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The fire is still steady and cracking when I wake up in the middle of the night. I glance around the campfire, and I am surprised when I see Haymitch splayed out across a log, snoring loudly. He looks younger in sleep, the usual wrinkles disappearing from his face. He disappeared when we were out on the beach.

I take another look around and see Madge and Annie fast asleep beside each other. Propped up against another log was Johanna who closely resembled Haymitch as she splayed across the log, nearly taking up the entire thing. I notice that neither Gale or Finnick are asleep, but sitting at the shoreline of the ocean. I yawned and stretched my arms, hitting something cool. The object groaned quietly next to me and I froze. I turn my head to see Katniss curled up next to me with a blanket draped across her gently.

Her sleep was peaceful, her breathing mixing with the crackling of the fire. Her chest rose and fell steadily against the blanket and I pulled the sheet down her shoulders a little. My fingertips trembled as I pulled the blanket down to reveal more of her arm. She shivered a little but smiled in her sleep appreciatively. After relieving her of the blanket entirely, her shirt had ridden up and a sliver of her waist peeked out from under her shorts. I turned away gingerly to avoid my eyes to oogle a little more, only to turn back and press a precarious kiss to her forehead.

As far as I knew, she was only sixteen. I knew a few tid-bits about myself. I'm seventeen. My birthday is in March and I had two older brothers. I only knew their names, but I had a vague picture in my head of them. I knew the one closest to my age, Rye, looked like me. I think we all had the blonde hair and blue eyes. Cole was the oldest and I knew he had a fiancee.

That was all I knew about my past.

Katniss shifted beside me and she shuffled closer to me unconsciously. I couldn't deny anything, and if I was, I would be lying.

Katniss was attractive.

Actually, way more than attractive.

More like drop-dead gorgeous.

And I had an instinctive feeling to be close to her.

Katniss shuffled even closer and grabbed my arm and used it as a pillow. With my heart in my throat I laid down next to her and she pressed even further into me. She wrapped her arms around my middle and pressed her head into my chest. Laying us down, I wrapped my arms around her tiny form and I hadn't felt any safer in my life.

I awake to a deep rumbling in the ground. My eyes pop open and I nudge Katniss awake.
"Katniss," I say, shaking her shoulder. Katniss groans and her eyes open, still groggy and despite our current situation, I find it cute.

"Is the ground supposed to shake?" I asked gingerly, standing up and using my arms to balance myself. Katniss' eyes widen, as if she had only just woken up. The ground rumbled even further and I fell over to the sandy ground.

"FINNICK! ANNIE!" Katniss screamed. Finnick's eyes popped open and widened at the ground. He shaked Annie awake urgently and the ground shifted again, slamming me against Katniss. I held her steady as she almost over, and Haymitch and Gale started to awaken. The ground shifts again, more violently this time and Madge tumbles into Johanna. Johanna releases a few curse words but stands up unsteadily, helping Madge up to her feet.

"What's happening?" I shouted, still holding Katniss steady.

"Haymitch!" Finnick shouted, holding onto a nearby tree for balance. "The yearly quake isn't supposed to come for another month!" he shouts, holding onto the tree tighter as the ground groans under our feet once again.

Katniss' grip on me tightens on me as the ground shakes more violently. My heart-beat quickens and I look down at Katniss.

Her eyes are wild with fear, and my heart jumps. My head whips around to look at Haymitch, who has the same look in his eyes. This is the moment I know we're in serious trouble.

"THE WATER!" Johanna screams. I whip around to see the water rising and tumbling towards us in a giant wave.

Katniss and I share a glance, and she screams.


We run into the trees, and I stumble over tree trunks and rocks as we run. Katniss runs gracefully beside me, never stumbling or falling. She pulls ahead and I trip over a tree trunk and slam onto the ground.

This is it, I think.

I'm gonna die. Again.

"Peeta!" a voice shouts. Annie comes running back to me and pulls me to my feet and we run throught the forest once again. I turn my head to see the water rushing to us and I run faster, dragging Annie roughly to pull her to safety. Katniss slams to the ground in front of me and I have no time to wonder where the hell she came from. She runs with us to where Finnick and the rest are safely on a cliff.

"This way," Katniss says calmly. We run in the direction Katniss pointed and the ground rumbles under us again. We make it to the cliff where the rest stand. Annie runs into Finnick's arms and they share a loving embrace.

