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Drying off behind the shower curtain with the scratchy, cheap motel towel, Rina still can't help but smile widely to herself. She's spent three days with Sam and the time has all but left her with butterflies in her stomach. She likes Sam… a lot. More than she even expected to. More than she's sure she should considering his lifestyle. But hey, life throws curveballs all the time and if this is one of them then she's got her catcher's mitt at the ready. He just makes her happy.

Wrapping the towel around her body to cover up, she pulls open the shower curtain.

"Oh my God!" she frights aloud when she's greeting with the sight of Sam standing in the open bathroom doorway. He's leaning against frame and has his arms crossed over his bare chest as he stares right at her. "You scared me, Sam!"

"Sorry," he laughs lightly as he looks her over. Hair soaked, makeup off, only wearing a towel… he knows that even though he's invading her personal space right now that it was a good idea to do so. In her natural state she looks amazing still.

"Not sure that was sincere," Rina nervously laughs as she holds tighter to her towel at her chest. Letting her eyes take him in her shock quickly fades away and leaves her with want instead. He's standing there with confidence, his perfectly muscular torso on display, his sweat pants resting low on his hips, the smile playing across his lips is so sweet yet lustful. He looks good as ever, if not better. The few days they've had were wonderful and liberating and now, looking at him right this second and seeing just how sexy he is and how carnal it makes her, she's not ready to part ways at all.

"You were taking too long," Sam smirks, giving a lame excuse as to why he'd be there right now. He's totally lying.

Once Rina left the room to take a shower Sam was left alone with his thoughts. He quickly realized through the lone silence how much he's about to miss her once they're apart again. Her company has been exciting and just so perfectly wonderful that he also was in no way ready to part from her. He needed to make what little time they had left before jumping into her tiny car and driving off completely worth it.

"Well, the shower is all yours then," Rina smiles warmly as she steps over the edge of the tub and onto the tile floor. As she makes her way out the door, an arm hooks around her waist and stops her.

"I wasn't waiting for the shower," Sam tells her as he pulls her in front of him and then moves her so she has her back to the vanity. "I was waiting for you."

"Oh really?" she arches an eyebrow and looks up to him with pleasant surprise. To say she wanted another chance at having him before she had to head home would be an understatement. She needed him just one more time.

"Mmhmm," Sam smiles before leaning down to kiss her lips softly, taking his time to remember how this feels. With such an uncertain future he needs to make this count, make it good and meaningful and everything that he wants to remember well.

Mouths moving, tongues twisting, it doesn't take long for both to get lost. They've become so comfortable with each other that they have found this familiar place they can get to very easily now. The awkward is gone and is replaced with familiarity.

"You sure you have to go?" Sam asks from his crunched up spot in the small passenger seat of Rina's VW bug, his knees comically close to his chest. "I mean, I'm sure it'd be fine with them if you stayed another night with us in Memphis."

She smiles over to him before looking back out to the highway. "As much as you know I'd love to, I do have a job."

"Right," Sam nods with a smirk. "You're still in the real world. You have accountability."

"Yes I do," she laughs in return.

They let the silence take over for a bit as they travel on, inching closer and closer to Memphis where she's dropping him off with Dean and Lizzy. He has to go on his hunting way and she must return to Louisiana where she can run her shop and keep an eye on her troublemaking grandmother. They weren't ready for this though. The past few days were just too good.

"So, ah," Sam starts while looking at the pavement fly by out his side window, his hands fiddling with the zipper tab of his jacket. "I just, you know… um… it's…."

"Spit it out, Sam," Rina grins wide, loving that he's still so stutter-y and dorky when trying to get serious with her. It's entirely too adorable.

"I had a lot of fun… being with you," he tells her honestly. "I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed… well, anything. You made me remember that life can actually be good."

A mixture of sadness for his hard life story and flattery that she could do that for him spreads across her face.

"I just wish that things could be," he looks at her, eyes filled with sincerity. "Different. I wish my life was easier and had room for other people in it."

"Oh, I think there's room," Rina tells him kindly and overly optimistically.

"Yeah, and it's seriously dangerous there," Sam sighs. "It was selfish of me to even spend any time with you at all. I probably put you in danger as it is just by being near you."

"I'll be ok," Rina assures with a pat on the knee. "I know more than regular people do. I'll make sure I'm protected."

"And you'll use what I added to your book? The devils traps and sigils?"



"I promise, Sam. Relax." Her vow only makes him a little less nervous. Maybe this is how Dean felt when they left Lizzy the first time they'd met. He was all tense and over protective, making her swear to him that she'll be careful and watch her ass. He feels that very same way right now while also realizing that he's compared his situation to that of Dean and Lizzy's several times over the past days.

"Just worried about you now," he tells her while taking hold of her hand on his knee.

"You have plenty to worry about as it is," she reminds him. "Don't add me to the list if you don't have to."

Her meant-to-be-calming words have no effect on him. He's still concerned.

"You know, um," Sam starts, nervous to bring up something so morbid. "There's a really good chance that I don't… make it out of this whole thing."

"You're getting too heavy for me I think," Rina says, taking her hand back and replacing it on the steering wheel.

"I know but it's the truth and I have to face it," he frowns, not wanting to hurt her but having to discuss things. "I just know that with Lucifer coming for me there's a slim chance of making it out of this alive and I've come to terms with it… until now."

"What do you mean?" she questions, confused.

"Alright look. Clearly we have something here," Sam tells her, turning to angle himself in her direction. "I'm not totally sure what it is, but it's definitely something good, really good. And now if I go down in the fight, I'll lose whatever this is. You will too."

Sighing with the heft of his words, she continues to listen to his sad ramblings.

"I want you to know that you've made what could be some of the last days I see really good."

"I would say you were being sweet if you weren't actually being so depressing," she tells him in a sad tone.

"And I'm sorry for that," he tells her. "But I'd regret never telling you that if I didn't. And I'm sorry if I don't… you know… see you again."

"I know," she nods. "Just please… try as hard as you can to not get yourself killed, ok? I like you. I would like to see you again if at all possible."

Sam huffs a laugh. "Trust me, I've definitely got more motivation to make that happen than ever before."

Rina smiles as she looks out the windshield. "At least I know where I stand with you when we part this time."

Sam actually laughs at this comment. "I probably should have called you before now, huh?"


"Sorry about that," Sam apologizes with a light smile.

"Oh, it's ok. I still got my time in with you." Rina glances to him. "And it was so worth the wait."

Sam grins something unstoppable as he looks away from her, feeling something so bright and exception that it makes him warm from the inside out. There's just something about this girl…