focus! "Nope. No car trouble today."

"Huh," the man says with confusion. "Then you mind telling me why you're parked in the middle of my driveway?"

"You're driveway?" Dean questions innocently through a nervous laugh, his voice up an octave with Lizzy's work as he hadn't been aware that it wasn't just a random street they're on. He peeks back at his wife, her efforts as vigorous as ever, and really begins to wonder when she's going to actually help him out here… if at all.

"Yeah, my driveway. You're on my property, guy." The man stands behind the car with arms crossed over his chest and an annoyed look on his face.

"Sorry, uh… about that," Dean answers with an involuntary moan mid-sentence as he's once more back on track when Lizzy ups her game. She's fucking demented. He's going to kill her after they somehow get out of this. "Got lost."

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"I'd say," the man answers back. "So if you don't mind I'd like to get out of here…." He points down the road to the main street that leads into the small town.

"Yeah, ah…" Dean tries to think but it's so hard to do when feeling just so damn good. "I need a minute here."

"Excuse me?" he asks in return, impatience clear in his voice.

"Just… oh God… like one minute and then I'd… ah… be happy to move for you."

"You feeling ok?" the stranger asks when he realizes that Dean hasn't left his spot against the front of his car once while talking to him. He also recognizes the struggle playing out across Dean's face.

"Just fine," Dean fake smiles before turning back around and looking down at Lizzy. "L, cut the shit!" he whispers harshly at her before his eyes roll back a bit as she picks up the pace. "We gotta leave."

"Then you better come in my mouth fast, Daddy," she whispers up, her voice beyond sexy, and keeps going.

"Oh shit," he whispers. "You're fucking evil."

"Seriously, you need help or something?" the man asks while taking a few steps in Dean's direction.

"No!" Dean shouts in a panic while holding his hand out palm first to stop the guy. He does not need him walking around the car and seeing this. "I uh… just…" He's at a loss. He's lied his way out of every single situation in life before now but with this one he's going to fail. His brain can't work properly enough to come up with any form of buyable excuse. "Just… stay there."

"Man, I'm tired of this," the guy complains, hands on his hips as he looks angrily at Dean without being able to understand him. "Just get the hell off my property and out of my w…."

"Fuck!" the word punches out of him without warning and Dean slaps his hand down onto the hood as it all hits him at once. "Oh God." Gripping the edges of his beloved car's hood and screwing his eyes shut, Dean finally gives in to Lizzy. "Holy shit," he breathes out, not caring in the wonderful moment how he looks to this stranger getting pissed off at him.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" the man asks while marching in Dean's direction. "Get the fuck out of here!"

Dean doesn't answer back this time. Instead he tries to wait a couple seconds to put himself back together mentally. Fuck this guy. That was awesome.

The man swiftly walks the length of the Impala, fueled by his annoyance, and when he reaches the front end he stops sharply, standing stock still while looking down at the woman still on her knees that he certainly didn't expect to see there.

"Sorry about that, sir," Lizzy grins widely while she zips up Dean's pants. "Didn't know this was private property." She stands up with a cool and collected demeanor, not fazed a bit with how the stranger stares at her in utter shock. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. "We'll be happy to be on our way now." She pats Dean on the chest a couple times without once loosing eye contact with the formerly angry and now highly surprised man. She winks at him in order to confirm the stranger's suspicious of what just happened before walking happily back to the passenger side of the Impala to get in.

With a smug, overly-proud look, Dean pushes off the car and reaches into his pants pocket for his keys.

"Sorry, man," Dean smirks as he passes him on the way to the driver's side.

"Yeah," he answers absently while looking at Lizzy inside the car once before turning back to Dean with an almost envious look. "Don't be."

Dean lets out a quick little laugh before dropping into the driver's seat. He turns the key to get the engine purring and looks over to his wife. "You're fucking certifiable. You know that, right?"

"Me?" she asks with innocence she currently doesn't deserve to have.

Dean just shoots her a look that tells her she's being ridiculous.

"Baby, don't pretend. You loved it."

"That may be but you're still totally insane," Dean shakes his head while putting the car in drive and beginning to roll down the driveway. "And I'm pretty sure you broke his brain."

"Oh yeah?" Lizzy asks while completely amused.

"Shattered," Dean assures.

