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concept: basically, Peeta has always felt somewhat alone in his life, and there was always this voice singing to him and he has no idea who or what this voice means. He's heard this voice his whole life up until the age of around eleven or twelve. He's around seventeen here, and he hears the voice again, and the next day he wakes up in a totally different place, but he feels at ease here, at home. and the mystery is yet to unfold in the next chapter :)

It was a cold and chilly night. I lay in bed, the sheets all tossed and rumpled beside me on the floor, despite the frosty feel of the air nipping at my nose. I just sat there. For a while, really. I think it was around two in the morning. I don't know why I caught a strange and uncalled for case of insomnia that night, I just knew something had changed. I didn't know what exactly changed, I just felt like something changed. There was a strange shift in the air, like I was in a different place, but still surrounded by the same things.

But there was one thing that always remained the same, no matter what changed around me. The hollow feeling of being alone.

I was always alone.

Even as a child, maybe from when I was a little toddler up to when I was around eleven or twelve, this feeling stayed in my mind and body at times. They would appear when my parents would fight; and their fights were always vicious and scary. But when I tucked myself in every night, I felt this spark, a pretty voice would sing to me every night they fought. And that pretty, melodic young girl's voice would always soothe me to sleep as a child.

I haven't had that voice sing to me for a while now.

In fact, I went five years without the soothing and beautiful voice that would lull me to sleep.

It was the hardest now, when I needed the voice the most, it didn't reappear.

My father, sweet and gentle passed away the month before due to some sickness I didn't bother to learn the name of. It was horrible, him being weak and tired and in pain for his last days here with us.

My mother, once kind and caring, was now snappy and tired and stressed and just tired. It pained me to see my mother, usually so jubilant and cheerful feeling so stressed.

My oldest brother wasn't around much, he was always with his fiancee at his apartment.

And my middle brother, just two years older than I am, was always out or locked in his room.

My family wasn't around anymore.

And so, a hollow feeling settled in the pit of my stomach and stayed there for a good month or so.

But even that changed today.

There was something that changed, and I felt like there was someone there for me. The strange feeling filled me with hope for the next day. I fell asleep that night, easier than I ever had since my father's passing. A small hand brushed my forehead, and for a moment I thought it was my father; but it was too smooth and too small to be my father's. My mother would never give me such a tender gesture like that, so I didn't know who it was that night. It was obviously a young woman, but I didn't have a young woman in my life. The faceless woman's lips brushed my forehead and an electrical feeling started from her lips touched my forehead. The feeling spread to my fingers and toes and filled me with a new hope for the next day.

A smooth, clear and melodic voice filled my head and it got me to sleep immediately.

It was going to be a new day tomorrow.

But I never did wake up the next day.

And, I wasn't alone anymore.

"Is he here?"

"This is the new Spring?"

"I can't believe it, he's beautiful!"

whispers arose around me, and I strained to open my eyes. When I did, a blinding light infiltrated my vision, causing me to squint against the light.

"Oh, he's awake!" someone whispered. I sat up on my elbows and found that I was surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

All of the people in front of me looked to be about my age or a little older. The oldest one was a scruffy old man with a dark stubble that lined his jawline and long unkempt black hair. His eyes were a dull gray but he still looked happy.

"Morning boy," the scruffy man spoke. His voice was deep and raspy and I couldn't help but compare it to my father's voice.

"Where am I?" I groaned. A few excited whispers broke out at the sound of my voice.

"His voice is so perfect!"

"He is literally the flawless specimen!"


The man who called me 'boy' seemed to be the only adult in this strange place. I was sitting in a rue speckled field surrounded by teenage girl and boys.

The boy right in front of me was fit and had his arm slung around a delicate looking red-headed girl. Both of their eyes were a piercing green, but the girl's looking softer and more feminine. They looked like they stepped out of a summer beach.

The girl sitting next to him looked stern but friendly. She had a pair of wide-set brown eyes and her hair was the color of browning autumn leaves.

And the boy standing next to her was tall, maybe eighteen, and his skin was olive-tan colored, and he somewhat resembled the man who called me 'boy'. The only exception were his eyes, instead of a dull-gray, a piercing smoky color. His eyes reminded me of the color of ice, in the winter.

And then beside him was a pretty blonde girl with blue eyes and a slim figure. I guess the blonde girl and black-haired boy were a couple, after all, he looked pretty possessive of her. She looked bright and happy, her smile looking like a flower in the spring.

And the last girl, oh the last girl, was the most beautiful out of the bunch. She closely resembled gray-eyed boy and had the same colour hair as the man, they must be related.

Her hair was loose and wavy, billowing in the breeze, and instead of wearing a thin and dainty white dress like some of the other girls did, she wore cut-off denim shorts and a white flowery blouse. She looked radiant, a small smile on her face at a comment from the green-eyed boy. Her eyes were a fiery silver, but not to the point it looked unnatural. She reminded me of the night stars, twinkling brightly overhead and always there. She reminded me of a bird's song just before winter.

Her voice thrilled me though, it was light and airy, full of sarcasm and friendly humor. It was smooth, clear and melodic. Maybe I was in heaven, I wasn't quite sure that day, but with her voice floating into my head and igniting a spark, it was so very clear.

I wasn't alone.

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