"Are you okay?" he asks worriedly, brushing away some of Annie's hair. She nods and Finnick glances to me.

"You okay?" he asks. I nod and open my mouth to reply, but the ground rumbles again. Everyone grabs a hold of someone and Madge grabs me while Gale holds Katniss steady. The world shifts again and Annie is thrown out Finnick's grasp.

"Annie!" he yells. Annie lies on the rocky ground and the ground shakes again. Annie shrieks and she is thrown off the ledge of the cliff.

"ANNIE!" Finnick roars, he shakily makes his way to the edge and peers over the cliff.

"I'M OKAY!" A voice shouts. Finnick sighs in relief but is cut off when a shrill scream pierces the air. I crane my neck enough to see Annie falling into the water below the cliff.

"ANNIE NO!" Finnick screams. He stands and positions himself to dive, but Katniss grabs his arm and pushes him away.

"No Finnick," she orders. Finnick protests immediately.

"What are we gonna do about-" he starts, but Katniss cuts him off.

"No, you can't go in there. The water is too hot for you, you're gonna overheat instantly, then both of you could die." Katniss informs, hands trembling. "I'll go," she says. Madge tenses up beside me and she lets out a shriek.

"No, Katniss!" she cries. "You can't! You'll die!" Madge trembles in my grasp. Katniss smiles sadly.

"I have to try, I can't let my best friend die." Katniss mutters. "I'll be okay. I'm the only one who can swim other than Finnick, and my body temperature can help me to stay under the water longer," it's a good idea, but it's risky.

"It could work," Haymitch speaks up. Katniss nods and shakily makes her way to the edge of the cliff. Madge cries wildly in my arms, burying herself in my grasp.

"Be careful Katniss," Gale says. Katniss nods without looking at Gale and her eyes flash with fear for a fleeting heart-beat, and she dives into the water.

She surfaces a moment after she hits the water. Gale sighs in relief and Katniss' head bobs back under the water as she searches for Annie under the depths. The ground keeps a steady rumble, but it's much more gentle than before.

The sun beats down on us and I see Gale breathe heavily. I realize that the heat must be bothering him.

"Gale, you should go into the shade," I suggest. "or maybe back to the lake quickly." Gale shakes his head and hisses at the heat. Johanna scoffs and shakes her head, looking back to the water.

"The lake isn't cold." he mutters grumpily.

"It was cold a few days ago," I protest, loosening my grip on Madge slightly.

"It isn't now." Gale states. "This place still endures seasons too. And the lake is only a little cool. It's the dead of August. It isn't much better than the water down there." he gestures down to the still raging sea.

"Are we really discussing a stupid lake when Annie and Katniss have gotten each other in a suicide mission?" Johanna asks grumpily. She huffs and watches the water.

A tense silence settles over us, and the rumble in the ground turns down to a slight shake. I push Madge towards Gale gently and she smiles up at me thankfully. I smile tensely back at her and watch as Gale makes an inspection of her face.

"You're okay?" he asks. "Are you hurt?" he brushes away Madge's hair to search her forehead and cheeks. Madge swats him away and says she's fine.

"She found her!" Johanna yells. I look over the ledge to see Katniss dragging a groggy Annie onto the shoreline.

We run over to them quickly, the journey much quicker when we can cut right to the beach. Finnick stumbles over to Annie.

"Oh god, you're okay," he breathes. Annie nods and coughs up a little water. Everyone crowds around Annie that nobody notices Katniss heaving and coughing beside up. She shakily makes her way up, but she collapses to the sand pitifully.

"Oh Katniss!" Johanna exclaims. Katniss lies on the beach, eyes wide and blank.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Haymitch huffs, looking into Katniss' eyes concerningly. Katniss coughs in response and heaves.

"It's t-too hot," she groans, her eyes closing as her skin breaks out into a sweat.

"What are we going to do?" Johanna asks nervously. "The lake isn't cold enough to get her temperature down to normal," Johanna exclaims.

I grab Katniss' shoulders and help her up to her feet. She looks tiny, her locks sopping and her skin sticky with sweat. I make my way into shade, Katniss limply walking next to me. But right as we reach the end of the sand, Katniss collapses to the ground, her eyes blanking and body landing with a dull thud.

so. in summary, Peeta holds Katniss for a nice nap, he wakes up to find there is a yearly earthquake, they run through the forest, Annie falls off a cliff, Katniss decides to commit suicide, and she collapses from overheating.

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