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Hiccup's POV

I woke up, I think. It was dark all around me, so dark that I could hardly see my hand in front of my face. Maybe it was nighttime, or very early morning. Despite the fact, I prepared to get out of bed and find a candle. My feet hit the cold floor, sending shivers up my body. Stupid winter. I felt my way around the dark room, hitting myself against almost anything in the room. Finally, I fell back, more like tripped over, onto my bed with a grunt.

I rubbed my legs, and felt a raw, just closed scar running down the length of one. Only then, did I notice the burning. I felt as if my whole chest were on fire, scabbed and bandaged, but still on fire. It stung and would not recede. My leg hurt badly, and I remembered the sword that fell onto it. I remembered the fire, the pain. I got back into the sheet that covered the wood that made up my bed. Rigidly, I laid back down, only to sit up, startled. I noticed two other abnormal things happening.

The first was a sound from outside. Birds. Why were birds chirping in the middle of the night? Owls and crows were out, yes, but they didn't chirp. They hooted and screeched, an entirely different sound. One that makes spines tingle and the hairs on the back of your neck almost stand up and run away in fright. No, these birds were chirping and tweeting cheerfully, in a calming, steady, happy way. Morning song birds.

The next thing I noticed was a movement on my wooden bed. Couldn't be dad, for he would not be back for up to two years (thanks to the British and their stupid battles). There was a fleeting movement, like one trying not to be noticed, but observing intently.

Then a familiar voice said in an astonished whisper, "Hiccup?!"

"ASTRID?! What are you doing in my house?" I asked, surprised. "Besides, It's like, one in the morning."

"No it isn't, Hiccup. It's the middle of the afternoon." She replied solemnly.

All I could was gape. "the middle of the after noon? are you sure, Astrid? It's pitch black, are the windows boarded or something. Despite that, why are you even in her?!" My voice rose to a yell, but wouldn't you if you couldn't see anything though it was afternoon and a girl just comes into your house with no explanation?

" Yes, it is the afternoon. I am sure. I'm in here because I was worried about you! this is your first time awake in about a week, and it was all my fault this happened to your eyes..." She started crying, when it struck me.

"Uh, WHAT happened to my eyes?" I asked hesitantly, now coming to the unnerving answer.

"I'm sorry, Hiccup. I couldn't get you out in time. nobody could. you will never see. Again." Now Astrid started to cry. And by the sound of it, she meant every tear that fell to the ground.

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