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Hiccup's POV

I was in a pretty bad mood.I had spent all of yesterday looking for that thrice accursed Night Furry, but it must have been a false alarm, AGAIN.
I wearily came into the forge. Gobber had to fix all of the weapons from the dragon rampage two days ago, and the smithy was packed full of metal and heat.

"Been lookin' fer ya." The tall, buff viking said as I yawned and slumped down in the seat that I had just sat in, "Got yer Nigh' Fury?" He asked.

"Hmmm, lets see here. Am I standing on the body of a dead dragon with the whole tribe cheering in my victory? Hmmmm, Toughy." I yawned.

"Good point. Now I've got alo' o weapons to fix, so if you could help, it woul' be a pleasure."

"Fine, fine. I'm on it." In my mind, I thought 'And in a few hours, I'll be starting dragon training, so i'll be dead before I can actually kill a real dragon. '

"Alrigh' put these in the fire." Gobber dumped a pile of broken weaponry and armor into my arms. The metal was so heavy that I nearly fell onto my face. unsteadily, I clambered over top the forge's huge oven. The nearly unbearable heat rolled over to my face in waves of burning smoke. Trying to get some air, I went towards a window.
Right then, the face of no other than Snotlout, the idiot himself appeared right in font of me, making me jump. Along with him were the twins. Oh, no. Trouble was alerk! I was sure of it. Snotlout also carried a bucket, brim full with water from some smelly, rancid river

"What are you staring at?" Snotlout asked when he saw me eyeing him. This made Ruffnut and Tuffnut start to ball over with their malicious laughter for some reason.

"Well, I don't know. Why would you look at me in the first place?" I sarcastically retorted.

"Oh, dear. Better leave 'fore this gets messy, " Gobber mumbled. Then, louder, he said, " Have fun, kids." Then scuttled off. 'Gee, thanks a whole lot, o mentor of great wisdom.' I thought.

Snotlout came closer, angry at my remark.

"Oh, so you want to play it that way? Well, I'll show you what game you just got yourself into." He hefted the bucket of rancid river water and, very easily, climbed climbed to the roof of the forge.
Snotlout, then, came up to the chimney, the smoldering hot fire underneath. I dropped the heap of metal that I was holding.

"NO!" I screamed. Too late. Snotlout dumped the bucket of water down the chimney and into the enclosed fire.
At such a high temperature, the water being dropped into an inclosed space of fire causes an explosion of sorts. And explode it did. I fell onto my back. My leg scraped a sword on the ground, causing me, in pain, to be unable to get up, as my luck would allow. Unable to move, smoke billowed all around me. My lungs had no air to breathe in. As I choked on smoke, I could hear my fellow dragon training mates cackling hysterically with laughter.
Debris was falling everywhere. Some got into my eyes, drying them out. sharp pieces of metal and wood rained down onto my face as well. Then two very sharp, very, very, small, pieces off metal came towards me. That was the last thing I ever saw. I screamed in pain as the pieces of metal went into my eyes, scratching the inside.
The laughter stopped, turning into voices of panic.
The loss of air cut my breathing short, and I dead out fainted. A single tear rolled down my cheek from my now useless eyes.

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