Lizzy looks out the back windshield to see the guy just now getting back into his truck with a still shocked filled look. She smiles wide. "Good."

"We really got lazy didn't we?" Lizzy quips as she looks over the bright orange shopping cart filled with two bags of rock salt, a few iron crowbars, some new large metal containers, and several other assorted items that any hunter can't live without. The cart is packed and they now can see just how long it's been since they've stocked up.

"Yeah, it's been a while," Dean adds as he brings the cart to a stop in a checkout line. As he taps his fingers on the handle along with 'Bad to the Bone' while it plays over the speakers in the store Lizzy takes a look at his hands. She notices something missing.

"Come here," she says as she unbuttons her jacket pocket and pulls out his silver band she'd been holding on to for him. Lizzy then steals his left hand. "You look weird without it now," she tells him as she puts it back on his left ring finger.

Smiling at her with something dumb and possibly still a little lovesick, his phone rings in his pocket just in time to ruin the moment. Quickly he takes it out and answers after checking the screen.

"Hey Bobby," he answers and walks towards the front door of the store, leaving Lizzy to handle the purchase.

"You kids want a job?" he asks immediately.

"Why, you got one for us?" Dean asks right back.

"Yeah. Looks like a wraith is sucking people's melon's dry in Memphis at a hospital. I figured that since you're back and in business again you might wanna get a little dirty."

"Depends on the kind of dirty you're talking about, Bobby." Dean smiles.

"Boy, get sex off your brain for about five minute and talk work," the elder hunter grumps right back. "You want the case or what? 'Cause I can always call up Garth if you don't want it."

"Nah, we'll take it," Dean answers immediately, a plan already formulating in his brain.

"Good. Garth'd probably get himself killed anyways. I'll email Sam everything I got."

"Um, wait a second, Bobby," Dean stops him. "Think you could you email Lizzy everything instead?"

"Oh no," Bobby worries instantly. "You and your brother ain't fightin' like some old married coupled again, are you? Is he still with you?"

"No, Bobby, Jesus. Take it easy, ok?" Dean shakes his head. "I just think the dude needs a day or two without L and I around."

"Rina's still there, huh?" Bobby asks as his worry fades away completely.

"Locked in Sam's motel room as we speak."

"I think you and Lizzy'll be fine by yourselves with this one," Bobby consents, letting the moment of kindness on Dean's part play out. "It's only one wraith from what I can tell and you know what to look out for with them."

"Yeah, and Lizzy doesn't suck," Dean happily prides. "She can definitely handle one even if she never has before."

"Ok kid, you win. I'll send the info over."

"Sounds good…" he responds when he hears the other line beep in. "Got another call. I'll call you, Bobby."

Knowing how badly he's been waiting to hear from Castiel, Dean clicks over and hopes.


"Hello Dean," the familiar and steady voice greets.

"Thank God," Dean sighs as he watches Lizzy pay for their items. "Where the hell have you been, man?"

"I have been very busy."

"Well if you got the couple minutes we're just dying for some fucking answers," Dean tells him in a heated tone.

"Where are you now?"

"Lizzy and I are at a Home Depot a few miles from the motel. Meet us in the lot at the car so you don't pop in and spook the locals."

He hangs up and walks to Lizzy, pulling most of the shopping bags from the cart to help carry everything out.

"Cass is outside waiting for us."

"Good!" Lizzy says with excitement. "I'm ready to grill the shit outta his ass."

"You're not the only one," he grumbles right back and heads out the large sliding glass doors, the trench coat clad man standing by the Impala already visible.

"You're not just gonna fly off and leave us guessing again are you?" Dean angrily comments when they reach the car.

He sighs deeply. "No." Castiel takes the bags from both of them. "I will meet you in the car. We can discuss everything there."

He disappears. Lizzy ducks down and looks through the back windshield.

"Well, guess he's gotten his lies straightened out because he looks ready to talk," she quips when she sees the back of his head as he sits in the backseat. "Here goes nothing," she says with hesitance while she walks to the passenger side of the car to get in. Sighing with his eyes closed for a quick few seconds, Dean takes a deep breath and moves to get in also. He just wanted to prepare himself for whatever new mind fuck Castiel is sure to drop on them both. Seems like every time they actually talk to the angel these days there's some new and huge bomb that gets dropped on them.

"Alright, Cass," Dean starts as he pulls the car door closed. He turns sideways to look at the angel. "What the fuck happened this morning?"

