Sam shoves the driver's side door shut with force as he pockets the keys to the Impala. He then picks up the tray of coffees he'd placed on the roof in order to lock the car. A take-out bag of food in one hand, another clutched in his teeth, he sighs as he walks towards the motel room door with full hands. This new hunt of theirs is confusing the hell out of him. He's spent his entire afternoon in the library researching and now his eyes are done. He just hopes Dean and Lizzy were able to come up with something while about town talking to people. He's otherwise at a dead end.

Ready to kick the door lightly a couple times to knock on it for someone to open up for him, Sam's heart stops when he hears it. A shout. A loud one. And if he knows her voice as well as he thinks he does, it came from Lizzy inside their room.

Immediately he drops everything he's got in his grips, the coffees spilling all over the pavement and the food surely not surviving the long drop to the ground in one piece.

Searching frantically for a room key in any pocket, Sam comes up empty handed. He then remembers that he forgot to take one this morning when he left. That was why he couldn't head back to the room until Dean and Lizzy got back first. They called him an hour ago saying they would meet him back at their temporary home. Shit. Now he's panicked.

Grabbing his gun from behind his back, Sam holds tight with both hands and takes a deep breath. Lifting a foot, he kicks the door with all the force he can manage. The flimsy door flies open, hitting the wall behind it hard with a loud bang. Sam swiftly steps into the room and takes aim.

His face shifts from angry, confused alarm to slightly disgusted shock in the matter of the few seconds it takes to register what's actually going on in front of him.

"Jesus, Sammy!" Dean smiles wide once he sees his brother and he gets out of his bed, standing up in only his boxer briefs. "You really know how to make an entrance, don't you?"

"What the hell?" Sam sputters as he lowers his gun to his side when he sees Dean's calm exterior. He looks at Lizzy still in bed under the covers. She doesn't move or even bother glancing his way. Instead she raises her near lifeless hand to drop it over her eyes, half covering the slackened and satisfied expression she's wearing. And that appears to be all she's wearing. Her arms and shoulders above the cover's edge are bare.

"You ok?" Dean asks his brother evenly with an air of slick confidence as he grabs his t-shirt off the floor. "Look like you seen a ghost or something."

"I heard yelling!" Sam says in exasperated annoyance when he starts to finally come back down from his moment of panic. He looks over to Lizzy specifically. "I thought you were in trouble!"

"Nah… I'm good," she sighs out relaxed and happy, really meaning what she says. Actually, she's more than good.

"Relax, Sam," Dean brushes him off while stepping into his jeans. "Just practicing my new found knowledge of the female body. It's amazing what you can learn about chicks just from being one for a few days." He grins wide and notices that Sam is empty handed. "Where's the grub?"

Sam huffs in total disbelief as his arms drop to his sides in sheer defeat.

"On the ground outside," Sam tells him with a harsh bite.

"Why's it on the ground?" Dean wonders as he walks towards Sam to salvage their meal as best he can.

"I dropped it… to grab my fucking gun when I thought Lizzy needed help." Sam's pissed. They scared the shit out of him.

"Oh L doesn't need any help," Dean smirks as he pats his brother's shoulder. "Trust me, man. She's more than fine."

Lizzy then holds up her arm, giving Sam a weak thumbs up before dropping it heavily back onto the bed. She breathes out a sigh and hums happily.

As Sam shakes his head with total let down in them, he turns to look back to Dean and is greeted by Dean's two fingers under Sam's nose. "Smell that?" Dean asks with a proud and cocky smile.

"Dude!" Sam slaps Dean's hand away sharply with utter repulsion. "You're fucking disgusting, Dean!"

"Ha!" Dean laughs loudly as he steps outside the room.

"What is wrong with you!?" Sam angrily yells the rhetorical question and Dean just shrugs with his shit-eating-grin still plastered on his face.

"I can't live with you two anymore!" Sam angers as he stomps his pissy self into the motel room. "I fucking hate the both of you."

Honestly, Dean could care less what Sam thinks or what scares him at the moment. He's feeling just too damn proud of his further excellent sexual skills at the moment. Before he was good, very good. Now he's lethal. And now… Lizzy was in huge trouble for the rest of their lives. With how good she was to him during the whole sex change crap, he owes her anyways.

With all he's learned maybe he should write a book or something….