"So what've you got?" Kakashi asked casually. "Asthma?"

The room falls dead silent. 'What have you got?' is a question no one is supposed to ask Hayate. It's some long standing, unspoken rule. You just don't.

"At least you didn't ask if I had pneumonia," Hayate said with a smile.

"If you had pneumonia you'd be dead by now," Kakashi said.

Hayate laughed. "That's true."

"So what is it?" Kakashi asked.

"Achalasia," Hayate said. "It means the muscles in my throat don't work right."

"Ah," Kakashi said. He handed in his mission report to Iruka without a second glance. He walked out of the room.

The tension dissipated as soon as Kakashi was gone, but no one said anything.

"It's really alright," Hayate said, to no one in particular. No one would meet his gaze. He smiled ruefully and went back to work.