"I was able to track down the witch that had cast a very powerful spell on you." It's a simple explanation and, knowing that it'll never happen, he hopes they won't pry too much.

"And she just decided that she was wrong after chatting with you and she fixed me up with no hard feelings?" Dean challenges disbelievingly.

"Dean, you forget that you are not the only one with a certain set of powerful and persuasive skills," Castiel reminds him with a little bit of a malicious edge, harking back to Dean's days of being the one with the razor blade in his hand in hell. "I was able to force an agreement of aid out of Isobel quite easily."

"Isobel?" Lizzy questions suddenly, the name ringing a bell.

"Yes, that was her name."

"Was?" Dean picks up on the interesting choice in words.

"Yes," Castiel sighs with his slip up. "Was. She is no longer with us."

"What a shame," Dean sarcastically comments as he's fine with her death.

"Wait a second… You mean Isobel Gowdie?" Lizzy questions, going with her hunch. When Castiel just stares at her with a tilted head and suspicious, narrow eyes she knows her answer. She turns back to Dean to explain. "Remember when I did a bunch of research on powerful witches in history since I thought she might have been around for a while based on her strong powers?"


"Isobel Gowdie was one of them," she tells him. "She was tried for witchcraft in Europe in the sixteen-hundreds. She confessed to everything too, like how she met Lucifer himself in the form of her Catholic priest. She pledged her allegiance to him and has followed him ever since, doing his dirty work and converting others from Catholicism to early forms of Satanism. She was sentenced to death but there's no record in existence that it was ever carried out. No one knows what happened to her."

Dean stares at her silently for a second with the knowledgeable explanation. "What are you, Sam now?"

"No, I'm just not a total moron," she quickly bites back before turning to Cass again. "It was her, wasn't it? She's been around this whole time?"

Looking away for a second, Castiel sucks it up. "It was indeed Isobel Gowdie."

"How the hell is that possible?" Dean has to ask. "Witches are human. They don't live that long."

Castiel realizes now that this isn't going to be as easy as he'd hope it would. They're smart, always highly informed, they know too much, and he should have seen it coming. He's not ready for all the questions they're going to ask.

"This witch had an advantage over other witches."

"Which was?" Lizzy asks.

"She had an ally with high powers."

"Well it wasn't the big man from down under," Dean rebuts, referring to Lucifer. "He's been locked away this whole time until right now."

"Isobel was tricked, much like Sam had been," Castiel tries to explain. "She thought she was dealing with Lucifer but it was just another demon. That is where she received her long life and strong powers."

"Wait," Dean shakes his head, trying to get everything straight. "That bitch had a demon on her shoulder her whole life? Is that why she went after me?"

"Easy answer, yes," Castiel confirms. "She was simply following orders."

"So a demon wanted to turn me into a chick!? Why!?" Dean's getting more impatient and agitated by the second. "What the hell would be the point of that!?"

"I have no confirmed answer for that, though I have my theories," lies the angel, looking to keep the real reason hidden. If they knew the truth then they would never let their set fate play out. They would never someday have a child if they knew their offspring would eventually have an important reason to exist and be put at risk. "I believe it was to weaken you, make you more vulnerable to attack."

Lizzy makes a sound of disgust. "Being a woman doesn't weaken you. I could have had lady Dean back in perfect hunter form in no fucking time at all."

"Traditional thinking says otherwise," Castiel rebuts.

"Fuck tradition. I smell bullshit." Lizzy challenges the angel as she doesn't believe him. "Cassie, I love you, but you're lying. You've been a confusing fucking mess for a long time now."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you're constantly contradicting yourself and giving us only half-truths. You think we can't tell by now when you're lying? We can! You're our family, dude, and I can tell every damn time Dean and Sam lie to me. You're no different."

"Elizabeth, I would never lie to you…"

"Unless you thought you were saving me from something hurtful to know," she keeps trying. "You tell us you can't find God but when my life was on the line you knew right were you needed to look. You knew all along where he was and I've been having to wonder why you would lie about that."

Castiel swallows hard with her question. She's digging much deeper than he was prepared for. He always knew once he got so involved in their lives that his story he gave them would eventually have some cracks in it but he was hoping it would take much longer for that to happen.

