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Don was exhausted. He'd spent all week tracking down a sniper that had been terrorising the city, seemingly killing at random. They, or rather Charlie, had narrowed the suspect pool down to two individuals. Two females. Charlie was regarding the case as a statistical improbability, since statistically most snipers are male. He did however, continue to narrow down the suspect pool, ending up with two names.

Dana Green, ex-military sniper, dishonourably discharged a few months back, aged 30.


Jackie Sanchez, been in and out of prison her whole life, trained with the military at 18 till she landed herself in prison for assault on her CO, aged 35.

The team were currently sat in the war room, watching Charlie as he tried to explain his equation for findingthe snipers next target, though none of them really understood. There was a graph displayed on the screen, showing something Charlie was telling them.

"So if you follow my graph using the equation here," he pointed to an equation scribbled off to one side of the board. "If the sniper continues to follow the pattern of the first ten shootings, then this-" Charlie pointed to the last point on his graph. "-is where the next shooting will occur."

"Where would that be on a map, Charlie?" Don questioned, not seeing the relationship between the graph and the map displayed beside it.

"These other points are the previous shootings and when put into the graph they have a negative correlation when put on a graph where X is how many miles from the centre of the downtown area the shootings occured and Y is their exact co-ordinates. So I am almost certain the next shooting will occur here."

Now Charlie pointed to the map of the downtown area. It was zoomed in so the team were able to see every building on the map. He turned to his laptop and hit a few keys, turning it around to reveal a 3D representation of where Charlie expected thr sniper to postition herself.

"They will most likely position themselves here, on top of this office block," Charlie continued to point to all the locations he mentioned. "And face this bank across the road."

"Alright lets get a team down there," Don said, standing up and grabbing his jacket from the the back of his chair. "Thanks Charlie."

Don and the team filed out of the room, leaving Charlie alone in the room to clear up all his papers and replace the files on Don's desk before he left.

Don, Megan, Colby and David pulled up to the location just after the LAPD cars had arrived and begun moving people into the office block, directing them away from the bank while two plain clothed officers crossed and told the people in the bank to remain calm and away from the windows.

Don looked around, taking in his surroundings and looking for exactly the right spot the sniper may have positioned herself on the building, assuming that Charlie was correct.

"Alright, lets get up to the roof of that building, get out own sniper on the roof of that one," Don pointed to the office block beside the the bank, already setting off towards the target building. "Get LAPD to search the offices for either of these two."

Don handed Megan a file with several copies of the photographs of Green and Sanchez to distribute amongst the uniforms.
Megan nodded and turned away, jogging back to the officers standing idle by the cars.

"Alright you two with me," Don, Coldby and David had been kitted out for the takedown, knee pads, elbow pads, kevlar...

David and Colby followed behind Don as they climbed the fire escape as silently as they could manage, arriving on the roof behind where they could clearly see the snipers back.

The sniper had blonde hair, tied in a ponytail down her back, a cap pulled down over her face. She wore tight black jeans and leather boots, a knee length khaki jacket covering her upper body.

The faces of both suspects flashed into Don's mind as he silently approached, motioning for David to go round one way and Colby the other. The pair nodded and headed their separate ways.

"Dana Green, FBI, turn around and put your hands on your head," Don yelled as he stayed slightly back.

The woman spun around, her eyes steely and hard, her hair slightly disheveled from the front. She had released the rifle and now stood facing Don, unaware of David and Coldby on either side of her, taking cover behind air vent outlets.

"Dana Green, you are under arrest for the murders of Tara Brown, Alex Macphereson, Jason Collins and several others," Don said calmly, looking her directly in her icy blue eyes.

"I didn't kill nobody," Dana shot back, spitting on the floor by her feet.

David and Colby had their guns trained on Green but none of them were ready for the speed she drew her pistol and fired off four shots.

Colby saw Don go down in his peripheral vision but remained professional, firing off a single shot of his own, hitting Green in the side of the head.