"God came to me," he tells her, not actually lying. "I left you that day to pray for my father's help. I didn't ever see him but he lent me the power to heal you, something I have been without for a very long time. My father knows of your importance and is well aware that you must not pass on before your time. You have work to do."

"You mind filling us in on what that is, by the way?" Dean asks of Castiel. "You've been pretty damn excited to tell me and Sam what our jobs are but you've been tight lipped as shit about L here."

"It has always been my father's wishes that Elizabeth isn't privy to her future," he finally admits as he turns to Lizzy. "If I told you what part you are to play you may not play it."

Staring at him with lowered eyebrows, Lizzy grits her teeth for a quick second. "What the fuck does that mean?"

"It means that if you were to know your path before you are to travel it… I honestly doubt you would follow along at all." The pain on his face at telling her this is clear as day.

"Is it really that bad?" Lizzy asks with utter fear, her stomach already in knots as Dean grabs her hand to support her when he can see it all over her. "So bad that you can't tell me?"

"It's not bad at all, Elizabeth," Castiel softens up, actually smiles a little. "You're part in the story is quite beautiful. I can assure you that."

"I…" Lizzy starts but shakes her head with confusion before rubbing over her face with both hands. "My head hurts."

Using a move that Castiel has picked up from her over the years and knows will comfort her, he reaches out to her and takes one of her hands. With sincerity in his expression, he makes her a promise that he'll never break. "It will be good. And I will be with you through it all."

Lizzy stares at him with wide eyes as she listens.

"I promise I will always be there to protect you, look over you, and support you. You are my friend. I have been there to keep you safe your entire life, Elizabeth. I will continue to do so even after you are no longer on this Earth."

Speechlessly she just looks at him before glancing once at Dean and seeing the concern on his face as well.

"I know I have tested the faith you both have in me many times," Castiel continues as he lets Lizzy's hand go. He sits back in the Impala seat. "But I have never once lost my trust and belief in who either of you are. Please continue to believe me. Everything is coming together. It is. And I believe that what I have done, returning you to your true form, should be proof enough that I have nothing but your best interest in mind. Trust me just as I trust you both. That is all I ask. Have faith."

Having said his peace, Castiel leaves them and disappears from the backseat.

Both sighing heavily at the same time, they turn to sit back and look out the windshield. No one speaks for several minutes.

"I think I'm more confused now than before," Dean says to her when he finally starts up the car.

"Right there with you," she tells him. "At least I'm not questioning Cass as much anymore."

"He did seem sincere, didn't he?"

"Yeah," Lizzy agrees. Another moment of quiet and she's ready to move on and not think such heavy thoughts. They didn't figure anything new out for the most part so why bother analyzing it? "I can't think about this too much."

"Me neither," Dean wholeheartedly agrees.

"Moving on then. So what now? Head back and check on the lovebirds?"

"Nope, we're headed to Memphis," Dean tells her, a slight smile on his face as he happily drops the future shit.

"Oh are we?" she questions with a slight grin.

"Yep, Bobby found us a wraith at some hospital draining brains. Said he was gonna give it to some guy named Garth if we didn't take it but he made it sound like he couldn't handle it so I jumped."

"Aww, Garth!?" Lizzy's face softens as she remembers the lovable guy she and Lou ran into a few times.

"You know him?" Dean question.

"Sure do," she smiles. "He's a good guy. Ah, a bit… eccentric and maybe a little green, though I haven't seen him since he helped Lou and I with a werewolf years ago. He's really sweet. We loved that little dude."

"Yeah, can't wait to run into him," Dean mentions without honesty, Lizzy having made this guy sound ridiculous. "We should really go pack up and let Sam know we're ditching his ass for a few days."

Her grin spreading into a wide toothy one, she praises his choice. "That's really sweet of you, Hot Shot."

"I know, right?" he says right back, pulling out of the parking space to head on their way.

"Dude," Lizzy brightens up immediately. "Not sure how it's possible but I've never been to Memphis before."

"Best bar-b-que ever," Dean tells her, mouth already watering with the thought. "Totally worth the trip alone."

"Fucking A dude," Lizzy says as she grows excited for the trip with Dean alone and some good food with just a hunt to impede some of their time. "You're buying me so many fucking ribs."

"Done," Dean happily obliges her.

"Awesome," Lizzy cheers as she settles in with the idea. "Love me some bar-b-que."